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What an incredible accomplishment, I couldn’t be any prouder of our organization and the incredible people who came to show us support last night.
There were many people in the room who had reservations about us coming to their county and they had many safety concerns but ultimately it was unanimous among the Fair Bluff Planning Board to make the recommendation to the Fair Bluff City Council to allow a second public hearing on April 3rd.
Here is a snippet of the article: “The action came at the end of a 90-minute public hearing during which some concern for safety was expressed by planning board members, but Shazir “Shizzy” Haque, who hopes to locate the sanctuary on the former Fair Bluff Ford property on Main Street, was able to alleviate those concerns.” I am so humbled by not only the support we received from the people of Columbus County but also the incredible support you guys have provided over the years through our success and our failures you have encouraged us to keep pushing forward. It seemed as though last night everything came together and we felt welcomed by the county. None of this would be possible without your support and the support of all of affiliate sanctuaries who believed in us to get this far. We will keep pushing and will plan for our next meeting on April 3rd!
The article is in the link in our bio! #ShizzysWildcatRescue #ShizzysWildcatRescueNC #SWRclub #IPromiseWeWillGetThere


We will post updates on all social media platforms afterwards but will try to post some of the meeting on my Snapchat.
You guys can follow me on snap chat at: ShizzyShizzy

We will be at Town Hall in Fair Bluff NC tonight in hopes to have a successful public hearing to get our property rezoned! #ShizzysWildcatRescue #ShizzysWildcatRescueNC #Swrclub #IPromiseWeWillGetThere


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2018 has been a great year for us and we want to make sure you know what to look forward to from us! On March 20th at 7:00 PM and April 3rd at 6:00 PM, the County in which we will be building our sanctuary is holding two public hearings for our rezoning request to turn the roughly 50 acre parcel of land into an "Animal Sanctuary" zoning instead of "Highway Commercial Use and Business" zoning that it currently has.
Rezoning the property to allow us to rescue big cats and place them on the property will help us stay safe from a legal standpoint along with helping us in the future when we want to expand out and continue building on the property.
Their TownHall is located at:
1054 Main Street
Fair Bluff, NC 28439

If you are in the area and would like to attend the public hearing you are more than welcome to. If you are already planning on attending we want to make sure you know how grateful we are for your support! #ShizzysWildcatRescue #SWRClub #KartikPatel #ShizzysWildcatRescueNC @wildpixelsbykartik




Building a sanctuary for endangered species is tough within itself but even more difficult when you add in the politics, the legality, and the knowledge that surrounds nonprofit management and conservation issues in captivity and in the wild.
I cannot extend my gratitude enough to the many sanctuaries, nonprofits, and AZA accredited facilities that have allowed us to visit and build relationships with them. Some of the best advice I ever received was “don’t reinvent the wheel but at the same time be innovative in your approach.” I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Tampa, Florida and visit Big Cat Rescue. We spoke about the building process, the nonprofits infrastructure they have built, the politics that surround conservation issues, fundraising, marketing strategies, and so much more. A big thanks to Susan Bass for communicating with us for many years and helping us every time we needed guidance. I can’t thank Carol and Howard enough for making the time to attend our meeting and for the transparency they showed during my visit to help me learn more. Thank you @sam_sikora for traveling with me to Florida! #ShizzysWildcatRescue #IPromiseWeWillGetThere


We had the privilege to interview Soumyajit Nandy @swamptigerchaser about the incredible work he does in the Sundarbans! Below you will find the entire interview along with photos and links to more information. (Click link in bio!) The Sundarbans have some of the most incredible and diverse ecosystems on the entire planet. Please visit for more information! #ShizzysWildcatRescue #Sundarbans #SwampTiger #Bengal



Almost a year ago we rescued this orange tabby named Charles! We have had over 100 animals in our house alone who were domestic rescues but somehow this little guy decided to stay with us.
He was feral when he was rescued but had a growth/tumor near his eye that needed to be removed along with other issues such as IBD, fleas, ear infection, scratch marks on lower abdomen, etc.
He fell in love with us and we kept him. He still goes outside time to time but he’s essentially an old guy who just likes to cuddle. If anyone wants to keep up with Charles you can follow his own Instagram @charlesthegoat or you can follow my Snapchat to see him on a daily (most of the time) basis @ ShizzyShizzy!
Believe it or not, he is actually my first pet cat! 🐱🐱🐱🐱


United plea to CNN not to screen TROPHY
ADI has teamed up with fellow animal advocates and conservationists to urge @CNN not to broadcast TROPHY, a shockumentary promoting trophy hunting and the rhino horn trade. As stated in a joint letter to CNN, the film is “almost devoid of facts” and “could do irreparable damage to the cause of responsible wildlife conservation.”Riddled with unsupported, contested claims presented as truths, TROPHY ignores decades of evidence to the contrary. For example, independent studies show that on average just 3% of revenue generated by trophy hunting supports local communities.
By contrast, in Kenya alone, eco-tourism generates 5-6 times the total revenue of trophy hunting across the ENTIRE African continent! Tiger farming and the legal ivory trade have shown these practices complicate already challenging law enforcement, and increase market demand for related products, negatively impacting wild populations, which are viewed as ’superior’ and cheaper to plunder. TROPHY misinforms current understanding of conservation and misrepresents controversy as fact; it has no place on a fact-focused news network.
Please take action today and join us in urging CNN not to broadcast TROPHY:
Read the joint letter of opposition: via @animal_defenders_international



