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12 year old Manny was one of 500 adoptable, homeless dogs at his shelter. He was totally lost. Not anymore...'cuz Manny got ADOPTED!!! 😍🎶😍🎶 Manny arrived at DeKalb County Animal Services in Atlanta on November 16th and had no adoption interest for months. We met him during Christmas week and, coincidentally, a former SSD adopter decided to foster Manny. What a relief! Not long after, Manny's luck got even better when his special human named Neal decided to adopt him forever. Manny now lives on "Neal's Farm" with acres and acres of freedom and love - however, he prefers to stick right by Neal's side! When you find true love, who wants to run far from that?! 😄😄 Manny's dad Neal wrote, "Manny is doing great at his forever home on Neal's Farm! He came to live with me on Sunday, Jan 7, and he's very sweet! He seems pretty agile, and has no problems jumping onto my bed. He needs some rehab for the skin and ear problems, but he's just the right dog for my family.

I was searching for a calm dog who wouldn't run away when off leash, and Manny has a peculiar desire to stay within 3 feet of his master at all times. I'm confident that he'll be playing off leash in the pasture by spring.
When I got Manny, he was still a traveling flea circus, despite repeated dosing with Frontline. Dr. Wood at Forsyth Animal Hospital gave him Bravecto to kill the fleas once and for all. Keflex and Presnisone for his skin problems and ear infections, and cleaned and packed his ears. 48 hours later, Manny stopped his scratching and licking. He seemed serene. He was pretty calm before, but he seemed positively blissful when the itching stopped.

Thanks very much to all the organizations that helped me connect with Manny, and especially Manny's foster parent, Cole -- Foster parents make it possible to find the dog that fits us perfectly." ❤️ #seniordog #happilyeverafter #adopted #thegoodlife #adoptdontshop


KANSAS CITY, MO: Doodles needs a forever home! She is a long-term foster who has spent time in two different foster homes. She has done very well in both of them. And we are certain that once she finally finds her forever family, she'll truly thrive! Doodles is about 8 years old is is the longest standing dog with Kansas City Pet Project. She is super well behaved when home alone and LOVES to snuggle with people above all else. SO sweet! PLEASE SHARE to help Doodles for her forever home! 😴💃🏾😴 Doodles' foster wrote, "Doodles is one of @kcpetproject's long-term senior dogs and I can't do enough to promote her. She's a 8-ish year old mixed breed and a really low-maintenance dog. I work long hours and Doodles is home alone a lot. She's never chewed anything or gone to the bathroom on the carpet. She's been quite content with 10 minute morning and evening walks, with short pee breaks in-between.
Doodles can entertain herself with toys but loves to play tug-of-war with anyone. She also likes lying over your lap and staring adoringly at you while you rub her belly. And her special skill is peeling bedsheets back to lie on bed pillows and shedding on them, but magically never being seen lying on pillows! 😉

She did well with her other foster family, too. The other family didn't have live in children, but they had a nine year old visit for the holiday who got along well with Doodles. As always, Doodles is a complete sweetheart. More than anything else, Doodles loves to snuggle. She knew 'sit' and 'down' when she came home with me and I'm teaching her 'stay.' Her favorite treat is popcorn, which she has learned to catch out of the air.
Doodles is a very enthusiastic and sometimes is a rough playmate with other dogs. She is leash reactive and will bark and pull, though this behavior has been much improved over the last few months. She can’t live with cats because she gets excited & likes to chase small fuzzy things.
She just needs some love & understanding!" To adopt Doodles, please email @kcpetproject foster at with questions or to submit an application. ❤️ #seniordog #kansascity #Missouri #adoption


"Hey SSD,

I wanted to share my experience with my little senior citizen. I had just moved to another state to go back to school and my dog Tank was very lonely (we used to live with my friend who had a dog who was Tank's BFF). I wasn't really looking to get another dog because it seemed like a lot! But my friend had found a 14 year old year old shiba inu on petfinder and I thought that maybe I would just go and take a look... Long story short, she came home with us. I named her Barbara. She has 3 teeth and some minor health problems, but has turned out to be the most hilarious and wonderful edition to our home. I jokingly call Tank her 'hospice nurse' because he carefully watches out for her and snuggles with her while she sleeps, but in truth she acts like a youthful lady. She’s very good at reminding us when it it time to go to bed. She has already celebrated her Quinceanera and her Sweet 16 and she’s still going strong!! We just had our second anniversary with Barb on January 2nd! I don't really know how long she will live, having already reached the life expectancy of her breed, but Barb is the best thing that could ever happen to Tank and I. Barb, Tank and I say 'adopt a senior!!' -Jana ❤️ #seniordog #specialkindoflove #thegoodlife #adoptdontshop



