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this is from a few days ago looking a mess after surgery - but I feel strong too! And I’m pretty proud of myself for not sitting on my butt once since surgery, except for 1 or 2 minutes tops for bodily functioning haha. I even laid across the back seats in my Uber to the post-op appointment today. Commitment is key!


it’s beautiful outside, I woke up early, I’m weaning off of the pain meds, I feel happy. I feel happy. It’s odd because I don’t think I have felt happy in months and months. It honestly makes me want to cry, because I forgot how it felt. It’s a good day. ❤️☀️🍊


Hey y’all! It’s day 6 of recovery I think - it’s hard to remember, all of the days blur together, I haven’t left my house in ages. I wanted to compare pre-op to about a week post-op! The difference is crazy - swipe back and forth. Same underwear, same pose, TOTALLY different shape. Thank you @realdrsix ❤️❤️❤️ (also my skin is soooooooo dry I can’t wait to get this back pad off. Because I’m sure people will ask, the back pad is to amplify the curve of the back to the butt, it pushes in a little bit to help maintain the shape.)



Day 3 of recovery! It’s getting a lot easier - I’m able to do my own tissue massage now, less pain meds, more appetite, etc. Tomorrow at 9AM EST the surgery day vlog will go live with surgical footage - I’m sharing it with the idea to help others know what to expect from procedures like this and how recovery might be. Everyone has a different experience, I just want to share mine! /// procedure was a BBL by @realdrsix ///


This has been the most painful experience, but so worth it. Definitely harder than my FFS recovery because I can’t just knock myself out and sleep it off - there are massages I need to do for 20 minutes, 5 times a day. I need to make sure I’m not sitting or turning in my sleep. I need to be very aware of what I’m eating and the cycles of my body during this recovery - I’ll be uploading my SURGERY DAY vlog soon - featuring actual surgical footage with @realdrsix - I am glad Ive had all of you during these past few days. All of your encouragement and kind words have been incredibly helpful and sweet. ❤️


For those of you that don’t know, I’m getting my BBL/liposculpture surgery today in an hour or so. I’m going with @realdrsix because I love his results and I’m extremely confident in his work.
Swipe to get an idea of what the surgery does. Basically, he will remove fat cells from one part of the body and put them in another to create a shape that I want - a more conventional and traditional feminine shape.
You can keep an eye on my Instagram story for updates, but I’ll also be releasing an entire series of videos on this surgery so keep an eye on my channel for those too!

Thank you! I love you! Your support means the world and is going to have me sailing through recovery like a bat out of hell. 🔥👽🔥



In an effort to improve my mental health, I’m having my room painted white! The dark grey was really bringing me down. In the spirit of getting better, I made a video about my past therapy experiences so you could know what to expect if you’re new to it! The video was sponsored by Huddle, a fantastic app for talking about mental health, finding people going through the same things, and building a support network to get you through tough times. I highly recommend it - link in my bio! /// 📸 @depressiontoexpression /// cover by @nuvango x @claire_desjardins_art / jeans from @thestoreonqueen / glasses from @oyfoptical ///


brb transforming into Sailor Mars 💫👽💫 what sailor scout are you?! /// photo by @stephengaitan - when I say this dude is talented I MEAN IT. This was the coolest shooting technique to watch happen! The lights around me are an actual light that was moved around my body while I held the pose for a minute or more before the flash went off. It’s so cool to see the effect it has after 😱 would you guys like to see a behind the scenes photoshoot video the next time I work with Stephen? I’ll do my best to get him to let me film 🙌😤🙌


Only NINE days until my BBL with @realdrsix - I’m not sure I’m nervous, I’m definitely excited! I’ve been trying really hard to gain a little extra weight before surgery, and I’ve successfully gained three pounds 😩 in like a week and a half of dedicated work. I can’t wait to document the healing and results on YouTube! Gonna be a journey! 😱🙊🙌 // photo by @stephengaitan //



I had a 2018-style Breakfast at Tiffany’s moment the other day ... and haven’t seen the movie. Is it worth seeing? What’s your favourite old film?! 👽🖤👽


