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We’re teaming up with the talented @rawsonthurber for another action-packed summer! #REDNOTICE coming JUNE 12, 2020.


Thank you for listening & making our #WhatReallyHappened podcast series such a success. We’ve got plenty more in store for you. Stay tuned & revisit the stories with the reaction episodes in our bio.


It just can't be contained - we're unleashing the #RAMPAGE one week early! We'll see you, the aforementioned massive crocodile Lizzie & @RampageTheMovie in theaters on #APRIL13. #SpoilerAlert



We could have had some fun with just one mutated monster on a rampage, but we wouldn’t want George to be lonely now, would we? Enjoy the latest @RampageTheMovie trailer featuring our THREE creatures programed to destroy the world and the only man who can stop them, @TheRock. Link to watch in our bio. #RAMPAGE #April20


We’re looking for everyday people to step onto our global stage and compete for the glory that comes with the TITANS title. Click our bio if you’re up for that challenge of a lifetime. #TitanGames


The @PhiladelphiaEagles weren’t the only ones flying high tonight. Catch the jump heard around the internet by watching the full trailer in our bio. #CourageHasNoLimits #SkyscraperMovie #TrailerDrop



What is one man willing to risk to save his family? Find out tomorrow during #SuperBowlSunday. #SKYSCRAPERMovie #TrailerDrop


All aboard! Emily Blunt has joined the cast of #JungleCruise, where she and @TheRock will give life to the classic @WaltDisneyWorld river ride. We hope she's ready for an adventure! @DisneyStudios


There were just too many burning questions to wait for season two. @AndrewJenks is back with new reactionary episodes that explore our original stories in even greater detail. Click the link in our bio to hear @Dylan.McDermott, @JonEig & more pose their thoughts on #WhatReallyHappened. Don’t forget to subscribe & tune in to new reactionary episodes every Wednesday!



Thank you for making @JUMANJIMovie our biggest Seven Bucks Productions film release to date. We take pride in creating a sense of joy and entertainment that is felt across all ages, languages and regions. #JUMANJI


Thank you CHINA for helping us usher in 2018 with smoldering intensity. #JUMANJI


Around the tree, in the theater, or with your loved ones, we are grateful to be a part of your holiday. Swipe to see the festive spirit of Seven Bucks Productions all around the world. Merry Christmas!



The jungle of #JUMANJI is the hottest destination of the holiday season. Jump right in to the adventure and get your tickets TODAY. #NowPlaying #InTheaters


@JUMANJIMovie has been described as "one of the most purely fun movies of 2017." See what all the laughs are about starting TOMORROW.
Get your tickets for the holiday weekend in our bio.



We're less than one week away from @JUMANJIMovie in theaters. Don't cry, don't cry, you can make it! #JUMANJI



Success is dictated by the work you put in with your own two hands. When these six hands are involved, the stars are the limit. Congratulations to @TheRock on this well deserved honor! #WalkOfFame


Hollywood Boulevard was overtaken by the jungle last night as the cast of @JumanjiMovie hit the worldwide premiere red carpet. Get ready. The game is just days away from playing you. More from last night in our story. #JUMANJI


Wrapped up the @JumanjiMovie European press tour with a few sips of tequila on @TheGrahamNortonShow. 🥃 Now back to LA for the worldwide premiere... #JUMANJI



The #SexiestManAlive @TheRock will earn another credit to his name next week, as the latest inductee to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Someone keep a sledgehammer away from @KevinHart4Real! #JUMANJI #WalkOfFame


The adventure of @JumanjiMovie has overflowed onto the streets of Paris, where @TheRock and @KevinHart4Real stopped to say “bonsoir” to the first day of work on the worldwide press tour. #JUMANJI hits theaters December 20.


We are closing out our first season of #WhatReallyHappened on a high note - The #1 position on the @iTunes chart, to be exact! Thank you for tuning in, and enjoying this investigative journey with @AndrewJenks. Subscribe in our bio.


JUMANJI: Welcome to the Junket. Where absolutely no fun was had between @TheRock, @KevinHart4Real, @JackBlack and @KarenGillanOfficial. Jump into our stories for more. @JumanjiMovie hits theaters DEC 20. #JUMANJI


As the world buzzes about the latest royal engagement, @AndrewJenks recalls the unconventional union of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, and her unexpected impact on the modern royal legacy. Nearly 20 years after her passing, we are still asking #WhatReallyHappened? Link to listen in our bio.


"Success in business is predicated on the ability to conduct yourself as the forest and not the tree." Happy birthday to our Seven Bucks Productions co-founder, @DanyGarciaCo!


Was the greatest battle of Winston Churchill’s life combatting the dark grip of depression? Find out #WhatReallyHappened to the integral leader of the WWII era in this week’s new episode, narrated by @AndrewJenks. Link in bio.


Arriving just in time for your holiday TV binges - Our @CNNorigSeries #Soundtracks is now available on CNN Go and VOD. Enjoy this comprehensive look at our modern American history through the lens of music.


BIG would be an understatement. #BigMeetsBIGGER in our new @RampageTheMovie trailer! Click in our bio to see the action-packed story of a man just trying to protect his (MASSIVE) best friend.


Michael Jordan was considered a “god disguised in a basketball jersey” - so why retire during his prime? @AndrewJenks takes this legend’s story and looks at it from all angles to discover #WhatReallyHappened. Link in bio for full episode.


When @TheRock challenges you to show what’s BIG in your CRUSH it. Keep showing us examples of when #BigMeetsBigger, then tune in this THURSDAY for the world premiere of the #RampageMovie trailer and Instagram Live wrap up with @TheRock! Be sure to tag your entries with #BigMeetsBigger and #RampageMovie.