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"Barring any roadblocks, the Traverse would take us almost a week—six days and five nights. We’ll hike through the forest and up into the alpine where there are no trails, navigating over snowfields, talus, and glaciers. Near the end, we’ll climb 8900-foot Dome Peak, a magnificent fortress of rock and glacier." • An excerpt from my written account of tackling the classic Ptarmigan Traverse earlier this summer, after two previous years of failed attempts due to impassable glaciers and inclement weather. Read more on the @clifbar blog [link in bio].


It was just months after moving to the northwest in summer 2013 when I first learned about the North Cascades. By early fall that year I actually set out to explore them firsthand, albeit from the lowlands, knowing that it would take time to learn the skills to climb higher and more fully experience the area’s sea of peaks. I’ve been lucky enough to return countless times since then. With each and every visit, my latest being this past weekend, it’s the same sublime mountain summits that stop me in my tracks, exactly as they did the very first time.


On my recent travels in Europe I stood here and caught the first sunrise of the fall season. I can't imagine a more picturesque spot to kick off my favorite time of year. Who else would say autumn is their favorite season? And how are you celebrating? I’m heading into the mountains with a good friend as I write this, so I’m hoping to experience some magic only fall can make. 🍂


Once upon a mountain...


Everyday we wake up we have the opportunity to experience something beautiful. After experiencing the Italian Dolomites, Slovenia's Julian Alps, and the French Alps, it's time to return home and experience my home range, the American Alps, perhaps with some beautiful fall colors. So thankful for these travels and the memories I return home with.
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The north face of Grandes Jorasses, an iconic peak of the Mont Blanc massif, emerges from a blanket of clouds on a stormy morning. If you're even vaguely familiar with my work, you know that mountains are what speak to me most in nature. So, when I'm lucky enough to witness a sight like this, you can imagine I was on cloud nine. Honestly I couldn't believe my eyes.


Golden hour in the French Alps. The more time I spend in these mountains, the more I'm convinced I'll be returning here year after year to experience them more and more. Yesterday's sunset, enjoyed with new and old friends at this beautiful spot in the alpine, was the perfect ending to our time here in Chamonix.
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Scenes of the simple life in the Soča Valley.


Only in the Alps.


Discovering hidden gems in faraway lands, a secret waterfall and swimming hole unlike any I've ever seen. I'm here in Slovenia's Soča Valley with my friend @adzentures_yoga experiencing all that the area has to offer, from hiking, to swimming, to canyoneering, and more. Check out our stories for more ✌🏼#slovenia


When I hiked in it was summer, and when I hiked out it was a fall. But with the low temps, wind chill, and fresh snow, it felt like winter throughout. Despite unseasonable weather, I’ve been making the most of my time in the Dolomites. Exploring northern Italy in the new @eddiebauer #EverThermDownJacket, and getting stoked for my next stop: Slovenia’s Julian Alps. #dolomiti #italy #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor


As green as an emerald and as clear as a crystal. The sight of this alpine lake, and its unbelievable water color, stopped me in my tracks while traveling thru the Dolomites. It seems only with travel to new places like this do we get to see and experience nature's full spectrum of beauty. Excited to see what else I'll find!


Blue hour in the Dolomites. It’s my first time exploring northern Italy’s mountains, and the peaks here are nothing short of breathtaking. As winter makes an early arrival in the high alpine, I’m testing out @eddiebauer’s new EverTherm down jacket and staying plenty warm despite subzero temps. Excited to share more with you from the Alps here and two other European countries on this trip. Stay tuned!
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Nothing can replace the sense of freedom and adventure you can find on the open road, would you agree? Having wrapped up my road trip with @LandRoverUSA and @bejamin from Sun Valley to Jackson and back, I’m reminded of how much there is to see and experience right here in the US, and I’m excited by what new areas in our “backyard” I’ll discover next down the road. To learn more about our ride on this trip check out my bio link. #DiscoverySport #sponsored


Somewhere in Southern Idaho, or another planet (we weren't sure), light and shapes interplay to create a place to stop and take in the night sky and countless stars. The more I explore the American West, by day and by night, the more I'm blown away at what you can find. But only if you keep your eyes open.


Witnessing this sunrise in the Tetons was like watching a painting unfold, a series of beautiful moments, each somehow surpassing the last.


Idaho's backroads led us eastward through foothills and flatlands, road tripping in the @LandRoverUSA #DiscoverySport. When the iconic peaks of the Teton Range appeared on the horizon, I couldn't believe my eyes. By the time @bejamin and I reached their base, night had fallen. The mountain silhouettes towered overhead, heightening the excitement of what we’d see in daylight come morning. Check out the link in my bio for more info. #sponsored


Sharply rising from the valley floor, the Tetons grab your attention and don't let go. Over the last two days @bejamin and I have explored the Jackson area, soaking up views of this unique range and dodging thunderstorms along the way. After witnessing this sunset, with its unbelievable colors and light, I've been scratching my head over why it took me so long to finally visit here. These mountains have already won my heart.


