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Minneapolis babes! You're invited... ✨Every Friday in March, the beautiful healing space at Tall Reeds Healing Arts in Uptown is hosting this special workshop series for creative people on a mission to raise their vibes & make the most of their lives.⠀

In Manifestation & Art, @brianxbradley will be helping us expand our creative flow on every level. It will be a transformational journey that weaves light + sound installations, vibrational medicine, group coaching, and more featuring Brian's amazing audiovisual magnificence {see 2nd & 3rd pictures for a sneak preview}!⠀

I will also have my own feature on 3/30 where we'll be talking about using astrology to find creative abundance in art, health, wealth, and modern life. 🔮🙌🏼💫

Classes are every Friday in March from 6:30-9:00 pm. You can drop in for one class for $15 or sign up for them all for $50 at https://tallreedshealingarts.com/manifestation-art 🌟 {link in profile}.⠀

Feel free to bring your BFFs & I hope to see you there! xo⠀


HOW TO SHINE LIKE THE SUN ☀️ Astrology can definitely be wildly complicated, but I have to say that the most important point on your whole chart is, in fact, your Sun. Of course, having the rest of your chart done can be incredibly illuminating too - but your Sun is your soul essence, your passion, and your creative drive!⠀

Here's how your zodiac sign can shine like the sun... ✨

♈️ ARIES - Spark new ideas⠀

♉️ TAURUS - Cultivate rich experiences⠀

♊️ GEMINI - Make a statement⠀

♋️ CANCER - Nurture, protect & inspire others' creativity⠀

♌️ LEO - Be a positive role model⠀

♍️ VIRGO - Make everyday life more enjoyable or efficient⠀

♎️ LIBRA - Bring about beauty, balance & harmony⠀

♏️ SCORPIO - Move energy to provide a transformation⠀

♐️ SAGITTARIUS - Experience life & share your guidance⠀

♑️ CAPRICORN - Create a sense of inner/outer security⠀

♒️ AQUARIUS - Spread futuristic ideas⠀

♓️ PISCES - Heal, inspire, or uplift others emotionally⠀

{You can also read this for your Rising Sign if you want to know what your soul's work is... but in this case, your Sun is most important!}⠀


🌒Current Moon: Waxing Crescent in ♉️Taurus // We're starting to gain a bit more light in the night sky as the moon moves slowly and steadily through Taurus. This sign's message? Take your time.⠀

Over the next few days, we have great energy for laying a super solid foundation for your next goal to come forth while making sure you are building something that is going to be able to withstand the test of time.⠀

If there is something you really want, try to figure out the absolute best way to go about it and be sure to fully consider what it’s really going to take (and how much it might cost you in the end - in time, money, or other precious resources). ✨



WEEKLY VIBES ✧ We're leading up to a First Quarter Moon in Gemini on Friday which means this week is all about planning, plotting, and researching your next big goal! ⠀

Hopefully, you took some time to set some intentions during our last New Moon, but try not to rush ahead too quickly without thinking everything through as well as you possibly can.⠀

Now that we are in ♓️Pisces Season, we need to remember that Pisces is a sign that loves to take its time to linger in all of the magical possibilities. ✨

You might try to make a plan to do one thing, only to get distracted by a daydream and come up with something even better. Allow yourself this time & space to explore and take a swim through your subconscious.⠀

Take it from me, your favorite double Pisces. ;) ⠀

The time to commit will come on Friday!⠀

Image: @workspacery


PISCES SEASON ✧ Aquarius Season has officially come to an end, and for the next 4 weeks, the Sun will be swimming through the dreamy waters of the sign of the fish! 🐠

Pisces will be teaching us how to flow with the changes that have been presented during eclipse season while also staying true to our emotions and listening closely to the voice of your intuition. 🔮

We now have a total of 5 planets in Pisces, so it's an absolutely wondrous time to envision your ideal reality and delve even more deeply with the people, clients, or customers who surround you!⠀

How can you help serve, heal, inspire or uplift others through the work you're doing?⠀

Don't be afraid to go beyond the surface and talk about the things that truly matter to you and others deep down. Tis the season to connect on a more meaningful level! ✨


🌑 SOLAR ECLIPSE VIBES ✧ How was your New Moon? As a reminder, here is the area of life that is just beginning to get revved up to a whole new level based on your zodiac sign (and rising sign)... 🌸

