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When you wake up and find your work is ON @sephora’s website....tears will flow 😭 THank you @jcfortune2 for sending me this! Thank you @olaplex for this amazing opportunity! I’m so humbled to work for a company that I believe in AND they believe in me. (Side note: never in million years did I ever think I would have my hair next to the incredibly talented @phildoeshair OR on fricking Sephora’s website!!!!) .
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When the hair looks like spun silk....GAH 😍😍😍 I’m the worst at naming hair....HALP ME!!
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Eggplant never looked so good 🍆 😎

Roots: @joico 3VV with @trionicshaircare No Lift and @olaplex.
Accent color 1: @joicointensity Amethyst with @kenraprofessional Neon Purple.
Accent color 2: @joicointensity True Blue with @kenraprofessional Neon Purple.
Styled with @kenraprofessional Platinum Styling products (Color Charge Spray Serum, Blow Dry Spray, and Texture Taffy)
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Styled by my amazing partner in crime @j_mills26


A little FOILAYAGE action for your 👀 holes.
Lightner: KO Blondes from @trionicshaircare with Actuator (20 vol) and Lift Thru (50 vol) and @olaplex. Contour pieces of 6BV (PM Shines) with No Lift and Olaplex added for depth.
Final Color Formulas:
Root 6A, 9A PM Shines (equal parts) with Trionics No Lift and Olaplex.
Mids-ends 9A, 9V PM Shines with No Lift and Olaplex. .

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I am MADLY in love with this color 💯😍 Process and formulas:
Global lightening. Roots @pulpriothair Lightener with @trionicshaircare Actuator and Lift Thru equal parts & @olaplex. Process with cap for 30 mins. At bowl shampoo Lightener through ends for 5 mins to bump out old toner for a clean palette. “Shampoo” with @malibucpro Crystal Gel and Olaplex 1 directly on hair for 5 mins followed by Olaplex 2 for 20 mins. Rinse and pretone with @fanola No Yellow Shampoo for 5 mins then rinse and towel dry thoroughly.
Root color 7&8SM with punch 9VM @kenraprofessional (demi) with 5 Vol (No Lift) and Olaplex. Mids-ends 10SM with pinch 9VM with Trionics 17 vol (Gray B Gone) and Olaplex. Process 20 mins. Olaplex 2 for 10 mins then shampoo and condition with @kenraprofessional Color Charge (smells like unicorns). Styling products Kenra Platinum.



From my IG stories yesterday.
I showed my client her pics and video afterwards and she said “I have Pinterest hair!!!” Comment “YAHS please, girl!” and I’ll share my formula and process in my next post if I get 50 comments.
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This shiz is literally 🔥
Balayage overlaid with color melt.
All @joico colors with @trionicshaircare and @olaplex.



🔊🔊Sorry about the dreaded black bars on the side....ugh! I suuuck as a human! I’m firing myself 😂

@olaplex Snapchat Takeover highlight reel. Had the best time with my frands and made pretty hairs.
If you’re not already following these insanely talented and wonderful humans....do it now, I’ll wait for you! @dlc_designs @hannahhsnyderr @jason_headstrong
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Heading home from my one and only vacation this year.....and I’m already missing the ocean.
So, we’ll stare at this head of hair, throw on some background music, and pretend we’re at the beach. 🌊
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“Pink Lemonade” from the @olaplex Snapchat Takeover 💕🍋 Prelightened with @trionicshaircare, @joico Creme Lightener, and @olaplex. Formulas and process to come.... #olaplex #trionics



When that blend is just so damn good!!! Hair painting is my happy place! KO Blondes with Higher & Higher from @trionicshaircare with @olaplex for maximum lift while keeping the hair healthy 💯💯 @cosmoprofbeauty


Tomorrow I’m playing hair with some of my hair besties @jason_headstrong @dlc_designs @hannahhsnyderr and we’re taking over @olaplex Snapchat!
Be sure to catch our shenanigans, pretty faces, weird poses (that’s just me 😂), tips, hair transformations and some surprises!
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Results from my processing porn pic 😍

My 3 favorite B words.....Blonde, Blended, Balayage 😂

@trionicshaircare KO Blondes and @olaplex are ALWAYS my go to combo💯

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Who doesn’t love a good processing pic? I was getting ready to rinse and said “this is beautiful, I gotta get a pic!” My clients probably think I’m insane!
My DREAM TEAM of @trionicshaircare and @olaplex putting in work. KO Blondes with Higher & Higher and Olaplex.
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Cotton Candy Dreams 🍭
Prelightened with @joico Creme Lightener, @trionicshaircare, and @olaplex. Custom mixed @joicointensity colors.