#SWIPE through to see what we’ve been up to this year!
Thank you everyone for an incredible 2017 for this organization. This year we worked with Kartik Patel (@wildpixelsbykartik) to bring light to the incredible forgotten lions of Asia living in the Gir Forest along with highlighting Ranthambore National Park as well.
Thank you to everyone who has helped us rescue more than 60 domestic animals this calendar year and find incredible homes for them. Thank you to Wild Life Rehab Services for helping to rehabilitate some of our rescues!
Thank you @noahsarkclub for continuing to teach me so much about operations and conservation and to @jamahedgecoth for all of the incredible advice. ❤️❤️ Also a big thanks to everyone in Columbus County who is helping to make our dream of building a sanctuary in their county a reality. 2018 will be an incredible year for animals and for our organization!
Please also take the time to follow our second account @swrclub which helps us reach out to an even larger audience.
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This is big! Starting Sunday, it will be illegal to buy or sell #ivory in China. #elephant champion @yao is helping spread this great news. Read more at: #elephants #worthmorealivd#jointheherd #saynotoivory #saynotopoaching post via @wildaid


Hey guys! I wanted to share some incredible news with you all today. I shared a newspaper article that Columbus County was kind enough to do on us coming to their county over a month ago and wanted to give you an update.
On December 15th we signed a contract for the roughly 50 acre property in Columbus County. The property includes a large building of about 12,000 square feet along with two smaller structures as well. The property also has a creek and a river that runs through the property. These features will be incredible for all of the big cats we rescue.
We will have A LOT of work to do in 2018 to build this sanctuary and we will need all the help we can get. But for now we would simply like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us in any way. ❤️❤️❤️ I hope all of you have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Photos by @wildpixelsbykartik #ShizzysWildcatRescue #IPromiseWeWillGetThere



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The Asiatic cheetah is down to its last 50 to 100 animals, all in the central deserts of Iran. It's part of a larger wildlife decline across Asia's northern steppe grasslands and enormous mountain ranges. ICYMI recently we announced that an @TheWCS collaboration with Iranian scientists had produced the first-ever field guide on the major diseases impacting Iran's wildlife—a rapidly growing threat to those that remain.
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I hope all of you guys have been doing well! I apologize for the lack of posts on this account lately. Life has just been a bit busier than normal. Everything has been going well with the property in Columbus County. We are working on signing contracts soon for the property. We will be making some changes to our online gift shop with more ways to contribute along with more benefits to donors that they can choose to participate in. We are also planning a fundraiser. I will update you guys soon. In the meantime you can follow our other account @swrclub and also follow us on Facebook as well for more frequent posts! Thanks guys! #ShizzysWildcatRescue photo by @wildpixelsbykartik



Image: Shivang Mehta ( @shivang.mehta )// A pair of fishing cats Prionailurus viverrinus sashays down the #terai #landscape in Uttar Pradesh. Going back in time, we see that all #cats, large and small, #evolved from a common #felid ancestor something like 10.8 million years ago. Around 6.2 million years ago, the smaller cats branched off to give rise to some of the stunning 'lesser ' #cats we still see in #India, two incredible specimens of which grace this image.
#fishingcat #prionailurusviverrinus #uttarpradesh #evolution #smallcats post via @sanctuaryasia


It’s #selfiesunday! Contrary to popular myth, male lions are frequent and successful hunters. In southern Kruger National Park, males make 60 (for territorial males) to 87 percent (non-territorial males) of their own kills. The rest are scavenged, mainly from lionesses. This male was photographed in southern Africa by one of our motion-triggered camera traps that helps us understand the species. See more big cat photos on our Camera CATalogue site at the link in our bio. #lions #catstagram #bigcatsofinstagram #bigcats #lion #wildcats #citizenscience post via @pantheracats


Kartik Patel (@wildpixelsbykartik) is one of our photographers and conservationists who recently visited Ranthambore National Park in India and we are happy to post a small portion of the article from his recent visit along with multiple photos he has shared with us. Here is a small portion of the article, and the link for the rest of it is below! "Recently Kartik Patel has visited Ranthambore National Park in India. Ranthambore is his favorite place and he has witnessed the park be re-glorified. It’s one of the most beautiful National Parks in the country, but it wasn’t always this way.
In 2006, the tiger count was at an all-time low. The park has since done an incredible job pushing forth conservation efforts to help the ecosystem. Ranthambore National Park now currently holds around 75 fully grown adult tigers and many cubs. Kartik Patel and his team believe from a conservational standpoint, the park has no large issues or concerns. Tigers here are well protected and poaching incidents are very rare but there are other large issues ahead." Read more at:

