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CHICAGO, IL: Star is all spruced up and ready to find his forever home! This little cutie is 10 years old and weighs just 10 pounds. He recently had full dental surgery to extract his rotten teeth...and boy does he mouth feel better (and smell better!). Star is currently living at the shelter in a room with several other smaller dog, but he much prefers a more quiet environment. He is OK with calm, elderly dogs but does not appreciate the boisterous type. He would be well suited for a low-key household. Can we get him a home in time for the holidays? PLEASE SHARE!
A volunteer wrote, "Star is a male gentleman who is about 10 years old. He was surrendered by his family in Chicago who could no longer care for him. We have him noted as a terrier mix and around 10lbs or so.
Star is a lover of people and just likes to hang out with his human pack. He would do best in a quiet home with no young kids so he can relax. And he doesn't like to get worked up from noise or excessive activity. He currently lives in a room at the shelter with 3-4 other small dogs, however, he doesn't love all dogs. He tolerates them, but can get growly if mounted by another dog (which makes perfect sense). Introductions with any resident dogs would be a must, but we'd prefer to see him go to a home as the only dog. Star does not care for large dogs or cats.

Star gets around great for his age and is a great companion for a low key family. He enjoys being in your lap or next to you on the couch. Famous Fido will only adopt our animals out to folks within about 2 hours of Chicago. This includes portions of Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa - so long as it is within a few hours of Chicago!" To adopt Star, please email Famous Fido shelter volunteer Natalie at with any questions. ❀️ #seniordog #adoptme #chicago #illinois #adoptdontshop


What a trooper!! 7 year old Hamilton underwent his neuter surgery and mass removal like a champion. Thanks to @purepawsvet - vet partner of @shelterchic. He's a little bummed that we can't go on a longer walk, but we're hopeful he'll heal quickly and have lots of walks ahead of him in his lifetime! πŸ™ŒπŸ½ Hamilton is off to his foster today and we are thrilled he finally gets to be in a home after months in the shelter! Stay tuned! ❀️ #seniordog #boxermix #fosterdog #adoptme #adoptdontshop


We've been burning with good news all week long.... ANDY PAMPERS GOT ADOPTED!!! ❀️😍❀️❀️😍❀️😍❀️😍❀️❀️😍😍 For as much as we love this boy dearly, we are even more in love with the relationship he and his momma have already created. And bonus: he even has a grandma and grandpa nearby for extra loving - and spoiling! Lucky boy! πŸ™ŒπŸ½ Andy is by far our most improved foster dog and we are so proud of his journey with us. Andy arrived at the ACC, and together with @pupstarzrescue, we pulled him into our home to foster him. We have a feeling he was either mistreated at some point or he had very limited human love throughout his life. But while in foster care, we quickly learned that if you show Andy a smidgen of patience, this boy will truly melt for you. It's clear Andy yearned for life of love, free from fear.
We are incredibly thankful he found his new mom, Stephanie, who immediately fell head-over-heels in love with him. Andy has quickly made himself at home and found himself someone who he can shadow for the rest of his life - its his favorite activity! And Andy never has to be alone for very long again, because if mom is working that means his new grandparents come say hi! He deserves every ounce of goodness coming his way for the rest of life...we love you, Andy Pampers! 😍

Stephanie writes, "I had been looking for a senior dog since my last senior passed. When I saw Andy's photo pop up on Facebook, I fell in love with his face and his silly ears. Despite being neutered at 12, having the growth removed and still wearing his cone, Andy has been an absolute sweetheart! He gets more snuggly every day, loves belly rubs and walks, and has become my shadow, especially when I walk in to the kitchen! And his snoring at night is hysterical! He's always asleep before me and he snores straight thru my alarm.

He only had 1 pee incident and it was kind of my fault for not paying attention. He's being good and started alerting me if he needs to go. I try to pre-empt it and walk him every few hours. His last walk is around 10 and we're up at 6.

Thank you for being his foster parents and @pupstarzrescue for rescuing him!" ❀️ #seniordog #adopted #thegoodlife #happilyeverafter



Little baby Becky will be spending the day at @worthstreetvet getting an echocardiogram done...and then we'll have some good news for you. STAY TUNED!! @animalhaven πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ˜ #seniordog #vetcare #adoptdontshop


