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While we may not enjoy our wild salmon in the quite the same way as this Kermode Bear does, there is more in common with the food that we eat than you might think.
This salmon had to make its way through the waters between Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia, like hundreds of thousands do each season. On the way, it passed dozens, potentially hundreds, of open-net water based fish farms. These farms are over-stuffed with Atlantic Salmon, foreign to these waters, and they are releasing sea lice and viruses into the ocean on a daily basis.
At SeaLegacy, we encourage sustainable, land-based salmon farms and encourage you to only purchase and eat wild salmon. It’s imperative to know how your fish was raised.
Photo: @paulnicklen in Great Bear Rainforest.
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Wild salmon play a bigger role in a thriving ecosystem than most of us realize. As a keystone species, they are a major source of food for seals, whales, bears, and humans. They bring nitrogen inland which feeds the trees that in turn, provide us with the oxygen we need to survive. Wild salmon are much more than a symbol of the connection between land and water. They are one of the major connectors and they are currently under threat. Open-net salmon farms are releasing tons of waste into the waters of British Columbia every day. Wild salmon are being infected by a virus that is foreign in these pristine coastal waters. We realize that farming salmon is an important part of our economy but we don't have to destroy our environment to keep jobs. The technology exists for land-based, closed-containment tanks. It is time to #GetSalmonFarmsOut.⠀

Photo: @CristinaMittermeier. Healthy Pink Salmon enter a creek in the Great Bear Rainforest in northern British Columbia - a place aptly called Salmon River. ⠀



Photo: @CristinaMittermeier A Polar Bear in the Russian Arctic stalks a seal hole in hopes of a fulfilling meal. As the ice disappears, that becomes more and more challenging and the survival of these animals are at stake. ⠀

Climate change has created stronger hurricanes, longer rain and snow periods, colder and longer winters, hotter and longer summers and has had adverse impacts on our oceans such as sea warming, coral bleaching, migration of fisheries from tropical and subtropical zones, as well as negative impacts on vital ecosystems. Despite all of this, perhaps because of it, we are more determined than ever to #ChangeClimateChange. The earth and its oceans are resilient and we can make the changes necessary to reverse the trends. ⠀

Our friends at @WeCare2030 are making history and invite you to join them by making a personal declaration that when added to a global community, will send a strong message through the United Nations Framework of the Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), happening November 6th - 17th in Bonn, Germany. By adding your name, you are demonstrating that the voluntary targets of the Paris Agreement are important and that action is needed to meet those targets. You are becoming a motivator of change for the health of our oceans, our planet and for future generations to come. ⠀

Sign the petition now through the link at @wecare2030.⠀

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We at SeaLegacy stand for wild salmon and for the livelihoods of First Nations and coastal communities that depend on fishing. We are confident we will see the fish farms out of British Columbian waters but it will take hard work and a positive attitude. Let's do it for the salmon. Photo by @paulnicklen


Photo: @justinhofman for SeaLegacy
It’s a photo that I wish didn’t exist but now that it does, I want everyone to see it. What started out as an opportunity to photograph a cute little sea horse, turned into frustration and sadness as the incoming tide brought with it countless pieces of trash and sewage. This sea horse drifts along with trash day in and day out as it rides the currents that flow along the Indonesian archipelago. This photo serves as an allegory for the current and future state of our oceans. What sort of future are we creating? How do your actions shape our planet?
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"I can tell you from personal experience...when an orca decides to approach you, something inside of you changes. Not only do you feel deep humility and gratitude but you also become incredibly connected to that animal and ecosystem. So when I hear that there is a push to open up the incredibly fragile, abundant and beautiful fjords of Northern Norway to oil drilling, it is my obligation make others aware of the risks and the species that will be affected. Species like orcas, sperm whales, humpback whales, herring and Atlantic cod all stand to be severely impacted by man's quest to add to the current global oversupply of oil." - @paulnicklen
So many people left powerful comments earlier in the week; THANK YOU!!!! For those who still want to lend your voice, please leave a comment below and mention both Norwegian Prime Minister candidates @jonasgahrs and @erna_solberg, asking them to leave the oil in the ground. Election Day begins in mere hours.

