God Is Love, Love Is God.... LOVE IS LOVE!

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Father God thank you for everything as I depart from an amazing journey! @stephonmarbury_3 @kenaemarbury @stephluv100 @nba @espn @timberwolves @brooklynnets @suns @nyknicks @celtics #starbury #loveislove


Laying bricks on top of bricks to build something never created will take all the time in the world. You learn that you’re only part of the masonry for your lifeline. One day everything you thought of will be done by the people who you past it onto such as your kids grand kids. I think I’m top 5 coolest grandads on the planet 😀. #justsaying My babies will for sure live out the vision no matter what as I pray your loved ones will do the same. @stephonmarbury_3 @kenaemarbury @stephluv100 #starbury #loveislove


I feel like I can play another year! Picking my spots on the court has been ideal in changing the flow of the game. You don’t have to score all the time you have to score when it’s money time. #justsaying #starbury @stephonmarbury_3 @kenaemarbury @espn @nba



In the life and court there’s only one thing to do!! FIGHT #starbury @stephonmarbury_3 @espn


I AM STEPHON X. MARBURY! Thank you for all the love. It’s cool when you can win then lose then win again. IM BLESSED and God is great! @stephonmarbury_3 @kenaemarbury


Feb 20, 1977 God is great! #starbury #agenicely



#happynewyear 🎈🎊🎆 it never fails every year they want me to sing in Chinese and I can’t sing other than in the shower. 😀#goodtimes On CCTV New Years special broadcasted to the whole country 😎🙏🏾🔌 #starbury #Godisgreat #loveislove @stephonmarbury_3 @kenaemarbury @milehigh31 @mmarbury03 @nba @espn


Happy 76 birthday Mommy. Still loving the lord and loving life. Your bright smile and amazing heart is why I believe your spirit will live forever. Thank you for teaching me from a baby who loves me more than you in God. I couldn’t believe you when I was a kid that someone else could love me more than you but then I learned that it’s true. You are my earth 🌏 and my friend. Thank you for living so long for me to learn this life that I live. Thank you for teaching me to treat people with love and care because the blessings will come 7 fold, not when I want but when I need it most. I can’t describe how amazing you are as you say they have to make up new Words to describe how good God is to you. So I’m saying the same thing about you. They have to make up new Words to describe how good you are. I love you Mommy!! #happybirthday #love is what you taught and love is what I’ll teach. #godisgreat @stephonmarbury_3 @kenaemarbury @mmarbury03 @stephluv100 @milehigh31


When I leave the game next year at 41, I’ll be able to say I gave it everything I had for 22 years. God has been amazing to me!! #starbury @stephonmarbury_3 @nba @espn



Washing machine foot work! Still learning new moves even at the end of the career. The game is timeless there is no completion.... #starbury @stephonmarbury_3


I finally felt better after 49 days of dealing with a pulled hamstring. There’s no time to recover during the season so you have to take every second to heal. Taking care of the body becomes the number one focus when hurt while continuing to play. It’s so important to be disciplined young people when you get hurt. You have to do what’s required to get healthy to get back on the court in order to do your J O B. Trust at 40 if you wanna move like this you have to do the WORK! This is for the people that love the Game and not the fame. The fame and bread is apart of it all so stay resilient and hungry always! @stephonmarbury_3 @kenaemarbury @nba @espn


My grandson Legend the heart ❤️ taker! @im_such_a_diva #starbury



Floater, Pull Ups and 3’s. Make the game easy. Young killers work on these 3 things every day and watch how easy the game becomes. #starbury


Love shooting over 7 footers at 40! Put the work in and let the results display! #starbury


Been playing with a pulled hamstring for a month. Won’t sit down because this is the end of the career. I wanna feel it all as I depart. Challenging the mind more than the body at the end is the hardest part. My big brother always told me it’s a difference when you’re injured and when you’re hurt. When you’re injured you have to sit down, when you’re hurt you can play. Well I’m both and I’m still going hard. We played against the team that has the second most Championships in China. Anytime you play against the monsters you tap into another dimension. The last of the 96 class finishing as we like! #starbury



How I feel when we knock of the Number one Team without our best player @shavrandolph1 #starbury


I only thought to help because I was only taught to give. #starbury


Real power moves! I pray one day I’m able to do this same thing. Helping people who can’t help themselves is a positve force field needed on the earth. Why can’t we come together as people to help other people. So many takers and not enough givers. #loveislove #starbury #reachoneteachone @stephonmarbury_3 @kenaemarbury



My grandson Legend is always ready for the camera 🎥! It’s in his blood to shine his beautiful light. He’s so kind and so loving already. It’s a blessing when the power of Love lives all around him. Thankful to God for this sight. #loveislove @stephonmarbury_3 @kenaemarbury


All over again! @stephonmarbury_3 @kenaemarbury The future is bright!


I’ve been inspired to make everything not just #shoes and clothes. Now introducing the #starburyelectronics on #cybermonday We won’t stop creating and making new things for the people. #starbury for the people by the people #loveislove #iphone #andriod #bluetooth #wireless #speaker and #headset Only at for now 😃


Picture this being on Money in foreign land. Thankful to God for all that’s given. Thank you Beijing Rural Commerical Bank for placing my image on a credit card. The longer you remain positive, the stronger you become. Positivity on the inside leads to real, meaningful success on the outside. #loveislove #starbury #happythanksgiving


I never let anyone interfere with my focus no matter what they said or wrote. You become what you believe and believe in what you become when you put the work in. At 40 years old I’m still learning the game of basketball which is the dopest part of the game. You never become complete you just keep getting better! @stephonmarbury_3 @kenaemarbury @nba @espn #starbury


This is not slow motion! @filayyyy please put something on that! It needs you!!! D🌹


Very few guards run down the middle of the lane and fly straight up in 7 footers chest! Two hundred and eighty pounds of flesh... Make Big Boy Noise!!! #starbury My son is NEXT! @stephonmarbury_3


God speed! Thanking God for giving me the ability to still fly up and down the court at 40! @stephonmarbury_3 @nba @espn #starbury


When I say the boy got his own money I mean the boy got his own money! @kyrieirving #pointgod


The student will become the master but you have to master the art before you become the master. #starbury #pointgods #china #beijing


God is great! Praise him daily not just on Sunday! #starbury


My new squad the #BeijingLions Never thought I’d own a football team. Do it the God way and it will all pay off. #starbury #loveislove #Beijing