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You don't know how to live if you don't know how to give

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Season premiere of @scorpioncbs is TONIGHT! 10/9c on @CBS


On our way. #concert4cville #charlottesville #unity


And happy birthday to Liberty as well :)


Happy birthday @jermainedupri


With everything going on in the world today it can feel overwhelming... let just start here.... JUST DO SOMETHING.


Bravo Miss Bravery @arianagrande on an amazing tour. Honored to watch you and admire you on this journey! Congrats! #dangerouswomantour


Honored to speak with my friend @gayleking about career, life, and giving back on @cbsthismorning. Interview link in bio. Honored Gayle. Thank you for having me.


L'shana tova. Have a happy new year. For a split second I almost didn't share this message because of all the hate I see online for my heritage and culture. But no. I'm a proud Jew so happy new year. And if you are a proud Christian or Muslim be proud. If you are who you are, whether it be race, religion, sexual orientation, or you just like being different... Be you. Never be afraid to express it and embrace others for being exactly who they are. This year may we all be better TOGETHER. So once again.... l'shana tova and happy new year. Much love.


Congrats @lildickygram and @hardbodybrain #genius


With so much devastation and other natural disasters on the horizon there is still so much more to do. Proud of everyone who worked with us and supported. Officially over $55 million raised. Thank you. Let's keep going. #handinhand. Prayers go out to all those still affected by Harvey and Irma and now Maria and those in Mexico due to the earthquakes as well. We are with you.


Hanging with my buddy @bigtommy2 today at the office. This man created my favorite show as a kid #kidsincorporated . Full circle. Great guy.


Last night I ran into an old friend. @jermainedupri hired me when I was 20 years old to run marketing for So So Def. He told me there was more to me than just "throwing parties." He gave me a shot and showed me a world beyond my own. I will always be grateful to this man and to the city of Atlanta for changing my life. Cheers


I'm on the wall at @catch LAΜ€. Momma I made it! :) congrats on your 1 year anniversary @eugeneremm @markbirnbaum


Had a pretty incredible experience today having a ride along and speaking with Deputy Chief Tingirides and LT Tingirides about the city I have come to call home. Learned about the needs of the community and communities like the Watts and the incredible work of programs like @operationprogressla led by selfless people like executive director Theresa Gartland. Incredibly grateful for the day. Thanks for bringing me @thatbensheehan #LA


Congrats to my friend @rkyncl on his new book #streampunks. Honored to be a part of it.


My Sunday morning breakfast team. Best view in the world 😍@Yael


Great night at the house with friends and hosting a guy we have known for a long time and truly respect Senator @corybooker . Need more like him . The man cares and is thoughtful about his pt of view. Great night with laughs, great food, and great conversation.


Just 3 dudes getting in a stretch. @kennyhamilton @michaelwmccurdy


Watch these superstars on #daretolive tonight on @mtv . @martingarrix @rorykramer


Excited to see @martingarrix & @rorykramer on @mtv tonight


Could not be prouder of my brother @itsadambraun and what he and @missionu are doing to change higher education and eliminate student debt. #proud


Reebok X @arianagrande!! Congrats Ari


#handinhand telethon will surpass $50 million to help those affected by Harvey and Irma. Was so proud to work with this team. A small idea can create magic...just believe and go! There is so much more to do so my greatest hope is that last night's show will inspire others to take action and help.
Thank you to everyone who shared and donated. Let's keep going!


Thankful to so many who came together to help. Thankful for the opportunity to help. And thankful we will all be able to continue to help. #handinhand. Thanks everybody. And thank you to my brother for life @therealtrillionaires for the inspiration. Hope everyone enjoyed and felt inspired by the show. Let's keep giving. Let's keep helping. Thanks


Tune in


Wow. Thank you to Tim Cook and everyone at @apple for your support today. Let's help our neighbors #HandInHand


Just left rehearsal and watched one of the most amazing performances that will take place tomorrow night on the #HandInHand benefit. Link in bio for details. Tomorrow at 8pm. Amazing show. Let's donate and help! Supporting the victims of hurricanes Harvey and Irma


I remember that day so clearly. A few of my friends lost their parents. We were all changed forever. We will live on to honor those lost. Both the victims and the brave first responders. #neverforget #911


We are with you Florida. To all my friends down there and everyone else be safe!


So much fun getting to do a talk with my brother @itsadambraun for @successmagazine