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Exotic Shorthair bros #🎩Seamus and #🐽GusGus. Featuring new baby sister #👑LadyClaire. PLEDGE LINK FOR MAMA'S KINDERS


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***insert maniacal laugh*** #👑LadyClaire


When I said just a dab of guac, this is NOT what I had in mind. 😒🥑 #snapchat #🎩🐽👑


There is room for 1 more in the obtuse angle! Who wants to join us? #🐽GusGus #👑LadyClaire


Hi friends! Cat Mom here. 🙋 As you know, when I'm not cat wrangling, I'm kindergarten wrangling! For the next 9 days I'm hoping to help raise funds for Outdoor track improvements, in-school student & teacher programs, academic enhancements for Math, Science and STEAM instruction, library and literacy support, and club funding for my school! I'll be participating in a walk-a-thon at my school on October 26th and I'd love any support you can give, whether it be an encouraging word or a $1 pledge! The link to pledge for my class in our bio. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


The most handsome boy 😭😭 #🎩Seamus


We have had our @on2pets Treehouse Tower and Canopy Shelves for a few weeks now and are genuinely surprised at how much fun GusGus and LC are having playing in it. Our kittens have never really jumped up high on anything so we were hesitant that the shelves would work for them. GusGus has always been our reclusive cat, hiding when people visit. With the new shelves, he can climb up high to feel safe and still be apart of the action! LC loves to scratch and claw her way around the 4 levels which allows her the freedom to stalk and attack her unsuspecting brothers! We HIGHLY recommend this product! #🐽GusGus #👑LadyClaire ** we were given the shelves in exchange for an honest review ❤🙌


Forced Ginger Cuddles with the baby boy 😍 {photo cred @ginger_beard_dad} Which GG face is your FAV? #🐽GusGus


The cuteness is unBEARable!!! #🐻 #🐽GusGus #teddygraham #31daysofHalloween


Obsessed with these sticker books by @mystickerface!!! 60 stickers per book! I use these as incentives for my kinders but they can go anywhere without fear of leaving any residue. I ordered 6 of these books last Monday and got them in 3 days!!! If you want your own stickers use code SEAMUSANGUS to get 10% off your order and a FREE sheet of Seamus & Angus stickers!! #👑LadyClaire #boomerang


On the 11th day of Halloween, Shay is dressed up as a Kindergarten Teacher who hasn't spent enough time with his family and spends too much time at work and is too tired to put a costume on his kittens. #voila #manlydrinks #reallife #🎩Seamus #🐽GusGus


On the 10th day of Halloween, my ghoulfriend gave to me.... a scary throwback of our friends playing on American Horror Show! Featuring @impeccable_blah @omgdeedee @thesauerkrautkitty @_porkchopthecat_ @cuterightmrow @talk_to_the_paw @gremlinthecat @misterandtiny @heresfancynfriends @squish_n_duffy @liladolf @catsandfoodie @mreggsthecat and Shay & GG as the two headed Lady 😹



If Wonder Woman had a sidekick, it would definitely be LC. #sheisabadassbish #fearless #invincible #gorgeous #👑LadyClaire #31daysofHalloween


When your little sister FaceTimes you in the middle of your big scene. #herrrrrresjohnny #herrrrrresLC! #theshining #theshiningtwins #31daysofHalloween #🎩🐽👑 #meowloween


❤❤CALLING ALL INSTA FRIENDS!❤❤ This beautiful boy was in my 1 year old class when I taught preschool and has always had a special place in my heart.
He is in need of an Autism Service Dog! His wonderful moms have put together a @gofundme page to help him achieve this much needed support. Please click the link in our bio to donate or share if you can! THANK you so much!


Yummmm, the sweet taste of the weekend. #Caturday #31daysofHalloween #👑LadyClaire #🎩Seamus #catsintutus


Bond. Shames Bond. #🎩Seamus #31daysofHalloween


I don't want to TACO BOUT IT. #nationaltacoday #👑LadyClaire


On the 4th day of October, the Great 🎃 gave to me, a baby ballerina LC! #👑LadyClaire .
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Gingerflies in the wild. #readingrainbow #butterflies #🐽GusGus #🎩Seamus



Dear Great Pumpkin. I'm looking forward to your arrival on Halloween night. I hope you will bring me lots of presents. Everyone tells me you are fake, but I believe in you. Love, Seamus P.S. If you really are a fake, don't tell me. I don't want to know. 🎃 #🎩Seamus #meows4fall


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#🐽GusGus #🎩Seamus #👑LadyClaire