MIAMI, FL: 7 year old Duchess has been let down one too many times by humans. She has never had anyone who truly cared about her. Last year, Duchess was brought to the shelter as part of a "cruelty case." Duchess has always been a good girl and so the shelter brought back to health, and then she was adopted out 5 months later. Sadly, Duchess was let down once again. She was recently found roaming as a stray. Poor Duchess. She is a kind girl and she deserves so much better than this. The shelter has asked SSD for help in finding Duchess a quality home with humans who will never-ever let her down again. PLEASE SHARE! πŸ™πŸ½πŸ‘ @miamianimalserv wrote, "We currently have a 7 year old #Shepherdmix named Duchess. She was found by a Good Samaritan last week and brought to the shelter. Unfortunately, this is not Duchess’ first time under our care, as she was here back in 2016 as part of a cruelty investigation, arriving underweight. She spent about five months at the shelter where she was cared for and treated back to health by shelter veterinarians.
Now she is back at the shelter again and this time we want to help her find the perfect home. Duchess is a special girl that will have you falling in love with her sweet personality. She is good with other dogs, kids and all people. Duchess loves to play fetch, is good on a leash and knows basic commands such as sit. She is the perfect addition for a family.
We hope that Duchess can spend her golden years showered with the love and affection she deserves. She’s spayed and her adoption also includes a microchip, deworming and vaccinations. Adopters that live in Miami-Dade County will only be responsible for a $30 license fee." To adopt Duchess, please email MDAS volunteer Christina at ASAP with animal ID #a1575130.

Miami Dade Animal Services is located at 3599 NW 79th Ave, Doral, FL. ❀️ #seniordog #lookingforlove #miami #miamidade #adoptme #adoptdontshop


"I just wanted to give you an update on Trixie. I adopted her August 2015 after she was posted on your Facebook page.
Trixie is such a good girl, and so smart, intuitive and affectionate and really just perfect for me. I work from home so I'm with her pretty much 24/7, and when she had a dental recently and was gone for the day, the house was so empty without her (the cats wouldn't eat all day that day and waited until she came home). She enjoys hanging out in her yard and likes to chase the birds and squirrels and chipmunks (she doesn't actually catch them or hurt them). She's really good in the car and loves car rides to the park or lake or just about anywhere (except the vet of course). Trixie also loves to eat. All you have to do to get her attention is say the word treat, food or eat, or ask her if she's hungry, haha.
When Trixie first came home she had some issues getting along with my three cats, but it didn't take long though for her to realize that the cats were part of her pack, and for her to become great friends with them. Now they all sleep together and cuddle with each other. Their favorite spot in the house is the couch and they pretty much own it.

It's hard to believe that Trixie was at the shelter for 6 years, but I'm thankful that I had the chance to adopt her. I'm also thankful to everyone that took such good care of her at the shelter when she lived there, and for your page for posting her. -Agnes​

P.S. I'm attaching a couple of photos of her. The last one is very dark and grainy, but it's a photo of my 15 year old cat Phoebe sleeping on top of Trixie." ❀️ #seniordog #adopted #lovestory #adoptdontshop



NEW YORK, NY: Went to visit adorable 7 year old Hamilton tonight...what a ham! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜† Hamilton is still looking for a temporary foster (two weeks or so) while we get him fully vetted.
Hammie, as we like to affectionately call him, is being neutered tomorrow. Also, the large lump on his front leg his a mast cell tumor (swipe for pic) that will be biopsied tomorrow as well. Depending on the results of that will determine the course of action that we take for Hammie. (But whatever the case, thanks to your donations SSD can sponsor 100% of EVERYTHING he needs!! So glad we could pull this boy from the shelter!) Hamilton weighs 62 pounds and has proved himself to be quite friendly with other dogs. He has been cooped up in a shelter for the past 7 weeks and gets really happy and excited at first, so he does need a few days to decompress. But he is super sweet and means well. He's just so happy to finally have some freedom!! (Hammie's relationship with cats is unknown at this point, so fosters either need to know to practice separation or have no felines at home. He could be totally fine with cats, we just don't know as of right now.) Hamilton needs a foster home starting this Saturday morning. He will need to be picked up in Manhattan at the vet; fosters can be in the tri-state area.
Please email @shelterchic at ASAP to submit a foster application. Your help is greatly needed for Hammie! ❀️ #seniordog #fosters #nyc


The sweetest, wartiest beauty queen. πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜ #giveashelterdogachance #adoptdontshop #beautyqueen


FREEDOM RIDE!! Look who SSD x @shelterchic pulled from the shelter today?! It's 7 year old Hamilton!! 😍😍 While we are still getting to know Hamilton, it's clear this guy is a love bug. He hopped into the car without any problems - he was just super excited to get the heck outta' there! (He's been there since October 3rd. 😫) Hamilton still has an adorable amount of spunk left in him and he definitely loves toys and tennis balls. πŸŽΎπŸΆπŸŽ‰ We brought Hamilton straight to the vet so we can get him fully assessed, including bloodwork and any other necessary tests. We will also get his lumps and bumps checked out (all fully sponsored by SSD thanks to your generous donations!). We can't wait to get him in tip-top shape for his future forever home. ✌🏽🏑❀️ Hamilton is staying at the vet's office tonight to receive care and @shelterchic is currently reviewing foster applications. If you have any questions on fostering or adopting Hamilton, please email @shelterchic at (*Check out stories for more Hamilton vidoes!*) ❀️ #seniordog #cutie #fosterme #adoptme #freedomride #adoptdontshop



OMG! Senior dog lovers! I am absolutely amazed and excited to update you that in just 24 hours SSD has already received over $12,500 in donations, which is more than 1/2 the goal!!! I was nervous to ask for such a large amount and am blown away but your quick call to action and generosity with only one post so far. β€οΈπŸ€—πŸ™πŸ½πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ½ The plan was to raise $20,000 before the end of the year and I am now confident we can get there. In fact, I completely underestimated the generosity of everyone following SSD and I believe we can raise a whole lot more before the end of 2017. I would LOVE to be able to double that goal and really push things forward for the start of 2018 and the number of senior dogs SSD can potentially sponsor.