(near) SAN FRANCISCO, CA: 8 year old Christina is a mature gal who knows exactly what she wants these days. Committed, devoted, monogamous love...and she won't settle for anything less! Christina has been at the shelter since October; she barks in her kennel and it scares most people off, but she just wants to come out is all. She was left tied to the shelter's doors, so we don't know her history. But we do know she needs a fairytale future and someone to make her dreams come true. PLEASE SHARE! 🐾🐾 Antioch Animal Services wrote, "Christina was found tied up to the front doors of the shelter in October 2017 and had gotten herself in so much of a tangle her feet were bound together and she was immobile. Understandably, she was frightened and was barking at anyone who approached her. Once freed, she immediately bonded to her handler/rescuer and rolled over for a belly rub.
In her kennel, Cristina is all bark. And some were hesitant to believe this girl would be putty in their hands once they got her out of the kennel. It's a hard sell to anyone. But once she is leashed up she becomes all puppy and loves to play fetch and squeak toys! It has also been discovered that Cristina is a monogamous dog. Her person is hers and only hers! She may share her person with their spouse, if she approves, but she will not be happy to share her person (or people) with other pets.
To further stack the odds against this senior, a large mammary tumor, which tested positive for cancer, was found high on Cristina's chest. It has since been removed, and she was spayed, but there is no guarantee she is cancer free.
Despite her rough introduction to shelter life and her discomfort around other animals and her potential for cancer, Cristina remains content, playful and sweet at Antioch Animal Services. She needs her one and only, her comfort-in-the-night, her ball-thrower and love-giver!" To adopt Christina, please email shelter staff member Cat at with any questions or to begin the adoption process.
Available at Antioch Animal Services is located at 300 L Street, #Antioch, #CA. ❤️ #seniordog #adoptme #adoptdontshop


LONG ISLAND, NY: Boo-hoo-hoo! 12 year old Dudley doesn't understand why nobody wants to adopt him. After Dudley's first post on SSD he had some interest, but everyone then disappeared. And after his second post, he had ZERO interest. What gives?!? 🙁 Dudley is very easygoing, dog and cat friendly, and a lover-boy to the core. Let's get Dudley the attention he deserves! PLEASE SHARE! 💌📮 @PupStarzRescue wrote, "Weighing in at approximately 12 pounds, the only thing this 12-year-old, adorable Chi mix is looking for is a cozy little place to call his home. He is an incredibly easy dog! Super sweet and gets along with cats and dogs.
While Dudley doesn't see very well nor hear very well, there is nothing to be done about his left eyeball. The vets believe it is congenital. It doesn't cause him discomfort and he is otherwise a healthy fellow!
Dudley enjoys the outdoors and will happily do his business outside, but just requests a bit of guidance. Likewise, he is pad trained when he gets to know his environment. He is a very sweet, quiet, mellow guy, who can coexist peacefully with all animals and humans, but would just appreciate a tender touch rather than being startled. He enjoys a toy here or there, but hold him in your lap, pet him, stroke him, kiss his little head, and he will melt in your arms, just like butter!!!! Dudley is a special little angel who has a lot of love to give, yet will ask for so little in return. Just some soft food (chicken is his fave!), a safe space for him to navigate his world, and a gentle human to love, respect, honor and protect him in his advancing senior years." Potential adopters MUST submit an application and be able to meet/adopt Dudley in person.

To adopt Dudley, please email with any questions and to submit an application. (Photo by @StylePup.) ❤️ #seniordog #longisland #newyork #adoptme #adoptdontshop


LOS ANGELES, CA: From perfect leash walking skills, to impeccable house manners -- Libby is a dream doggy! And yet she still hasn't found her adoption match. 😪 Libby is very mellow and a super well behaved when left home alone. She doesn't need you to entertain her all hours of the day, but she will most certainly be very happy to greet you with a dance when you walk in the door! Libby is a low-maintance lover who really hopes to find her forever home soon. PLEASE SHARE! 🏵️🏵️ @MaeDayRescue wrote, "Libby is a senior Dame who we saved from Downey shelter. She is really mellow and lays around most of the day. She will find a bed wherever she can and get into it, it's really cute! She mostly just goes through the motions.

