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"After a month of facing the hidden parts of ourselves that had been longing to be seen, and transforming our darkest inner shadows into light-filled creative fuel, we emerge back out into the world to embark on a new adventure as the sun illuminates the sign of ♐️ Sagittarius.⠀

Sagittarius is the sign of learning, traveling, exploring your wanderlust and following your true passions. 🌅

Use these next 4 weeks to seek out new opportunities to widen your perspective, expand your horizons, broaden your mindset, and embrace your authentic nature." ~ Written for the Cosmic Compass. Read the rest by subscribing to @gaiacollective's newsletter at www.gaiacollective.com!⠀

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{Offer expires at the end of the day on 12/20}⠀


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Do you know which moon phase you were born on? 🌙✨ Read on below for your secret creative superpower...⠀

🌑 NEW MOON - You are imaginative & good at coming up with new ideas. You see the world as being filled with endless possibilities.⠀

🌒 WAXING CRESCENT - You are skilled at planning, researching, and laying out all of the elements needed to make exciting things happen.⠀

🌓 FIRST QUARTER - Once you have decided on what you want to do next and are ready to make your first move, that is when the real magic happens for you.⠀

🌔 WAXING GIBBOUS - Your creativity comes out the most when you are taking solid action towards a desired goal.⠀

🌕 FULL MOON - You thrive in high energy situations and may even enjoy performing or working a crowd as the life of the party.⠀

🌖 WANING GIBBOUS - Your creativity comes out the most when you are sharing, helping & giving back to others.⠀

🌗 LAST QUARTER - You are good at editing things down and removing anything that is detracting from your overall vision or no longer taking you where you want to go.⠀

🌘 WANING CRESCENT - You are able to take a bird's eye view of any situation and reflect on what is needed to do things even better in the future.⠀


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🌒 Current Moon: Waxing Crescent in ♑️ Capricorn // The moon is now fading back into view again after our New Moon cycle kicked off last weekend. This is the perfect sign for planning, plotting, and researching your next move to improve your life + career!⠀

What will you manifest next? And what will it realistically take to get you there? ✨

This is also the very LAST day of Scorpio Season before the Sun moves into a new area of focus and the next chapter of our year! Since Scorpio is the sign of transformation, this is the final breakthrough point where you may find yourself stepping things up to a whole new level in your life + career or even just in terms of your clarity around what really matters most to you underneath it all. 🙌🏼

You'll have until the First Quarter Moon next weekend to percolate, and eventually get really clear, on the physical next steps needed to transform into even more of the person you want to be and make your next solid move forward!⠀

>> READ MORE about the upcoming astrological energy for this week @ www.soulshineastrology.com/cosmic-career-report {link in profile} 💫

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Exciting news! 🌟 Looking for a way to prepare yourself to have an amazing 2018? I've teamed up with @spiritguidesmag to create a 2018 Yearly Forecast digital e-book with all of the cosmic guidance you'll need to point the way forward and help you navigate the most major events over the upcoming 12 months.⠀⠀
– A year at-a-glance calendar of all major moon phases for 2018 (including times for every New & Full Moon)⠀⠀
– A list of dates for every Mercury Retrograde (and all other planetary retrogrades), because #preparedness⠀⠀
– 2018 Yearly Overview of all major collective transits & events⠀⠀
– In-depth 2018 Yearly Horoscopes for ALL 12 signs of the zodiac so you can find out what this year has in store for your sign in particular! 💫⠀⠀
Overall, you will receive 48+ pages of information to help guide you forward into the new year with clarity, confidence, and courage to achieve your dreamiest goals with gusto for just $20.18 USD. 🙌🏼⠀⠀
Written exclusively for Spirit Guides Magazine readers by me, Natalie Walstein of Soulshine Astrology!⠀⠀
>> PRE-ORDERS are now open at the Spirit Guides Shop HQ @ spiritguidesmagazine.com/shop 🌟 {link in profile}⠀⠀
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🌑 NEW MOON in ♏️ Scorpio // November 18, 2017 @ 3:42 am PT / 6:42 am ET / 11:42 am UK / 10:42 pm AEDT⠀

