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Rescued September 2015 as an orphaned baby, hope you enjoy his special story through pics and vids. 🐿

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This video was posted yesterday by @thedodo and last week by the source @wildlifecenterofvenice. I've tried very hard to communicate with both parties to discuss the issues I (and others) have with the feeding technique. (Update: @thedodo has removed the video, and @wildlifecenterofvenice will hopefully post an improved video in the future.) 🐿

On the surface to an untrained eye, it's probably cute. To anyone with knowledge or experience with baby squirrels, this should be incredibly frustrating... it surely was for me. I don't assume that the person feeding the squirrel was intentionally careless, as most animals would have no problem being fed this way. However, baby squirrels are likely one of the most delicate creatures to care for and those with the privilege of feeding them should know what to do and not to do. 1) The baby should be in a natural position, belly down. 2) The syringe should be angled upwards so the squirrel can dictate the pace of the feeding. 3) And most importantly, the moment any fluids are near a squirrel's nose they should be IMMEDIATELY removed to help avoid aspiration (inhaling the fluids). Aspiration often leads to pneumonia, and for baby/young squirrels pneumonia often leads to death. I hope that anyone that has fed or may attempt to feed a baby squirrel will take a moment to read this and pass it on when necessary. Proper feeding technique can make the difference between helping a squirrel and unfortunately killing it. This video should be an example of what NOT TO DO, and I wish @thedodo would realize that. I love cute & entertaining posts, but not when they can lead to unnecessary deaths by allowing people to assume this is okay (especially when the source is a wildlife center). I'm appreciative of anyone that tries to give a squirrel a second chance, but it only takes a few minutes to research what to do and not to do. The Squirrel Board ( was our main source for information when Seymour was rescued, there's a plethora of information and resources there for anyone that needs it. 🐿


Seymour and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that your Monday treats you well. Please drive safe and send our love to your furry children and visitors when you can. 🐿

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Based on her number of admirers, I'd assume most of you haven't yet met @nuttymcnutface. Her Instagram gallery is cute, funny, and entertaining... have a look and enjoy! 🐿

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Swipe to see more photos of Marilyn. I visited the park as soon as I could because I miss all the squirrels I've bonded with, but also because being around them is my own form of therapy. Losing Angelina has been more difficult than I imagined, so the lovely distraction here has been vital to me. I expected to find Marilyn in her swamp forest, but after an hour of trying to call & locate her, I returned to my old spot of the picnic table area. Just a minute or two later I spotted Marilyn on the swing making her way over to me, she's always surprising me and keeping me guessing. I was lucky to spend several hours with her and the others (there are many other squirrels at the park that I adore, hopefully sometime I'll find a way to incorporate them all as each has their own unique traits & stories). There's still a huge void in my heart left by Angelina, it's painfully obvious every time I walk outside that she's not there anymore... but all of the other squirrels I interact with, especially Seymour, are trying hard to give me strength. Please drive safe and have a nice day. 🐿

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Swipe to see more photos. Another 50 acorns buried this morning by my baby boy with his heart-shaped ears. You can also see where a small part of his tail is missing from an accident he had when he was a baby. Just makes him extra special. 🐿

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Seymour is working hard this morning, burying acorns all over the backyard. I welcome the distraction that his cuteness always provides. I can't recall any photos of Seymour from this angle, so I decided to share. 🐿

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Unfortunately my little outdoor friend #angelinathesquirrel succumbed to her injuries shortly after we made it to the wildlife center. She fought as much as her little body allowed her to. I held her in my arms, and gave her as much love as I could in her last hours, and the rehabber gave her medicine to ease the pain. Even as it became clear that her body was giving up, she'd perk up to look at me as if she was fine and even tried to run around. She was such a fighter, and yet so very sweet and loving. The wild squirrels in my neighborhood want absolutely nothing to do with people, but since I knew Angelina from her newborn days she seemed tempted to trust me. I had such high hopes that her babies and grandbabies would follow her lead and allow me into their lives. I share all of this sadness because I want people to understand that all squirrels are special and have personalities, especially this little angel. I haven't decided her name, but I absolutely will. Thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers, Angelina is resting peacefully with the other angels now. β€οΈπŸΏπŸ’”


Angelina is safe now, although her injuries and behavior are worrying me. Taking #angelinathesquirrel to a licensed rehabber. Fingers crossed.


This was Angelina just yesterday afternoon, letting me stand just a few feet from her. It breaks my heart to see her suffering, and I am not going to stop trying to help her until #angelinathesquirrel is safely in my care. Some injured squirrels heal from quite gruesome injuries, and most don't want help... but she seems to know she needs help. I never gave her a name, so I'm open to suggestions (update: I decided to name her Angelina because she was still a little girl squirrel, and she's an angel now). She has a cute mark on her nose that I find to be adorable. Poor girl. 🐿


A few months back, Sassy brought her 3 babies to nest in my front yard oak tree. They all still visit for the endless supply of water & various nuts I've left out for them everyday, but only #angelinathesquirrel stuck around to live in the squirrel house I put up in that tree. She has the cutest mark on her nose that helps me identify her, only today I found her in bad shape. I suspect she was struck by a vehicle, but she's fighting to survive and I'm going to try to catch her. She almost let me pick her up, but her instincts just wouldn't allow it. She's not behaving normally, and I don't think her injuries are going to heal themselves unfortunately. Something is clearly wrong with one side of her face and her jaw... Please keep her in your thoughts while I try to help her. 🐿


Seymour makes sure to eat all his nutritious foods (Henry's Healthy Blocks with lots of greens & veggies) so he can also occasionally enjoy his favorite treat, πŸ₯‘#avocado. 🐿

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