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We’ve made quite a number of lipbaits from our first ever batch till our 2 most recent new shades. We try to keep all your favourite colors and bring in new ones we think you’ll love but ofcourse, we want to hear what you think too! We’d appreciate your vote on this one. What shade of lipbait do you want us to produce more of-Red, brown, pink, nude, or orange? #ShadeDoughLipbait


Berry Blanched is brave, bold, and beautiful as it looks on @haniszalikha ! Speaking of which, watch Hanis' make up tutorial that she just uploaded on her instastory (hurry before it's gone forever)! Do you think you can spot our new upcoming products 😉 #BerryBlanched #ShadeDoughByHanisZalikha #ShadeDough


We've had some of you asking how different is Medium Rare from Lotus Butter so here you go! Medium Rare is of similar tone as Lotus Butter, only a few shades darker. Great for medium to tanned skin but trust us when we say you'll equally love both! Get them online from Zalora, or from our authorized stockists. #ShadeDoughLipbait


You girls made it so hard for us to choose our final winner but after reading so many entries, we've finally made up our mind! Congratulations @natasyakirah ❤️ ! Just like @qqtravelogue , we hope you'll share your photo with your Salami Lipbait once it reaches you and tell us how much you love it! These kind of photos make us all happy and teary, it feels like watching our baby grow when we see our Lipbaits traveling the world and being part of your life journey 😌 #ShadeDoughFan


Congratulations to @nursarafiena for winning our 2nd lipbait ! We have one last winner to be announced later tonight so keep an eye out, girls! Psst, which one is your favorite shade among all the colors above? Tell us!


Announcing the first winner from our latest contest, congratulations @nismlin ! You'll receive a Lipbait to add to your dream collection. We hope to see you pose like this once your prize reach you! Thank you @uyulroslidotcom for the flawless selfie! We really appreciate when Shade Dough fans share their love for Lipbait like this. Two more winners shall be announced tonight! Could it be you? #ShadeDoughFan


Our lipbaits are formulated whilst keeping all of you in mind. We try to make the colors bold and beautiful, without compromising quality. Did you know that our lipbaits contain Vitamin C that helps keep your lips moisturized all day? #ShadeDough #Lipbait


@missmimilana looking beautiful wearing Medium Rare. They're selling like hot cakes on Zalora! Have you gotten yours?


Shop Shade Dough Lipbaits from our authorized stockists:

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What are the colour codes of these swatches on Hanis Zalikha's wrist? And why does she love Lipbait so much? Share your answer below for a chance to win a Lipbait! #ShadeDough #Lipbait


Screammmmm! Our girl crush Athisha Khan reviewed our Lipbaits on her famous vlog!!! If you want an honest unbiased review, head over to her Athisha Khan channel on Youtube and watch the vlog titled COOL COUPLE. 💋How about you Shade Dough fans? Do you like the new codes Salami & Medium Rare? Let us know!


Anyone of you dying to get your hands on this packet of fresh meat?! These packets have made their way to some of our favourite girl crushes! If you can name us at least 5 (can be more) of our famous girl crushes who have received this, it could be yours too!


Loving this whole look on Alisya Rashid using the code Medium Rare 💋@alisyarshd #ShadeDoughFan #MediumRareLipbait


Medium Rare on our Hanis Zalikha! @haniszalikha #ShadeDoughFan #MediumRareLipbait


We thank you, Ms Elfira Loy, for sharing your love for Lipbaits with us 🙌🏻 #ShadeDoughFan @elfiraloy #SalamiLipbait


We truly apologise for the delay, tomorrow these babies will be up on Zalora and available for purchase through our stockists! We know you can't wait! But it'll be worth it 💋 #ShadeDoughFan


In case you need any help in deciding 😋 Rose Taffy VS Salami.


Salami on a tanned skin scores a perfect 💯 on our test! #SalamiLipbait #MeatLovers #ShadeDoughFan


Who is excited?! 🙋🏻 Salami & Medium Rare are the two colour codes we specifically experimented on medium to tanned skin. These two colours top the survey on best match for brown beauties. Your quest is finally over, this calls for a celebration 🍖


Keep it hot but still a little juicy with this new colour code, Medium Rare. Just 3 DAYS TO GO! #MediumRareLipbait #MeatLovers #ShadeDoughFan


The two newest additions to the Shade Dough family-Salami and Medium Rare. We’ve got some wonderful news. Shade Dough will also be available online too! Wait for the next post to know where. #SalamiLipbait #MediumRareLipbait #MeatLovers #ShadeDoughFan


This is Salami! The must-have perfect nude is launching on Monday! And surprise surprise, a box of this for you @intanbakhlis_ for guessing correctly! #MeatLovers #ShadeDoughFan #SalamiLipbait


Ready to 'meat' our two new and freshly-made colours? Any ideas what they're called? First lucky Shade Dough fan to guess it correctly wins a box 💋


Cinnamon Rolls on @sabrinarzli 💋


To all the Shade Dough fans 💋💋💋


Rose Taffy and Berry Blanched are back and selling out fast! Don't say we didn't warn you 💋 #RoseTaffyComeback #BerryBlanchedComeback


#BerryBlanchedComeback . Shhhh quietly secure yours first, then only you let your bestfriend in on the comeback. Don't let this one get away 💋


Okay so this is Creme Caramel. But the next announcement will blow you away.


We heard you. We took action. Now its time for you to take action.



Remember this Lipbait poll? Wait for our next announcement 💋