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This was one of our campaigns the creative team at Loud was amazing thank you to @kokujin2000 and his staff and thank you to @jeffswierk @geraldhunt @lizhausle and the marketing team on this one #loudforever




This is from my 17 year old daughter I am so proud of her on what she believes in and stands up for it yes my kids live in LA now but Parkland was right around the corner where she lived in south Florida so this touched home for her our prayers go out to all the families at the school stay strong Douglas Highschool and parkland



They are growing up to fast @airrif @carolinerifkind @ryan_rifkind and a special thank you to @nicolelamy for being a great mom


Happy Anniversary @funkflex 21 years ago #platinum #loud


This picture was taken 21 yrs ago. 4 years ago today my Dad passed you know they say time heals all wounds not when you lose someone that you love with all your might. What time does is get you on your feet and gets you back to functioning laughing and enjoying things but it still hurts there are times that I want to speak to my dad sometimes when something that I know he would want to hear well Dad I miss you I love you I’m sure you are having a blast tell grandma and grandpa hello and thank you for watching over Alex Caroline Ryan Nicole and myself . I love you and will speak to you later @airrif @carolinerifkind @ryan_rifkind @nicolelamy @ellierifkind @jonrifkind @robertrifkind



RIP Pun you are truly missed


Checking in with @iam_setfree his compound is the truth


In my living room



Time to get busy let’s go #goodmusic taking no prisoners @valee @kingpush


Throwback this jacket came out when we did all the grass routes creative for starter through our marketing company had a lot of fun with this account @funkflex


You also never know when that person you treated badly you will need something from him. When I was first starting out I was hired to work a record with my street team and the gm of the label tried to embarrass me in the staff marketing meeting but I knew my facts and was prepared for the meeting. 10 years later when I sold Loud to Sony the guy ended up working for me and what I really wanted to do was fire him but I confronted him told him what he did and thanked him for motivating me. The moral of the story is this you never know when someone is going to shine I was taught by my dad treat people how you want to be treated



I’m ready to be destructive are you not in a bad way but to change the game let’s go


Happy Birthday Champ hope you enjoy your day and all your wishes and dreams come true. Please no gifts


Let’s go it works



Met @scooterbraun when he was a kid in Atlanta working with @jermainedupri in 2006 and from the minute I met him I knew he was going to be a superstar I think I offered him to become president of my company and a piece of the company and he said no. Cut to a few months later and is speaking everyday he says he had something for me I told him I would fly him up to NY the next day I forget that he was coming up and I said what are you doing here I have to go to this dinner he said I have this artist for you I said cool he introduces me to @asherroth they tell me he can rap I have him battle my asst and said we have a deal but as much as I loved Asher it was Scooter that I wanted to be in business with and it turned out we had a huge single with Asher and a great album. With all this being said Scooter I can’t be more proud of what you have accomplished in such a short time that people don’t do it in a life time I expect number 1 with in the next 5 years but remember this and you know we have had this conversation your health and family comes before anything I love you and congrats


Really proud of my son @iam_setfree what he has done for the culture is amazing his compound is a hot bed for creativity do your thing son @gabyacevedo1 @airrif @ryan_rifkind @carolinerifkind #family


Thank you @mrpedroarias for my sprinter for Grammy weekend



At the @thecompound_ the set of my new podcast coming soon stay tuned @therealkiss @iam_setfree


Agreed 100 percent what do u think


Just found this picture I always say keep dreaming but execute on that dream so u can make it into a reality let’s win


Really proud of my son @ryan_rifkind on what he is turning into love you and keep it up


Could not wait to get my hands on this. When @schott_free or @matteoglen would come in with this we knew it was go time this was the set up before the set up. Thanks free for posting this


Just saw this @3dnatee is the truth you get better every time I hear you keep working keep grinding


Don’t be scared


I like this


Back in the day in the Florida House @carolinerifkind @airrif @ryan_rifkind


London 8 years ago as we embarked on a worldwide promotion tour in 5 days we don’t talk about SRC much it was a different label than Loud we had to find big artists for the building to get behind them. When I told the people at Universal that Akon will be the biggest act I will ever have they laughed at me except for 1 person I took it personally my team @gabyacevedo1 @mr__harding @therealknobody @devynestephens @_bu @bigjah_ent went on the road Gaby’s wife was pregnant and ready to deliver he still went marching orders were we are not coming home until the record was broken at what became @akon became the biggest artist in the world and broke every type of record ringtones still don’t know how much money we made because it was changing everyday. The funniest thing the first week sales was the lowest I ever had Universal was laughing at me cut to a year later he sold 5 million on his first world wide and by the time the 2nd album came just about every song that was on the radio was a Akon record that he produced and wrote. The moral is when I believe in something I don’t hear the word NO thank you @akon for believing in what I said I was going to do


Don’t know if the title is true but what I do know is if you love what you do and you put the right team by your side and execute the plan you stand a much better chance of winning. I owe a thank you to a lot of people so I want to say thank you to the loud staff SRC staff. Let’s have fun in 2018 and break some artists