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I'm a 14 year old Westie, blind, let me show how I don't need eyes to have a happy life.

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November is thankful Month, I've team up with @popyourpup to do a giveaway to celebrate the pets and humans in our lives.
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To enter just follow @popyourpup and me @spyro_dog and comment what makes you thankful about your pets or humans.
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Contests will run until December 1st. A winner will be chosen and announced a few days later. .


This is Lilly yesterday, finally smiling after a tumultuous week. She had emergency surgery, we'll tell you the story later, once we know she's out of the woods. She's doing well. Her stitches are like a second smile.



Did you order a pup in a bag? I'm all packed! Literally πŸ˜„
It's the weekend, where will you go? .
Bag by @lovethybeast

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Always Be Yourself Unless You Can Be A Unicorn Then Always Be A Unicorn. .
Happy Halloween πŸŽƒ! .
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Pumpkin Tot, cool bandana from @hausofhoundco ! Thank you for all your nice messages for Lilly, we're still trying to get her on track with her new medication. Her glucose is all over the place and she's under constant watch, being measured several times a day.

Interesting fact Ginger knows when Lilly's sugar is really high, she won't stop coming back and forth to a human to come take a look at Lilly.
The susceptibility, perception and qualities of dogs never cease to amaze. .
Sorry we're behind on your pictures, mom will try to catch up. .
Spyro is a doing pawesome! Happy and healthy, wishing more human time for walks and stroller rides.
Much Love and gratitude to all of you. Your support, experiences an comments make our days brighter. πŸ’•πŸ’•


Did you know I practice yoga? Here is my half moon, pretty balanced for an old pup.

Sorry I haven't been active or answered many of your comments. Lilly has been giving us some surprises. She was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, her new medication is affecting how she assimilates her insulin. She was unable to get her dental work done. We've had several scares, her glucose levels were very low even after very low doses of insulin.
We're learning how to manage this new development, and together we'll get through the this, as we have gotten through many other things before.
Spyro is doing amazingly well, eating well and acting happier than before.
Wishing you a beautiful and peaceful weekend. 😘


Ready to perform Happy birthday πŸŽ‚ to my 10/10 pup bro Cube, Hawaiian party is ending with a concert on the beach πŸ–οΈ, everyone's invited! .
Happiest of birthdays to you! @cube_and_ponzu .

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Today is national Kick Butt day, get up, get ready and crush Monday!
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Little sis Lilly is having a procedure today, they'll do a full dental at the same time
We appreciate all the your good energy. ⚑️ .
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Mom found this smile to celebrate World Smile Day! .
Don't treat your bad moments as bad days, find a reason to smile everyday ☺️ .
. . . . . . . . .
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Wake me up on Friday, 😴 don't forget! I tend to sleep through it all.
. 🌟 Make sure to enter my Share the love Giveaway, see previous post. 🌟 . .

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Sister... She claims she's on a diet, so she does a short stack for breakfast, a stylish stack for lunch pretending she won't eat it all and the infamous messy dinner on the couch, because those patties are so darn good, and no one is watching. .
That's how Ginger does weekends. .

Joining the @stellaandchewys yummy #stellastackchallenge because these are her favorite patties. .
Don't worry, she didn't over eat, but she did have her portion size. . .
Beautiful bandana by @hausofhoundco
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How I do Fridays... and every other day of the week.
Happy weekend friends!

There are times in life when you have to make really hard choices, past few weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotions, luckily everything worked out for the best.

Today I'm recovering from dental surgery had extreme gum recession on one canine tooth, and the dentist wanted to try to place a flap to fill the gap, they ended up taking the tooth out, mom was very scared about me being under general anesthesia but everything went well and now I'm recovering and taking full advantage of the extra snuggles and blended food.

My vet was amazing, theral, compassionate and professional, putting mom's concerns at ease and updating her along the way, I was hooked to many monitors and they kept a close eye on me.

Mom knew ignoring this could turn very painful and dangerous, it was very hard but she didn't let fear got on the way of a healthy life. Although she was very nervous she knew what was best for me.
Finding the right person, treatment and options to make sure the risks are lower are essential. We visited several dentists before choosing one.
Have a lovely weekend β™₯️ . . . . . . . .
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Thinking about you today dear Angus, what a great example of courage, tenacity and hope you still are to all.

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Sun, tongue and Pong balls are out, time to play! Who wants to join? SWIPE to see how my cousin ended after the game... πŸ™ˆ

Happy belated birthday to my friends Henry @westies_boatsman_and_henry, Mac @guiro_y_mac.
Super special 14th birthday to Star 🌟 @westietownusa 2003 rocks 🀘 #millenials
Pong and prep boy toys are from @Barkbox ,from their back to school fun box! .
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Last Thursday was Gratitude day, perfect time to let you know how much I thank you, for following my journey, for so much kindness, support and immeasurable amounts of love.
What are you thankful for? (*We'll be doing several posts today, don't mean to spam, just catching up with this week's events.) #westie #grateful #outdoordog #almondblossoms #bloom #global_ladies #nothingisordinary #jj


Share A Smile 😁 Save A Life πŸ’–
@furbo_japan has launched a campaign to donate to @humanesociety to help 🐢🐱 affected by #hurricaneharvey #hurricaneirma and will add $1 for each smiling pic of 🐢
Tagging friends to join this pawsome cause, do add #FurboSmile to your post
Thanks Sasha @lomodoggies for sharing 😘 -

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Are you a September baby?

Happy birthday to all my friends who are have birthdays this month, specially Happy barkday Emily, who turns 2 today! @pupsonpar
Hope you got spoiled today, sending love β™₯️


I fell asleep for two minutes and the bachelor party is over... Now I must find the boys, I don't want to miss the wedding πŸ’’. Do I look ok? Oh man, I think I need help... #barneyslastnightasafreeman


Testing, testing, is everyone there?
I'll be back later today, for now I'll be napping until noon this Holiday Monday... 😴


Too close for comfort? Don't worry I would only lickiss you πŸ˜›πŸ˜™


Today we're thinking about all our Texan friends, we're thinking about you.
Let us know you are OK if you can.
Sending our good energy your way and hoping the water recedes soon. πŸ™


Mom wrote this for me today, but I'd like to dedicate it to all dogs on this special day, because I know every dog has superpowers 😘 .
My dear pup, you have some special superpowers, your tongue heals broken hearts with just one lick, your tail turns frowns into smiles just by wagging it, you melt hearts with a single tilt of your head and make me a better person just by being you. .
Thank you for being in my life, happy best friend day AKA


Some call it golden hour, some call it happy hour, it does not matter what you call it, happens everyday at the same time, and on Fridays is particularly a beautiful thing. 🍻!


Do you think dogs mediate?
We live in the moment, love with all our hearts, breathe deep and stare in the distance. Perhaps that's the key to our happiness.
They say: "We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”


Thank you πŸ’“ my dear friends for all your support on this special day! Your posts, comments and messages have filled this day with so much love
All pets are special and deserve to be well cared for and loved. In the exchange we promise to love you unconditionally, and teach you how to see life from a different way. .
Some humans complain and focus on what goes wrong, pets cherish and embrace what goes well.


🌟 Need your help! 🌟
Post an image to honor special aka "disabled" dogs tomorrow.
August 23rd is #internationalblinddogday a day to raise awareness of blind dogs and dispel misconceptions around their abilities. .
International Blind Dog Day is a day to show the world what blind dogs can do, not what they can't, and to show the world special needs dogs are loving, capable, playful and adoptable!”