SSD is a 501c3 organization (and nobody gets a salary!). Your donations are used for things like the *specific needs* of *specific senior dogs* -- that means, for example, if 12 year old Fido has a mouth full of rotten teeth, is heartworm positive, and has been sitting in a shelter for a year without interest, with your donations SSD can sponsor everything Fido needs to 1) make him more comfortable and pain free and 2) make him more adoptable to the general public. SSD will cover ANYTHING a senior dog needs that is related to making him or her happier, healthier and much more adoptable.
I am excited to see how much we can raise before the end of 2017. Please know that every single dollar counts and SSD can stretch your donations far!! THANK YOU! ***You can donate via PayPal (using OR head to SSD website, link in bio. Checks can be mailed to: PO BOX 20334, New York, NY 10011.*** πŸΆπŸ’°πŸΆπŸ’°πŸΆ #thankyou #seniordogs #nonprofit #charity #animalrescue #donations #itsallforthedogs


We still need a foster within 1 hour of Manhattan or the nearby tri-state area for 7 year old Hamilton! This guy is super spunky and has tested well with other dogs. He has been at @ahsnewark shelter since October 3rd!! He has some old man lumps we want to get checked out along with a full geriatric vet care workover -- all will be fully sponsored by SSD. If you have room to foster, please email @shelterchic ASAP at! πŸ€žπŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ€žπŸ½ #seniordog #brindle #boxer #fosters


We're at the shelter and really want to sponsor senior dog rescue pulls with @shelterchic but we need fosters!!! In this video is 7 year old Hamilton, he's been here since October 3rd and just a good guy! We really want to get him to the vet for a full geriatric workover and also give him a luxurious spa day! If you have room to foster in the NYC/NJ area, please email ASAP! ❀️ #seniordog #fosters



"My fiance and I have been talking about adopting a dog for a few months now. We both grew up with dogs that were adopted from shelters or from rescue programs, so we always knew we would adopt rather than buy a puppy. @kurbis_with_an_umlaut is the first dog we adopted together, and we were not originally planning to adopt a senior dog specifically. We actually expected to wait until spring to adopt a dog. We're both graduate students and work long hours, so we weren't sure if we were ready to be good pet owners yet. However, when we got the flyer in the mail about the SSD senior dog adoption event we realized that getting a senior dog would be perfect. We woke up Saturday morning determined to find a dog to adopt that day.

We spent hours there getting to know all the wonderful, sweet dogs. The hardest part was picking only one and knowing that not every dog would go to a new home that night. I briefly cried at one point because we had narrowed it down to a couple dogs, and it broke my heart to choose. Kurbis (then called 'Red') made the decision easy though. Kurbis embodied the fact that pitbulls are in fact sweet dogs, and not aggressive. Upon meeting us he immediately started licking our faces. At one point, one of the other dogs even snapped at him, and rather than snapping back, he just kept trotting along on our 'test walk.' The vet estimates Kurbis' age to be around 9 years old. He has a hard time with stairs (so we usually carry him - which will be harder once he hits his target weight!) and his vision seems to be declining. But we absolutely love him!! I've spent every day with him since the adoption, either working from home or bringing him to my office on campus. Eventually we'll leave him at home more, but we just want him to gain trust and security first.
Since having him we've discovered that a past owner filed down his teeth and we keep finding new scars (on his body, in his mouth, pieces missing from his ears). It is upsetting to imagine what his past life was like, but we are so happy to be giving him comfort and joy in his final years! -Leslie & Eric & @kurbis_with_an_umlaut" ❀️ #seniordog


BECKLEY, WV: Poor Penny is having at rough go at what should be her retirement years. To begin with, she was found roaming as a stray as an elderly lady. And now at the shelter she is considered "unpopular" and "nothing special" to visitors. The shelter has tried to show potential adopters what a diamond she is, but nobody is interested due to her "plain looks" and old age. Penny needs --deserves-- the spotlight! PLEASE SHARE! 🌟🌟🌟 The shelter wrote, "Penny is 10 years old and weighs 40 pounds. She made her way to the Raleigh County Humane Society as a stray a little over a month ago. Penny has been turned down multiple times by families who have been in the market for a new dog. She is not 'popular' in our shelter. She is a small brown dog and there is nothing 'special looking' about her. However we, the shelter, knows that she is indeed a diamond in the rough!! Penny loves 'busy bones,' walks, and cuddling. At our adoption event this past weekend, we realized Penny LOVES children! And Penny has tested well with other calm dogs.
Shelter life is not easy on any dog, but especially a senior. Penny needs a family to look past her age. She is a fantastic dog who deserves a wonderful retirement home.