We are finally getting to the end of the season of transformation! Since Scorpio specifically rules the realm of Business & Finance in career astrology, some hidden fears or weak spots in your business strategies or money-making master plan may have come up to the surface to be looked at in the light of the day.⠀

Are your efforts really taking you where you've been longing to go? Or are there other ways you could be focusing your attention to boost your bottom line - whether that is a goal for more money, more security, or more time to do the creative work you've truly been craving? ✨

All of the lessons you have been learning about yourself since Scorpio season first began 4 weeks ago - about the parts of you that have been secretly longing to be seen, and the shadows that must be faced to get you into a better position to express your creativity in more of a pure state of flow - can now be summed up into a single clear intention you can take with you into the next 6 months.⠀

>> READ MORE: How to Set Powerful Intentions for the New Moon @ www.soulshineastrology.com/new-moon-rituals {link in profile}⠀

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Incoming vibes // We're heading into the energy of the DARK MOON. 🌑✨

This is the magical time right before the New Moon when your creativity may actually be at its peak without quite as many distractions from the outside world to pull you away from your center. But it's also a time when self-care can be especially important as energy levels may also be lower than normal!⠀

You may want to ask yourself - what are the lessons you have been learning lately? And how can you take where you are now and turn it into something even better as we step into our next moon cycle?⠀

Before long, we'll be catapulted into a whole new chapter! Take some time to yourself to think, meditate or dream. xo⠀

{Psst... be sure to check out my previous post for an invitation to join me for a New Moon in Scorpio Intention Setting Workshop this weekend!}⠀


Photo of the #InnerStarOracle by @themanifestingmoon 🌸 // #darkmoon #astrology #tarot #oracle #thoughtsbecomethings #lightworker #newmoon #radicalselfcare #beauthentic #raiseyourvibration



Hey cosmic boss babe! ✨ What are you doing this weekend? There are 2 chances coming up to chat with me LIVE about astrology & all things luna love!⠀

1) FRIDAY - I'm going to be interviewed on FB live by @littlegoldenpenguin in her lovely #GetAligned Facebook Group at 2 pm PST / 4 pm CT / 5 pm ET / 10 pm UK / 9 am AEDT with some real talk about using astrology to create an authentic career you love & how to work with the moon. 🌙

2) SATURDAY - I'm putting on a live event of my own to chat about the 🌑 New Moon in ♏️ Scorpio and how to use the power that is supercharged for your zodiac sign specifically to set amazing intentions to bring with you into the next moon cycle as well as giving you a full lowdown on how to use the astrological energy to your advantage for the holidays & the rest of 2017. 🌟

Yay, I can't wait! Both of these will have replays available if you can't make it live AND both of them will include special surprises to make it well worth your while. Are you game?⠀

>> RSVP now by using the links in my profile. 💫


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CURRENT VIBES ✧ The moon is dissolving deeper & deeper into the dark sky. 🌗🌘🌑

I don't know about you, but I've been pushing myself so hard to catch up with work lately (I'm about a day or two behind on my schedule... if not more). So, I was really hoping this ♎️ Libra moon phase would help me tie up all the loose ends and get back in balance!⠀

But this morning, as I feverishly looked at my to do list and thought, "TODAY is the day I catch up no matter what!" my body was suddenly like NO and I started not feeling very well at all.⠀

So, now I'm laying with my laptop in bed drinking lots of water with a candle burning, lavender & frankincense oil, soft music playing, and my sweet orange kitty companion curled up by my side. 🐈

Doing the opposite of what I thought I needed to do. Slowing down. Meditating. Going within (and getting further behind 😅). Remembering what really matters most... which is feeling good. ✨

All this to remind you: This is the perfect time to pay attention to what you feel you are REALLY most needing beneath the surface and indulge in your heart’s true desires (even if maybe it's not what you thought!). 💕


