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Ummmm yep!

Part of the creative process is just showing up. Even when you don't feel it. Sometimes magic happens when you least expect it. Today has not been one of those days for me. I've been a painting machine lately, but today, I really wasn't feeling it. But Grandma has the baby this morning so this was my chance. So I showed up.... and made some pretty terrible marks on a new canvas. Then, I tried to "save" an old piece I didn't like and I think I made it worse. I'm not saying this to be depressing, it's just the reality that some days are off days. It happens to all of us! It doesn't mean we're not talented or that we shouldn't keep trying and exploring our craft. Ok there. Had to let that out & feel a bit better now lol

Sending hugs to anyone out there not feeling very worky today!

Thanks @christydawnmills for this post. Just what I needed!


Details from another newbie ❤️


Now only 2 months+ to dry! 🙊



Morning walk with my sleepy little lamb 😍


Details 😍
Working on finishing this new piece today..hopefully can show you guys the whole thing tomorrow!


Thank you to all the women who support me & support each other!
This beautiful image is by @jackieillustrated 😍



On the easel today 💗
I took a break last year from oil art shows because, well... I was a new mom & had no new art! But I'm super excited to ease back into it with 2 shows this year.
I'll be at Rosedale Art Fair June 9 & 10 in Toronto and Oakville Art in the Park on August 6th in Oakville. More details coming soon. I hope you'll come visit!


Tweedia study 💙

I'm so excited about making some new online classes with birds like my last post -- perfect for spring! But before that... stay tuned next month for a new collab with @thehappyevercrafter & my white flowers series!


Such a grey day here this little guy is cheering me up! I've been wanting to do a series of birds for a really long time. Is that something you guys might want to learn online??



Texture & Colour are my two greatest loves 💗

I'm so excited to get back into my oils today! I've been missing them so much.
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Happy Valentine's Day!
Hope you're all getting spoiled with love today 💗💗


Floral Heart for Valentine's 💗
Want to get the full tutorial?? I created this fun little freebie for all my lovely online class subscribers. If you haven't already, you can sign-up (link in profile) and you'll get the FREE class sent to you on the 14th!
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My little rockstar 😍
.wait for it....
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Icelandic poppy. Needed something bright and cheerful before @nbcthisisus tonight Lol! 😢😭


Painting intuitively and embracing imperfection is something I've really focused on over the last few years, and I feel like it's given me so much freedom in my art practice. A while back, maybe from my school days, I was striving for some kind of invisible "perfection" with clean lines and smooth edges, and if my work didn't meet that expectation in my mind, it just wasn't good enough. Now I paint much quicker and let things happen... swerving lines, thick brush strokes, drips, scratches. They're beautiful to me because they're an honest reflection of who I am. I'll always be a bit of a messy painter and that's ok. I'm only human and those marks show the hand behind the work.



Peony play before bed. 💗
I really wish I was better at meditation. I love yoga but have never really mastered how to just BE and sit with my own thoughts. Maybe one day....but I guess it doesn't matter as long as we find a healthy way to calm the busy brain. For me, painting is it.
What's your favourite way to relax???


Gerbera Daisy 💙


Working on some floral elements for a new special project with @thehappyevercrafter! Hint hint...check out my last post 😘



I've been loving all the white lately, but needed some colour to brighten up these grey winter days! This floral Z was one of my favourites from my monogram series and I was so excited to be asked to include it in the @letterarchive revival project!

The letter archive is run by @blackchalkco and @thehappyevercrafter. It's an amazing resource for all letterers to draw from for inspiration on how to draw different styles of letters. @letterarchive is open for contributions of single letters by any and all artists- using the #letterarchive_(letter) hashtags. Over the course of 2018, all posts to the hashtags will be considered for being added to the first ever Letter Archive coffee table book! But best of all, sales of the Letter Archive coffee table book at the end of 2018 will be donated to Room to Read- a nonprofit childrens literacy and girls education organization.

@letterarchive and #letterarchive_Z


Continuing my white theme in oils too!
This pretty lady is available now at @pwd_gallery gallery


Remembering this tuberose from last May.
For those of you asking about online tutorials stay tuned! I'll be adding this one plus some other neutral beauties to a new online class of all white flowers! I'll be posting here one it's ready and if you want email notice + special free bonus classes feel free to sign up for my mailing list too (link in profile) ♥️


Working on more whites today with this Magnolia branch. Might be my favourite!


I've really been into delicate whites lately. They just feel so serene and calming, which is just what I need :) Thank you guys so so much for all the sweet words and encouragement on my last post. It means more to me than you know. I'm doing a lot better lately and really enjoying painting again! There will always be things in life that are out of our control, and all we can do is our best, right? Hope you're all having a great week so far! xo


White Lily for a lovely student of mine that inspires me. She wrote to me in the summer about hardships she had experienced in her family and how painting has been something healing that she can do just for her. White lilies were her mom's favourite and she requested a tutorial for one. I hope I can make a video for you soon :)
I haven't posted much lately because I've been going through a difficult time. I was recently diagnosed with adult onset type 1 diabetes, which is autoimmune and seems to run in my family. I've always been a pretty health conscious person and this has turned my world upside down. It's been a rough time of highs and lows but I'm starting to figure things out a bit and feel almost normal again.

I've found I really need to stop rushing so much and simplify things in my life so I can be as present and as healthy as possible. And that got me wondering if I should stop painting for a bit....but today I sat down, thought of my friend, and realized that's crazy! This is when I really need painting the most. Time with baby and all the appointments and tests lately has kept me so busy I haven't had a chance to, or wanted to do as much as I used to, but giving myself time to do something that I enjoy, just for me, is SO important.
So, thanks friend for inspiring me, and I hope you're taking some time out to play today :) Xo


It's so beautiful when the trees are blanketed with fresh snow. Such a peaceful morning here & I'm so happy it's going to be a white Christmas!
Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend ❄️


Indigo mood today....feeling like exploring a bit more abstraction lately. We'll see where this goes... .
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Baby's first painting! 🎨
We had so much fun playing today! I've been sooo obsessed with Pinterest lately (even more than usual) for sensory play ideas. You can do this in a ziplock bag so no worries about baby eating paint. I want to try edible paints next so Benny can really get messy!
Anyone have any experience with those? I saw some you can make with rice cereal and natural food colouring but haven't tried yet... :)
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