Our adoption policy at the Humane Society of Raleigh County is very simple. We have a two page adoption application. After our adoption counselor looks over it and verifies that any current pets at home are up to date on vaccines. We do adopt out of county, and out of state. We are also very rescue friendly! Transport is regularly available to Staunton, VA, and to as far north as Plymouth Meeting, PA, once a month. Penny is up-to-date on vaccines, spayed and heartworm negative." To adopt Penny, please email the Animal Placement Director, Angela, at for an application.
Raleigh County Humane Society is located at 325 Grey Flats Rd, Beckley, WV. ❀️ #seniordog #animalshelter #westvirginia #adoptme #adoptdontshop


🀞🏽Hey senior dog lovers! It's that time of year when donation requests are abound, but it's also a time when people are feeling most generous. As loyal followers of SSD, you probably notice that we rarely ask for donations throughout the year - and we hope to keep it that way. SSD is a unique 501c3 in that we have the ability to use donations for the specific needs of homeless senior dogs. Much of SSD funds are used for vet care directly for a specific senior. Because of how SSD is set up, we have the advantage of sponsoring individual senior dogs and providing them everything they need to be more adoptable to the general public, which helps them find forever homes faster. We work with public shelters and private rescue groups all around the United States to maximize your donations to the fullest. We have a goal of raising $20,000 by the end of the year so we can start the 2018 year off with much success for homeless seniors! We appreciate your patience while we ask for donations, and while this is our least favorite part of running a nonprofit, it's a necessary part to be able to continue the work we do. (Please note, there are NO salaries nor rent or similar expenses at SSD. 100% of funds go to senior dog vet care or related efforts to bring increased awareness to the need for senior dog adoption and the humane treatment of animals.) ***You can donate via PayPal (using OR please head to SSD website, link in bio. Checks can be mailed to: PO BOX 20334, New York, NY 10011.*** [Do you work for a generous company looking for new ways to donate that has a direct impact for homeless dogs? Email us!!] Again, thank you for your support and patience!! 🀞🏽🐢🀞🏽🐢🀞🏽🐢 #seniordogs #dogs #animalrescue #nonprofit #donation #donate #thankyou



ATLANTA, GA: After spending his entire life with his former family, 9 year old Mac was surrendered because he apparently got "too big." It is quite the perplexing story since Mac has been the same size for a very long time. We can only assume they must have been referring to Mac's big forgiving heart. ☺️ Mac is friendly with other dogs, respectful of the house, and loves to cuddle. The only thing he lacks is a forever home. PLEASE SHARE! πŸ’“πŸ’“ @obbrescue wrote, "Mac is a sweet, natured 9 year old #boxer who came to our rescue as an owner surrender to a local shelter. His owners said he got 'too big.' After 9 years! Can you believe it?
Mac weighs 55 pounds and could stand to gain a couple more. We are feeding him puppy food to add some weight to him. He prefers to eat his dry food wet because he's missing a few teeth. Mac got along great with his foster brothers and gets along well with new dogs. He loves to cuddle up with you on the sofa, if he's invited. If not, he sits at your feet and waits for some love. He's very respectful and waits for your cues.
We think Mac would do just fine out of the crate if he's left alone. He has never had any accidents outside of his crate. He likes to drink a lot of water so you have to keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't drink so much to fast. Despite his age he still has a playful boxer spirit, and loves to be spunky on occasion! He enjoys a walk but can get too excited when he sees other people and dogs so he needs a little work with that. He also has prey drive, so no cats. Mac would probably prefer to live out his retirement in a home with more mellow dogs and older or no kids.
As for adoption policy, we require personal references or vet reference (or both). As for transport, we will issue a travel certificate if that is needed. We also adopt outside our area if we can get a home visit done by another rescue." To adopt Mac, please email Out of the Box Boxer Rescue at to submit an application. ❀️ #seniordog #adoptme #georgia #adoptdontshop


Whose dog actually walks normal in their ice & salt booties AND whose dog has booties that never actually fall off?!? πŸ˜† No matter how many brands we try or how good the reviews are or how snug we put them on...snow booties are a constant fail in this house. πŸ‘ŽπŸ½πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ #urbandog #practicingforwinter #iceandsnow #38bucksdownthedrain


