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Reaching the Seven Continents in 2017 🌎 Currently: Antarctica 🇦🇶 ✉️

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Classic pacific northwest peaks, forests, and foggy goodness..Always dreaming of this place, wherever I am in the world.


A still moment before sunrise along the shores of Laguna Torre, Patgonia.


In an area known for fierce and unpredictable weather, experiencing some sunshine and blue skies in Patagonia had us feeling awfully lucky. Rain or shine, the moment we stepped into the park to start our multi-day trip, I knew the experience was going to be life-changing. Turns out Patagonia is everything I could have hoped for, and more. A first-ever trip for the books. @eddiebauer
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Now more than ever is the time to ask: how can you give back and help protect the environment? As an outdoor photographer, I’ve made it part of my mission—because what’s more important than the outdoor world around us? I’m proud to give every month, all year round, as a member of 1% for the Planet, which connects dollars and doers to accelerate smart environmental giving. Want to help? This #GivingTuesday, consider giving to @1percentftp and being a part of the global movement. Use the link in my bio to donate, give back, and even learn how you can become a member yourself. 🌎✌🏼
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I’m currently reading the late Fred Beckey’s Challenge of the North Cascades, a book recounting some of the first explorations and summit attempts of the northern Cascade Range and the surrounding wilderness. Many of the area’s great peaks are covered, including Gunsight Peak, pictured here, aptly named for the deep notch between its central and north summits. My mind wonders across the map in my head, conjuring up big plans for next climbing season. I caught this view, a golden moonrise, firsthand during our weeklong Ptarmigan Traverse trip earlier this year. Humbled by the great feats and accomplishments of the first to roam these wild hills.


The man behind the camera. I can’t remember the last time I posted a photo of myself, up close and personal, so here I am 👋🏼. Tomorrow I leave for South America and then Antarctica. There’s been much anticipation, to say the least — the excitement of an uncertain adventure, which is perhaps the best kind. Excited to share the journey with you guys, and thanks a million for following along. Feel free to comment below a question you might have for me, or even better share a bit about yourself, like where you’re from. If nothing else, would love to hear any book, music, etc, recommendations you have, given my long voyage ahead!
Photo taken by my friend @stephen_matera 📷



From one continent to the next, this year I’ve been lucky to stand in front of several of the world’s great mountain ranges, like the Mont Blanc massif here. While the wonder and awe is often the same, a few moments will undoubtably stand out from the rest for years to come.
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Humbled by and thankful for all the beauty still in the world, especially the beauty that takes some effort to find and appreciate. Safe travels and happy thanksgiving to each of you and all my friends and family today 🙏🏼


Catching all the winter vibes in Banff this weekend, as I’m switching hemispheres and seasons in one week. Coming up is South America and Antarctica, to complete the Seven Continents within this calendar year. Excited to share the last leg of the journey very soon ✌🏼



After hours of darkness, a glint of light appeared over the iconic rock of Half Dome. A moonrise unlike any other, a few seconds of pure wonder now etched in my memory.


From a recent flight over the Cascade Range in a small Cessna, before the first snowfall. Whether looking up from their bases, standing tall upon their summits, or admiring from high up in the air, I'll never get sick of these peaks. And the coming year will bring a new level of exploration – more on that soon 🤘🏼


It was hard not to look down, to peer toward the valley floor thousands of feet below. To feel the butterflies at the sight of such great heights. To double take at the new vantage of the familiar rock features I had previously stared up at. My third visit to Yosemite finally involved visits to the high country, both to the south and north of the valley. It’s ever clearer why this national park is considered so great by so many.
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Driving for no other reason than to just drive. No destination in sight, no expectations in mind. Although I tend to be most present in the outdoors and up in the mountains, I’ve discovered over the last few year I do my best thinking while on the road, especially on backroads like this. Miles of forest pass by as I shuffle and organize big thoughts and think up and brainstorm creative ideas. A type of forced meditation perhaps, often ending in some excitement of what could be next. Anyone else the same way? I’m sure I’m not alone. ✌🏼
Shot taken with my new iphone and edited w/ a mobile app. Often the best camera is whichever one is in your hand.


Can you spot me? This was my last stop in the Italian Dolomites before reaching Slovenia and France earlier this fall. I definitely had the travel bug – I never traveled more in my life than this past September, but it sure was nice to spend most of October back in the Pacific Northwest. Off on some more travel again today, heading a few states south. Any guesses where? (Big hint: it starts with a “Y”). Follow my story for more. 🤘🏼
Also, big thanks to @gpmartinphoto for the new profile pic, be sure to check out his excellent work.