♈️ ARIES - Friendship & Community Outreach⠀

♉️ TAURUS - Career & Higher Calling⠀

♊️ GEMINI - Learning & Exploration⠀

♋️ CANCER - Business & Finance⠀

♌️ LEO - Partnerships & 1-on-1 Work⠀

♍️ VIRGO - Daily Work & Wellness⠀

♎️ LIBRA - Creative Projects⠀

♏️ SCORPIO - Home, Family & Long-term Security⠀

♐️ SAGITTARIUS - Social Networking⠀

♑️ CAPRICORN - Love, Money & Values⠀

♒️ AQUARIUS - Leadership & Personal Branding⠀

♓️ PISCES - Spiritual Pursuits⠀

>> You can read more about how to work with this energy in this month's Career Scopes on the blog! 💫 {link in profile} ⠀



🌑 NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in ♒️ Aquarius // Exact on February 15th @ 12:50 pm PT / 3:50 pm ET / 8:50 pm UK // 7:50 am AEDT {on the 16th} 🌟

One of the most powerful New Moons of the year occurs today and it is also our headlining event of the whole month! As a partial solar eclipse, it is supercharged for triggering new events – and for some, quite major shifts – to occur which can completely change your life depending on where it falls in your personal astrology chart (and how ready and willing you are to let go of the past!).⠀

Most importantly, this is a day to plant seeds for the future experiences you want to have in your life, career, and with your community over the next 6 months and to think about how you would like to better yourself.⠀

Since this New Moon is falling in the community-oriented sign of ♒️ Aquarius, however, this is not simply about setting intentions around how great we want our lives & careers to be, but also to consider how we can use our natural skills, talents, and passions to help others! 👥

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself on this New Moon: 💫

✧ "What is something special or different about me that I could use to help others who need the information or expertise I have to share?"⠀
✧ "Which issues, causes, or problems am I most passionate about solving in the world around me?"⠀
✧ "What are my ideal clients or customers needing that they don't seem to be getting enough of and how I could I be the one to help them?"⠀
✧ "How can I do things a little bit differently than I have in the past in my career or business in order to stand out from the crowd and become known for doing things in my own special way?"⠀

>> You can learn more about how to set powerful intentions for the New Moon on the blog @ http://www.soulshineastrology.com/new-moon-rituals/ ✨ {link in profile}⠀


SELF-LOVE GIVEAWAY 🌸 In honor of Valentine's Day & the New Moon Solar Eclipse, a time that is perfect for spreading the love, I'm so excited to be teaming up with the lovely Jess of @lightandlotus to give away a beautiful little bundle of 2 of our favorite goodies...⠀

☾ SORRY, this giveaway has ended! ☽⠀The winner is @loserenaa! 🌟 Congratulations, and thank you so much to everyone who entered! Loved reading all your comments. 💕

THE PRIZE: The print edition of the 2018 Moon Journal + a 'Balance' essential oil from dōTERRA compliments of @lightandlotus!✨


Have you checked out my 2018 Yearly Forecast e-book yet? It's filled with 50 pages of information on what each zodiac sign can expect to come their way this year in the realms of love, money, health, spirituality & learning. 🔮

{ + PLUS: }⠀
✧ A calendar of every major moon phase including the signs & exact times they will occur⠀
✧ A guide to every planetary retrograde (including Mercury Retrograde) and how to navigate them in your life & career⠀
✧ An overview of every major planetary transit and how they will be affecting us all on both a collective level and on a personal level⠀
✧ Which time of year is best for making major moves in your career, love life, etc.⠀

I have gotten such wonderful feedback on this and SO many people have been telling me how much it resonated with them!⠀

>> Get yours @ www.spiritguidesmagazine.com/shop ✨ {or link in profile}⠀



What's your soul purpose? ✨ I promise you that, deep down, there is a part of you that already knows exactly what it is. In my astrology readings, I am simply reminding you of what your intuition has been telling you all along and giving you permission to listen to the voice inside that has always known. There are always SO many clues along the way!⠀

