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The tailless lioness ... in nature life is hard for everyone ‼️🐾#Repost @londolozi
The lion dynamics are the big talking point at Londolozi at the moment. Yet with all the turmoil in the east between the Ntsevu pride and the Majingilane, Matshipiri and Avoca coalitions, the Tailless female and her cubs have been quietly going about their day-to-day, avoiding trouble.
Will they be embroiled in the evolving conflict?
Here the Tailless female crosses the Sand River at sunset to rejoin the Tsalala pride during less turbulent times.
Photograph by @jamotyrrell
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Does anyone know who this tiger is?
Photo by @krishan52


Hey guys, we have been getting an extraordinary amount of calls to rescue litters of kittens for the past two weeks. We have been taking in as many as we can but we need more people willing to foster in the Greensboro, North Carolina area! It typically only takes us 3 days - 7 days to find an animal a home but with kittens they need to be with a foster until 8 weeks old. If you would like to foster please click the link in our bio and hit the "contact us" tab to send us an email.
Every year when cats go into heat around this time we get calls to rescue. Many of these cats are indoor/outdoor cats who have homes but are not spayed or neutered. If you allow your cat to go outside and they are not neutered/spayed please neuter/spay your pets!


BREAKING: America's largest city votes to ban wild animal circuses! Thank you NYC! Post via @racingextinction


Hey guys! Loki is still looking for his FURever home. If you are willing to open up your heart and home to this beautiful boy please comment below or send us a DM. He is a male and is 1 year old. He loves cat nip, his toys, and he sleeps on the edge of the bed. He is very friendly and needs someone who is willing to give him a good home. We can typically rehome anywhere in the United States so if you're interested please let us know! He is just an indoor cat.


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And again, Happy Father's Day from handsome Scarface 😍


Y de nuevo, Feliz Día del Padre de parte de Scarface el guapo 😍

Photo by Sandra Stüppardt

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Caturday vibes 😍❤️#Repost @wildography_and_safaris


We received a new rescue today. I'm sure your hearts are still hurting from what happened yesterday with the kitten we tried so desperately to save. I know many of you asked about adopting one of our animals as well after seeing our efforts to save that kitten. This cat is available for adoption. If you are interested please comment below or DM us. He is roughly 1 year old and we will be taking him to the vet to be vaccinated and checked out on Monday. He is very energetic and is very much a talker. I will post more about him tomorrow. ❤️❤️❤️


Hey guys, I am very sorry to share such sad news. The kitten did not make it. Here is all the information we have. A friend of ours saw a post about a malnourished kitten and we agreed to try and rescue the animal. The back story for the kitten is that someone found the cat already injured as he was and took him in until we got there. The vet and I believe he was hit by a car based off of the leg fracture, swollen rib cage, and we also believe this led to the abnormal breathing pattern. We signed a critical emergency form when we arrived at the vet. The kitten was given CPR and immediately given oxygen as soon as we got to the vet as our last post shows. When the kitten was given oxygen initially it helped with calming the kitten down and one of the vet-techs was nice enough to take photos of the kitten and in one the kitten finally closed his mouth and stopped gasping which was a wonderful sign. The abnormal breathing started again and the kitten went back into critical condition even while on oxygen. X-Rays confirmed a broken leg and suggested a fractured rib. We really believed we could save this kitten but the combination of the lungs, abnormal breathing, broken leg, and possibly a fractured rib was too much for him to overcome. I buried him around 4 AM. To everyone who donated I wanted to thank you, anyone who donated will receive an email from us.
It truly hurts to lose an animal that we believed we could save, especially one so young but the way everyone rallied to help this cat is phenomenal. I believe our organization has some of the best supporters in the world and we can't thank you guys enough for everything you did in such a short amount of time. I feel blessed to have you guys by my side. We rescue 8-12 animals a month and it's all because of the support we have and that's something I feel very proud of and you should too. There will be more rescues and wonderful stories to share but until then we will do our best to mend our hearts after this loss. Thank you guys


Hey guys you can swipe left to see more. The vet has performed CPR on him and he is on oxygen now. They just ran X-Rays on him as well. He is not in stable condition as of now. His lungs are swollen from the constant gasping for air, he also has a fractured leg as well. He is just a kitten and has had a pretty rough start to life but we will do everything we can to give him the best possible chance of surviving. If you are able to help us please click the link in our bio and scroll down to "make a donation" thank you guys. I will give you guys more updates as soon as I have any. ❤️❤️


Hey guys if you are able to help please help us with this kitten. He has a broken rib, partially blind, and is at the vet now. He is dying but we believe we can save him. If you can help please click the link in our bio. ❤️❤️


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Butt pillows. #Boomer #Slade #brothers


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Via @rhino18181:
This rescued baby fox * rescued from a fur farm had a rough past, but now she has the best life EVER. Rp from @thedodo


We can learn a lot from animals, especially Baloo and Shere Khan ❤️❤️ @noahsarkclub


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My search of knowledge on Big cats, their behavior and habitats took me across the world to central India, in the Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh into the scenic Bandhavgarh National Park.
I learnt a lot on this journey among them being that this is one of the most difficult cats to photograph. The tiger is extremely elusive and dwells in very thick forests, their beautiful stripes camouflage perfectly making them hard to spot. But when they grace you with their presence it's simply spectacular!
This male cub is only 2.5 years old (yes 2.5, they live up to 13 years). This is definitely one of the most beautiful cats I have ever photographed.

