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The Cute Cub Of Famous Malaika Cheetah Of #MaasaiMara National Park #Kenya .
Photographed On #NikonD7100 with #NikonLENS 200-400 mm.

#RutaKalmankar WildLife Photographer India .
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Image: S.P. Nagendra - Winner - The Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2008 //Indian #jungles conjure up images of #elephants and #tigers, but this remarkable composition reveals both these charismatic #animals in one frame – as unusual and improbable a #wildlife photograph as anyone might hope to see in the #wild. The judges of the Sanctuary Photography Awards 2008 were unanimous in their view that this photograph, shot in the icy waters of the #Corbett Tiger Reserve’s Ramganga #river, stood out from the hundreds that they painstakingly went through. Formidable #mammals, the tiger and the elephant usually give each other a wide berth, but in this case the #pachyderm had merely walked towards the river to drink, without noticing the swimming tiger. The photo was taken at the point when both became aware of each other. The tiger swam purposefully away from the elephant and, apart from an adrenaline rush, neither animal was worse for the encounter.
Send in your best interest to the Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2017 today! The deadline to enter is August 31, 2017. Link in bio.

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Remembering Leo forever on the one year anniversary of his passing…
**View the FULL video here:
On August 11th, 2016 we said goodbye to our beloved Leo, the 15-year-old lion in our “BLT” trio.
After our veterinarians discovered that over 80% of Leo's liver was full of inoperable masses, the heart wrenching decision was made to let him go. Leo’s brothers, Baloo (bear) and Shere Khan (tiger), were able say goodbye to Leo and have continued to do remarkably well since his death. Animals are so perceptive and with the incredible bond the BLT had since being rescued together from a drug dealer’s basement in 2001, it is highly likely that Baloo and Shere Khan knew their lion brother was terminally ill long before Leo began displaying outward symptoms. We are beyond grateful for the overwhelming support of the public during such a difficult time, and we continue to be amazed by how many lives the BLT has impacted. Please enjoy this compilation of some of our favorite Leo memories as he was truly one of a kind, and will never be forgotten!
You can also find a photo album of our favorite Leo photos here:
LEO (July 2001-August 2016)

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It's World Lion Day!! ROAR!! Lions are magnificent animals. Fierce, loyal predators that are vital for the planet and deserve our protection. With just approximately 25 000 remaining it's vitally important we do every bit we can to help increase their numbers in the wild.
From the iconic African lion to the rare desert lions of Namibia and the extremely rare Asiatic lions in India many generations have known these animals to represent the king of the jungle. But what will happen if we lose the king? Can you imagine a world without lions? Can you imagine telling your grandkids one day what 'used' to walk this Earth? Let's hope that we don't have to. If we put into action our words to protect these mighty creatures we will be able to give them a future. So stand up, Roar for Lions today and every other day and be the voice for them.
Photo by @cc.burgesswildlife Claire Burgess

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Today is Sisters’ Day!!
Tiger Lily and Liberty may not be actual sisters, but these two best friends sure do act like it!
Be sure to share this with your sister today to say, “Happy Sisters’ Day!”

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Wild leopard fallen in well and rescued!!
Thanks to the rescuers who risked their life to save this animal... #thanks #savewildlife


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The Gir Forest is the only place on earth to have asiatic Lions.
Last decade has seen an amazing increase in the Lion population.
There hasn't been a single poaching incident in the last decade.
This place have villages in forest where most of times Lion feed on their cattle, still there is almost no human animal conflicts.
Thanks to the effort of government and forest officers and rangers, that have made the conservation of Asiatic Lion a success story.
Written and pic by:- @kjpatel4587
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Who else remembers this incredible act of love for the sake of conservation?
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We cannot believe it's been 2 years since we we teamed up with the @empirestatebldg to give species on the brink the spotlight they deserve. What great memories! Watch the summary video here: @obscuradigitalsf #tbt #projectingchange #racingextinction


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Honorary post to tigers for International Tiger Day. Tigers are such incredible big cats. Unlike the lion they are solitary animals and would only be found in a group of it was a mother and her cubs. There are many different species of tigers, Bengal, Sumatran, Indochinese, Malayan, Amur etc. All of them are in threat of extinction. But there is one thing I'd like to focus on this International Tiger Day and that is selfies with Tigers. This is an increasing trend amongst tourists and it is threatening the welfare of tigers. Much like lions tigers are purposely bred and then their cubs torn away from their mother so that the public can get their photos taken with them. This mainly happens in South East Asia.
Taking a selfie with tiger is not cool it's cruel. Consider the conditions the tigers are left in, consider where the mothers of these cubs are, consider why a facility has so many cubs all at the one time. All of this can point to cruelty. The tigers are being overbred and used and abused to make money. There is NO place that has an ethical practice of petting tigers.
So on this day International Tiger Day, make the pledge to NEVER get a photo taken with a tiger.
Photo by @alisonleerubie_photography
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Did you know you could tell a Sumatran tiger apart from other subspecies of tigers by their distinct "mane" on both sides of their face?
There are currently less than 300 Sumatran tigers left in the wild. Although these tigers are a part of a few AZA accredited Species Survival Plans, things are still looking bad for the Sumatran tiger. The good news is that you have the power to save them!
Every year entire rain forests are destroyed by companies who use palm oil. They burn down rain forests so that they can plant more trees to grow palm oil fruit. So how can you help? By not consuming palm oil! This helps the Sumatran tiger in two ways. The first is that the demand will go down for palm oil if you don't fund the companies who burn forests. The second is that their habitat won't be destroyed! You can save this tiger by voting with your wallet! #ShizzysWildcatRescue #SumatranTiger #SayNoToPalmOil #WhenTheBuyingStopsTheKillingCanToo #Indonesia #Malaysia