For example:⠀

✧ When I was 8 years old, my mom was giving me tarot readings and showing me about the iChing & spirituality.⠀
✧ When I was a teenager in high school I always used to tell my BFF's what their horoscope for the day was.⠀
✧ In high school, my favorite classes were graphic design & astronomy (and art of any kind, really).⠀
✧ In art school, instead of cramming for mid-terms, I was typing up a catalogue of tarot meanings and at one point I spent my last $30 on a classic Rider-Waite tarot deck.⠀
✧ When I was 24, I was reading about astrology & angels when I was supposed to be running my busy graphic design studio. Over time, all of my clients magically became spiritual entrepreneurs (without any specific marketing on my part!) and it seemed like everything I was designing for people had to do with the moon.⠀
✧ When I was 26, I made a list of my 5 favorite business people that I admired to help give me direction on what I wanted to do next with my life and 3 of them were astrologers.⠀
✧ Later that year, I started studying astrology seriously and became so completely obsessed and excited about it that I finally said out loud to myself, "What if I just became an astrologer?"... only to find out that Jupiter was crossing over my Career Line that very week, something that only happens once every 12 years as you step into your calling!⠀

(How funny is it that my real purpose was always right under my nose all along?)⠀

What do you love SO much that you do it when you are supposed to be doing something else? What brings you so much joy that you already do it for free all the time? What makes you the most excited about life? Your deepest passions = your highest purpose. 🌟

📸 Photo by @heather20johnson


"[Soul purpose] consists of those things that we love best and do best. I was shown that our soul purpose is the fusion of our talents and passions, and that when we are living out and expressing our talents and passions, we are on fire with life. 🔥

In this state we are powerful, luminous, and strong, and from this place we become spiritual change agents and miracle workers, spreading beauty and light wherever we go.⠀

By embracing our talents and passions, we raise our vibration and heal our shadow. This is our collective soul purpose - to heal ourselves so we can heal the world." 🌎✨

~ A quote by Belinda Davidson, psychic, medical intuitive, shadow worker & modern mystic from her latest book 'From Light to Dark' which is all about her experience coming to terms with her incredible soul gifts (and so much more!)⠀

I spent the entire day on Friday reading Belinda's book and there are SO many amazing things I could say about it, but for now I will leave you with this beautiful quote above. xo⠀


Only one week left of ♒️ Aquarius Season! 🌟 This month, Aquarius has been teaching us all about the value of community outreach and the importance of doing our part to help lift up others to our level.⠀

It's been the perfect time to survey your audience to see what they really want or need to see from you and to consider how you can make the world a better place for others in your own special & unique way... as well as being willing to stand out from the crowd to become known for doing your own thing!⠀

What have you been doing to celebrate Aquarius Season so far? ✨ (And if you are an Aquarius yourself, happy birthday!)⠀

P.S. These awesome zodiac candles are made by @fallingintoplaceshop! A portion of the proceeds from each candle sold go to the International Child Art Foundation who shares maker Mary Claire White's belief that we can enhance academic performance and imbue global citizenship by nurturing children's creativity and developing their empathy. SO fitting! Be sure to check out her Etsy shop (FIPcandles) to find a candle for your sign. xo⠀



🌘 Current Moon: Waning Crescent in ♑️ Capricorn // As we lead up closer and closer to our New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 15th, the moon is fading in the sky, allowing us to let go of the old and make room for all of the newness that is to come (more on this soon!).⠀

Even though we are in a winding down stage of our current moon cycle, Capricorn is quite forward-thinking, so you may already be getting some intuitive hits around what you want to manifest in your life & career next, even if you can't completely put your finger on it yet!⠀

Still, as excited as you may be to step through the eclipse portal into a new reality, this shift will be even more potent if you first decide what you do NOT want to take with you as you step through the doorway of our New Moon Solar Eclipse.⠀

Until the 15th, try to spend some time reflecting on the past to see how far you've come and how far you would still like to go. What do you need to change to free yourself up to embrace the beautiful future that is waiting for you just around the bend? 💫


WEEKEND VIBES ✧ Ever since Jupiter moved into Scorpio last October, we have all been embarking on a whole new path of exciting growth in a new area of our lives. On Saturday, we will reach the end of the first quarter period (which means we are 1/4 of the way through with this growth cycle). ⠀

The end of the first quarter is like a call to action! And a call to challenge yourself to do something that will allow you to embrace MORE abundance & excitement in this area of your life that is being blessed with opportunities for glorious expansion this year.⠀

