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Asiatic Lions of Gir Forest National Park

The Gir Forest National park contains some of the most heavily protected regions of wild lion populations on the entire planet. This region is also the only area with lions living in the wild in India.

The effort by the government and the forest administration helps to protect the lions from human-animal conflict in many different ways. Many of the lions prey on cattle because they are plentiful within the forest. One of the ways the government and forest administration help to protect the lions is by compensating the farmers when one of their cattle have been taken by the lion prides. This helps to stop the conflict between farmers and the lions and has even helped the Gir Forest Asiatic Lion population reach an official count of 550 lions!

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We have some very exciting news to share with you all. We have found a home for our sanctuary in Columbus County, North Carolina on roughly a 50 acre property.
As many of you know we have been trying to acquire a property to build a big cat sanctuary so that we can give a home to big cats and other animals who desperately need refuge.
My time in Columbus County began about 4 months ago when I was introduced to the Head of Economic Development Gary Lanier. We visited several properties and together we decided this property would be the perfect home for our future rescues.
We are so humbled by Columbus County Officials, the Columbus County Jobs Foundation Chairman Rick Edwards, the property owners David Small, Willard Small, and Carl Meares for the warm and friendly welcome to their county. A huge thank you to Erin who came to visit the property with me last week. I also can't thank @jamahedgecoth and @noahsarkclub enough for all of her advice over the past few years. A huge thanks to @bigcatderek as well for his support. Mitch Inman has been incredible to connect with as well.
You can read this newspaper article for more details. You can also swipe right to see some of the property photos as well. We will have much more information in the coming days. Thank you to everyone who has continued to support us over the years, it means the world to us. ❤️❤️ #IPromiseWeWillGetThere #ShizzysWildcatRescue


I had a wonderful conversation with our photographer and conservationist @kjpatel4587 this morning and we will be bringing more content to you about life in Ranthambore National Park for the big cats that live there. This new content will be coming to our website in the coming days! #ranthambore #ranthamborenationalpark #shizzywildcatrescue #kartikpatel #tiger #wildlifeindia #igscwildlife #rajasthan #rangeelorajasthan #incredibleindia #natgeotravel #savethetiger @swrclub


Monsoon Greens by @ramachandirangovindaraj
A Bengal tigers fur is relatively short. This stops large amounts of heat being trapped in the fur and stops the fur from becoming heavily insulated. This adaptation allows the tiger to survive the hot and humid Indian climate. Post via @savethetiger


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Another beaut from #ranthamborenationalpark @kairavengineer captures some beautiful #tigerlove


Absolutely beautiful 😻

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The Kwando Magician
A favourite from Botswana, 2010


Absolutely beautiful photo by @lucas.l8photos
Jaguarundi (Puma yaguarondi) . .

@lucas.l8photos . .


I had a blast last night at @greensborosciencecenter's Gala event! If you guys get a chance to attend next year I would take advantage of it! Check out @greensborosciencecenter and follow an incredible organization!


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“We don’t need a lifetime together to make me fall in love, I stood no chance in front of those captivating eyes, you are a gem and I am a collector, for life.”
Masai Mara, Kenya.
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From @christylee787 - Sending love and prayers to all the people and animals of Mexico City affected by the earthquake today. Thank you to all the rescue teams! From @lupillo_bulldog - This is my México!! Helping humans and furry friends getting out of the broken buildings!!


I hope you guys have a wonderful start to the week!
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At Dawn, this young cub moves around with the pride for some food.
Gir National Park, Gujarat.
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Here is a beautiful camera trap image from the Land of the Leopard (@amurleo_land) of an Amur leopard.


Image: Tapan Sheth // 'Deadly Crossing' - One of the last remaining 500 odd #Asiatic #lions negotiates a dangerous railway track running through its primary abode, the #Gir National Park, Saurashtra, #Gujarat. Linear intrusions such as these #railway tracks need to be realigned away from our #biodiversity vaults, which are a vital water source that need to be recognised by planners as ‘infrastructures’ of great commercial value. These are #carbon sinks, flood control and climate moderation devices, without which #humans will be unable to negotiate survival in an age of galloping #climatechange.

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Mad action at the crossings! This lioness was so caught up in the buffet on offer, she ended up catching 3 wildebeest. Very kind of her to do it all out in the open. #thankyou #safari #masaimara #kenya #lionhunt #greatmigration #joinus #travel #youcan #bucketlist


Beautiful camera trap video from @amurleo_land


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People are risking their lives to save animals from the floods of Hurricane Harvey. 💙 #heroes #animalrescue #rescue #houstonstrong (📹: @viralhog)


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In remembrance of one of my favourite Tigresses, the legendary MACHHLI (1996-2016) on her first death anniversary. I spent a lot of time with her; witnessed & filmed her fight a huge Marsh crocodile, emerging victorious. I saw her successfully raise many litters of cubs, make kills, and, of course, reign over the most picturesque & historic parts of Ranthambhore for well over a decade. She taught me a lot about tiger behaviour and enriched many of our lives. She will always be missed, never forgotten.