The first fall colors are starting to show, can you believe it? If you're like me, that means it's time for a road trip. This week I'm joining my good friend @bejamin on the road from Sun Valley to Jackson. We'll be exploring his old stomping grounds in central Idaho and then reaching the Tetons (my first ever visit). We've partnered with @LandRoverUSA and will be driving a #DiscoverySport, so follow along in our stories, and click the link in my bio to learn more. #sponsored


The terrain was alive. There we were, backcountry ski touring across the center crater of northern Japan's tallest volcano. Active volcanic vents hissed and spewed gas and steam into the sky, masking the crater walls surrounding us. We'd ascend up and ski down to enjoy one of the most unique lines we'd ever ski. Excitement was high throughout and I didn't want the adventure to end. Definitely a surreal moment, and one of my Greatest of All Time experiences, #GOATworthy. Stoked to partner with @backcountry to share this story and adventure, if interested check out their page for more #GOATworthy stories.
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Snow-capped volcanos, pristine alpine lakes, lush old-growth forests, and heavenly sun beams, all in the middle of nowhere -- just the stuff that dreams are made of. Hope everyone had a great weekend and is kicking off the week right! ✌🏼#mtrainier #pnw


Kilimanjaro dreams. A week has passed since standing on the summit of Kilimanjaro, and this sunset enjoyed from Shira Camp stands out as one of my favorites. Vivid yellows, oranges, and reds melted together in the sky to the west, leaving little to be desired as we made our way up the massive volcano. Definitely a sight I'll be holding on to for some time.
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As rugged as they are beautiful.


Breathing in air with only half the oxygen as at sea level, we took our last few steps up to Kilimanjaro's crater rim as the morning sun peaked above the eastern horizon. Making it to sunrise was a goal in itself, the local Tanzanian climbers told us. It signaled the end of several bitterly cold hours of climbing by headlamp and that we were so close to our objective. Just the boost I needed to tackle the last leg to the summit, not to mention a sight I'll never forget!
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As if floating in the sky, Mount Meru, the fifth-highest mountain in Africa, emerges above a low blanket of clouds, as seen from the Lava Tower on Mount Kilimanjaro's south face. Our trek up Kilimanjaro offered views above the clouds on a daily basis, a constant reminder of the mountain's towering elevation. A surreal experience with the earth beneath our feet.
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The last week I've been on Kilimanjaro in Tanzania with family and friends, shooting for the 19,300-foot summit, the highest point in Africa. Following several days of trekking and acclimatization, we made it here, Barafu High Camp at about 15,000 feet. Just hours after this sunset, we woke in the middle of the night and started our summit push. As we trekked up, we witnessed the entire sunrise unfold. Each step forward became an effort in itself, but I eventually set foot on the summit in some of the thinnest air I've ever reached, only half the oxygen as sea level. A challenging but life-changing experience. A million thanks to @anywhere+ and the team for the incredible support and guidance on this natural wonder of the world.


It's one of my favorite things about mountaineering: the higher you climb, the more layers of mountains you get to see. I'm looking back on my recent week-long expedition along the crest of the Cascades, pictured, as I start another week-long trek on the other side of the world. It's morning here in Tanzania, and today we kick off our Kilimanjaro climb with @anywhere. Hours from now, our group of 10, plus over 30 local porters, will march through Machame Gate, our starting point, at 5,000 feet above sea level. From there we'll start our journey to the summit at over 19,300 feet. Excited to finally tackle this continental high point, and hopefully come back down with good news of a successful summit. Wish us luck and see you in a few! 🤘🏻 #kilimanjaro #tanzania #africa #blesstherains


Some places exhibit beauty regardless of time or season. I've solo snow camped at this remote spot in the dead of winter when everything is buried in tens of feet of snow. I've reached it in the peak fall season when the golden larch look like flames along the granite landscape. I've now experienced it in the lush summer months as part of a single-push thru-hike through the wilderness area. We sat along its waters and rested, sharing snacks to lighten our packs and staring up at the surrounding towers of granite. I knew we couldn't stay long, but the familiar scene reminded me of these past adventures and stirred up thoughts of how special places such as this both change and remain the same, ever enticing another visit with new eyes.
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We stood on the summit enveloped in a cloud, unable to see 50 feet in front of us, much less any distant mountain views. After almost an hour of zero visibility, the clouds suddenly parted revealing a low marine layer and some of my favorite peaks in the entire range. Although it was a brief show, it was unquestionably worth the early start, hike up, and wait!
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"You're either living your dreams or you're living your fears." Words that come to mind when I think about the path I've taken and where it's led me. I wasn't always doing the former (in fact, for many years, I was guided more by what was the safest and most prudent course of action). One thing has emerged as true: it's beyond refreshing to whole-heartedly follow your passions despite the odds.
Sunset flight above the Cascade Range with @longbachnguyen, soaking up some unreal color gradients you can only enjoy from up above.