For more information, join our efforts to halt this proposal (link in bio). Join @Sea_Legacy and lend your voice. #Turningthetide #LofotenForever #oilfree #fossilfree #LoVeSe #Lofoten #oilintheground


Lofoten, Norway is a haven for orcas. Here, the largest of all dolphins enjoy an existence mostly untouched by industry and humankind. It’s a shame, then, that the country’s government is considering a renewal of oil and gas exploration in this pristine area. Home to one of the world's largest stock of cod spawn, it’s also one of Europe's largest nesting sites for seabirds. On top of that, it hosts the world's largest cold water coral reef. Negotiations to open the area for drilling will begin following the September 11th Norwegian elections, and @Sea_Legacy urgently needs your help to protect it. Please leave a comment below with a mention of Norwegian prime minister candidates @jonasgahrs and @erna_solberg, asking them to leave the oil in the ground. For more information, visit the Lofoten campaign website (link in bio). #LofotenForever #oilfree #fossilfree#LoVeSe #Lofoten


Photo by @justinhofman for SeaLegacy Collective
Pteropods are swimming snails sometimes called sea angels or sea butterflies for their fluttery locomotion and delicate composition. They are an important food item for fish and are an integral link between grazer and predator. The swirling, nutrient-rich waters around Norway's Lofoten Islands are teeming with pteropods and their fishy predators, but proposed oil drilling will put this all at risk. An oil spill in this region could send a catastrophic wave throughout the food web as the smallest creatures are often the first ones affected. No plankton means no fish and no whales.

Negotiations to open the area for drilling will begin following the September 11th Norwegian elections, and we urgently need your help to protect it.

Please leave a comment below with a mention of Norwegian prime minister candidates @jonasgahrs and @erna_solberg, asking them to leave the oil in the ground.

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Photo by @justinhofman for SeaLegacy Collective
Healthy fish stocks have supported civilizations around Scandinavia and Northern Europe for centuries and continues to be a very important source of protein and commerce. The epicenter of cod harvesting are the jagged, rugged, and picturesque Lofoten Islands where millions of cod congregate to breed each year. Scores of juvenile Arctic cod can be found hiding amongst the stinging tentacles of jellies as they drift past the numerous islands. Lofoten is both a breeding ground and nursery for the most important cod population on Earth.

The Lofoten Archipelago and the animals it harbors are now facing the prospect of oil drilling among these beautiful islands. Negotiations to open the area for drilling will begin following the September 11th Norwegian elections, and we urgently need your help to protect it.

Please leave a comment below with a mention of Norwegian prime minister candidates @jonasgahrs and @erna_solberg, asking them to leave the oil in the ground. Let them know how important fishing and marine wildlife are to you.

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Photo by @justinhofman for Sea Legacy Collective
We sat in the boat for a very long time, motor off, binoculars up, watching and listening to the distant bowhead whales rolling in big groups and slapping the surface with their tails. Bowhead whales are known to be very shy and sensitive to man-made noise which is why Canada has designated a nearby bay as a bowhead whale sanctuary where visitation and boat traffic is regulated. Because of their legendary shyness, we never expected to see bowheads outside of the sanctuary, let alone have a whale swim over to look at us, but this massive whale did just that. To say bowhead whales are big is an understatement. It was one of the most exciting wildlife encounters of my life.
Stay tuned for more from this incredible day among bowheads.
With @eyosexpeditions & @sea_legacy #bowhead #whale #conservation #turningthetide


Hey New York City, here's a stunningly beautiful reminder that @chrisburkard's exhibition (titled Vanishing Worlds) at @paulnicklengallery is still on. If you're in NYC, head over and catch it before it vanishes itself. #turningthetide