As a reminder, here is the area that is being highlighted for you:⠀

♈️ ARIES - Business & Financial Security⠀

♉️ TAURUS - Close Relationships or 1-on-1 work⠀

♊️ GEMINI - Health, Work & Daily Routines⠀

♋️ CANCER - Fun & Creativity⠀

♌️ LEO - Home & Family⠀

♍️ VIRGO - Social Networking⠀

♎️ LIBRA - Love, Money & Deeper Values⠀

♏️ SCORPIO - Identity & Leadership⠀

♐️ SAGITTARIUS - Spiritual Pursuits⠀

♑️ CAPRICORN - Community & Friendship⠀

♒️ AQUARIUS - Career & Higher Calling⠀

♓️ PISCES - Travel, Education & Exploration⠀

{Can be read for your Sun & Rising Sign!}⠀

Image: @theearthsgems (via @zennedoutjewelry) ✨


🌗 Current Moon: Last Quarter in ♏️ Scorpio // Get ready to wrap things up! We have officially reached the halfway point from our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 31st and the New Moon Solar Eclipse coming up on February 15th. 💫

Now we begin transitioning into a slower period where you may start feeling the need to wind down everything you’ve been working on and take some time to reflect or even hibernate and get some more alone time. ⠀

This is also an excellent day to work on completing the process of letting go of any craziness that has been running through your life & career and keeping you from feeling centered or in control of your vibe. Journaling, meditating, or a hot bath could be just the thing you need to soothe your soul now. 🧘🏻‍♀️✨



WEEKLY VIBES ✧ Today love & money planet Venus creates a lucky angle with radical, anti-status quo Uranus. ⚡️ It’s a good time to do something NEW or look at your current projects from a more exciting perspective that will free you up to do more of the things that truly light you up.⠀

We are also coming close to a 🌗 Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday and, on Friday, we make room to release the old & welcome in the new with Mercury on the South Node of Past Karma in preparation for our New Moon Solar Eclipse next week which will be bringing the start of a whole new legendary cycle of growth for us all! 🔮

>> Find out more about what's coming up this week and how to navigate it in your life & career in the latest day-by-day astrological forecast at www.soulshineastrology.com/cosmic-career-report ✨ {link in profile}⠀

Image: @luminosity_crystals (via @soul.healing.designs) 🌸


CAREER SCOPES for February 2018 ✧ After a miraculous Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, we head into a month with no Full Moons, welcoming only the New, and a whole lot of it.⠀

From Aquarius Season to a New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 15th and Venus & the Sun moving into Pisces on the 18th, plus many karmic twists & turns along the way, we are all in for a major month of expansion and self-discovery.⠀

What does this month have in store for your zodiac sign specifically? 🌟

>> Find out now @ www.soulshineastrology.com/career-scopes-february-2018/ ✨ {link in profile!}⠀⠀


FEBRUARY 2018 FORECAST ✧ So far in 2018 there haven’t been too many dull moments in the sky. Now, in the thick of Eclipse Season for most of this month, we are in the midst of immense realizations about things that we need to change in order to evolve to the next level of conscious awareness in our lives & careers.⠀

We are also in ♒️ Aquarius Season for the next few weeks and this is the sign of community outreach as well as doing things a little bit differently than we have in the past!⠀

Finally, we head into ♓️ Pisces Season on the 18th. With Aquarius being an Air sign – which is all about communicating, sharing ideas, and considering intellectual concepts – we will be shifting out of ‘Air’ into ‘Water’ – bringing a little more of a reflective time for emotional renewal and getting in tune with the dreams & creative visions that nourish your spirit.⠀

Find out more about what’s in store for this month and how to navigate it in your life & career in my latest Monthly Forecast video! 📹✨⠀⠀
>> http://www.soulshineastrology.com/february-2018-monthly-forecast/ {link in profile}⠀⠀
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FEBRUARY 2018 MOON CALENDAR ✧ It's here! We're here... in February. This year is pretty much zooming right along and it's time to download the latest & greatest Moon Calendar to help you plan your big moves for the magical month ahead. ✨
If you're not yet on my e-mail list, I send out a FREE monthly moon calendar each & every month so you will always know which phase and sign the moon is in to help you align your life + career with the cosmos.⠀⠀⠀
*Available in 3 versions for America & Canada, UK & Europe, Australia & NZ 🌍⠀⠀⠀
>> Get yours @ http://bit.ly/soulshine-signup {link in profile!}⠀

Already on the list? Check your inbox - they've been sent out! 🌟


2018 Moon Journals are a lovely way to celebrate every New Moon & Full Moon of the year more mindfully. 🌔🌕🌖

Track the major moon phases while mindfully tracking your manifestations all year long. With special journal questions to ask yourself in keeping with the theme of each New Moon and Full Moon of 2018, this is a wonderful way to celebrate your wins and release anything that is no longer serving you.⠀