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Hey guys if you've been following us for a while then you'll remember the cat we rescued named Tango. We drove him to Michigan from NC over a year ago to his FURever home. He hasn't been doing well this week. Please keep him in your thoughts. ❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙 Repost @carmodykay
Tango update: Sorry it's so long: it's been a very rough week for Tango. Monday we went to see the Feline Specialist vet to try to determine why Tango wasn't eating. After blood work and an exam there wasn't anything conclusive, but he was given subcutaneous fluids, a long acting antibiotic and pain medication. He was syringe-fed a little rescue food. Monday nite he was doing a little better and we were getting hopeful. Blood work all came back negative. Tuesday back to no eating, so Wednesday back to the vet. Now an x-ray, more fluids and syringe feeding. Thursday fluids and syringe feeding. Now, Today, he's under anesthesia to get a really good look at his throat. Hopefully the problem will be obvious and treatable. I've had many animals get sick over the years. Some have required long term treatment and some have needed to be euthanized to stop the suffering. It's been A long time since I've had an animal like this. He took quite a while to get trusting when he first came to us from @shizzyswildcatrescue . His home before they rescued him was very, very rough. He was so scared, but determined to make friends! I'm so grateful that Shizzy brought him to us. Even this week as soon as he got home from the vet, and we let him out of the carrier, he investigated the house, didn't hide, then was back to his sweet, loving self. Right back in my lap! Even after I helped hold him for the poking and prodding! He's a fantastic cat. I'm a nervous wreck waiting to hear if they found anything that can be helped or treated. Hey can't live like he has been this week long term. But so far, they said no news is good news. And it's been quiet.....
I'll post again when I know.


We will be launching a new portion of our website that shows conservation efforts from around the world. We will be starting with the incredible Ranthambore National Park in India. @kjpatel4587 has been there many times and we will post an article about the time he has spent there along with many photos that you have never seen before from Ranthambore National Park. This will be live on later this week. If you want to read up on big cat facts feel free to visit our website for more information! #shizzyswildcatrescue #kartikpatel #swrclub #ranthambore #tiger #bigcatsofinstagram


Asiatic Lions of Gir Forest National Park

The Gir Forest National park contains some of the most heavily protected regions of wild lion populations on the entire planet. This region is also the only area with lions living in the wild in India.

The effort by the government and the forest administration helps to protect the lions from human-animal conflict in many different ways. Many of the lions prey on cattle because they are plentiful within the forest. One of the ways the government and forest administration help to protect the lions is by compensating the farmers when one of their cattle have been taken by the lion prides. This helps to stop the conflict between farmers and the lions and has even helped the Gir Forest Asiatic Lion population reach an official count of 550 lions!

Read the rest of this article by going to our website by clicking the link in our bio!
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We have some very exciting news to share with you all. We have found a home for our sanctuary in Columbus County, North Carolina on roughly a 50 acre property.
As many of you know we have been trying to acquire a property to build a big cat sanctuary so that we can give a home to big cats and other animals who desperately need refuge.
My time in Columbus County began about 4 months ago when I was introduced to the Head of Economic Development Gary Lanier. We visited several properties and together we decided this property would be the perfect home for our future rescues.
We are so humbled by Columbus County Officials, the Columbus County Jobs Foundation Chairman Rick Edwards, the property owners David Small, Willard Small, and Carl Meares for the warm and friendly welcome to their county. A huge thank you to Erin who came to visit the property with me last week. I also can't thank @jamahedgecoth and @noahsarkclub enough for all of her advice over the past few years. A huge thanks to @bigcatderek as well for his support. Mitch Inman has been incredible to connect with as well.
You can read this newspaper article for more details. You can also swipe right to see some of the property photos as well. We will have much more information in the coming days. Thank you to everyone who has continued to support us over the years, it means the world to us. ❤️❤️ #IPromiseWeWillGetThere #ShizzysWildcatRescue


I had a wonderful conversation with our photographer and conservationist @kjpatel4587 this morning and we will be bringing more content to you about life in Ranthambore National Park for the big cats that live there. This new content will be coming to our website in the coming days! #ranthambore #ranthamborenationalpark #shizzywildcatrescue #kartikpatel #tiger #wildlifeindia #igscwildlife #rajasthan #rangeelorajasthan #incredibleindia #natgeotravel #savethetiger @swrclub


Monsoon Greens by @ramachandirangovindaraj
A Bengal tigers fur is relatively short. This stops large amounts of heat being trapped in the fur and stops the fur from becoming heavily insulated. This adaptation allows the tiger to survive the hot and humid Indian climate. Post via @savethetiger


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Another beaut from #ranthamborenationalpark @kairavengineer captures some beautiful #tigerlove


Absolutely beautiful 😻

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The Kwando Magician
A favourite from Botswana, 2010


Absolutely beautiful photo by @lucas.l8photos
Jaguarundi (Puma yaguarondi) . .

@lucas.l8photos . .


I had a blast last night at @greensborosciencecenter's Gala event! If you guys get a chance to attend next year I would take advantage of it! Check out @greensborosciencecenter and follow an incredible organization!


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“We don’t need a lifetime together to make me fall in love, I stood no chance in front of those captivating eyes, you are a gem and I am a collector, for life.”
Masai Mara, Kenya.
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