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🌘 Current Moon: Waning Crescent in ♎️ Libra // The time since our last Full Moon in Taurus may have brought many new realizations into view for you, but luckily our waning moon in lovely Libra now provides more of a sense of harmony & balance to help you ease into the idea of any changes or decisions you have been thinking about making.⠀

This week will be ideal for finishing up the projects you've been working on and clearing out some of the clutter from your brain to get ready to begin a fresh new cycle! 🌿

Our next New Moon will come on Saturday, 11/18 in the sign of Scorpio, and until then, you may start feeling lower on energy as the absence of the moon's light calls you to focus more and more of your attention within.⠀

>> READ MORE about the astrological energy coming up this week @ www.soulshineastrology.com/cosmic-career-report ✨ {link in profile}⠀


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Exciting news! ✨ Minneapolis babes, I will soon be co-hosting a lovely end of the year event with my friend, life & wellness coach Julia Starr from @starr_health_co at our shared space at @tall.reeds.healing.arts.⠀

New Moon New Year is a 2018 Intention Setting Workshop where we will be combining the art of astrology, ritual, movement, writing, sharing, and the laws of manifestation and goal setting to powerfully move into 2018.⠀

Together we will drink cacao, spend some time writing in a special journal (provided) to solidify our individual intentions, release 2017 through guided group meditations, and end the evening with some gentle yoga to help you flow into the new year.⠀

In the company of a badass community of women, we will let go of what you seek to leave behind and create a vision of what is to come. You will leave the evening with a renewed spirit for the new year, as well as a special goodie bag full of all the tools you need to continue manifesting beyond our circle. 🔮🌸💫

It's all happening on Saturday, December 16, 2017 from 6-9 pm at Tall Reeds Healing Arts in Uptown MPLS. Tickets are available now for $65 earlybird and will be going up to $85 on December 1st - see link in profile for more info. xo⠀


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I think it's really easy to get caught up in all of the reasons why your life or your career can't be as amazing as you want them to be.⠀

A lot of people who get readings with me are looking for permission to do what they really want to do for a living. But the truth is that the reason why you might not always feel like you can have everything you've ever dreamed of is probably because there is some big part of you that doesn't believe it is really possible... or that you don't actually deserve it... or that you will need to wait and struggle a while longer before you'll finally be ready.⠀

It's easy to come up with a million reasons why you can't do something you really want to do, but it only takes ONE bold decision to set you on the right path.⠀

#TRUTHTIME: When I moved back to my hometown from Hawaii last summer, I honestly applied for SO MANY different jobs to help supplement my business' income because I didn't believe I could fully support myself with it yet. And guess what? They ALL turned me down. Even an $11/hr. job at Whole Foods, where I actually really wanted to work so I could get the discount. 😂

Finally, I gave up on the depressing job search and declared to myself & the world that I would go ALL IN with my astrology biz which was already obviously my end goal anyway! And do you know what happened? Within a week, I had sold 6 readings (which was crazy at the time). Within a month, I had made way more money in ONE day than I had working full-time on a month's salary as a graphic designer. Within 3 months, I got to rent a beyond gorgeous office space in the heart of Uptown & was booked out with online readings through the end of the year. One. bold. decision. changed. everything. 🌟

Decide to feed your desires instead of your fears and the universe will catch up with you quicker than you might think. Energy responds to your passions AND your worries. Choose wisely. xo⠀


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WEEKEND VIBES ✧ SATURN TRINES URANUS ~ {Exact on 11/11} 💫 With Saturn in a happy angle with Uranus, it’s a good time to get on track towards any plans you have to invite more magic into your life and break out of constrictions that have been holding you back from feeling more in tune with your grand plans for living a fiercer life.⠀

"It's a magical time to embrace the unusual or unknown as part of your daily practice.⠀

These two very different planets do not normally play very nice together since Saturn strives to set the rules and Uranus loves nothing more than to break them, but together they bring an ideal time to make positive changes in your life because things that might normally be upsetting or unusual will actually run quite smoothly.⠀

