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As I choose to allow space for my rhythm,
a timely message arrives.
I'm reminded I'm behind the wheel
but not the only one that drives.
Who is this silent partner that allows me to suffer while it constantly contrives?
As I look around,
it's nowhere to be found,
so it must not exist I surmise.
Finally I hear the silent whisper,
"I exist within you, the rest are just lies."
When I need it the most,
It's the best kind of host,
much to my surprise.
And like that it's clear our partnership still thrives.
With every breathe I'm reminded,
I focus then realize. #astoria #queens #manhattan #nyc #writer #art #love #writersofinstagram #artistsoninstagram #heart #poetry #stories #story #realtalk #universe #tut


My sincerest apologies for being MIA but we back! Soon... #astoria #queens #nyc #writer #stories #skyline #manhattan #penmightierthanthesword 📸by yours truly


The Land of the Free, Home of the Brave by Samir Bali. #resist background 📷 #rp from @time taken by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd class Ford Williams from the destroyer USS Porter in the Mediterranean Sea. Those were the missiles launched by the dictator in the White House last night.


The scent of your love tickles my nose, fluttering with the breeze.
It seems a memory now,
flew past quick somehow.
I didn't..even...get to...inhale.
I can hear your voice
in the music of life around me.
It stands its ground
as the sweetest sound,
as if a giant tree.
Our roots are deep
I feel it when I see
through my third eye
I see it clear both far and near
eyes that captured my soul.
It's what I see in you
That makes me do
Things to make you smile.
Oh goodness boo
You see it too
So see it through
let me,
love you! #nyc #poetry #author #poetrycommunity #storytelling #follow4follow #hhny


Title: Separate Way
You opened my third eye to your presence
When you called me your soul mate
I wanted to believe it was real
Even though it was only the first date
On your face I saw the feelings you feel
Then you said I'm all you ever wanted
Now I took part in this rueful ruse
The feelings you had were being flaunted
Little did I know my heart you'd abuse
Now we must each go our separate way
For a month I haven't known time or day
Sleepless nights and an appetite only for destruction
Once again it's time for heart reconstruction
Honey at times you left me breathless
I even felt my heart skip a beat
The love we felt was reckless
And now I feel incomplete
#nyc #storytelling #poetry #poetrycommunity #author #follow4follow. photo: @ohnoitssammyboy words: me


There's a place I go when I've gone too far.
This place I often go, I have no use for a car.
This place I go, I get to, by seeking a shining star
There's a place I go my friend and yes the journey is far.
There's a place I go and it's off limits to my war.
A place I don't know, yet I reside there comfortably.
This place I go, I travel to within me.
The journey to and from there is quite taxing.
However while I'm there I find it quite relaxing.
What exists in this place that is safe harbor for my soul.
Why do I always come here when life is out of control?
Is it a false sense of security guiding my GPS?
The question ultimately is why am I here? So sorry I digress!
This place I go and easily find that has no address.
For it's in my mind that I find this place of my satisfaction.
This place I go is all show and devoid of any action.
I escaped again, my dear good friend and thank you for the cover.
The greatest show on earth will begin soon enough, until then you'll just hover.
Stuck in one place, like the start of a race, your mind is your real lover.
You come here sometimes to hide from the crimes you've committed towards yourself and others.
Hiding of this kind takes place when your blind.
It's like fighting amongst brothers.
Break free from the chain, from this don't refrain.
Otherwise my dear friend a possibility is all you shall remain. Photo: @ohnoitssammyboy Words: @storiesbysammyboy #nyc #storytelling #author #authorsofinstagram #story #storyofmylife #poetry #shortstories #poetrycommunity #shortstory #followme #follow