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This is how it begins son @stephonmarbury_3 Jumping and dunking on all heights of rims. By the time you turn 18 a 12 foot rim will be easy. Keep doing your stairs, push ups, ball handling and sit-ups. It's all paying off as I can see. The content will live here forever so it won't be a surprise. #youtheone #starbury Your signature shoe is coming out crazy!!! #8footgoal


My life lol. Woke up in another city thinking I was some place else because of weather. Thankful to God we landed safe so we straight. The journey continues... #starbury


When Lebron James humbles himself to recognize the best class ever, you only wait for Jordan to do so. It's just a matter of time for the goat to say what's real. There will never be anyone greater than Jordan in my book or life. #starbury


To be continued..... @balldontstop you started this. πŸ˜€πŸ‘ŠπŸ½#starbury


@balldontstop Now that you've spoken let there be light for those who fight the truth! πŸ˜€πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¨πŸ‡³#nba #cba This is just America. When you add China forget about. #GodViews #Godisgreat #starbury


Being able to soar at 40 is dope! #godisgreat #starbury


Team work makes the dream work! Seri Mutiara Champions Cup 2017 CHAMPS. I've never played this early in the year as a pro. First time for everything and this will for sure get me ready for the season. My coach played me 32 min a night out of 40 😧but it was all worth it. Forced my body to respond to the challenge and it did. #lastseasonasapro #starbury #beijing #loveislove #malaysia


My sister @jessica.syj that face you were making during this scene made me want to laugh the whole time when were shooting. You don't look like you can ever be mad in the life but here you did good 😊 #myotherhome coming to theaters in #america soon. #BestNewActor in #china #starbury


Thanks to the @celtics for completing my jersey collection at my museum #marburyhome #starburymovement #starbury #BLESSED beyond measures. #godisgreat


@br_hoops Numbers don't lie people do. The facts and the truth is the proof in what's been done in basketball. God never makes a mistake @stephonmarbury_3 #starburymovement #starbury


Write your own history! Never let circumstances control what Gods plan is for you. My goal is to finish strong with a team that can use some veteran leadership. I've been through a lot of situations in the game of basketball. I know I can help the younger generation like my vets (Terry Porter, Mike Williams, Doug West, Stanley Roberts and Googs) helped me. My #nba career was very Rocky but leveled out when I went to Boston believe it or not. Yes in that short time I grew faster than people could imagine through being in a winning atmosphere. Boston helped me win Championships in China. Walking into the Boston Garden seeing all of those banners made my thirst for victory a destination in winning. You never know where God will place you and when I was placed in China the process began. My story is uniquely complicated if that makes sense. I know there are questions and speculations about me playing in the NBA again. People will face a fact that I'm not the typical 40 year old basketball player because I took care of my body in a way that will allow me to do what my heart and mind desires. The best thing about the CBA is that the season ends early enough for me to play for a team in the @nba and then the @thebig3 possibly. I owe it to the people in #america who watched me play as a kid in the streets of #coneyisland This story is our story. I wanted to retire a Beijing Duck but God opened another door when this didn't happen. It was the perfect ending in my mind but what we think isn't always what will happen as God had a better thought for me to think. I'm gonna give the game all of what it's given me and that's my love and passion for something I've been doing since 2 years old. The story will continue and it will end with the world watching another baller ending a legacy for all to see. @stephonmarbury_3 I love you son I'm doing what you asked. I'm gonna dance one more time on the master stage the NBA! #starburymovement #starbury