How can you shake up your routines to add more magic & spontaneity to the mix?"⠀

~ READ MORE updates like these by subscribing to @gaiacollective's e-mail list at www.gaiacollective.com⠀


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🌗 Current Moon: Last Quarter in ♌️ Leo // With the moon now fading back into the darkness in preparation for our next New Moon on November 18th, this is a time to wrap up your current projects and begin reflecting back on what has (& has not) been working for you in your quest to create a better, bolder life & career for yourself.⠀

But this is no average last quarter moon... because it just happens to be triggering the same point as our Solar Eclipse in Leo that occurred last August! 🌞✨

The fact that 11/11 is coming up is absolutely NO coincidence. The world needs strong leaders who have the ability to bring about change now more than ever. But before you can stand up for an important cause out in the world... you need to learn how to stand up for your own.⠀

Your decision to let go of something on your plate - or a thought, idea or feeling that is no longer making you feel how you want to feel - may come from a place of deeply knowing that you want more for yourself and realizing you do indeed deserve to live a courageously creative life of your own choosing. Edit fiercely now & become the leader of your own destiny! 🦁


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Oh hi! I've just spent much of this week putting together my own personal 2018 Yearly Forecast and whew... January is already looking like such a crazy month! 🔮

Pluto will be going over my Mars... and then 4 of my other planets somewhat soon after (since I have 5 planets side-by-side in Capricorn). For those who don't already know, Pluto is the badass planet of change, evolution & transformation and this planet moves so incredibly slow that its effects tend to bring once-in-a-lifetime events. ⠀

So... I guess I have a lot of major changes to look forward to next year (and it's not even my Saturn Return yet... hence my funny look above of "Are you freakin' kidding me?"). 😅

But I also happen to know that my biggest area of growth next year will be in growing my community - woo! So it's not all bad... in fact, change can even be good. I'm just glad to know about these things in advance! Bring it on, Universe. 💫

If you would also like to receive some cosmic insight into what's coming up for you in 2018, be sure to check out my new Yearly Forecasting offering on the site. I know it's a bit early to be talking about new year planning, but they're quite in depth and will take a while to put together. xo⠀

>> You can find out more @ www.soulshineastrology.com/yearly-forecasting or by clicking the link for 'Astrology Readings' in my profile. 💗


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🌖 Current Moon: Waning Gibbous in ♋️ Cancer // Now that the moon has moved into its home sign of Cancer, putting the focus back on your home life, finding comfort, and attending to your money matters may be high on the agenda at the moment.⠀

Instead of worrying or fretting about things, take some time to get ultra clear on what is most important to accomplish this week, and then get to work! 💛

>> Read more about this week's astrological energy @ http://www.soulshineastrology.com/cosmic-career-report 📓✨ {link in profile}⠀

▽△▽ ⠀

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2018 YEARLY FORECASTING is here! ✧ Align your life & career with the cosmos all year long. I'm so excited to announce that spots are already filling up quick for 100% customized written forecasts for 2018. 📝✨

☾ What’s included: ☽⠀

- Your birth chart design + *business’ start date chart design (optional) ⠀
- Monthly astrological summaries of the most major energetic events based on YOUR chart(s) for 2018 along with your own personal life & business themes for each month!⠀
- Monthly at-a-glance calendars to show you which days are the luckiest and which ones may be a little more challenging so you can plan your year with clarity & confidence⠀

*NEW this year: Looking for additional support to help you reach your goals with soul in 2018? 💫

Upgrade your Yearly Forecast to ‘Premium’ to add on:⠀
- A 1-hour video session to go over your yearly overview and set goals that are in alignment with your cosmic calling for 2018⠀
- A follow-up session in mid-2018 to review the year so far and check back in with your goals for the rest of the year⠀

>> Learn more & book yours @ www.soulshineastrology.com/astrology-readings 🌟 {link in profile!}⠀


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MONTHLY CAREER SCOPES for NOVEMBER 2017 ✧ As we deepen into the ending of the year that has been 2017, the Sun begins transitioning out of serious-minded Scorpio and into studious Sagittarius this month, helping us ease out of the shadows of our soul and into the light-filled magic beyond. 🔮