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Cutest thing you will see all day 😊

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When you just REALLY don’t want to get up and start your day in the morning, and you’re like…
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WARNING:Graphic Content
Sign the petition in @wonderousnature's bio and tag others who are willing to stand up for these animals!
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More than 10 thousand people are asking to stop the "extermination" of the puma in Argentina

After El Patagónico released a video that shows how they hunt a puma cub, attacking it with a pack of dogs, a request was initiated in under the name of "Detener y buscar alternativas al exterminio del puma en Argentina" Which already adds more than ten thousand signatures


Más de 10 mil personas piden detener el "exterminio" del puma en Argentina
Luego de que El Patagónico diera a conocer un video que el que se ve como cazan a un puma cachorro, atacándolo con una jauría, se inició una petición en bajo el nombre de "Detener y buscar alternativas al exterminio del puma en Argentina" que ya suma más de diez mil firmas.

Podes encontrar el link de la petición en mi perfil.

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Baby Bob (bobcat) LOVES catnip! He is one of our more elusive sanctuary residents. He loves to creep around in the most camouflaged areas of his enclosure, so many visitors actually walk right past his habitat thinking there’s not an animal inside when they are unable to see him. You may not see him, but he is probably watching you!
Although bobcats are native to Georgia, Baby Bob cannot be released in to the wild because he has lost his fear of humans (and actually, he’s quite fond of his keepers!). You can read more of Baby Bob's story on the Exotic Cats page of our website here:


Image: Niladri Sarkar //#Sundarban is one of the most unique #ecosystems in the world. This mega #delta structure is the largest, continuous tract of #mangrove #forests in the world, spanning over 10,000 sq. km. across two countries - #India and #Bangladesh. But, a recent study has revealed an alarming loss of this #mangrove cover in the Indian Sundarban. Around 5.5 per cent of the green cover has been lost in little more than two decades, with 9,990 hectares lost in one decade alone. Post via @sanctuaryasia


Kartik Patel (@kjpatel4587) is currently in South Africa right now documenting the wild lions of Africa. If you guys remember from our previous Asiatic Lion article, Kartik is a conservationist from India who does incredible work. Stop by his page and show him some love for all he does for these animals! #KartikPatel #ShizzysWildcatRescue


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Today is #BlackCatAppreciationDay!

Did you know that in Malaysia 99% of the leopard population is melanistic (black)? The Malay Peninsula is home to the largest population in the world of black panthers (leopards). Some believe that black leopards are better concealed than lighter-colored leopards in the dense canopies of the region’s rainforests. Therefore, black leopards are more effective at stalking prey.


Hoy es el día de apreciación del gato negro!

Sabías que en Malasia el 99% de la población de leopardos son melanisticos (negros​)? La Península Malaya es el hogar de la población más grande del mundo de las panteras (leopardos) negras. Algunos creen que los leopardos negros están mejor ocultos que los leopardos de colores más claros en las copas densas de las selvas tropicales de la región. Por lo tanto, los leopardos negros son más eficaces en acechar a las presas.

Photo by @shaazjungphotography
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The Cute Cub Of Famous Malaika Cheetah Of #MaasaiMara National Park #Kenya .
Photographed On #NikonD7100 with #NikonLENS 200-400 mm.

#RutaKalmankar WildLife Photographer India .
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#WildLifePhotographer #CheetahCub #MalaikaCheetah
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Image: S.P. Nagendra - Winner - The Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2008 //Indian #jungles conjure up images of #elephants and #tigers, but this remarkable composition reveals both these charismatic #animals in one frame – as unusual and improbable a #wildlife photograph as anyone might hope to see in the #wild. The judges of the Sanctuary Photography Awards 2008 were unanimous in their view that this photograph, shot in the icy waters of the #Corbett Tiger Reserve’s Ramganga #river, stood out from the hundreds that they painstakingly went through. Formidable #mammals, the tiger and the elephant usually give each other a wide berth, but in this case the #pachyderm had merely walked towards the river to drink, without noticing the swimming tiger. The photo was taken at the point when both became aware of each other. The tiger swam purposefully away from the elephant and, apart from an adrenaline rush, neither animal was worse for the encounter.
Send in your best interest to the Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2017 today! The deadline to enter is August 31, 2017. Link in bio.

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Remembering Leo forever on the one year anniversary of his passing…
**View the FULL video here:
On August 11th, 2016 we said goodbye to our beloved Leo, the 15-year-old lion in our “BLT” trio.
After our veterinarians discovered that over 80% of Leo's liver was full of inoperable masses, the heart wrenching decision was made to let him go. Leo’s brothers, Baloo (bear) and Shere Khan (tiger), were able say goodbye to Leo and have continued to do remarkably well since his death. Animals are so perceptive and with the incredible bond the BLT had since being rescued together from a drug dealer’s basement in 2001, it is highly likely that Baloo and Shere Khan knew their lion brother was terminally ill long before Leo began displaying outward symptoms. We are beyond grateful for the overwhelming support of the public during such a difficult time, and we continue to be amazed by how many lives the BLT has impacted. Please enjoy this compilation of some of our favorite Leo memories as he was truly one of a kind, and will never be forgotten!
You can also find a photo album of our favorite Leo photos here:
LEO (July 2001-August 2016)

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