My bestie @jason_headstrong gave me new hairs!! Swipe to see the ratchet mess he had to work with!! The last 3 months I just didn’t care how my hair looked because it was the holidays (and cold as shit) and was under a beanie most days. Thankfully, my homie remedied my “situation” for me.
Used a creme Lightener with @trionicshaircare Lift Thru with @olaplex to lift my roots. Applied @kenraprofessional 7VM with Violet Booster to the rootage and 8&10 RoM from mid-ends and of course Olaplex added to the mix!
I’M OBSESSED with my new color and cut!!! Thanks homie for joining me up (and doing my hair until 3am)!!


Rustic Cooper 🧡❤️ My triple threat of KO Blondes, Lift Thru from @trionicshaircare and @olaplex never let me down.
Root color @joico #lumishine 6RR.
Balayage overlaid with Joico Lumishine 7CC & 8NRG with Olaplex.


“And here we see the Bendy Baby Giraffe in her natural habitat” (said in British accent clearly). Enjoy the many weird poses of Sarai 🦒


Continuing with my “Babes in Fur” series.

The Ides of Winter ❄️


From a “situation” to “bad ass blonde”. Comment “Blonde AF” and I’ll share my process and formulas in my insta stories this afternoon!!


Next in my “Babes in Fur” series.... my Muse.

She always challenges me with unusual color palettes and to think outside the box and push my creativity. She gives me inspiration and I get to create my vision. How freaking lucky am I?! I used all @joicointensity colors custom mixed (I mean CUSTOM....true blue with orange and Pewter to create this green root) with @olaplex.


Bohemian Raspberry
I’m not gonna lie, the “lived in” look is really difficult for me. I LOVE the look so much but when I do it, I feel like it just looks “unfinished”. Any stylists have some GO TO tricks, styling tools, products they swear by for the “lived in” look?! (Color is @joicointensity with @olaplex)


I make all my clients wear my furry coat for pics now. I’m gonna make a whole series called “Babes in Fur” 😂

My ride or die, @aashlee.navaa was ready to do the one color she’s NEVER done....RED! Can you believe she was scared?! It looks amazing on her 😍😍 Process and formulas:
I broke up her natural level 1 regrowth with baby lights using @trionicshaircare KO Blondes, Lift Thru and @olaplex (mixed 1:2 for thinner consistency). Processed 30 mins with LOW heat. Shampooed with @malibucpro Crystal Gel to stop the processing. Olaplex 2 for 20 mins, rinsed and dried.
Ashlee custom mixed her own formulas using @pulpriothair Candy, Cupid, and Fireball as her “base coat” then we rinsed, dried and overlaid with @kenraprofessional Red and @joicointensity Ruby Red for MAXIMUM pop 🔥
Gave her hair some movement and life with my”Whoville” cut using my @hanzonation 6.5” Kamikaze shears ✂️


Candy Land 🍭 Since it’s freezing basically everywhere (except always sunny Florida)....here’s some sunshine for your eye holes 👀

I used all @kenraprofessional NEONS with @olaplex for this Sherbet Delight 🍧 @kenraprofessional Platinum Styling Products.


Violet Vanilla.
Blonde with a twist 💜


I’m not sure what’s more striking.... her hair, eyes, lipstick, scarf?!? All of it together is a winning combo, if you ask me.
Custom mixed @joicointensity colors with @olaplex for this super candy-liscious look 🍭


Sometimes I get tired of naming hair.....so, here’s (INSERT CLEVER NAME HERE). Root retouch with @joico 5 & 7XR with @trionicshaircare Gray B Gone (17 vol for vibrant reds) and @olaplex. Balayaged with KO Blondes and 20 (Actuator) because I didn’t want much Lift. Just enough to add subtle dimension. Overlaid with Joico Lumishines 8NRG.