Ever since the last week of October, we have been journeying into a quieter time of the year that has been all about inner transformation and getting in touch with how we feel deep beneath the surface. Are you being creatively fulfilled by your work? Or are there hidden pieces of you that are still longing to come through?⠀

>> Find out what this month will have in store for your zodiac sign specifically @ www.soulshineastrology.com/career-scopes-november-2017 {link in profile} 🌙✨⠀⠀⠀
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☾ Weekend Vibes ☽ In the wake of our 🌕 Full Moon in ♉️ Taurus, we are now heading back into the darkness and losing a bit of energy each day leading up to our next New Moon (on Nov. 18th) as we go.⠀

But for now, this is a lovely time to celebrate the things you have been able to manifest & share what you have been learning with others. 🌸

On Sunday, Mercury moves out of serious-minded ♏️ Scorpio and into studious ♐️ Sagittarius. Your mind may be ready to open up to notice more of the magic that is available all around you! The next few weeks will be excellent for learning, traveling, and experimenting with new experiences.⠀

>> Check back tomorrow night for your November Monthly Career Scope! 🌟✨


Gorgeous image & bouquet by @shopaquariansoul // #fullmoon #sagethatshit #goodvibesonly #spiritualentrepreneur #darlingweekend #pursuepretty #femaleentrepreneur #woowoo #moonmagic #mercury #taurus #scorpio #sagittarius #astrology #forecast



🌕 FULL MOON in ♉️ Taurus // November 3/4, 2017 @ 10:24 pm PT / 11:24 pm MT // 12:24 am CT / 1:24 am ET / 5:24 am UK / 4:24 pm Sydney⠀

In order to set a solid goal, we must first check in with ourselves to understand what we want and name the things we’re craving deep beneath the surface. Then, we need to get clear on what it will take and what we’re actually willing to do to get it. However, the most important part is what comes after that.⠀

Taurus is an Earth sign that is deeply determined to get what they want. They can be slow to move forward at times, but once they’ve settled on bringing an idea forth, they will stop at nothing until they see the final product come to life. This may mean putting in long days sitting at their desk every. single. day. making sure every detail is meticulously crafted – or – simply showing up for a spare hour here and there to push things forward bit by bit, even if it seems like there is no end in sight anytime soon. 🐮

Our Full Moon in Taurus will remind us of the beauty that is possible when we put in sustained effort over time, and the glory we can experience when we actually allow ourselves to put our whole selves into making our dreams a reality.⠀

>> READ MORE about how to work with this Full Moon on the blog @ http://www.soulshineastrology.com/full-moon-taurus-dare-desire/ {link in profile} 💫

▽△▽ ⠀

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🌕 FULL MOON RISING ✧ Our Full Moon in Taurus brings along with it the culmination of comfort fueled by deeper desires and cultivated through determination, hard work, and sustained efforts over the past 6 months.⠀

As this year begins the process of wrapping up, we can now look back and see all that we have done to reach our goals. Have you worked diligently to make your most delicious dreams come true? Or has the distraction of instant gratification thrown you off course from savoring the sweet victory of tasting the fruits of your labor?⠀

Here is your Full Moon focus by sign:⠀

♈️ ARIES ~ Love, Money, Deeper Values & Self-worth⠀

♉️ TAURUS ~ Self-Identity & Personal Brand⠀

♊️ GEMINI ~ Spiritual Connection & Deeper Purpose⠀

♋️ CANCER ~ Friendship & Community Outreach⠀

♌️ LEO ~ Career Efforts & Personal Legacy⠀

♍️ VIRGO ~ Study, Travel, Magic & Mind Expansion⠀

♎️ LIBRA ~ Business Efforts & Financial Earnings⠀

♏️ SCORPIO ~ Romantic Relationships & Business Partnerships⠀

♐️ SAGITTARIUS ~ Healthy Routines & Rituals⠀

♑️ CAPRICORN ~ Fun, Fame & Creative Pursuits⠀

♒️ AQUARIUS ~ Home, Family & Long-term Financial Security⠀

♓️ PISCES ~ Social Networking & Collaboration⠀

Are you feeling it yet?! ✨

>> Read more about how to work with this Full Moon now on the blog @ http://www.soulshineastrology.com/full-moon-taurus-dare-desire/ {link in profile}⠀