Plus... you will get the downloadable edition immediately after purchase so you can start using it right away for today’s Full Moon! 🌟
{ Get yours @ soulshineastrology.com/2018-moon-journal or link in profile! }⠀
⠀ ⠀ .
▽△▽ ⠀

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🌕 FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in ♌️ Leo // Exact on January 31st @ 5:30 am PT / 8:30 am ET / 1:30 pm UK / 12:30 am AEDT {on the 1st}⠀

This is by far one of the most epic Full Moons of the year! ✨

It is a blue moon because it’s the second Full Moon in a month AND it’s a lunar eclipse. Eclipses bring a major time of change and evolution and Leo is the sign of the bold and creative leader, who is not afraid to be themselves and shine their light as bright & as big as possible.⠀

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is meant to awake in us anything that has been holding us back from shining our light more brightly or standing in your own power as the creator of your own reality and the CEO of your life!⠀

Shortly after the Full Moon is exact, it will cross over the North Node of Future Destiny. This is part of what makes it an eclipse, and part of why it is such a strong karmic time for making changes that will allow you to set off on the path you would most like to be on while ‘eclipsing’ over any excuses or setbacks that have stood in your way.⠀

Here are some questions you may want to reflect on:⠀

✧ "Which concepts, ideas, or limiting beliefs are holding me back from being the most bold & courageous creator of my own reality?"⠀ ⠀
✧ "What am I the most proud of having accomplished in my life over the past 6 months?"⠀ ⠀
✧ "What would my life & career look like if I allowed myself to be more brave, powerful, and think about things on a bigger level?"⠀ ✧ "If I could step outside of any troubles in my life, what would be the most ideal outcome for everything I'm dealing with (regardless of what it would take to get there)?"⠀

Do you remember what you wanted for yourself back on the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo last year? Intentions originally set on August 21, 2017 can officially manifest and come full circle now!⠀

>> 2018 Moon Journals are still available! Download yours immediately after purchase via link in profile. 🌟


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LUNAR ECLIPSE VIBES ✧ Want to know which subject is coming up to the surface for your zodiac sign during the upcoming Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 31st? Read on below to find out... 🔮✨

♈️ ARIES - Creative Projects & Pursuits⠀

♉️ TAURUS - Home, Family & Long-term Security⠀

♊️ GEMINI - Social Networking & Collaborations⠀

♋️ CANCER - Love, Money, Values & Self-worth⠀

♌️ LEO - Leadership, Identity & Personal Branding⠀

♍️ VIRGO - Spiritual Connection & Higher Purpose⠀

♎️ LIBRA - Friendship & Community Outreach⠀

♏️ SCORPIO - Career & Higher Calling⠀

♐️ SAGITTARIUS - Travel, Education & Exploration (a.k.a. widening your horizons to what is possible for you!)⠀

♑️ CAPRICORN - Business & Finances⠀

♒️ AQUARIUS - Close Relationships & 1-on-1 work⠀

♓️ PISCES - Health, Work & Daily Lifestyle⠀

Hope you're ready! xo⠀

{Can be read for your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign if you know them!} 🌟

▽△▽ ⠀

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🌔 Current Moon: Waxing Gibbous in ♋️ Cancer // Lady Luna's getting bigger & bigger! And on Wednesday, we will have our epic Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.⠀

As we get closer to this karmic event on the 31st, your emotions & worries may begin being pulled up to the surface to be seen, felt, and dealt with. This is quite a major time we are leading up to because it brings the culmination of the seeds that were planted on that crazy New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo that we had last August! Do you remember that?⠀

Meanwhile, the trick when it comes to navigating any water sign (like the one the moon is in now with Cancer) is allowing your emotions to flow through you as peacefully as possible and to use your intuition and imagination to find an even better feeling to inspire you to embrace the magic that is waiting for you just on the other side of any discomfort or anxiety you may be facing.⠀

A chill night at home on the couch with a lovely meal and a hot bath can also do wonders if you're feeling overworked or stressed! 💛

▽△▽ ⠀

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WEEKEND VIBES ✧ Can you believe it? This is the very last weekend of January 2018 and Mercury has just been squaring off with radical planet Uranus. If you've felt a bit anxious or like your world is a little bit too chaotic lately, you're so not alone!⠀

We're also creeping closer to one of the most epic Full Moons of the whole year - a Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse no less.⠀