Traveling past the well-known Bird’s Head Peninsula of West Papua, we tucked into a remote bay and stumbled upon a set of reefs and islands unlike anything I had ever seen. We stayed for only a day but it was one of the most exciting days of my expedition career. We did as many dives as possible to try and figure out this unique corner of the Coral Triangle, center of marine biodiversity, but it felt like we had not even scratched the surface. Ever since that day I have wanted to return to these secret islands. .
Thanks to @paulnicklen and @cristinamittermeier for bringing me into the fold. I am honored to be part of the Sea Legacy Collective. Follow along with my current expeditions at @justinhofman .
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Happy birthday to our good friend Sylvia Earle. "Her Deepness" was on site at @paulnicklengallery during #worldoceansday2017 speaking with our co-founder @paulnicklen. We are infinitely inspired by her legacy and her influence. Thank you for being a shining light in the depths of our beautiful oceans. Photo: @paulnicklen and @cristinamittermeier #turningthetide @mission_blue


Photograph by @PaulNicklen // A female polar bear stretching after waiting motionless next to a seal hole for two hours. #TurningTheTide with the @Sea_Legacy team off the coast of Baffin Island.
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The drama of the Arctic landscape has been a big surprise. Big skies and dramatic weather make for unforgettable images. Join our #TurningTheTide community by sharing the tag #TurningTheTide with @Sea_Legacy
Each of your tagged posts and stories will join the SeaLegacy collective story. This is a great way to stay informed on what our ocean ambassadors are up to!
Photo by @cristinamittermeier.
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Photo by @cristinamittermeier in The Canadian Arctic. A baby harp seal nuzzles the snow as it waits for its mother to return from feeding in the sea. So happy to share that Canada has just declared a large marine conservation area, where species like seals, polar bears, belugas and narwhals will now be protected from oil and gas exploration. Thank you Canada!! #turningthetide with @paulnicklen
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"He remembers how, as a five-year-old boy, his entire family was forcefully removed from their ancestral territory in northern Canada and translocated hundreds of miles away, to a land they did not know. His name was taken away and he became “Eskimo 1-602”. Fifty-five years later, and after years of hunger, cultural and physical loss, and political struggle, David Serkoak - once known to his kin as “Hiquaq", is the first Inuit drummer to reach the North Pole. Tiptoe-dancing over a melting ice-scape, he raised his voice and drummed for joy to be standing at the top of the world. It was an honour to travel to the northernmost point of our planet with this Inuit elder, and to learn from his own voice, how self-determination is the best tool indigenous communities have to face a fast-changing planet." - photo and words by SeaLegacy Co-Founder and President, @CristinaMittermeier. ⠀

Taken on a voyage with @quarkexpeditions, to the North Pole, with @PaulNicklen, polar explorer Alan Chambers MBE, Canadian explorer James Raffan, and fellow photographers @pma2412, @timokohlerphotography and @garypeartphoto⠀

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Our team is in the Canadian Arctic to celebrate and document the announcement of a new Marine Conservation Area. Totalling more than 131,000 square kilometers, this newly protected area in Nunavut is the largest in the country and more than doubles the area of Canada's protected marine waters. This is an important to step in meeting Canada's 10% protection targets by 2020. ⠀

Federal Environment Minister @cathmckennaottcen says that “We are creating a buffer against the threats of climate change and protecting against the stressors of human encroachment. We are implementing a sensible and integrated plan that will sustain biodiversity and sustain traditional ways of life.”⠀

Today, we are proud to be Canadian. Click the link in our bio for personal insight on this important designation from our co-founder Paul Nicklen.⠀

Photo: @paulnicklen, at Ellesmere Island, Nunavut ⠀

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Can we convince the world to protect sharks instead of murdering them for shark fin soup? Can we get people to understand the definition of fact vs. opinion when it comes to climate change? Can we inspire hope without polarizing with politics? Can we be good to our oceans and still have a strong economy? The answer to all these questions is yes. We can be better, and we can thrive while doing it. We just need to want it bad enough. Photo by @paulnicklen for @sea_legacy


This is what a healthy polar bear looks like. Masters of their domain, they have adapted to survive some of the most extreme environments in the world. Faced with the unpredictable effects of climate change, their future today is uncertain. You can help us advocate for a brighter future for polar bears and all creatures. Join us at to learn how. You can also check out #instagram stories @paulnicklen to see how climate change is affecting polar bears today.
Photo by @CristinaMittermeier

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Do you love photography? Our friends @vonwong and @motifcollective are offering awesome prizes ($2000 + more!) in the Awareness Photography Competition, with proceeds going to @sea_legacy. Click the link in our bio to get involved and help fund our ocean conservation efforts at the same time. P.S. - look closely at the photo...