▽△▽ ⠀

Image: Divine Mother Lightcode by the lovely @havanahstar 🌸 // #fullmoonintaurus #fullmoon #astrology #modernmystic #intuitivecoach #astrologer #spiritualentrepreneur #intuition #thoughtsbecomethings #creativepreneur #bossgoddess #femaleentrepreneur


🌔 Current Moon: Waxing Gibbous in ♈️ Aries // We're only one zodiac sign away now from our Full Moon in Taurus on Friday/Saturday!⠀

Aries is a high energy sign, and with the moon's light looming large overhead, this is high time for busting through obstacles, pursuing our passions on purpose, and dealing with any problems head-on. ⠀

If you've been working hard to manifest more magic into your life + career, this is the final shove to the finish line! Our Full Moon will soon be bringing rewards, realizations, and a much-needed release.⠀



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WEEKLY VIBES ✧ The Moon is getting bigger & brighter this week as we lead up to a Full Moon in ♉️ Taurus on Friday/Saturday! 🌕✨

This is a week for hard work, tenacity, endurance, and putting your all into something that is creative, long-lasting, and high quality!⠀

The Sun in Scorpio is calling us to create a stronger sense of financial stability & the Full Moon in Taurus will remind us of the practical efforts that are needed to get there… one day at a time… with a strong focus on the outcome you want to see.⠀

There are no true shortcuts to success except cultivating an increasingly abundant mindset. And I’m sure you realize that the most beautiful of crystals aren’t just formed overnight! ☺️

>> Read more about how to navigate this week’s energy @ http://soulshineastrology.com/cosmic-career-report {link in profile!}⠀


Image: via @rebeccairubin 💠 // #fullmoon #scorpioseason #moonmagic #crystalhealing #spiritpreneur #spiritjunkie #bossgoddess #girlbosslife #thoughtsbecomethings #modernmystic #intuitivecoach


NOVEMBER 2017 MOON CALENDAR ✧ November is already coming up fast & the latest moon calendar is now available to download right in time to help you plan your big moves for the month ahead! 💫

In case you aren't already aware, I send out a free monthly moon calendar to my e-mail list each & every month to help you align your life & career with the lunar calendar.⠀

>> Get yours @ http://bit.ly/soulshine-signup {link in profile}⠀

*Available in 3 versions for America & Canada, UK & Europe, Australia & NZ 🌍


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Do you know what your Rising Sign is? ✨ It's the self you show to the world, your identity, and the work you're physically meant to be doing for a living. It's also how you dress, your personal brand, and how others see you.⠀

In career astrology, your Rising Sign is one of the most revealing parts of your birth chart that can help explain what your dream career is meant to be.⠀

I'm a ♐️ Sagittarius Rising and my job is to provide sage guidance to others. Of course, the rest of my chart can help explain how I do this & how I work best at it, but it was the most wonderful feeling discovering this about myself and fully embracing & stepping into my role.⠀

>> What's your Rising Sign and do you feel you are currently living it as part of your job? 🌟


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🌓 Current Moon: First Quarter in ♒️ Aquarius // Ready, set, GO! Our First Quarter Moon is our call to action to make our next move and dive into our next project completely. ⠀

You may have been spending a lot of time ruminating, researching, and realizing where you want to head next throughout this week... but now is the time to go for it! ✨

Aquarius is an emotionally objective sign. That means they are able to push their feelings & worries to the side and do what needs to be done to bring about a desired result. They're also very forward-thinking & innovative - what a perfect time to get yourself on track to realize your next goal!⠀