**EDIT: ADOPTED!!** LOS ANGELES, CA: Meet Bruiser! He is looking for someone who needs a life co-pilot and wants a dog who you can take with you everywhere you go. Whether he's at home or in public, Bruiser is a well-behaved fella who doesn't bark and is friendly with everyone! Bruiser lived with his former family for the last five years and was surrendered to the open-admission shelter three months ago due to issues with the landlord. He needs help getting back on his paws and is waiting to form the bond of a lifetime. PLEASE SHARE! πŸΆπŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€βœˆοΈπŸš˜ Bruiser's foster wrote, "Bruiser is 11 years old and he was owner surrender due to 'landlord issues.' The family that surrendered him said they had had him for five years. Bruiser has been in the shelter system for three months (and he was also at the SSD adoption event). He is my tenth LA Animal Services foster, but I can only foster him until 12/21/17.
Bruiser is shy at first, but warms up quickly and his timidity/fear never results in aggression. He is great with both men and women and loves to sit in your lap. He will go anywhere (coffee shop, restaurant, etc) and is content to just be with you! He also rides well in the car.
He is crate-trained, leash trained, and great with other dogs, including my very grumpy rescue JRT who is also a senior. Bruiser is housebroken, but did two accidents the first day.

Bruiser is approximately 8 pounds and up for adoptable through @northcentralshelter. He needs his teeth cleaned, but seems to be in good health otherwise (we're working on putting a little bit more weight on). I have seen dogs of every breed, color, age, temperament and size sitting in kennels waiting for a home. I hope that by fostering, I can reach people who might otherwise go to a breeder and steer them toward adoption instead." To adopt Bruiser, please email @patiaeaton at with any questions and to begin the adoption process. ❀️ #seniordog #chihuahua #losangeles #adoptme #adoptdontshop #adoptdontbreed



πŸŽ₯ Remember Orville who was adopted from the SSD senior dog adoption event last weekend? With each passing day he is thriving more and more at home. 😍😍 His parents Margaret and Ariel haven been taking all the rights steps for a successful adoption and harmonious home life. We couldn't be more thankful to them and we couldn't be more thrilled for this extra special happy-tail! (Orville was from @downeyanimalcarecenter.) πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• Margaret wrote, We decided to rename Orville - Oliver! The car ride home from the adoption event was a breeze. Oliver slept most of the way and we alternated sitting in the back seat with him (but that was more for us than him since he was doing great! haha). He kept sticking his head over the seat hammock to say hello to whoever was driving, then he'd plop back down to sleep.
At home, he's eating and drinking like a champ and is doing awesome exploring the house and neighborhood. We finally heard his voice when we left him alone in his room for a bit on the first night. He didn't like being left alone, but by day two he realized it was just a temporary thing and he's been doing fine since. We have to leave him alone in his room sometimes until we fully integrate him with his 7lb kitty sister, Sasha. We're pretty sure he's going to be completely fine with her, but she's a sensitive senior so we're giving her time to smell and adjust. We had them both on separate ends of the couch yesterday and they were both relaxed just hanging out. We're working our way up to a direct introduction!! Oliver is absolutely wonderful and is just looking for love. Our attempts at selfies with Oliver are hilarious - he's such a lovebug and always wants to give kisses if we're close enough for him to reach our faces. He loves to lean his head in my lap to get rubs, then he slowly leans his weight on me until he plops to the ground and just snorts and wags his tail. It melts my heart!! We're so happy to have found him!!" ❀️ #seniordog #adopted #selfless #love #thegoodlife #happilyeverafter #adopt #adoptdontshop


"We visited our city shelter in August of 2014 'just to look.' We found a small, senior dog who was missing a lot of his hair. We crouched down and cooed at him to come closer. With a little encouragement, the dog approached us. He was visibly shaking and grimacing in fear. We loved on him for a bit before going back home to retrieve our other dog for a meet and greet. Everything went fine and Animal (formerly Tinky Winky) came home with us!
Initially, he spent most of his time under our bed and did not do much interacting with us. I was okay with this. We adopted him to get him out of an uncomfortable environment and were not really expecting much in return. Then one night he followed me to the kitchen and sat in a corner while I made dinner. He started following me more and more. The following turned into scratching at whatever piece of furniture I was on to let me know that he wanted to join me. We are now inseparable. Animal has been on many road trips all over the country. And he was the ring bearer at our wedding this past September. The pit bull is his sister, Dolly, and the little guy is his brother, Igor! [Swipe for pic.] Owning a senior dog has its own challenges and we have learned that there can't be a perfect system for everything, but we would not trade our experience with Animal for the world. Animal moves slowly but his vitality and devotion to our family impresses me every day. We are so happy to be able to allow him to live out his golden years with comfort and dignity. I'm so amazed by the online support system available for senior dogs and their humans.
Also, almost two years ago, SSD posted a dog looking for a home in my state of Virginia. I reached out to the shelter and was happy to be informed that the dog had found a home. The woman I spoke to asked if I would be interested in helping with rescue transports. I said yes and have been transporting ever since!