Try to stay open to whatever craziness may come up along your path because it might just take you somewhere even more intriguing than you had originally planned on going... 🌟

In the meantime, definitely remember to take some time out to nourish yourself, say lovely things to yourself and remind yourself you're doing the best you can. All will be sorted out soon enough. xo⠀

▽△▽ ⠀

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Whoa... I just noticed that my Moon Magic Guidebook has almost been downloaded 2,000 times! 🌟 It's just a little e-book I put together on how to work with the moon through its many phases and zodiac signs that you get for free when you sign up for my e-mail list.⠀

One of my favorite parts is where it lists what color of clothing to wear to feel your fiercest depending on which sign the moon is in. ☺️

If you somehow haven't gotten one yet, you can sign up at www.bit.ly/soulshine-signup or click the link in my profile.⠀

I love sending weekly forecasts and other fun resources too! ✨


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In astrology, they say that people are planets (or planets are people), especially in the case where a planet is aligned with your Sun. ☀️

On my birth chart, my Sun is aligned with my Moon! Well, almost. They are a degree apart, making me born just before a New Moon (during what is known as the Dark Moon phase). So, basically I’m the Moon or I have some of the same qualities of the moon as part of my personality. Probably no surprise to anyone who follows my moon posts...⠀

Since the Moon has no light of its own, and simply reflects light from the sun and other planets like a big satellite, I also like to think it's my job and soul mission to reflect the light of your Sun back at you to show you just how amazing you are and to remind you of the endless possibilities that are available to you in this world when you choose to embrace your true essence and pursue your fullest potential!⠀

Maybe that's super sappy... but it makes me happy to think about. That's all that matters, right? 🌝✨


📸 Photo by @heather20johnson // #sun #moon #moonchild #astrologer #intuitivecoach #careerastrology #careercoach #bossbabe #spiritualentrepreneur #bossgoddess #soulpreneur #magictribe


🌓 Current Moon: First Quarter in ♉️ Taurus // Today the moon reaches its halfway point on its way to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo coming on the 31st and it’s officially GO TIME. You’ve had the last week to get clear on what it’s going to take to reach your next goal, but today is the time to jump all in and go for it.⠀

Mercury also aligns with the badass planet of evolution, Pluto, today, so the tides of change are extra strong! What are you ready to change or break away from in order to get where you want to go next in your life & career?⠀

News, ideas, or messages may force you to part ways with a limiting belief or old mode of being as you make room to embrace the NEW.⠀


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BUSINESS ASTROLOGY ✧ Did you know your business has a soul, too? ✨

When I was first learning astrology, I found out that you can look up a chart for anything - and so I typed in the start date & time for business (which I had gotten from the receipt of registering my domain name) - and was absolutely amazed by the insights it provided!⠀

By reading my business' astrology chart, I was able to:⠀

✧ Figure out WHY it was so important that I started this business in the first place (for me & for the world!)⠀
✧ Find out what my business' true purpose and mission is truly all about in very clear terms⠀
✧ Know how to brand & market my business so it will be attractive and helpful for others - including which colors to use, how to position my writing, and how to ensure its long-term success⠀
✧ Discover which challenges or pitfalls to watch out for (i.e. the tendency to take on too many projects at once because I get way too excited about everything!)... and so much more.⠀

Overall, having your business' chart done makes all of the day-to-day decision-making for your business SO much easier! This is something we can go over together, in addition to your own birth chart, in a Career Alchemy Session.⠀

>> Find out more @ www.soulshineastrology.com/career-alchemy-sessions {or link in profile}. 💫


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🌒 Current Moon: Waxing Crescent in ♈️ Aries // As we kick off the week, productive energy is at a high as the moon buzzes along in Aries, the sign that knows how to take major action to get things DONE.⠀

Harness these good vibes to take charge of your day and make some serious progress on the things that matter to you most right now!⠀

Just try to watch out for frustration or aggression which can come if you are pushing a little too hard... 🐏


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WEEKEND VIBES ✧ The moon is in ♓️ Pisces and it's a lovely weekend to contemplate how you're really feeling as you honor your heart, mind, body & spirit. ⠀

We are heading into an even busier week up ahead as the moon's light glows even more brightly in the sky, so be sure to take some time off from the hustle & bustle to check in with yourself over the next couple of days and get back in tune with your emotions. 🌸

Is your heart happy with the direction you're heading in? ⠀

Or do you need to make some adjustments to infuse more dreaminess into whatever you're doing next in your life & career?⠀


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