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Lexi's grooming day. She's happy to be finished and ready to go home. She's showing off her "bat ears". #slowmotion #toypoodle #blackdogsofinstagram #groomed #dogharborgroomingsalon #batears


38 empty #monarch #chrysalides
#Released the last #butterfly of the season yesterday. Total released this year was 38. Most were raised from eggs with a handful acquired as caterpillars. (All were from my milkweed garden in my yard) Last year I only had 4. I'm guessing next year there will be even more as the milkweed multiplies. I might set a limit to 50 though. I don't want to sacrifice quality for quantity. Unless I find other monarch enthusiasts in my area who have room (and time) to foster other caterpillars, haha. #Wisconsin #conservation #rearingmonarchs