I'm making a #nba come back for the fans who want to see me play my last year as a pro. After hearing so many people say come back I finally prayed about it and gave it major thought. I thought the perfect ending would of been retiring with the Beijing Ducks but it's clear the GM had other thoughts which is fine. My love for the ducks will always be A1 from day 1. I still have a lot of go in me as a player and at 40 being able to play at a high level is a gift. Being able to stay mentally focused and physically fit takes a different type of discipline. I'm motivated to make this the best year of my career as I end a 21 year long journey in the game I love. It's been a blessing to play 13 years in the @nba and this year 9 years in the @cbachina China has groomed my game and my style of play. China made me sharp and consistent. We practice Monday-Wed from 9-11:45 and 3-5:45. Thursday one practice 9-11:45 and Friday-Sat same schedule as M-W. I thought I would die at first coming from the NBA where you can't practice that long before the season starts. Oh and we do that for over 40 days. This way of training can either break you or make you. I'd like to look at it as it made me. So I'm ready and prepared to take on a challenge I once faced but with chips under my belt along with all that has come with winning chips in China. Statues, museum, green card, Honorary citizen, ambassador for the environmental protection bureau, key to the city, only 30 people ever to receive the key to the city of Beijing and MY PEACE something no one can ever take. So with all of these things I feel complete and ready to turn towards the last page of my basketball dairy that I've been writing since 95 when I left Lincoln High. I thank all of the positive energy from all those who showed it throughout my time away from the NBA. Thank you for always keeping it 100. @stephonmarbury_3 @espn @marcjspears @nytimes @nypost @nydailynews @newsday @slamonline #starburymovement #starbuy #loveislove


I don't want to be the same no days. I want to be better each day. We don't make mistakes mistakes make us.


Part 1 of what's to come. Thanking God for giving me the mind to want to help people. People will learn that the #starburymovement is about change. It's easy to donate but when we create for everyone to have forever you teach people how to fish. We coming! Now at #cititrends #starbury


@damianlillard This young killer is a different spirit. He reminds me of myself when I was younger in his passion for his work. Sadly he doesn't get the recognition he deserves but he gets paid like it. I told him keep doing what he's doing if they keep maxing you. God speed loved one!


This never gets old. He's learning how to dunk but most importantly his hands are getting used to grabbing the (7 foot) rim from banging it. When I was younger I practiced on the back of my door with a hanger in a hoop shape. We used to cut shoe laces up and tape it around the hanger to make a net. We used a tennis ball, handball or a sock to play after we hung the hanger up on the back of the door. We've evolved to the Gorilla 🦍 hoop. God is great! #grateful #starbury @stephonmarbury_3


It takes a lot to be happy in this life. True happiness is irreplaceable despite the challenges you may face in the life. The ups and downs in life will mold you into who you will become on this earth for a life time. The spirit will stay vibrant and radiant forever when living with this peace in your life. #starbury #Love is Love!


Sometimes I wonder was it the far eastern conference in where I had to go. You never know where God will lead you. The story continues. #starbury #espn


@nba Moves only!!! @stephonmarbury_3 You'll be ready when it's time for @adamsilvernba to call your name. @nbaonespn @slamonline #stephonmarburyII #starbury #shoes #starburymovement


So my grandson is 5 months old today. Legend Xavier Ball! Thanking God for my little man. @stephonmarbury_3


21 years in the basketball business and I still love it. The truth in what you love will be shown in how you love it. @stephonmarbury_3


I'm Not Who They Said I Was #starbury


#tbt 1990 chilling with NA at Maine University Summer basketball camp. #starbury #coneyisland


This kid is from Beijing. He didn't have a question yesterday at the Q&A event but he shared his moment as a high school student watching us when the first ever championship in the capital of China. He couldn't hold back the happiness of that time. He started to cry because of the emotions felt from 2012. So amazing in what Basketball can do and will do. The ball is the Globe and the connection is real. This message was syndicated to all those who attended and watched online. This is #TheReal and this is what it's all about. @ap_sports @espn @nyuniversity @nba #cba #beijing #china #newyorkcity #love is love #starburymovement #starbury


@nyuniversity Thank you for giving us a platform. More people will know about the brand because of this opportunity. Thank you! #china #america #nba #cba #espn #cbs #starbury @stephonmarbury_3 @espn @cctv @tencent_video


@charlietebele so now we have to get on the court so I can see your wicked jump shot. Thanks for the blessing @freee2b


That MVP SMILE! @stephonmarbury_3 Gods work was done on the court. That's the only way you can get MVP. #starbury


The first guest on my new show #TheReal @josh_j11 Watch out for the young killer for the @suns He's ready and focused! @espn


No L's No Shorts!!! #outworkthemall #starburymovement #starbury


We only work to win! @stephonmarbury_3 keep working son (SUN) β˜€οΈyou shining #starbury