You are what you eat. For penguins in Antarctica that means krill, and lots of it. But krill fisheries are notoriously over zealous, and that has led to a crisis in mismanagement of stocks across the Southern Hemisphere. SeaLegacy is leading a group of storytellers across the world to convince over 35 nations to work together to protect this keystone species. If we do it right, all species will benefit. If we don't, the krill fisheries will collapse and the results will be disastrous. Photo by @cristinamittermeier #ccamlr #ccamlr2017 #antarctica


Clear waters. Happy salmon. That's what we at SeaLegacy are aiming for, because a strong, healthy salmon population means the marine ecosystem is strong and healthy. Poor fisheries management and the negative effects of the aquaculture industry (Atlantic fish farming) both threaten the health of the Salish Sea salmon population. Let's put our fish first and reap the economic and environmental benefits of healthy fish stocks. Photo by @paulnicklen.


Summertime on the coast of British Columbia is full of opportunities to experience the rich temperate ecosystem. One thing lacking is these Steller sea lions, as they are out on the outer coast at breeding rookeries. This winter, they will return to their haul-out sites to rest and to wait for the winter’s feast on herring. The SeaLegacy team is excited to get back in the water with these amazing animals this winter for more interactions like this one with @paulnicklen in the Salish Sea.

Photo by @sea_legacy contributor @ryanmillerphoto in the field with @paulnicklen and @cristinamittermeier.


The wild, pure Pacific is simply awesome. Photo: @cristinamittermeier


The Salish Sea is alive with a sheer staggering amount of species. The biodiversity of this body of water makes it akin to an underwater Amazon. Over 3000 species enjoy these waters. We'd like to give a shout out to @oceansinitiative, who are doing important work on ocean acoustics and sub-marine noise levels. As this coast gets busier it's important for us to have dependable data to make wise choices on how traffic noise affects our orcas, fish, whales and other sea life. Photo: @cristinamittermeier


Caring about the world is more difficult than not caring for it. Keep the light inside you. Celebrate the victories, no matter how minute they seem. And follow what you know to be right. We got this. Photo: @cristinamittermeier


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Image: "La Meute de Quatre" ("The Pack of Four") by Vincent Munier

You're invited to join the Wolf Conservation Center at its three-day weekend pop up shop in Paul Nicklen’s SoHo fine art gallery ( from July 28th, 2017 through July 30th, 2017!
The shop will be the first-ever conservation awareness pop up inside an environmental advocacy-focused fine art gallery (a portion of sale proceeds from the Paul Nicklen Gallery funds Sea Legacy (, his non-profit dedicated to protecting our oceans). The purpose of the pop up shop is to spotlight the WCC’s conservation efforts while offering a multitude of WCC branded items, as well as a finely curated selection of limited edition photographs by Paul Nicklen Photography, Vincent Munier - Photographer and Julie Betts Testwuide Photography.

JULY 28 TO JULY 30, 2017

Hours of operation
July 28: 12PM-9PM
July 29: 10AM-9PM
July 30: 12PM-7PM


Overnight, a thin layer of ice forms on the surface of the sea surrounding Spitsbergen, Norway. By end of day, the ice will melt. It seemed like a pretty good ice year but in reality, it was thin and will soon disappear. What we saw very little of was multi-year ice. That is ice that lasts for many years and is crucial to all the species in this ecosystem. ⠀

Photo: @PaulNicklen, on SeaLegacy #expedition with @CristinaMittermeier, @samkretch, @derekrushton_ , @erichroepke, @steinretzlaff ⠀


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Framed by a freshly calved piece of glacier ice, a lone male bear travels the coast of Svalbard, Norway. On behalf of all species on this great planet, especially those that wander the polar regions, do not give up; passionate citizens are rallying, only becoming bolder in their voices and actions. It is up to leaders, citizens, educators, consumers, activists who understand the severity of this decision. ⠀

Photo: @PaulNicklen ⠀

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