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Finding moody weather in the depths of the woods, always a wonder to behold. #pnw #home


The interplay of light and shadows in the North Cascades. Singular moments like this in the mountains can make a strenuous multi-day outing worth it, without more.


For some things in life, an increase in familiarity leads to a decrease in fascination. For my view toward the mountains, it's quite the opposite. After discovering the Cascades for myself almost five years ago, each year has only brought greater acquaintance with the range. To date, I'm at the height of my familiarity with these peaks, learning more than ever before. Yet I've never been more fascinated – never more intrigued by what's possible as I explore them further in the year ahead.
Thank you to everyone for their interest and participation in my American West photo contest with @arcadebelts. So many amazing photo submissions. Congratulations to the winner, @adventurela, the runner up, @jeffreycoats, and @amartinez555, the peoples choice winner. ✌🏼



“Glacier NP is known around the world for its spectacular natural beauty, including its crystal-clear waters and colorful rock beds. This over-and-under photograph [a single exposure] demonstrates both.”
A sample image and excerpt from my new American West book. Submit your own favorite photo in the photo contest I’m hosting with @arcadebelts for a chance to win a copy, along with a print of any image from the book, plus Arcade gear! Contest ends at the end of the day tomorrow. Big thanks to the nearly 600 of you who’ve already entered! Check my bio link for all details and to enter.


Five years ago, in my home state of Minnesota, my wife and I loaded up our car – and we headed west.
It was my first big move, making Seattle our new home.
Little did I know how the landscapes of the great American West would transform me over the years that followed.
Proud of this project, my new American West photo book. Through images and words, it shares the extraordinary things you can find in this wild country. Win a limited edition copy of the book, among other prizes, by entering our photo contest, which goes on through Thursday. If interested, check my profile link and submit your own favorite travel photo today. You’ll love the book✌🏼


Sunset colors after a day of severe storms in Wyoming’s Wind River range. Here’s a pair of favorite images (one from WY, one from CA) from my new American West photo book. For a chance to win a copy, a photo print from the book, and some @arcadebelts gear, join our photo contest (link in bio) by submitting your own favorite travel photos – stoked to see what you share✌🏼



It’s always been a dream to explore more of our own country here and share my experiences. Today I’m doing just that, and also inviting you to do the same. Stoked to team up with my friends at @arcadebelts to launch a photo contest today – from now thru March 8, share your favorite travel photos (new or old) for a chance to win a limited edition copy of my new American West photo book, a print from the book, and an Arcade belt. If you’d like to learn more about the contest or my book, or to submit your photos, check my profile link ✌🏼️


P H O T O C O N T E S T.
When it comes to the outdoors and photography, I’ve always viewed inspiration as a two-way street. Today I am so excited to announce that I’ve created a new photo book, called "American West,” and that I’m teaming up with my friends at @arcadebelts to host a photo contest to get inspired by all of you. The prizes include limited edition copies of the book, photo prints, Arcade gear, and more, but I’m most stoked to see all of your photos and select the winners. Check my bio link to enter the photo contest 🤟🏼
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For the briefest moment, the clouds opened up to reveal the mountain. First tracks leading to fresh turns in the Mount Rainier backcountry. #mtrainier #pnw



101 years ago the U.S. Government officially designated this natural area as a protected National Park. I know I’m far from alone when I say I’m glad they did! Sharing this favorite image of mine to celebrate the centennial of Denali National Park, one of our greatest parks and the home to some of our most raw wilderness.
Have you experienced Denali NP? #denali #alaska


Can you believe spring is one month away? About this time of year it’s easy to start looking far ahead. But remember each season has its place – it’s the change from one to the next that makes your favorite time of year, whenever that is, all the sweeter.


Nature's shapes and lines – follow them in any direction and you’re likely to find yourself on the right path.



Feels good to be back in the Cascades, my home range, after a busy period of project work, wilderness medical training, and some travel abroad. I'm lucky enough to get outdoors plenty between work and play, but sometimes I feel spoiled to witness such beauty and mystery in the mountains. Experiences like this lead to awe and wonder, which in turn leads to curiosity and self-learning, a cycle that's proven rewarding time and time again. Pictured is an unreal sunset from the Baker backcountry ski touring with @bejamin this week. Like I said, it feels good to be back here.


Ten years ago I didn’t know places like this existed in real life. Otherworldly terrain with dizzyingly steep peaks and massive ice sheets. Now it’s hard to imagine what it was like then – before knowing about these natural wonders. As it’s been said, a mind stretched by new experiences cannot return to its original dimensions. Your view of the world and your place in it changes, as does your understanding of what’s possible.
Excited to be sharing photo series of my 2017 Seven Continents travels – check out my current Story for the latest Europe series (and my Story highlights on my profile for Antarctica and Oceania) 🤟🏼


The day’s last light in Milford Sound. Reflecting on last year’s travels to the Seven Continents, I’ve realized there’s one physical element that connects each and every trip: Mountains. With each continent I visited, I gravitated toward the high peaks, as if by some centrifugal force. I shouldn’t be so surprised, though – mountains are what move me, and I now know they do so from whatever far corner of the earth I’m able to reach.



