97% of the time I'm a bluenose pit named Chase, but when I'm being exceptionally weird I go by Carl. (🏠: NYC & NJ) βœ‰οΈ [email protected]

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i know it's prob pretty obvious but just in case: this is what it looks like when I would very much like some morning head scratches.


πŸ‘†πŸΌ when ur a foster pup but also a master of transportation. #fletchergetsaround #adoptfletchermbc


waiting at the bar for someone to buy me a drink except the bar is the @bark treat dispenser and the drink is tiny pizzas. #anytakers?


monday pick-me-up: here is fletcher learning that he can, in fact, go up and down stairs. #conqueryourfears #dontletnoonebringyoudown #especiallystairs #adoptfletchermbc


if you aspire to be a carl, let it be a beach carl. #happiestmanalive


EARS: #whoworeitbetter? (also we're not sure if this is allowed but new VERY unofficial and unenforced adoption requirement is that fletcher must be renamed 'dobby'. #willsettleformiddlename #adoptfletchermbc #swipeforflobby)


but why does fletcher hold the sunbutter jar like it's a long lost lover.


as you can tell i was feeling extremely shy and self-conscious at the @myollie #nationalmuttday party tonight.


in today's insta-series, An Elf Learns to Cuddle. #thoseearsthough #adoptfletchermbc


oh YAH KNOW out here soliciting pets from strangers and trying to get one of us adopted. #takethelittleguy #hesnotalwaysthatserious


when someone pup-sits your foster for the weekend: πŸ‘πŸΌ. when that someone is @sophiegamand and she sends the little guy back with a full suite of absurdly adorable glamour-shots: πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ. head to sophie's account for the full gallery and to show fletcher some love! #adoptfletchermbc


#theflash's superpower: super speed. my superpower: making this ENORMOUS comic-con bag from @warnerbrostv look tiny. #bigbodycarl #supercarl #WBSDCC #sponsored


welcome to the #restingjudgementalface club it's nice to judge you.


i noticed that you washed the couch cushions yesterday. don't worry, i slept like this alllll night to return my delicious scent to them. #yourewelcome #helpful


well, this only-child sitch didn't last long now did it.. meet our newest foster, FLETCHER! this handsome guy is believed to be a magical cocktail of 1 part dachshund, 1 part pittie, and 1 part dobby the elf. we've loved seeing him come out of his shell since he got here on monday, and cannot get enough of his cuddles or those EARS. if you're in NY/NJ/CT/PA, visit the @mrbonesandco link in our profile to submit an application! #adoptfletcherMBC


remember this lil stunner? as you may have guessed, cherokee's adoption was (very quickly) finalized and she is now loving life as DAISY 🌼. daisy is a proud jersey gal and a complete social butterfly. she hangs out at the dog park and at her (human) brother's baseball games, LOVES riding in the car, and most importantly -- has become an absolute best friend to her fur-sister maggie. before daisy arrived, maggie was visibly heartbroken by the loss of the family's 11-year old bulldog, peanut πŸ’”. daisy and maggie bonded INSTANTLY, and are now inseparable. (swipe for proof!) safe to say these two were meant to be together, and daisy has found the most perfect home for her. daisy's adopters are long-time family friends, so expect to see future updates on this love-bug! #adoptdontshop #adoptcherokeembc @mrbonesandco


bo. my dude. this is only ok because your paw is the size of an actual thimble. perhaps smaller. #fbf #adoptchiweenietripletsmbc


brb only traveling by boat from now on. ZERO EXCEPTIONS.


it's the freakin weekend baby let's SHOW OFF THESE #NUBBINSFORTEETH. (scroll for extra nubbins footage)


πŸ‘†πŸΌ when ur assigned 'chore' is cleaning out the (almost) empty sunbutter jar before recycling. #someonesgottadoit #giveusourallowance


bo is a man in pursuit of the perfect sprawl. #SUCESS #motivation #staypositive #hustle #progressnotperfection


i like to reserve a small sliver of time each morning for reflecting. reflecting on when mom is going to leave for work so i can go back to sleep. #tooearly #pleaseleave


now accepting: only the world's tiniest house-guests! we're pupsitting bo while @mrbonesandco founder @ellifranknyc is out of town, and little guy has already scoped out the best spot in the house. more info on bo & his siblings at πŸ‘‰πŸΌ #adoptchiweenietripletsmbc


table for two and one bottomless water bowl, please!


why yes, please let's prolong bath-time (aka the worst time) by snapping pictures through the door crack. #πŸ™„ #getmeouttahere


and in this very moment my legs were all like "YO MAN WE DO WHAT WE WANT"


carl: never NOT looking for a reason to rock sunglasses. this time, it's to support @mirandalambert's @muttnationfoundation, which is taking countless strides to end pet suffering and homelessness. find out how to join them at, and let's ALWAYS keep talking about dog rescue and adoption! to quote miranda: if there's one thing that "makes the world look a little bit better", it's rescue pups. those with shades and those without 😎 #muttnationfoundation


and just like that, this #carlclone is off to dallas, TX! big big congratulations to @louisieanna who was randomly chosen as the winner of the giveaway. she says her #carlclone will cuddle with her dog max, who can't walk around that well now that he's getting older, but would love a buddy ❀️. and thank all of YOU who entered the giveaway and proved that you are the most compassionate, well-intentioned humans on the internet (and probably the 🌎). we wish we could send each and every one of you a massive, slobbery kiss from carl himself!!


sunbutter & jelly? i'll paw for that. (i will also paw for an actual piece of lint. so, #lowstandards.)


@ellifranknyc: dog rescuer, ginger, french fry tease. #summerfling