What are you going to do today to pull the trigger on your next big idea? 💫


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LUCKIEST DAY OF THE YEAR ✧ Bring on the brilliant vibes! As the Sun moves closer & closer into direct alignment with our planet of prosperity, Jupiter, it may suddenly feel like the world is filled with endless possibilities for growth & abundance. 🌈✨

If you start feeling reeeeally excited about something new... pay attention and take it seriously! It's much easier to realize your bliss and bring more magic into your life & career NOW more than ever.⠀

Vibes this good seriously only happen one day out of the year! Just remember to look before you fully decide to leap as Jupiter is not always a big fan of small details, however, this joyous planet can inspire you to think bigger & cultivate the courage to take on a new challenge that will lead you to embrace new heights. 💫


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Have you been wanting to learn more about astrology, but not sure which book to get or where to even start? 🔮✨

Unlock Your Cosmic Calling is an amazing online self-study course that takes you on a journey to discover everything I know about astrology while learning how to apply it directly to your life & career along the way.⠀

Enrollment for this special course will be doubling in price on 10/25 at 11:59 pm CT so now is the perfect time to discover the secrets of the universe for yourself and find out how to decode your own cosmic blueprint, predict the future, and learn how to compare charts for love & business use alongside a supportive FB community of fellow intuitive truth seekers.⠀

>> Learn more & view the full intro video @ www.unlockyourcosmiccalling.com! 💫⠀ {link in profile}⠀

Hope to see you in class. :)⠀


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INCOMING VIBES ✧ Although the moon will be void for much of today (which means it may not be the most productive time for zooming full speed ahead quite yet), something exciting is beginning to sprout. 🌱✨

With Mercury in a harmonious angle with Neptune, dreamy ideas are making their way to the surface... if only you will take the time to pay closer attention to where exactly you go in your mind when you daydream, and start to take your vision a little more seriously.⠀

As the moon's light continues growing throughout the week, we can begin to get clearer and clearer on our next seed of an idea. Where is your heart feeling led to go next? Give yourself permission to explore the possibilities.⠀


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♏️ SCORPIO SEASON BEGINS ✧ As the Sun now moves into Scorpio's domain for the next month, we may be forced to face the parts of ourselves that have somehow gotten hidden away, either due to convenience or lack of comfort around bringing our authentic truth out into the open.⠀

Scorpio reminds us it is okay to change... and to follow our heart to lead us where we are meant to go next.⠀

As humans, we are not meant to stay exactly the same forever. We must keep moving, growing, and transforming as we go. Just like how your career won't necessarily stay the same forever either - or at least the way you go about it. We are always realizing more about ourselves as we go, testing and tweaking our approach to find the best fit to fuel our inspiration and keep us engaged.⠀

As the next 4 weeks progress, you may be asking yourself:⠀

- Is there something that needs to change in my life & career so I can feel more creatively present in the work I'm doing?⠀ ⠀
- Is there an old part of myself I am needing to let go of now in order to create the space to step into something more fulfilling (whether I know exactly what this is yet or not)?⠀

>> If you're a Scorpio, you can take 10% off any readings & reports to help celebrate your birthday until 11/21 by using the code SCORPIOSEASON 🦂✨


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Career Alchemy Sessions, my signature astrology readings, are designed to help you find crystal clarity around your true life calling & your future path while also providing practical tips you can use to: start or promote your business, apply for the right jobs, or plan your next major life & career move. 🔮✨

I'm sooo excited about these sessions because, after hundreds of readings and a little over a year of finetuning the process, I finally feel like they've become a perfect infusion of my own sweet spot: intuitive astrology & practical career guidance!⠀

On October 25th, the price will be rising from $133 to $225 USD to better reflect the amazing value these sessions are providing. Not only will they be extended to an hour and a half, but we can also use your fully customized session go over your website, resume, or business chart to provide specific tips on how to align who you truly are with the real work you've always been meant to do.⠀

If you're interested in diving deep & discovering what the stars have to say about the true you, you can still get on the books for the old price for a few more days! 🌟

>> Learn more & book your session @ www.soulshineastrology.com/career-alchemy-sessions 💫 {link in profile!}⠀


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