Thank you,
Brittany" ❀️ #seniordog #animals #adoptdontshop


(near) TOPEKA, KS: Ugh. Blue and Roscoe are still at the shelter. Not only that, they've only had a speck of adoption interest. and still depressed about it! These senior brothers are family dogs who need a warm and cozy home. They are gentle, "perpetually sleepy" and really good boys who are just down on their luck. PLEASE SHARE! πŸ–€πŸ–€ The shelter wrote, "Blue and Roscoe were dropped off at our facility in July. Their long-time owner lost his job and was moving to a town with a bully breed ban. He brought them to us the day he was leaving town, so we had no choice but to take them in. They are both 10 years old.

Blue and Roscoe are exactly what you'd expect senior dogs to be - slow-moving, gentle and perpetually sleepy. The boys each have their own kennels when we aren't full, because our kennels are not that big. If we get many stray dogs in, we room them together. We had Roscoe and Blue housed together and they were both fed in separate bowls. And if Roscoe finished his first and went to check Blue's out, there was no growling or any issues. Blue would just step aside and usually Roscoe was just checking to make sure Blue didn't have anything better than he had had, and then walked away.
Because of their low activity level, they would do well in nearly any type of calm household. They are fine with kids and all people, but have gotten into the habit of mounting new dogs that they meet, which turns off people who aren’t willing to put in the time to help with that behavior. That is the only way they ever show any dominance. We would prefer that they go to a home without cats or small dogs just because they show a little too much prey interest for small animals.

Because shelter life is difficult on senior dogs, we have decided to completely waive the fee for those interested in adopting both of these guys. Roscoe and Blue are having a particularly hard time at the shelter. The boys would both be so content with a soft bed or couch and a place outdoors to stretch their legs." To adopt Blue and Roscoe, please email volunteer Katelyn at to apply.

@caringheartshs is located at 18200 Valley Road, #Wamego, KS. ❀️ #seniordog #kansas


HOLY AMAZING! Momma and Poppa got ADOPTED!!! πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½ On Wednesday, we posted this senior pair who desperately needed out of the shelter. Momma and Poppa had been living there for months without so much as a bat of an eyelash of interest. (Of course this is not surprising considering the shelter has a hard time even getting individual young dogs adopted. It's a sad state of affairs so many shelters face.) Poppa was having an especially hard time moving around and he developed bad sores from laying on the concrete (he couldn't even get up on a kurunda bed.) BUT....! On Friday, two devoted animal lovers named Nicole and Stewart immediately took action when they saw Momma and Poppa's need for help. With pleasure, Nicole and Stewart sprung these two lovebirds to freedom and they haven't look back since!! Seriously, how amazing is this?!? πŸ’πŸ’•πŸ’ Nicole writes, "The babies are doing wonderful! They've been named Johnny Cash and June Carter. 😍 We have 3 acres fenced in for our dogs, and June loves roaming and stretching her legs. Lab work on both actually looked really good. Both have thyroid disease, which added to their weight and sore joints. Mr. Cash also had a pretty significant ear infection, in addition to his pressure sores. I've started pain control and thyroid meds for both. Mr. Cash gets regular wound treatments on his sores and ears, and a massage after. They're walking better and seem happy.
Can't thank Calhoun County Humane Society enough for all they did over the past several months. There's no doubt they would've been much worse off had they not showed them so much TLC. My husband and I are ecstatic to have this older couple on our farm." ❀️ #seniordog #seniordogs #adopted #thegoodlife #peace #love #adoptdontshop


With each passing day and the more we get to know #fosterdogBecky, the more and more absurd it is knowing she was surrendered because the owner stated she was "insubordinate and doesn't comply with rules." There are cases where dogs are surrendered to shelters due to true hardship and their owners hit rock bottom, passed away, or because of some other heartbreaking story. Those situations deserve our compassion and empathy and it needs to be recognized that hardship does exist. HOWEVER, having visited many shelters around the United States, too many owner surrender cases are not due to hardship nor have anything to do with something the dog did. And this is beyond frustrating, especially because the general public still sees shelter animals as "less than." Or, if you want to get a "good dog" the (untrue) mindset is that you have to go to a breeder. 😫 YES, we are VERY passionate about this topic because of the GREAT DOGS we meet in shelters every single week!! Dogs like Becky who are passed over and a "dime a dozen." Yes, as a dog loving community it is our responsibility to care for the less-fortunate pets. (Please read that as unlucky or lack of fortune, but NOT less than.) On the flip side, why do humans expect so much perfection in pets, whether it be behavior or habits or health? (Especially because we humans are so much more flawed.) These are living beings who are voiceless and need our compassion and understanding. Please friends, don't buy a dog. Please, don't breed for a new puppy. Yes, we do have free will to choose where our pets come from, but wouldn't it be lovely if every person could truly see the beauty in adopting an animal who needs you regardless of what he or she looks like? Dogs like Becky cannot choose their life story, but we humans most certainly can write it - good or bad - for them. πŸ’ #adoptdontshop #adoptdontbreed