I’ve never had a stellar memory, nor have I ever kept a daily written journal. But glancing at most any photograph I’ve taken can immediately transport me back to the moment captured – what was discovered and what it felt like to experience it. I guess then my photo collection will serve as the visual diary of my lifetime – and I’m alright with that. Looking forward to countless more entries...


Only in Patagonia.


The last frontier. I first explored Alaska's wild lands and mountain ranges in 2016, but the strong impression they left on me has been lasting. So much raw wilderness and wildlife that puts all other wildernesses into perspective. Over the next few years I'm hopeful to return to Alaska and explore it further including the Brooks Range, one of the most remote and untraveled areas in the entire country. But even the wild Brooks Range is in jeopardy, with the potential construction of the 200+ mile Ambler Road which would create industrial access to mining districts. If you're like me and concerned about this potential action and for all of our wild public lands, please speak up and leave a comment (link in bio) for the govt’s review – it's the last day to do so! #publiclands #brooksrange #alaska



The high peaks of the Julian Alps acting as a natural fortress around the pristine Soča Valley. It’s always rewarding to experience a new country while abroad, even better when the place surpasses all of your expectations, as Slovenia did for me.


This year I’m excited to host a series of photo workshops across the northwest, including my snow camping workshop in the Mount Baker area next month (Feb 16-18). Two open spots are left! If you wish to join us, check out my bio link for on-sale tuition (this week only). Also stay tuned for an upcoming photo event in Seattle, would love to see you there! ✌🏼#pnw #snowcamping


Over the holidays each member of my family created and shared a bucket list of the top five things we wanted to do in life. While much of my list was mountain related (big surprise), both my list and @jmkranz’s list included living in the French Alps someday, perhaps for a full or half year. If that’s any indication it’s clear the culture and outdoor scene of the Alps has left an impression on us. How about you? If you could live anywhere else in the world for a year where would it be?


We're getting record-breaking heat here in western Washington. The weekend spent in the Cascades' west slopes was seriously springlike. I'm talking t-shirts and sunscreen at 6k elevation. The patterns you're looking at in the snow above were caused by recent heavy rainfall upon the snowpack in the Mount Rainier backcountry. The scene might be fascinating, and the warmth may be comfortable, but I can't help but think this is anything but normal. Who else is experiencing bizarre weather/temps?


What’s not to love about the Dolomites?
On my first morning in northern Italy last fall I was lucky enough to have first light at this well-known lake all to myself. Between the surprise solitude, mirror-like reflections, and rugged mountain range, there was plenty of stoke on how the trip was kicking off. Can’t wait to return here down the road and relive the experience!


I’m excited to finally announce the launch of my new website at! Whether you’ve recently discovered my work or have followed along for years, I’d be grateful if you'd visit the new site (linked in my profile), and feel free to explore my portfolio and recent projects, read my story and new blog articles, peruse my print store and workshop pages, and subscribe if you so wish. Three years ago I turned away from my original career and began this new journey, and it’s through platforms like this I’m able to share my story with you. Thanks a million for the support 🙏🏼🤘🏼 #thankyou


The icon of the pacific northwest, stops me in my tracks every time, without fail.


More mountainous than I ever imagined, Antarctica presents a big world ... especially if you’re a little Gentoo penguin. 🐧


“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” Here’s a favorite image of mine to ring in the new year. Wishing you your greatest adventures in 2018!


After hours of ominous clouds and dismal skies we were moments away from hiking out and back to the car when suddenly the sun peaked through and lit up the upper half of Cathedral Peak with alpenglow. And then a warm golden hue canvased the entire Tuolumne Meadows area for a few brief moments. My focus snapped back to the present moment, enthralled by the transformation around us. I love any time in the mountains, but taking together all the moments when you’re fronted with the unexpected, you can feel and understand how stepping into wilderness can change your life.
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It was like stepping into a painting. From a crisp morning spent taking in the majesty of the Teton Range in Wyoming earlier this year. The American West never never fails to impress.


What a year! 7 continents, 1 calendar year. Swipe left to see 10 of my favorite images from my travels, some you’ve seen, some you haven’t! Thank you for an unforgettable year!
Locations: 1) Slovenia; 2) Japan; 3) Antarctica; 4) Iceland; 5) North Cascades; 6) Patagonia; 7) Kilimanjaro; 8) Milford Sound; 9) Yosemite; and 10) French Alps.