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Photography by © (Gregor Thelen). In the warm light of the setting sun this cool leopard is sitting on a trees branch liking his paws.#letsexplore #wildlife  #africa #clouds #leopard #trees #travel #nature


I apologize for the lack of posts guys, it's been a hectic past couple of weeks. I had the opportunity to speak with @kjpatel4587 two nights ago and we have some new content for the website coming soon along with some new items for the online gift shop. I also am speaking with Columbus County this Wednesday again to move forward with hopes to purchase a property within their county. We are also planning the remainder of this years fundraisers as well. I hope all of you guys have been doing well! ❤️❤️ photo by @kjpatel4587


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Our condolences go out to the team and animals of @emoyabigcatsanctuary who are mourning the loss of two lions this week from poachers. It's terrible when even an ethical sanctuary is not safe from poachers these days.
Sending our love, prayers and condolences.
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Two members of our family, rescued lions José and Liso, have been brutally slain by poachers. We have appreciated the outpouring of support from across the world – we are heartbroken. At the end of a decade long campaign, these wonderful lions were rescued from a circus and in 2014 ADI took them into our care in our temporary rescue center in Peru, then from May 2016 they enjoyed a year in the African bush, living as lions should, at facilities we built at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary. We will do everything in our power to bring their murderers to justice. We have two priorities, (a) ensure this does not happen again and (b) catch the evil perpetrators of this crime and ensure they go to prison. This is an ongoing investigation and we are limiting the information we are releasing whilst we get all the facts and assess options. Importantly, however, we must correct misinformation that is circulating and adding extra distress to supporters. Our veterinarian conducted the autopsy and confirmed José and Liso ingested a huge amount of poison and died very quickly – they were not skinned alive as some media has suggested.

For more information, please visit

This murder has shaken the whole ADI family. Jett, from our LA office cared for the lions in Peru at our rescue center and then at Emoya as they transitioned to their new life. Jett was especially fond of Liso and for her birthday, had set up a donate page for ADI for the care of Liso and José – with the devastating news, donations have been changed from "care" to "Justice for Liso", to help us assist the authorities with catching the murderers. You may wish to support this appeal from someone who lost a friend and whose birthday will be one of heartbreak.


Image: Shashank Birla // #Nepal burnt its stockpile of over 4,000 #wildlife parts, demonstrating the nation's commitment towards zero tolerance of #wildlife crime.
The event was led by the Government (Ministry of Forests and Soil #Conservation and its line agencies) with the support of the Nepal Army, WWF, National Trust for Nature Conservation and Zoological Society of London.
#wildlifecrime #ZeroToleranceToWildlifeCrime #nepal #wildlifeconservation
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Hey guys! This little doggy is looking for a #FURever home in the Greensboro, North Carolina area. She is about 3 years old, spayed, and up to date on all shots and vaccinations. We aren't sure what she is mixed with but she is a relatively small dog with possible shepherd in her. When she was first found she looked to have been abused and had cigarette burn marks on her. @rachel_marino4 has been taking care of her for almost a year now. If anyone is interested or would like more photos please DM us or comment below! If you know of someone who is interested please tag them.


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#EEIFunFacts 🦊

Arctic Foxes (Vulpes lagopus) are an omnivorous canid, native to the Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

They have short ears, a short muzzle, and furred paw pads to protect them against the cold. They live in burrows and snow tunnels.

They are only white in the winter months; during the warmer months they shed their thick coat and become a mottled brown colour.

Arctic Foxes are listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Redlist.

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AfricasPhotographerOfTheYear #BestOfTheWeek 7/8: Karin van der Merwe, Hoedspruid, LP, South Africa, Hide 'n seek. Tag your friends and like your favourites! The top 3 pictures will go to our Facebook page. #apoty
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We're really happy to share the news of Vladik's release into the wild!!
The Amur tiger who had made headlines last October for appearing in the port city of Vladivostok, Russia, was successfully rehabilitated. He's the second one this month! Vladik found his home and rightful place in Bikin National Park. Best wishes from all of us 💚
#doubletigers 🐯x🐯

Follow his full journey, link in bio.

Video © Amur Tiger Centre / WWF post via @wwf_tigers


I've seen this video floating around and thought I would share it. I originally saw it on @jane_doe7x's page. Animals aren't that different from us. I hope you guys take the time to watch it. ❤️