Drumroll everyone....little Elvis the tripod got ADOPTED!!! 😍

Elvis is now named Miles. We've been waiting to share the good news with you to show how well he has settled in to his new forever home. But wait! It's just not Miles who found love, TWO dogs from @arfharborshelter found love the day Dana and her boyfriend visited the shelter. That's right, it's two happily-ever-after stories all rolled into one!
Dana writes, "Miles (fka Elvis) is such a little sweetheart and quite a little ham! I absolutely fell in love with Miles the second I saw him on your account last week and when I showed my boyfriend, he fell in love too. It took some talking and deciding if we were ready for a new dog, but we knew he needed us and so we planned the rescue mission to go get him as soon as we possibly could. We’re already working on trying to find him a good prosthetic so he can have even greater mobility.
Miles' personality started to show immediately when we got home. We have 5 dog beds all around the place and he immediately dove into one and made claim on it. He just LOOOOVES every bed that he has so much that as soon as we get back inside the condo, he takes off running to the living room and dives back in to the bed! It’s as if he is cherishing the comfort of it each time he jumps back in. My heart melts every time!

That day we went to the shelter I kind of knew we’d end up with two dogs. We also adopted Buckley who is just a puppy and was just a wreck of anxiety. After we got home, he was so curious about the condo, but then found the beds and checked them all out before settling in to one. ️

I really have to say that we owe it all to our little senior min-pin who passed away at the ripe old age of 17.5 on September 3rd. Kalik was such a good dog and the love he got from us is what kept him going strong through his senior years. When he passed away in my arms that day, I was utterly devastated. Soon after, I started finding peace in a lot of wonderful animal Instagram accounts, especially ones that had to do with #seniordogs.
I just started their page @milesandbuckley. I truly can’t believe how lucky we all are to be together. A dream come true really." ❀️


PHOENIX, AZ: Why oh why is no one adopting 10 year old Sporty?! This fantastic senior gal is friendly and playful with other dogs and she is very cuddling with humans - she's a lap dog! Yet this is her 3rd feature on SSD and she is still without any serious interest; she is still living at the shelter. 😫 It's very difficult to be passive about letting any dog linger at the shelter, let alone a best-friend-in-waiting senior dog. Sporty needs a cozy, comfy home. PLEASE SHARE to help Sporty find love and freedom! πŸŽΎπŸΆπŸ’ A shelter volunteer wrote, "Sporty (aka Sporty Spice) is very aptly named because this senior lady has tons of #spunk and sport in her! Although her hips are a bit stiff, her heart is pure puppy. 10 year old Sporty loves to play fetch and loves to run and play in the yard. Other than some stiffness in her hind end, Sporty seems to be very healthy and has a great spunky energy!
Sporty is social with other dogs, very affectionate with people, and I could see her doing well with kids. She would love to meet your dog from home; bring them in for an intro! With people, she loves pets and cuddles and lap time! She walks well on the leash and knows 'sit' for a treat.
Sporty wants to be YOUR princess- she's looking for a family to love and spoil her. Don't worry, she doesn't ask for a ton. Just play a little fetch with her, and cuddle a lot. Those are Sporty's two main joys in life! Oh, and she wouldn't mind a fancy princess bed either...your bed will do!" To adopt Sporty, please email volunteer Heather at with any questions and help with the adoption process. Sporty's animal ID# is A2404646.

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There is nothing Sara enjoys more than walking!!! Her only complaint this trip is that the park we chose had a no off-leash dogs rule. 😏 (Which is great for dogs who need to stretch their legs but can't be off leash, but not so great for the Sara dogs out there! πŸ˜‰) But the true highlight of our hike today is when we encountered a group of about six tourists (not from the United States). One guy, almost giddily, exclaimed, "is that a pit bull?? Can I touch her?!" The short story is the group was beyond excited to meet a pit bull and, after emphasizing Sara's friendliness, they stated back that they understand pit bulls are trying to gain back from the public a positive "new image" <--- their words! πŸ‘πŸ½ Obviously, as pitties rightfully deserve. Sara ended the encounter taking a picture together with her new international friends. We still have a long way to go for a truly positive image of pit bulls and to get rid of the prejudice they too frequently encounter for all the wrong reasons, but...this was definitely THE BEST part of today. And we'll take it. Give a pittie a chance! ✌🏽#seniordog #pitbull #adoptdontshop


