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Look who came for a visit. Catdad gives the best belly rubs in the neighborhood.


I wanted to post a sincere thank you to everyone in this amazing community who has reached out, donated, sent cards & gifts, and continue to check on us daily. You are all amazing and we are beyond touched at your kindness. I've been on the donating side before but it's totally different when you're on the receiving end. It's truly overwhelming at the outpouring of love you feel. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU, and thank you for loving Sophie as much as you all did. I'm overwhelmed at the beautiful thoughtful gifts that you all have been sending. They are truly beautiful tributes of her. Thank you to 'The Shutterfly Group' (who are all tagged below), a group of more than 100 of you, who got together for the beautiful commissioned portrait, Shutterfly book, garden plaque, wind chime, and the very generous donation of $1000 that was company matched making it a $2000 donation in her name to @arlboston. A special thank you to Stacy @mrfuzztonksandlupin who organized that amazing group which I know was no easy task. (The group gifts are the first 5 pics above) Thank you for the other beautiful commissioned portraits, memorial key chains & frame, and flowers and plants. Please swipe right to see some of the beautiful tributes with tags of who sent them and the artists who created them. Thank you all so much! There really are no words for the kindness you have all shown us. After a little break I will be back on here posting again and look forward to seeing all your babies daily again.


There are no words for the sadness it brings me to let all of you know my little angel gained her wings tonight. Everything I did included her and I'm crushed she's off on a new adventure without me. I cannot begin to thank each and every one of you for the kindness, generosity, and support you've all shown us. What an amazing community this is. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trying to help save my baby and to the amazing team at MSPCA Angell that did everything they could providing the best round the clock care. She was weened off the ventilator this afternoon for 1 1/2 but had to go back on after elevated breathing. The plan was to give her more time to heal but later tonight she slipped away. I wish this wasn't real. I don't want to tell the world she's gone....heartbroken.


Wednesday Update: Sorry for the wait guys. I had to see the doctors and hear about test results. Today we saw some improvement! Her X-rays showed significant improvement since Sunday. Her right lung is looking pretty good, her left is still 50-60% pneumonia but improved. Her blood work is better today and her breathing has been pretty stable. If tonight continues to go well they may try and ween her off the ventilator tomorrow very slowly to see if she's ready. Just that option being on the table makes me hopeful yet terrified at the same time. All in all it was a very positive day, although she is in noway out of the woods yet. Thank you all so much for your continued donations and support. We couldn't do this without all of you and the generosity you've shown us. Even best case scenario she will remain there for several more days. The amazing team at MSPCA Angell continues to give my baby the best round the clock care I could ask for. Thank you! Please continue to pray that she heads in the right direction and remains strong enough for what's ahead. πŸ’—πŸ™πŸ»


Tuesday Update: Sophie remains stable and on the ventilator. Yesterday after having X-rays her oxygen level was bumped up again to 80% to give her body a break from the added stress of being moved. Today she's been reduced to 40% oxygen and continues to initiate breaths on her own with its help. The goal is a 20-30% oxygen level and holding her own for a period of time to be considered stable enough to be taken off the ventilator and moved into an oxygen chamber where she would come off of sedation and be alert. Some of her levels are off such as red and white blood cell counts and protein levels so small things are being tweaked to continue her in a positive direction. The plan right now is to just hope she continues to stabilize and that the next set of X-rays tomorrow don't show anything worsening. Please continue to pray for her. There are still many unknowns and things to overcome. Thank you to everyone who continues to donate making her care possible. These bills are astronomical and climbing. I couldn't do it without your kindness and support. I'll get a new estimate with the next plan of action for her care tomorrow night. Once I have that I'll post it in the fundraiser with unfortunately a new goal I'll have to try and meet. Thank you SO very much πŸ’— Link in bio with continued updates.


Monday Update: I just visited Sophie and met with her doctors again. Right now she is stable on the ventilator. Her X-rays are much worse than the previous ones but the first batch was before pneumonia really set in so it's expected. She will remain as of now on the ventilator giving her body time to heal. Her antibiotics are being switched this afternoon to see if she responds better and hopefully bring her red blood count up. A culture from fluid in her lungs will also be tested and in a few days after it grows bacteria antibiotic adjustments may again be made. She's in critical care and a doctor sits right with her 24/7 constantly adjusting things as needed. She's getting the best care available so we have to remain hopeful her body will continue healing and fighting. I'll be meeting her doctor again in a few hours in case anything has changed and will let you know. All of your generous donations continue to make this all possible since the bills are extremely expensive (additional $5-7k every 4 days) I wanted to be as detailed as I could and thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I haven't gotten any sleep and am extremely behind on messages so please forgive the delays but know nothing will go unnoticed. Thank you all for continuing to help try and save my baby. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’— Please continue to pray.


