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97% of the time I'm a bluenose pit named Chase, but when I'm being exceptionally weird I go by Carl. (🏠: NYC & NJ) βœ‰οΈ [email protected]

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bo is a man in pursuit of the perfect sprawl. #SUCESS #motivation #staypositive #hustle #progressnotperfection


i like to reserve a small sliver of time each morning for reflecting. reflecting on when mom is going to leave for work so i can go back to sleep. #tooearly #pleaseleave


now accepting: only the world's tiniest house-guests! we're pupsitting bo while @mrbonesandco founder @ellifranknyc is out of town, and little guy has already scoped out the best spot in the house. more info on bo & his siblings at πŸ‘‰πŸΌ #adoptchiweenietripletsmbc


table for two and one bottomless water bowl, please!


why yes, please let's prolong bath-time (aka the worst time) by snapping pictures through the door crack. #πŸ™„ #getmeouttahere


and in this very moment my legs were all like "YO MAN WE DO WHAT WE WANT"


carl: never NOT looking for a reason to rock sunglasses. this time, it's to support @mirandalambert's @muttnationfoundation, which is taking countless strides to end pet suffering and homelessness. find out how to join them at, and let's ALWAYS keep talking about dog rescue and adoption! to quote miranda: if there's one thing that "makes the world look a little bit better", it's rescue pups. those with shades and those without 😎 #muttnationfoundation


and just like that, this #carlclone is off to dallas, TX! big big congratulations to @louisieanna who was randomly chosen as the winner of the giveaway. she says her #carlclone will cuddle with her dog max, who can't walk around that well now that he's getting older, but would love a buddy ❀️. and thank all of YOU who entered the giveaway and proved that you are the most compassionate, well-intentioned humans on the internet (and probably the 🌎). we wish we could send each and every one of you a massive, slobbery kiss from carl himself!!


sunbutter & jelly? i'll paw for that. (i will also paw for an actual piece of lint. so, #lowstandards.)


@ellifranknyc: dog rescuer, ginger, french fry tease. #summerfling


guess who started her trial adoption last night? THIS LITTLE LADY. we'll share more details once the adoption is finalized, but we can tell you that cherokee is reeeaaally digging the suburb life so far. (yards! space!) as of now all of the jeep puppies have been adopted except for cherokee's sister liberty, who is a PEACH. check her out in @mrbonesandco's latest post! #adoptjeeppuppiesmbc


cherokee's first (ever!) swim lasted 6 seconds, followed by a one hour nap. learning to do stuff is tiring. #adoptcherokeembc #adoptjeeppuppiesmbc


πŸ‘†πŸΌ when u wanna hang in the backyard all weekend but also ur kind of clumsy and might not know how to swim yet (speaking for cherokee, my vest is a fashion choice)


i'm not even sure what cherokee wants but you should probably just give it to her. #puppydogeyes #workinit (lil mama is still looking for her forever home 🏑. if you're in NY/NJ/CT/PA, apply to adopt at! #adoptcherokeembc #adoptjeeppuppiesmbc)


foster siblings, keeping my ego in check since 2015. #stepstoolcarl


the pull out sofa and I have some reeeeaaaally wild plans while cherokee is out at an adoption event all day. #potatolife #potatoallday #undisturbedpotatoing


alright, one of these guys has gotta go and it's not gonna be me. which one of you beautiful dog people wants to adopt a #carlclone?? TO ENTER: 1️⃣ follow @sometimescarl (that's me, you're prob good) and @cuddleclones. 2️⃣ comment on this photo and tell us something you'll do with your #carlclone. that's it! RULES & STUFF: giveaway closes sunday 5/21 at 5 pm est. winner will be selected at random. one entry per user. winner must be following both accounts. open to US only (sorry international friends!).


#haterswillsayitsphotoshop #πŸ‘…


as you can see i've been teaching cherokee the finer things in life, such as nap-time all-the-time. she's catching on quickly. #adoptcherokeembc #adoptjeeppuppiesmbc


shoutout to the @mrbonesandco girl gang for pulling off ANOTHER incredible #rescuetherunway!!! i clearly had a terrible time and got no attention whatsoever. kissing booth pics to come! @ellifranknyc @lilybug_lpb @rameycakes @rachelaschenbrandrobinson @triciab1023 @heatherwopat


are you coming to #rescuetherunway this weekend? *stares deeper into soul* ok how 'bout now? (at this very moment there are only 34 tickets left, so hop to it! link in profile.)


ok so i'm used to the puppies being complete body barnacles but this one right here sits in. my. lap. #adoptcherokeembc #adoptjeeppuppiesmbc


πŸ‘†πŸΌwhen mom calls u out for playing too rowdy so u just stare at her like WUT. WOMAN.


update 1: I am a triplet! update 2: my new brothers are a little strange! (THANK YOU to @cuddleclones for making our carl-cloning dreams come true πŸ™ŒπŸΌ not sure this apartment can handle three men this handsome, so keep an eye out for a giveaway in the next few weeks.... ) #cuddleclones #carlclone


whoever adopts cherokee please be aware that our bodies have fused together and we are now a package deal. #2for1 #adoptjeeppuppiesmbc #adoptcherokeembc


lick jowls, check. steal bed, check. show no regard for personal space, check. foster training is complete!! #adoptjeeppuppiesmbc #adoptcherokeembc


@bissellclean invited me and allllll the nyc pups to come make a mess in a white, carpeted dog park. we tracked through dirt, mud, and maybe even a little pee (😳), and an army of BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pros CLEANED THE WHOLE THING UP. (mom is still in shock.) now I am home and about to receive 19 baths bc apparently vacuums don't work on dogs. #pethappens #sponsored