97% of the time I'm a bluenose pit named Chase, but when I'm being exceptionally weird I go by Carl. (🏠: NYC & NJ) βœ‰οΈ

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behind this perfect form is 7 years of practice and also a good amount of sheer laziness. #winningcombo


for every burst of puppy energy, there’s a three-times-as-long puppy snooze-fest πŸ’€. (btw if you’re interested in meeting lex, he’ll be at an adoption event in katonah, ny this saturday! full details on @mrbonesandco.) #adoptlexingtonMBC


lex was WAY excited for weekend errands until he found out it's a whole lot of this πŸ‘†πŸΌ. carl, on the other hand, is thrilled to sit around and do nothing. #waitinginalltheplaces #adoptlexingtonMBC


HELLO this face would very much like to lick your face!!! come meet me and tons of other insta-pets at the first EVER #petcon on nov 18-19 (in nyc). i will be there accepting all the boops and head rubbins. link in bio for event details and tickets!


first lesson of puppy-hood learned: a raging poop party in the crate leads to one thing and one thing only.... BATH TIME. #thisistheafter #adoptlexingtonMBC


new (temporary) roommate alert, meet LEXINGTON! after arriving last night he quickly informed us that he shares carl's fondness for rubbins AND the camera. (watch for that #bluesteel!) plus, the pittie smile gene is STRONG with this one. to read lex's story or to apply to adopt, see @mrbonesandco's latest post. #adoptlexingtonMBC #adoptdontshop #rescueisthenewblack


why ever start your day with coffee when you can start it with morning snuggs from dad? πŸ€” #easychoice #everysingleday


feeling real bummed that i had to move so you can vacuum but also real pleased that i don't have to vacuum. #winsomelosesome


may you never look back and think, "man. i could have licked more faces." #noregrets #makeitcount


πŸ‘†πŸΌ when the rubbins are so good that you just. cannot. #goinggoinggone


#restingboredface bc a full three minutes have passed and no one has given me attention and this is BS i want a refund.


THANK GOODNESS YOU'RE HOME i have so much new weird to show you. #looklook #ivebeenpracticingallday


fyi when you rescue a pit bull you are prob also rescuing a slumbering seal who must sleep as close as physically possible to a human body. #consideryourselfwarned


these are the faces of two pibbles who did not know that sleepover means mandatory matching onesie pajamas. (πŸ“· by @lilybug_lpb's mama, pjs by @toothandhoney)


rents are away, so bunking with my one and only @lilybug_lpb this weekend! she won't be home until tomorrow, so i've already taken over her bed, eyed up her toy basket, and made out with her mom. follow @lilybug_lpb's stories for more of my exemplary houseguest manners! #hideyotoys #hideyomom


πŸ‘†πŸΌ eating with a dog. (a dog who eventually gets treats bc mom and dad are pushovers and also bc I AM AN EXCELLENT AND PATIENT BEGGER.)


πŸ‘†πŸΌ when ppl ask about my plans for the long weekend


pupdate tiiiiiiime! not sure we had shared this, but fletcher was originally an owner surrender. meaning someone was #BLESSED (seriously) with a REAL LIFE DOBBIE THE ELF and they GAVE HIM UP. truly unbelievable. well guess what? fletcher will never ever ever have to worry about where his next cuddle or kiss or squeeze is going to come from, because he is HOME, for good, forever, with nadine, evan, and his cat-sibling, george on the UES of manhattan. between snug-sessions with his parents and games of tag with george (george always wins πŸ˜‚), fletcher is getting all of the love and attention he was always meant to have. happy life, sweet sir!!! ❀️ #adoptdontshop #adoptfletcherMBC #swipeformore


i really want to keep #frankthefrog as a friend, but i REALLY want that giant spiky ball that’s hidden inside his head... #ad @Bark’s Best Toys Ever (frank included!) are now available in @target and on #linkinbio #BARKxTarget


cool, but when are you gonna bring home some plants that grow hot dogs? #notimpressed


best place to hide from a thunderstorm? near the front door, in plain sight, where you can still see the lightening and hear the thunder. πŸ˜‘ #iamstillscared #whyisthisnotworking


no clue what mom means when she calls us 'two strange peas in a pod' πŸ€” #morninghangs #fathersonbonding #swipeformore


if there ever was any doubt that i could read, look at the PURE JOY caused by this discovery! #butwhereisthecarlcone


i know it's prob pretty obvious but just in case: this is what it looks like when I would very much like some morning head scratches.


πŸ‘†πŸΌ when ur a foster pup but also a master of transportation. #fletchergetsaround #adoptfletchermbc


waiting at the bar for someone to buy me a drink except the bar is the @bark treat dispenser and the drink is tiny pizzas. #anytakers?


monday pick-me-up: here is fletcher learning that he can, in fact, go up and down stairs. #conqueryourfears #dontletnoonebringyoudown #especiallystairs #adoptfletchermbc


if you aspire to be a carl, let it be a beach carl. #happiestmanalive


EARS: #whoworeitbetter? (also we're not sure if this is allowed but new VERY unofficial and unenforced adoption requirement is that fletcher must be renamed 'dobby'. #willsettleformiddlename #adoptfletchermbc #swipeforflobby)


but why does fletcher hold the sunbutter jar like it's a long lost lover.