God Is Love, Love Is God.... LOVE IS LOVE!

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I never let anyone interfere with my focus no matter what they said or wrote. You become what you believe and believe in what you become when you put the work in. At 40 years old I’m still learning the game of basketball which is the dopest part of the game. You never become complete you just keep getting better! @stephonmarbury_3 @kenaemarbury @nba @espn #starbury


This is not slow motion! @filayyyy please put something on that! It needs you!!! D🌹


Very few guards run down the middle of the lane and fly straight up in 7 footers chest! Two hundred and eighty pounds of flesh... Make Big Boy Noise!!! #starbury My son is NEXT! @stephonmarbury_3



God speed! Thanking God for giving me the ability to still fly up and down the court at 40! @stephonmarbury_3 @nba @espn #starbury


When I say the boy got his own money I mean the boy got his own money! @kyrieirving #pointgod


Support this brother right here @filayyyy He’s witty with his words and his style is is Unguardable! @stephonmarbury_3 #starbury



The student will become the master but you have to master the art before you become the master. #starbury #pointgods #china #beijing


God is great! Praise him daily not just on Sunday! #starbury


My new squad the #BeijingLions Never thought I’d own a football team. Do it the God way and it will all pay off. #starbury #loveislove #Beijing



Look what God did today at 40! So thankful for my health. #Godisgreat #starbury @nba @espn


Oh God you are so good to me. Even when I was down and out I never lost faith. I remain locked in on you because I knew you were my only Truth. I’ve walked the earth for over 39 years but the best is when you dropped me to my knees begging please. Knowing you for myself has been the ultimate gift. Knowing I can call your name through the good and the tough times in this life is the true protection. Thank you 🙏🏽 for covering me with the blood of Christ. Thank you for showing me the world 🌎 in its positive form. I’m blessed to spread your love amongst those that need you most. I’m thankful for you using me for people to see my flaws in this imperfect world. You are not only my savior but the air I breathe and the one to cherish. Thank you for keeping my mind free and clear of negative thinking and backwards talking. #loveislove #starbury


It’s just time now before I’m with you! Five more days until the start of the new season. @cbachina @nba @thebig3 @stephonmarbury_3 @espn @nbaonespn



There’s so much power in love. #starbury


Something about that green machine. I Learned how to win championships not a championship after playing in Boston overseas. Will always remember stepping on the floor for the first time. The fans showed me super love!! #loveislove #beantown #starbury @celtics @nba @stephonmarbury_3


My Giant little me and him! Haha.. Media day! #newchapter new team but still in #beijing God is great! #starbury @stephonmarbury_3



Same moves since 95! #starbury #godisgreat @gtmensbasketball


Name: Legend Xavier Ball
Gender: Boy
Born: Arizona April 5, 2017
Sport: Whatever I Like, But for now EATING.
Mother: Stephanie Xenia Marbury
Father: Marcus Ball
Papa: Stephon Xavier Marbury
GMar: Nicole Thompson
Mission: Empower the world 🌎 with positive energy while helping as many people on earth that I can in my lifetime.


When running around the park and playing with the dolls are done. The baby is so cute. Love to see them eat until they can’t eat no more. #littleprincess



All we have is God our feelings and family! #loveislove #starbury


One of the best on the court @realgranthill and the best off the court.


I love dropping low to push the rock. When you do something for over 20 years the gift that gives is kind to you. I’m thankful to God for my strength and strong desires to play the game I love for two decades plus. You are an #awesomegod I give you thanks and all the praises. #starbury #loveislove


Been #droppingdimes for 21 years as the final year appears. Best compliment ever in passing the rock came from former Minnesota Gophers head coach Clem Haskins. He said “Stephon you can see the wind son the wind” He straightened me right out in the 1994 Junior olympics when I had my shirt tail outside of my pants one sock up and one sock down. He said boy don’t come on my court with that city slicker style lol. @defensivespecialist


中秋节快乐 Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! May your life be filled with the energy of love for a lifetime! #chinalove My New family! It’s dope when you can stay in the same city you love and get new brothers from another mother. Living in China helped govern my Life but more importantly deepened my peace! #starbury #loveislove


The little girl came onto the court with the mop after someone fell on the floor with a streak of sweat. She was doing a half a$$ job. So me being me I grabbed the mop and did what I grew up doing in the projects in #coneyisland You can never take the hood out the child/kid/boy/man when your moms placed that mop in your hand. I'm so thankful that God has humbled me from the beginning I don't know what to do. But what I will do is say thank you to my mother and father for raising my siblings and I upright. Man I miss my pops may he Rest In Peace. I don't care how long a parent is gone you always feel the pain and the joy. Times like this is when I miss him (this is joy) most. Love your parents with all you got because that's all you got. You can have another brother or sister but you can't have another mother or father. Stay Real Stay, Stay Blessed and Stay LOVE! #TheReal #loveislove #starbury


@slamonline Being the first ever high school athlete to do a diary for the first edition of the magazine was a match mate. High school basketball at its best. My coach never recruited a high school kid to come to Lincoln which made #lincolnhighschool a treat to play for when you made the team. My coach made me try out every year to make the team when I was one of the stars of the team. What happened to the integrity of the game? When we won the championship in 95 we didn't steal kids from other schools to do it. We did it with the kids who tried out and made the cut. Running the beach the stairs and running over a 100 laps in practice was how we became! This is the real and this is the truth. The real #coneyisland people know what's up. #tbt


K1 for my (Men) #Kings and Q1 for my (Woman) #Queens #starbury the realist you ever seen!!! #loveislove @highprice10 @1king1queen2017


The #MarburyBoyz from #ConeyIsland a place in #Brooklyn #NewYork Eric Marbury (Georgia) the master, Don Marbury (Texas A&M) the shooter, Norman Marbury (St. Francis) the passer, Moses Marbury (Rhode Island) the dancer and of course me #immortal All D 1 bound straight out the projects. You can do it just pursue it and be true to you. #starbury #marburydynasty @stephonmarbury_3


It's amazing I've played basketball for 21 years and I'm still growing as a player. The process in growing as a player and person takes place every second of the life. #Love is Love# ​​​