Shade Dough Lip Bait

Yerp. You want it.

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Doesn't @eiykasyafika_92 look stunning in Cherry Sorbet? No amount of photo will do this code justice! 😍


@syzahmd has 6 of our lipbaits! From the nudest Salami to the boldest Berry Blanched. Best part? She says our formula is great and in her own words, it's beginner friendly too! Don't you agree? 😊


Cinnamon Rolls was the first shade to be sold out at Mood Republik Melaka. Major thank you to those who came by our booth and purchased Shade Dough lipbaits! What a pleasure it was to meet all of you❤️ It's no surprise that this code was sold out-we absolutely love how it looks on our girl crush @elfiraloy 😍



3 very different but very popular colors - the orange Peach Purée, the nude pink Salami, and the cherry pink Cherry Sorbet. We'll be at Mood Republik Melaka this weekend if you'd like to try them on yourself. Show of hands who we'll be meeting there! 🙋🏻


No monday blues for us because one of our girlcrushes shared her #ShadeDoughSelfie wearing Salami! Doesn't @lisasurihani look beautiful? We told you it's our perfect pink nude!


Our lipbaits are makeup artist-approved by none other than @iansham! :
"A P P R O V E D!!! @shadedough Lip Bait by @haniszalikha . Love the texture and everyday colors! Salami & Medium Rare. Soft to the lips . Loveeee 💞 #IANSharing #shadedough #lipbait #lipbaitbyhaniszalikha"



Have you gotten you lipbaits yet? Get in touch with our authorized stockists:
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Yerp. You want it. #ShadeDough #Lipbait


She's got Cherry Sorbet on her lips, and a yummy cherry ice-cream in hand. A perfect combo to overcome any mid-week stress! Share with us your best #ShadeDoughSelfie 💝



From the fun and bright Sugar Icing to the subtle nude Salami, which shade is your go to lipbait this October? #ShadeDough


Here's Rose Taffy on a #ShadeDoughFan ❤️ A best seller since the day it was launched, and one of the few colors we'll keep with us for a while. It makes as great blushers too, just dab dab dab and you're good to go! Let's see your #ShadeDoughSelfie girls!!!


Hello, October! Hold these boxes high and proud because they are what our first few shades came in. Our newer boxes are smaller, making them easier to be carried around in your purse. Psst; Don't worry, our lipbaits are still the same size! ❤️️



Get a good night's rest girls, and if you want to start your weekend feeling fun, fresh, and fantastic, Cherry Sorbet is the perfect quirky color for you!


While deciding where to have your lunch, have you bagged our two latest colors, Salami and Medium Rare? We're available online on Zalora and from our authorized stockists.


Peach purée has been with us since day 1 and we love how it looks here on @haniszalikha. Best part? It's still available on both Zalora and from our stockists too!



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Depending on your look and outfit, Medium rare can look as subtle or as quirky as you want it to be! Alsooo, we've recently had some of you use our lipbaits as blushers. Give it a try and if you're daring enough, perhaps try them as eyeshadows too!


Make up junkies know whats up! We are always on our quest to find the ultimate perfection for each make up item that we use. Zoeva brushes, Fenty foundation & highlights, Shade Dough Lipbaits? Definitely our #makeupbaggoals .



There’s always time to take a #ShadeDoughSelfie, right @faramyra? (We hope you were parked when you took this hehe!) She looks amazing in Cinnamon Rolls. Are you girls headed anywhere this weekend? Share with us your selfies! #ShadeDoughFan


Good morning girls! So this is what’s in @haniszalikha’s makeup bag! Looks like Cinnamon Rolls and Cherry Sorbet are her must-have shades. Which lipbaits do you carry in your makeup bag? Take a flatlay and show us! #ShadeDoughLipbait


Cinnamon Rolls on this #ShadeDoughFan. According to @juweenjamila , our lipbaits are highly pigmented, stays on all day, and doesn't dry your lips! You can read her original review on her post ☺️ Those are a few of the many things we prioritize when formulating our lipbaits. We want them to have everything you want in a lip cream and more! Tell us, why do YOU love Shade Dough?


We’ve made quite a number of lipbaits from our first ever batch till our 2 most recent new shades. We try to keep all your favourite colors and bring in new ones we think you’ll love but ofcourse, we want to hear what you think too! We’d appreciate your vote on this one. What shade of lipbait do you want us to produce more of-Red, brown, pink, nude, or orange? #ShadeDoughLipbait


Berry Blanched is brave, bold, and beautiful as it looks on @haniszalikha ! Speaking of which, watch Hanis' make up tutorial that she just uploaded on her instastory (hurry before it's gone forever)! Do you think you can spot our new upcoming products 😉 #BerryBlanched #ShadeDoughByHanisZalikha #ShadeDough


We've had some of you asking how different is Medium Rare from Lotus Butter so here you go! Medium Rare is of similar tone as Lotus Butter, only a few shades darker. Great for medium to tanned skin but trust us when we say you'll equally love both! Get them online from Zalora, or from our authorized stockists. #ShadeDoughLipbait


You girls made it so hard for us to choose our final winner but after reading so many entries, we've finally made up our mind! Congratulations @natasyakirah ❤️ ! Just like @qqtravelogue , we hope you'll share your photo with your Salami Lipbait once it reaches you and tell us how much you love it! These kind of photos make us all happy and teary, it feels like watching our baby grow when we see our Lipbaits traveling the world and being part of your life journey 😌 #ShadeDoughFan


Congratulations to @nursarafiena for winning our 2nd lipbait ! We have one last winner to be announced later tonight so keep an eye out, girls! Psst, which one is your favorite shade among all the colors above? Tell us!


Announcing the first winner from our latest contest, congratulations @nismlin ! You'll receive a Lipbait to add to your dream collection. We hope to see you pose like this once your prize reach you! Thank you @uyulroslidotcom for the flawless selfie! We really appreciate when Shade Dough fans share their love for Lipbait like this. Two more winners shall be announced tonight! Could it be you? #ShadeDoughFan


Our lipbaits are formulated whilst keeping all of you in mind. We try to make the colors bold and beautiful, without compromising quality. Did you know that our lipbaits contain Vitamin C that helps keep your lips moisturized all day? #ShadeDough #Lipbait


@missmimilana looking beautiful wearing Medium Rare. They're selling like hot cakes on Zalora! Have you gotten yours?


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