97% of the time I'm a bluenose pit named Chase, but when I'm being exceptionally weird I go by Carl. (🏠: NYC & NJ) ✉️

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honestly? everyone in this video would rather be inside, on the couch, watching netflix. (fyi chase’s jacket is @landsend, @lilybug_lpb’s is @weatherbeetadog, and those darling matching collars are!)


one thing has become apparent since @lilybug_lpb arrived for her staycation. onesie pajamas are NOT a reliable cure for #restingjudgementalface. who knew? cc: #carlbug @toothandhoney


as an expert in all things cozy-comfy: WHERE has a flannel dog bed been all my winters?!? #idemandanswers. this bed is part of a special holiday collection by @fiandmimimakeadogbed, and 20% of all sales will go directly to @mrbonesandco! the beds come in a variety of plaid flannel patterns and sizes (ours is ‘red white and blue’ size 30x40), are entirely machine washable, and will arrive in time for the holidays if you order this week. link in profile, and be sure to use code HAPPYHOLIDAYS for free shipping until thurs 12/14 at midnight PST. as always, THANK YOU for supporting the brands that support @mrbonesandco ❤️. you guys are the best, truly.



👆🏼 when u find a comfy new position but u unfortunately resemble a crumpled piece of newspaper. #ohwell #crumpleon


it’s true. not even a sedentary potato can resist the snow zoomies.


well well well some introductions are in order: meet LEX’S FOREVER FAMILY!!!! 🎉 elizabeth and chuck have welcomed lexington into their wonderful home in vermont, where lex has quickly settled in. (or more accurately — SNUGGLED in). he’s already experienced his first snow, discovered the warmth of the wood-burning stove, and shown that he is an actual sweater model. we are SO thankful and happy that lex has a lifetime of love ahead of him, and even more excited to follow along at his very own instagram account, @lexvermont! ❤️ #adoptdontshop #adoptlexingtonmbc @mrbonesandco



tried to tell mom that the leg warmers would be overkill and well. you can see how that conversation went. (holiday threads from @target)


so. THIS NOW EXISTS!! $25 each, five colors to choose from, and a portion of proceeds will go to @mrbonesandco. the sale is only open until december 6 to ensure you get your orders by christmas! link in bio. (and for those not yet familiar with this very specific type of boop, there’s a handy tutorial on stories... 👉🏼👅)


SLUMBERING SEAL. DO NOT WAKE. (unless there are cheetos then yes pls definitely wake.)



don’t look at me dude, you’re the one who came home early. #maxinrelaxin #allcool (swipe for vid!)


PUPDATE TIME: this sweet pete started his trial adoption today!!! little lex is home for the holidays and juuuust in time to use his lanky body to steal some turkey scraps off the counter. we’ll share another update once the adoption is finalized! ❤️ #thankfulforrescuepups


sitting here. wondering. can anyone spare a boop or two?



#restingjudgementalface STRIKES AGAIN. (it would be nice if carl would stop teaching the fosters this.)


THANK YOU to all of the human-friends and fur-friends who loved on this derpy hippo at #petcon all weekend ❤️. dog (and cat, and pig) people are the best BEST people, no doubt about it. round two next weekend???


today on, How To Soothe A Fussy Newborn. #thoselegsthough @myollie @mrbonesandco #adoptlexingtonmbc



with just a few minor modifications (such as flipping down all of the cushions while your parents are out), your couch can TOO become a dog bed!!! #lifehack #ourcouchnow #needapuppycam


🔈 saturday soundtrack 🔈 (for those following the #frankthefrog saga, THE RHINO HOUSED A BALL TOO!!! @bark @barkbox)


guys, it happened. i found an even lazier way to bathe. #welcometothefuture #dadyoumissedaspot (#ad with @bissellclean - get yours at!) #petinspired



#pibbleswhonibble, featuring: apples, @lilybug_lpb, and ALL OF THE DROOL. #cleanupcrewneeded #payswell #ifyoulikefacelicks


100% chance of rain means equally probable chance of puppy pile. #notcomplaining (but can someone pls #adoptlexingtonmbc he’s getting a little too comfortable here 😮)


can someone pls explain how this tongue configuration is possible bc it is my tongue and i’m not even sure.


tour de brooklyn, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood #unicarl 🦄


pro tip: don’t get neutered the day before halloween if you don’t want to be dressed up as a PUPPY MARTINI. #🍸 #adoptlexingtonMBC #martinicostumeincluded


those puppies, man. they will walk all over you. LITERALLY. THEY WILL WALK ALL OVER YOU. cc: @mrbonesandco @bark #adoptlexingtonMBC


#dogmom life: messy, loud and at times a bit crazy, but WOULDN'T CHANGE A THING. so excited to share this 'guide to momhood', made in partnership with @v8juice and @popsugar. #ad #doescarlknowhesacting


sweet couch elf, looking for a couch to call his own! we’re going LIVE with lex (and carl) at 5:30 pm est TODAY, so comment or DM us your questions about lex, about fostering, or aaaaanything else. (if we get no questions, @ephonehome gets to make them up and let’s please not let that happen 😑.) #adoptlexingtonMBC


new dog policy: #oneinoneout! @lilybug_lpb’s momma has lex at an adoption event, so we get to hang with this blonde babe all day 🙌🏼


saturdays are for being a potato (obviously), AND getting 20% off all tickets to #petcon — use code CHASE for the next 24 hours to get your discounted tickets! #linkinbio


behind this perfect form is 7 years of practice and also a good amount of sheer laziness. #winningcombo


for every burst of puppy energy, there’s a three-times-as-long puppy snooze-fest 💤. (btw if you’re interested in meeting lex, he’ll be at an adoption event in katonah, ny this saturday! full details on @mrbonesandco.) #adoptlexingtonMBC