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97% of the time I'm a bluenose pit named Chase, but when I'm being exceptionally weird I go by Carl. (🏠: NYC & NJ) βœ‰οΈ

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hangin out, makin out, day ragin, woo'in the ladies, you know. #suave #jkidonothing



thinking some v serious thoughts right now. like how dad better be over there cooking an extra burger. for me. so I may eat it.


delighted to live in a world where people pay (donate) money to let a pibble lick their face. SWIPE for smooches from last year, and come visit me, @lilybug_lpb & tater tot in the pitbull kissing booth at this year's @rescuetherunway event!! link to buy tickets in profile.


so question. are dogs just always planking?!? think about it. anyway, got to meet and hang with an inspiring world record holder @supercrazycozmo this weekend.. thanks for stopping to say HEY and for the pic!! πŸ“·: @immersionphotog


if anyone comes across eggs stuffed with dog treats, a) I am not responsible, and b) you may deposit them right here please and thank you.


πŸ‘†πŸΌ when ur frigid winter bones are finally graced with some pleasant warm air and aaaahhhhh yeeeaaassss


THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR IS UPON US. @mrbonesandco's @rescuetherunway at @bergnbk is coming up on may 13th! i'll be sharing pit bull kissing booth duties with the ever-exquisite @lilybug_lpb & world's wiggliest potato, tater tot. link to purchase tickets is in my profile. see you there???


hmph staring at sleeping humans does not seem to wake them up. must deliver giant, slobbery face-lick in 3.. 2.. 1....


fyi there was a 3rd wheel on this date and his name is dad and he took this picture. #creep


so listen I spoke with the vet and she would like me to return twice per month for all of the attention and all of the treats but none of the shots. it's new protocol or something.


who's carl? these serious vibes are AAALLLL chase. (let it be known that 5 mins later I shook a strand of drool onto the top of my head, so all is right in the world)


my social media manager accidentally posted that last vid with no sound (C'MON MOM) so here's #pibbleswhonibble TAKE TWO, complete with apple crunching!


#pibbleswhonibble: apple edition 🍎


now seeking: matching father-son sunglasses. #πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘


when @paw_culture asked to do a home tour I was like YES RIGHT THIS WAY, come see the place where I sleep for free, slobber on every surface and respect no one's personal space! link in bio for the full video. there may or may not be a #unicarl appearance. also, my parents are weirdly obsessed with me. #partner #pawculture


mom it's the funniest thing! just 5 minutes ago i remembered that cinnamon raisin bread is my favorite food. and now here you are eating cinnamon raisin bread. freaky.


ANNOUNCEMENT: we're gonna be hanging out on live video at 1 pm est today! leave us some questions in the comments, and we'll answer during the vid. if not, it'll be a lot of us just loafing around which is cool too. SEE YA ✌🏼


uh mom if you could pls put your phone away, the blue light is really interrupting our sleep patterns. #thx #wakeusatnoon


sometimes all my feets want to be together and who am I to tell them no? (ps. walter is snoozing on the couch cause there are human bodies for him to burrow against)


it was alllll fun and games until nap-time struck. #πŸ’€ #πŸΆπŸ”΄πŸΆ


πŸ‘†πŸΌ when u reunite with ur bestie and can finally let the weird out. (WALTER is crashing with us for a few days! see his grand entrance on stories)


take a load off, heavy noggin. (swipe for more bc one angle is NOT enough)


be honest, is this too much handsome grey hunk for one photo??? #NOPE. maybach is about 10 months old, adorably unaware of his own potato-body, and looking for his forever home. apply to adopt at (NY/CT/PA/NJ only), and see #adoptmaybachMBC for more on this fella! (also a few vids on our story)


pups tell your parents: WE DEMAND UTENSILS. WE ARE GENTLE CIVILIZED BEINGS. (@lilybug_lpb, I see you over there with those scrambled eggs..) join the movement 🍴 #pibbleswhonibble


lazy #snowdayfeels..... but not so different from my #everydayfeels.


bout to play a little game called LET'S MAKE A DEAL. #gimmiethebedandnoonegetshurt (πŸ“·: @bettythebostonb)


checking in to report that I have squished my potato body into this betty-sized bed and am never moving. more on @bettythebostonb!