Three cheers for senior dogs!! πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½ From left to right are seniors Libby, Mississippi, and Cleo. And they were all pulled by @maedayrescue at the end of the senior dog adoption event last weekend in Los Angeles - three of the many dogs who had still remained overlooked all day! We are so happy these three angels didn't have to go back to their concrete kennels at the shelter. Instead, they all immediately went into foster care and today they had their big vet checkup as part of the process to get them ready for adoption. A huge thanks to @maedayrescue for scooping them up and taking them under their wing! Each senior sweetheart is up for adoption (individually) and they all hope to find their forever homes soon. Head on over to @meadayrescue for more information! ❀️ #seniordog #saveadog #spay #neuter #adopt #adoptdontshop


"I had been looking for an older dog, someone with special needs, someone who I knew needed me. And I found a picture of Remi, an 8-10 year old hairless Chihuahua. Remi, I was told, had an enlarged heart, they didn't expect him to last more then three to six months and I was determined to make it the best six months I could.
It has now been over four years, he is now completely blind and his teeth are rotten. Little dog beds and pee pads are scattered throughout the house in attempts to accommodate him, but really he is happiest in my arms. I hand feed him, and give his medications, and shower him with love and it makes sense that his heart is enlarged because I think it would have to be to fit all the love in it this little guy has. I'm grateful for every day I have with him, and even bought a baby sling so that he could go on walks with myself and my other two dogs. This summer he even crossed the border with me to Canada and trekked around Quebec City with me, and I can say none of my other dogs got quite as many compliments as Remi did as he was regally carried around. With older dogs I know they always ask are they worth it, and I can say yes he is worth every bit of my love. -Cheryl" ❀️ #seniordog #adopted #loved #loveisnotabreed #adoptdontshop


Naturally, miss Becky was a very good girl at the vet! πŸ™‹πŸΌπŸ© A general rule of thumb is that any private rescue organization who takes in a senior dog will be prepared to fully vet him or her while in their care. This should include all initial vetting required to get him or her up to a steady health state. And in some cases, this means beyond the basics. There are a variety of things, but for example, many smaller senior dogs need dental surgery - which includes necessary extractions of rotten teeth. (This is why dental care is so important, pet owners!!) People often complain of adoption fees set in place by private rescue groups, but if you ask about what kind of vet care your potential new pet has already received, they will have likely already had upwards of a $1,000+ in care. (This can apply to dogs of all ages, and not just rescue dogs. Many breeds have genetic health issues or diseases caused by overbreeding or inbreeding. Puppyhood to seniorhood, vet care is expensive and something ALL pet owners need to factor in when bringing home a new pet, wherever you get him or her from.) Now, of course, not all private rescue groups can afford the same things but it is an important conversation to have prior to adoption. In our case, SSD sponsors 100% of ALL of our foster dogs' vet care needs prior to adoption to make sure your new senior dog is their best self when coming home with you! 😍 Like people, some seniors are much healthier than others and it is truly a case by case situation. When donating to SSD, you can know that your money is being used towards needs like extensive #vetcare. Becky is already spayed, but she will have full blood work done, an echocardiogram, and hopefully dental surgery if vet approved (she has very severe periodontal disease). She is also eating top quality human-grade food, what we feel is important for health. Thank you to all SSD donators who help support getting these babies the great care they need. Also thanks to @worthstreetvet - the rescue vet partner of @animalhaven - who endlessly supports rescue work. Remember, #fosterdogBecky is having meet-and-greets this Sunday at @animalhaven from 3-4PM! πŸ’œ #seniordog


**EDIT: ADOPTED!!** LOS ANGELES, CA: 8 year old Lita has been featured multiple times and, sadly, she still waits at the shelter to be adopted. And it's so hard on her. πŸ˜ͺ Lita was surrendered back on September 20th due to "landlord issues" and has had a tough time adjusting to shelter life. She yearns to live in peace and with gentle, loving humans. Instead, she is living in a concrete kennel surrounded by loud barking. Lita needs your love. This girl needs out now. PLEASE SHARE! πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½ Lita is very, very sweet and friendly but her shyness can come across as "aloof." This makes it harder for her to connect with adopters, and thus drastically decreases her chances of getting adopted. With Lita, first impressions aren't everything. She may not be the kind of girl who is going to jump in your arms and lick you all over upon first meeting, but give this girl a chance you'll have yourself a well-earned best friend!
Lita has been friendly around other dogs and would likely live best with another calm, unassertive pup. Cats are unknown, but if you are serious about adopting and have cats at home then we highly encourage you to visit the shelter and inquire for more details on Lita + felines.

Sweet Lita really needs us to pull for her right now. Her story is just not getting out there and each passing day at the shelter is tough! You may think, "what's another week at the shelter?" But for Lita, every single long and stressful day at the shelter is felt.
To adopt Lita, you must visit her in person at the shelter. Please reference animal ID# A1730226.

@arfharborshelter is located at 957 N Gaffey St, #SanPedro, CA.
Adoption hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 8AM to 5PM and Sunday from 11AM to 5PM. ❀️ #seniordog #adoptme #animalshelter #needslove #adoptdontshop