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congratulations on your first album @camila_cabello ! you did the fuck out of that 🙏🏻 ♡ thank you for giving us the chance to hear this album. thank you for giving us the chance to hear, & to share, all of these amazing, meaningful, special songs. the whole album is art. thank you for creating this album & pouring so much thought & originality into every single song / lyric. it is so special. thank you for writing / creating music i can truly relate to & love. you poured so much time, dedication, hardwork, love... as well as soul / deep thought into this album & it’s beyond paid off ! ♡ . so excited for the future, more memories, more music & everything that’s to come with it !! i love you & i’m so beyond proud of you. i love this music, this album !! it’s so special to me & so many people. i really felt as if i connected with you / understood how you were feeling writing real friends & something’s gotta give. those lyrics are so meaningful & powerful & i related to them more than anything else. i can’t thank you enough. grateful 🖖🏻 ♡ ( p.s, if you haven’t already, go download camila on iTunes / Spotify + buy the album in stores or online at )


this is two days late but i just wanted to post a lil speech / paragraph thanking MLK who fought against all forms of racism, hate, violence & injustice. forever grateful for all of the people, the activists, in this world like MLK who are fighting for, & will continue to fight for, equality, & who are I unafraid to stand up for love & what’s right. to the people who are working hard to end the occurring issues that our country, our society, & our world is facing. MLK took so many steps toward creating a better future for our world, for achieving equality, & for peace, but there are still so many problems that are occurring in our country / world that need to be changed. we have made so much progress in the past years but there is still so much left to do !! love always 🖖🏻🖖🏼🖖🏽🖖🏾🖖🏿