I had a great night last night ❤️ thank you @lucentmilk for hanging with me and inspiring the disjointed eyeliner look. You’re a blessing. 🖤 / choker by @hayleyelsaesser /


If you like your life stay away from the drugs. If you like your drugs, share them with celebrities 👽🖤👽 /photo by @stephengaitan



Hey y’all! I did this fun GRWM/chat about YouTube, the future, aspirations, and my childhood with @jayjaykings - go subscribe to him to catch it when it goes live today!


shaking my whole body to get a picture that makes it look like I have fun but in reality my camera was on an auto timer and I was on my staircase by myself after eating enough Indian food for three people and watching bobs burgers 🍔


is this close enough to the Mr Krabs meme for you? are you not entertained?!? what do you WANT FROM ME?!?!?!?! / photo by @stephengaitan



It’s too cold for you here. 🖤👽 photo by @stephengaitan /


If y’all watch my videos, you know I’ve been struggling lately with an eating disorder. I’m thankful and happy to say I’ve been in recovery for almost four months now, and I am in a better place of mind. I’m able to look at myself filling out again and be excited and be happy instead of feeling fear or dread. Thanks for all your kind words and encouragement and sharing your stories about eating disorders with me - it really helped. 🖤👽🖤 check my insta story for a quick comparison of then and now.


💋🖤🦋 today is a lazy day. I hope you’re all doing well! I had a crazy experience with a car almost running me over the other day, I’ll do a video about it very soon 😘 what’s your favourite “lazy day” thing to do? // photo by @stephengaitan //



The wonderful @jayjaykings invited me out to film a GRWM with him and we had so much fun! We did these matching smokey blue looks and I even ditched my normal inner corner liner to remind y’all that I am in fact a trained MUA that is capable of using eyeshadows 😂 go follow him so you’re ready when the video comes out! /// both of our tops are @hayleyelsaesser ///


You’re on the corner waiting for my love / I put two walls behind you just to lean on / You’re gonna need em cuz I stood you up / Cause I fuck with myself more than anybody else ///// also I’m getting breast augmentation in less than a month and my chest is never gonna look the same so I can look back on this later and reflect 🖤👽💋 /// photographer @stephengaitan ///


I’ve started wearing eyeshadow again lately, it’s been a long time but I’m excited to get back into make-up for fun! Might even record some more makeup videos when my skin calms down again :) /// hoodie from @thestoreonqueen ///


I had a nightmare last night that I had a home and every individual thing I was afraid of came in and left a dead body for me to get rid of so my sleep was not cute 🙃 did you have a Dream last night? What was it? 🖤🖤🖤 /// photographer @stephengaitan ///


We could be romantics for life, go wild with our scars unhealed 🖤🐞


hi this is my butt that I spent 10 minutes trying to get a photo of that would look effortless and candid but I gave up on that because it’s impossible so please have this extremely posed and forced photo instead you’re welcome!!!!!!!!11 ///


A few hairs out of place but I can’t care. Skirt by @hayleyelsaesser 💋


Beach party at the office water cooler ... in January. It’s fine. This is totally normal. // top/skirt by @hayleyelsaesser, SS17 //


Carefree alien girlfriend 🖤👽☕️ I’m a little sick right now but it’s given me the perfect excuse to isolate myself and play through the entirety of Mario Odyssey - and because I’m a completionist, that will probably take a while because 1 super moon missing is 1 too many. Woops. Great game tho 10/10 do recommend! 🖤👽☕️


Happy New Years from me and this little crouton. 2018 is the year of the Breadsquad 😎🖤 let’s make cool shit all year long lil buns. But today let’s recover from our hangovers if we have them ok? Thank u


Happy New Year’s Eve little buns :) I hope you get to spend time with people that make you happy and that you’re full of fire and passion to make 2018 yours. And ours! Let’s turn the tide of change right now. 🌎 Comment with your plans tonight! I wanna know what you’re up to! /// jacket @hayleyelsaesser ///


👽 I need to do more things so that I have more diverse and interesting pictures. 👽 earrings: @hayleyelsaesser /