​If you've been following my work since the turn of the year, you know I'm on my way to reach all Seven Continents during this calendar year. With my plans to reach Patagonia and the Antarctic Peninsula in a few short weeks, I have a shot at completing the journey. Excited to share the last two continents with you guys!
A highlight of the journey thus far has been joining @anywhere+ and reaching the top of Kilimanjaro in Africa. Check out my latest blog post on my site (link in bio) to see more from our trek to the roof of Africa. 🤘🏼



Hands down the single largest helping of alpenglow I’ve ever laid eyes on. Truly a mountain that’s larger than life. #denali #alaska


I don’t know why it took me so long, but after four years in the pacific northwest I finally got out to backpack and beach camp along the Washington coast. Have you been? The day was warm and sunny, but as soon as the sun set, temps dropped and our group bundled up and circled around the fire. And with the waves crashing at night I must say I slept like a baby. Always fun to try out a new adventure. 🤘🏼 @eddiebauer
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Blue hour in the French Alps. I’ve been dreaming of this spot near Chamonix over and over this past week. I’d wonder why ... if it wasn’t so obvious.
I couldn’t forget these mountains if I tried.



Humbled by the beauty that the transition from summer to winter brings. It’s the state of change that makes it all possible and all the more special. Each day is a new day different than the last.


There’s every reason to smile and celebrate when you visit the mountains and are greeted by views like these. Even more so when the sun comes out and lights up the fresh snow all around you. A snapshot from my recent snow camp in the Cascades, joined by my friend @moonmountainman and his daughter Zoey, and armed with the right gear for winter’s early arrival. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the season of snow. 🤘🏼
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Perhaps home is a moment, not any one place. The best moments with the people that matter most.


The exact moment when you know the long cold night snow camping was 100% worth it. Sunrise alpenglow in the Mt Baker wilderness, one of many wilderness areas I’m lucky enough to have in my big backyard.


It felt like standing on the roof of the world.
The season’s very first snow camp, with my friend @moonmountainman and fittingly sheltered by an @eddiebauer Stargazer tent, involved frigid temps and volatile weather. But the moments when the clouds faded and the sky opened up were nothing short of magical.
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Hiking up from the valley floor, we zigzagged up switchbacks and passed by wild ibex, constantly looking over our shoulders to take in the ever-growing views. We eventually reached this lake, our destination for the evening, which reflected the entire Mont Blanc massif like a mirror. There it was: the highest mountain in the Alps and surrounding peaks soared in both directions. I don’t say this too often, but it was pretty much perfect. A moment I’m thankful to have shared with my wife and friends.
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I took this photo while standing on the summit of what I’d describe as my favorite peak in the entire Cascade Range. Over the last three years I’ve stood here several times, each time more breathtaking than the last. It’s a point from which you can look in any direction and get lost in the details of the surrounding terrain and landscapes. It could be how the light and shadows reveal the rock face complexities, or rather how the low cloud layers move from one tree-filled valley to the next. There’s always a part of me that can’t wait to stand on this familiar summit once again, only to appreciate everything anew.


"Barring any roadblocks, the Traverse would take us almost a week—six days and five nights. We’ll hike through the forest and up into the alpine where there are no trails, navigating over snowfields, talus, and glaciers. Near the end, we’ll climb 8900-foot Dome Peak, a magnificent fortress of rock and glacier." • An excerpt from my written account of tackling the classic Ptarmigan Traverse earlier this summer, after two previous years of failed attempts due to impassable glaciers and inclement weather. Read more on the @clifbar blog [link in bio].


It was just months after moving to the northwest in summer 2013 when I first learned about the North Cascades. By early fall that year I actually set out to explore them firsthand, albeit from the lowlands, knowing that it would take time to learn the skills to climb higher and more fully experience the area’s sea of peaks. I’ve been lucky enough to return countless times since then. With each and every visit, my latest being this past weekend, it’s the same sublime mountain summits that stop me in my tracks, exactly as they did the very first time.


On my recent travels in Europe I stood here and caught the first sunrise of the fall season. I can't imagine a more picturesque spot to kick off my favorite time of year. Who else would say autumn is their favorite season? And how are you celebrating? I’m heading into the mountains with a good friend as I write this, so I’m hoping to experience some magic only fall can make. 🍂


Once upon a mountain...


Everyday we wake up we have the opportunity to experience something beautiful. After experiencing the Italian Dolomites, Slovenia's Julian Alps, and the French Alps, it's time to return home and experience my home range, the American Alps, perhaps with some beautiful fall colors. So thankful for these travels and the memories I return home with.
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