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Indigo mood today....feeling like exploring a bit more abstraction lately. We'll see where this goes... .
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Baby's first painting! 🎨
We had so much fun playing today! I've been sooo obsessed with Pinterest lately (even more than usual) for sensory play ideas. You can do this in a ziplock bag so no worries about baby eating paint. I want to try edible paints next so Benny can really get messy!
Anyone have any experience with those? I saw some you can make with rice cereal and natural food colouring but haven't tried yet... :)
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Just loving the yummy texture in this new commission I'm working on 😍



Sooooo many ornaments! Busy prepping for the Holiday Market at the Teak Barn this weekend...and watching super cheesy Christmas movies on Netflix.... Dear Santa...Christmas Kiss lol! I just love them!

Come say hi on Sat if you're in the area!!


My sweet friend Courtney @hello_lovely_shop posted this the other day and it was if she read my mind! Those words really captured what I've been feeling lately, and it was the perfect gentle reminder I needed to hear. Sometimes I see all the amazing things other artists I admire are doing and I feel a little sad that I'm only just squeezing in snippets of time when I can....mostly during baby's naps. I guess no matter what we do, we always think we could do more right? But then I feel super guilty for even feeing that way at all because I'm so lucky to be a mama and these little moments with him just pass way too quickly & I don't want to waste it worrying about not doing enough.  My days aren't very glamourous and maybe I can't do all the things and make all the paintings I'm dreaming about...yet....but I'm exactly where I'm  supposed to be in my life right now and being Benny's mom really is the best job of all.

. "I long to accomplish great and noble tasks, but it is my chief duty to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble" - Helen Keller



Hello Friends!! My new class Holiday Florals is now available online and 50% off today only!
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Happy painting!!


Just loving this gorgeous white palette from @avaflora 😍



Such a fun workshop yesterday!!! Thanks so much to all my talented students for coming out! 💗💗💗



"Gentle Embrace" 36 x 36

I paint flowers.... but they're not just flowers. They represent life. I want to celebrate those precious, fragile moments that are fleeting. Paintings -  like photographs - bring me back to a certain time in my life. All of a sudden I'm  flooded with feelings and memories. This piece was pretty recent though, but it was particularly special to me because it was the first one I made after I had my little Benny. Inspiration struck and I had to make it!

I brought it to a meeting with a lovely client of mine recently. We were just going to use it as inspiration for a new custom piece I was going to make for her -  to see how it looked on her wall for sizing/colour reference. But, once she saw it she told me that deep purple flower stirred something in her. She said she had lost someone close to her heart and it represented that person to her, and all those little blooms surrounding it were protecting it. Those drips made her think of life moving on...a new story to begin.
When I heard that we both just knew this piece was hers. Meant to be. We hung it up immediately. Sometimes life gets so busy I feel like I'm just going through the motions, days pass and it's a blur. But then something like that snaps me out of it (in the best way possible!) And I think...Ohhh yeah OK. That's why.

Gonna go snuggle my sweet baby now and take some time out today. ❤️


OK friends mark your calendars! My new Holiday Florals Online Class will be launching Nov 6th and will be 50% off for ONE day! Only $12!

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Christmas florals for a new class 😘


Little studies for big oils happening in the studio today!

And...Ben actually slept through the night for the first time ever yesterday!!!! We're so lucky he is the happiest little baby, but sleep has been the biggest struggle for us these last 7 mo. It's crazy how your body just sort of adjusts to it and somehow keeps going. But can't believe how amazing I feel today! Hope it wasn't just a fluke and most nights will be like this now haha!
Happy Monday everyone!


Such a beautiful day when work really isn't work at all. Loved painting with you ladies today and was totally blown away by all your talent!! Thanks so much @heckyesptbo @watsonandlou for having me & @mintfloralco for the stunning inspo arrangement!!



Putting together workbooks + supply kits for my workshop next weekend with @heckyesptbo & @watsonandlou!
So excited for our #familyroadtrip to Peterborough!!! Poor hubbs will be working on the house reno so my parents agreed to come along and watch the babe while I teach. So fun!

Still a couple spots left check out the link in my profile to sign up!


Delphinium - just one of the pretty flowers we'll be learning in my new Toronto Workshop Nov 4th! Check out the link in my profile to sign up :)


Leaf studies! 🍁🍂🍃
Hoping to make a little fall-themed tutorial as requested 😄



My obsession with anemones continues ❤️


Moody fall florals happening in the studio!


Ginkgo branch. 💛


Cannot wait to see my family this weekend!! Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!


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Hi Guys! Just a little teaser for tomorrow's launch! My new Hydrangea Online Class will be available on my website at 8am EST & on SALE for only $10!!
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Quick little eucalyptus sketch while baby sleeps!


Process is everything
I ❤️ @dallasclayton



Toronto Friends!! I'll be coming Nov 4th for a new class from 10am -1pm on Queen West!
We'll be learning a brand new set of florals & you'll receive a full illustrated workbook + supply kit with registration.

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Amazing day with @living_fresh and all our talented students!!


All the gorgeousness from @living_fresh 😍😍😍
So excited to get started with today's workshop!


Brand new oil floral! Can't wait to make more