Sunday Night Update: I just came from the hospital and unfortunately her breathing has deteriorated enough to where the doctors felt she was in jeopardy. She has been moved onto a ventilator and is being closely monitored in their critical care unit. Praying she gives it her all fighting this. She's in very good care and we're doing everything we can. I have raised the initial fundraising goal because we are now into an additional $5-7,000 in medical bills. The ventilator alone is $750/day. I cannot thank you all enough for all the support, donations, shares, and prayers that have been coming in. I honestly couldn't do it without all of your help. I will get to reading all your well wishes but right now I'm completely overwhelmed and broken. Please pray. β˜ΉοΈπŸ™πŸ» link in bio


Update: As many of you know the surgery went well yesterday but she vomited during intubation. Unfortunately last night she came down with aspiration pneumonia (fluid in the lungs). Her breathing became elevated and still is and she spiked a fever at 4am. She has been moved into an oxygen chamber and is being treated with aggressive antibiotics. She's currently being monitored in their critical care area but not responding as well as they had hoped to the antibiotics. Please continue to say a prayer for my girl. If she doesn't turn around in the next 24 hrs it will be considered life threatening. I'm uncomfortable asking for any help even though I know many of you have been here before me but I have started a youcaring page for donations for her. We're already in the $5k range of medical bills before these complications even arose. Any prayers or donations are greatly appreciated. Link in bio.


Update: Surgery went well. The foreign object ended up being the biggest fur ball the surgeon had ever seen. They were able to work it out without any additional cutting of the intestine which is good news. She did vomit during intubation so they are closely monitoring her tonight to be sure no breathing complications arise. Paws crossed the worst is behind us and she can start eating on her own tomorrow. If all goes well she may get to come home tomorrow night but we have to wait and see. Thank you all for your continued well wishes and prayers! I appreciate each and every message all of you took the time to send and post. I'll have another update tomorrow after I speak with the hospital. πŸ’— Missing this little face.


Update: After an 8pm and 6am vet visit, tests, X-rays, and an ultra sound, Sophie will be going into emergency surgery for a foreign object seen in her small intestine. Pray my little princess does great and can come home soon. Thanks to everyone for all the messages and well wishes. You guys are awesome. I'll post an update after I hear from the surgeon in a few hours.


I'm not feeling well today. I've been throwing up all day. Waiting to see the vet. ☹️


I'm gonna need you to come skip these YouTube ads for me. #backtoregularscheduledbirding


I'm berry serious, I wanna pet bird. πŸ“
Thank you for making this adorable hat for me! I love it!


Fluffy pants patrol on duty


When you're about to go to bed really early and pause to think should I stay up...naa


Since we have quite a few new followers this week I thought I'd do a Sophie & Scottie Sunday FunFacts edition since I get asked some of these questions quite a bit:
1. Sophie & Scottie are both 6 yrs old
2. Both were pulled from a hoarding situation
3. Both were adopted from the shelter at age 3 a few weeks apart and became neighbors
4. Sophie was adopted from Animal Rescue League of Boston on January 12th 2014 and Scottie from Angel Memorial on Christmas Eve 2013
4. Sophie's original name was "Blossom", Scotties original name was "Bigfoot" (yes, he's polydactyl!)
5. Sophie & Scottie are both very affectionate cats and follow their humans room to room for pats and attention
6. They have been hanging out a little over 2 yrs, shortly after we started bringing Sophie outside he came over. (Our backyards meet)
7. Scottie is always down to play and get pats when Sophie is all business outside. She is in hunt mode and doesn't want any distractions until the minute she steps foot back inside, then she's mamas shadow again.
8. Yes I do know his owners (who are very nice!)
9. Yes they do know he's kind of a big deal with you guys, but they don't really know what Instagram is.
10. ? Umm ask me...


When the security detail isn't appreciated.


Hunting wabbit. Engage turbo speed.


When you're in a big hurry to do nothing and you got a lot to say about it.


We're going to sleep now. Hit the lights.


What two tier security really looks like.


The tissue paper checks out. Let's check the box quality again.


Mamas πŸ˜‡


Chillin with Scottie before it pours.


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Some people are just so kind. Thank you so much @nolababies for surprising me today with this awesome crock blanket. Me n' Crockie snuggled right in.