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97% of the time I'm a bluenose pit named Chase, but when I'm being exceptionally weird I go by Carl. (🏠: NYC & NJ) βœ‰οΈ

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foster siblings, keeping my ego in check since 2015. #stepstoolcarl


the pull out sofa and I have some reeeeaaaally wild plans while cherokee is out at an adoption event all day. #potatolife #potatoallday #undisturbedpotatoing


alright, one of these guys has gotta go and it's not gonna be me. which one of you beautiful dog people wants to adopt a #carlclone?? TO ENTER: 1️⃣ follow @sometimescarl (that's me, you're prob good) and @cuddleclones. 2️⃣ comment on this photo and tell us something you'll do with your #carlclone. that's it! RULES & STUFF: giveaway closes sunday 5/21 at 5 pm est. winner will be selected at random. one entry per user. winner must be following both accounts. open to US only (sorry international friends!).


#haterswillsayitsphotoshop #πŸ‘…



as you can see i've been teaching cherokee the finer things in life, such as nap-time all-the-time. she's catching on quickly. #adoptcherokeembc #adoptjeeppuppiesmbc


shoutout to the @mrbonesandco girl gang for pulling off ANOTHER incredible #rescuetherunway!!! i clearly had a terrible time and got no attention whatsoever. kissing booth pics to come! @ellifranknyc @lilybug_lpb @rameycakes @rachelaschenbrandrobinson @triciab1023 @heatherwopat


are you coming to #rescuetherunway this weekend? *stares deeper into soul* ok how 'bout now? (at this very moment there are only 34 tickets left, so hop to it! link in profile.)


ok so i'm used to the puppies being complete body barnacles but this one right here sits in. my. lap. #adoptcherokeembc #adoptjeeppuppiesmbc



πŸ‘†πŸΌwhen mom calls u out for playing too rowdy so u just stare at her like WUT. WOMAN.


update 1: I am a triplet! update 2: my new brothers are a little strange! (THANK YOU to @cuddleclones for making our carl-cloning dreams come true πŸ™ŒπŸΌ not sure this apartment can handle three men this handsome, so keep an eye out for a giveaway in the next few weeks.... ) #cuddleclones #carlclone


whoever adopts cherokee please be aware that our bodies have fused together and we are now a package deal. #2for1 #adoptjeeppuppiesmbc #adoptcherokeembc


lick jowls, check. steal bed, check. show no regard for personal space, check. foster training is complete!! #adoptjeeppuppiesmbc #adoptcherokeembc



@bissellclean invited me and allllll the nyc pups to come make a mess in a white, carpeted dog park. we tracked through dirt, mud, and maybe even a little pee (😳), and an army of BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pros CLEANED THE WHOLE THING UP. (mom is still in shock.) now I am home and about to receive 19 baths bc apparently vacuums don't work on dogs. #pethappens #sponsored


well well well look what the stork (aka @mrbonesandco) dropped off! meet our newest foster and complete heartbreaker CHEROKEE ❀. we'll be on instagram live with her at 9:30 PM EST tonight, and it maaaaaay be bathtime for this little squish πŸ›. you can read more about her and her four siblings on #AdoptJeepPuppiesMBC!


NYC PALS: i'll be in the washington square park dog run TOMORROW from 3:30 to 4:30 PM for an event with @bissellclean! come say hey, hang out and bring your pups. if you meet me please scratch my noggin and we will be instant friends. see you there! #pethappens #sponsored


#pibbleswhonibble: cauliflower rice edition. not only does this make me #basic, but it's going to give me incredible gas! greeeeaat choice mom. (ps, sry our dishwasher sounds like an actual freight train 😦)



*ANNOUNCEMENT: Rescue the Runway Ticket Giveaway!*
Want to spend an afternoon being kissed 😘 by me & @lilybug_lpb? We're giving away two ✌🏼 general admission tickets to #rescuetherunway on May 13th PLUS an all-day kiss pass for our Pit Bull Kissing booth starring Chase, LilyBug AND Tater Tot! Entering to win is easy:

1. Like this photo.
2. Follow @mrbonesandco @sometimescarl @lilybug_lpb.
3. Tag a friend in the comments who you'd bring if you win the tickets.
That's it! We'll pick a winner at random on May 1st at 5pm EST. *Note* This event takes place at @bergnbk in Brooklyn, NY. Winner is responsible for their own transportation to and from. For more details about RTR, visit the link in our profile. .
#rescueisthenewblack #rescuetherunway #pitbull #kissingbooth


hangin out, makin out, day ragin, woo'in the ladies, you know. #suave #jkidonothing


thinking some v serious thoughts right now. like how dad better be over there cooking an extra burger. for me. so I may eat it.


delighted to live in a world where people pay (donate) money to let a pibble lick their face. SWIPE for smooches from last year, and come visit me, @lilybug_lpb & tater tot in the pitbull kissing booth at this year's @rescuetherunway event!! link to buy tickets in profile.



so question. are dogs just always planking?!? think about it. anyway, got to meet and hang with an inspiring world record holder @supercrazycozmo this weekend.. thanks for stopping to say HEY and for the pic!! πŸ“·: @immersionphotog


if anyone comes across eggs stuffed with dog treats, a) I am not responsible, and b) you may deposit them right here please and thank you.


πŸ‘†πŸΌ when ur frigid winter bones are finally graced with some pleasant warm air and aaaahhhhh yeeeaaassss


THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR IS UPON US. @mrbonesandco's @rescuetherunway at @bergnbk is coming up on may 13th! i'll be sharing pit bull kissing booth duties with the ever-exquisite @lilybug_lpb & world's wiggliest potato, tater tot. link to purchase tickets is in my profile. see you there???



hmph staring at sleeping humans does not seem to wake them up. must deliver giant, slobbery face-lick in 3.. 2.. 1....


fyi there was a 3rd wheel on this date and his name is dad and he took this picture. #creep


so listen I spoke with the vet and she would like me to return twice per month for all of the attention and all of the treats but none of the shots. it's new protocol or something.