Beautiful photo by @margotraggettphotography ❤️❤️🦁


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We are on this incredible beach in Honduras in Jeanette Kawas National Park, Honduras where Panthera Director Franklin Castaneda took this first ever video of a jaguar feeling on a dolphin that was washed up on the beach.  The jaguar will do whatever it has to survive  and move through the corridor.  #thejaguarjourney #journeyofthejaguar #jaguar #bigcats


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This wobbly kitten has trouble walking, but he's SO determined — and even learned to climb stairs! 👏👏👏 via The Dodo


Image: Saran Vaid // The skittering #frog Euphlyctis cyanophlyctis is common along the edges of ponds, reed banks and marshes of south #Asia. The frog gets its name from the fact that it retreats hastily from danger, while making ‘skittering’ sounds. It probably took a great leap because it was disturbed… right onto its unique #feline perch. The frog is rarely seen out of water, which makes this image even more unusual. Post via @sanctuaryasia


Beautiful image by @action4ifaw
©IFAW/Julia Cumes


This is so amazing!! A lioness was seen nursing a three-week-old leopard cub in Ngorongoro!

It's one in a lifetime sighting of cross-species adopting. Known as “Nosikitok” in Maasai, the lioness gave birth to a litter of cubs in late June, and so the leopard is about the same age as her own young, Luke Hunter (expert from Panthera) explains.

It’s unknown how the leopard cub ended up with Nosikitok. But the lioness is “awash in maternal hormones,” and likely took the leopard cub to be one of her own. It is also unknown what will happen to the leopard cub, or if the lion pride will accept it as their own, as they'd easily recognize him and would probably kill him; but it's interesting as what will happen to him.


Una leona fue vista cuidando a un cachorro de leopardo de tres semanas en Ngorongoro!

Es uno de los primeros avistamientos de adopciones entre especies cruzadas en toda la vida. Conocida como "Nosikitok" en Maasai, la leona dio a luz a una camada de cachorros a finales de junio, por lo que el leopardo tiene aproximadamente la misma edad que sus cachorros explica Luke Hunter.

No se sabe cómo el cachorro de leopardo terminó con Nosikitok, pero la leona está "inundada de hormonas maternas", y probablemente tomó el cachorro de leopardo para ser uno de los suyos. También se desconoce qué le sucederá al cachorro de leopardo, o si la manada de leones lo aceptará, pues lo reconocerían fácilmente y probablemente lo matarían; pero es interesante como lo que le sucederá.

Photos by Joop Van Der Linde.

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This was a memorable morning and the culmination of a great deal of observation and homework. I had worked with the same lion pride in Amboseli for four mornings, but the hurried placing of remotes at sunrise is a low-percentage and dangerous pursuit near lions. After some unsuccessful mornings, we covered the camera casing in Old Spice stick aftershave, as my guide knew that lions were attracted by that smell (the local Masai and indeed colonialists have worn it for years). It worked, and the lioness came straight towards the camera against a clean backdrop. The image is best printed at this 46″ size, simply because I used a wide-angle lens and the resultant file crop is not immaterial. Amboseli is not a studio – indeed, a second after this image was captured, the lioness took the camera casing in her mouth and walked 700 yards into the bush. I was emotionally exhausted and it was only just after 7 am.


Have a wonderful night everyone ❤️🐅😴 Photo by @davidyarrow


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Hong Kong is in the process of legislating a ban on #ivorytrade but some traders and lawmakers are opposing the ban. Speak for the voiceless, #saynotoivory notoivory, and sign the #IvoryFree pledge by copy pasting the link below. Together, we can help ban ivory now.
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An exhaustive investigation by the London-based Environmental Investigation Agency (#EIA) has revealed how criminal gangs originating from an obscure town in southern #China have come to dominate the smuggling of illegal #ivory #tusks #poached from #African #elephants. A new report, 'The Shuidong Connection: Exposing the global hub of the illegal ivory trade', by EIA is the culmination of almost three years of painstaking undercover work during which investigators infiltrated one of the leading syndicates. This involved tracking a shipment of more than two tonnes of tusks from northern #Mozambique to Shuidong, providing unique insights into the workings of an active ivory smuggling gang.

Read more about the EIA investigation on

Image: Pixabay

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Early this morning we head out to Columbus County to work with the head of Economic Development on visiting properties to narrow down potential vacant land lots. Columbus County, along with their incredible county officials, have made us feel very welcomed to be in their county. We visited 6 different possible land locations that they believe would be ideal for us to purchase and begin building a sanctuary. We spent almost 8 hours on the road total and it's been a long day but it was very productive!
We even got a chance to see some of the native wildlife along with the local alligators that are in their lakes.
Huge shout out to @moiz.haq for waking up early and going with me!
I will update you guys on our next visit.


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This will always be my favorite baby rhino photo 😍

I just cannot understand how people can kill these gentle and adorable giants!


Esta será por siempre mi foto favorita de un bebé rinoceronte 😍

Simplemente no entiendo como las personas pueden matar a estos gigantes tan gentiles y adorables!

Photo by @andrewbecksa

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