Libby is great with other dogs and cats. And she is totally potty trained! She hasn't had one accident. She is also great on the leash, and stops when you stop. She had dental surgery and is now in great shape. She does have heart murmur, to be monitored, but what senior doesn't!
Libby loves a dog bed and basically wants one in every room in the house...even the bathroom! She just wants to be cuddled up to you or under the blankets with you (if she's not in a dog bed). This senior is eager to find a home where she can live the retired life." Libby must be adopted in the #LosAngeles area.

To adopt Libby, please email with any questions or to submit your adoption application. ❤️ #seniordog #littlelover #caligraphy #adoptme #adoptdontshop



"Dear SSD,

We have been blessed with @BenjaminButtonCruz for almost 9 months! Benjamin came into our lives at a very emotionally difficult time. We had just lost our precious Chloe Sasha to her second fight with cancer. I have never lost anyone I love so much and I was devastated. My heart was broken but also my Bailey, our other furbaby, was feeling the loss. He immediately became withdrawn and was not interested in eating.
Though it was only 2 weeks since our loss, we were afraid if we didn't get him a companion we would lose him too. I been following your IG for a while and had already purchased your book which we all enjoy so much. You had opened my eyes to senior adoption. So when I saw Benjamin's picture I decided he just may be the one. He was named Charlie and before that Chowder. I think the 'CH' in both names were signs from Chloe. I remember our hour long heart felt conversation. We decided to meet that weekend with the whole family including Bailey.
That morning I woke up with so much doubt, I felt I wasn't ready and that I was betraying Chloe. I was going to call off the meeting that evening, but my friend reached out to me earlier in the day and told me that we needed this and not to cancel. So we packed up in the car from upstate NY and headed to the city on a Sunday afternoon. As we drove, I cried, I felt like I was abandoning Chloe. When we got there and saw Benjamin with his awful haircut but adorable face I knew there was no turning back.
We took him home that day and he immediately adjusted. He settled in like he had been here forever. He is the sweetest and smartest little guy, we learned he knows how to give paw and high five! He reminds us a lot of Chloe, with so many things that he does. He has filled the void of my loss and has become 'the baby' in the house. Bailey has come out of his depression and is now back to playing and socializing and that's because of our little angel, @benjaminbuttoncruz. I look at him all the time and wonder what happened to him before us, why was he abandoned, did he suffer long? And then I say to him he will never experience anything but love.

Jesse" ❤️ @fosterdogs #seniordog #famousfosters


So impressed with these doggies dealing with another new living situation and so much change in a short amount of time. We won't be able to move back to our home for several months, and they are dealing with the news and going-with-the flow better than their mommy! 😱🙈 Thank you Sara and Simon for being so awesome. 💝💝 #seniordogs #adoptdontshop


LOS ANGELES, CA: Handsome Burt is back for a second time with attempts to charm you this go around! He is 9 years old and was featured on SSD before Christmas. Although Burt had some interest, everyone has fizzled out. Still, Burt's smile persists! He originally arrived at the shelter as a stray, with the look of "street life" on him. But he's since made a total transformation and now both his inner and outer beauty shines! Burt just needs to find the love of his forever-devoted-family out there, somewhere. PLEASE SHARE! 🌎
@FrostedFaces Foundation wrote, "Burt is a 9 year old #CockerSpaniel and #Maltese mix. He weighs about 25 pounds. He was found as a stray who looked like he had been living in the streets for a long time. He was brought to the shelter with dirty, matted fur and goopy eyes. He was rescued by Frosted Faces Foundation and is currently being fostered in a home in Los Angeles with both small, large dogs and a cat.
Burt is docile and quiet. He is affectionate and loves to follow his person around. He enjoys walks and car rides to the park. Burt is crate and potty trained. He has an adorable underbite and huge dinosaur paws! Guaranteed - you will fall in love with Burt.
We require that families (and the potential families' dogs) be introduced. If these two things happen, then a family may arrange transport for the Frosted Face approved by an FFF Director." To adopt Burt, please email Frosted Faces foster with any questions. Adoption application required. ❤️ #seniordog #adoptme #southerncalifornia #adoptdontshop



DES MOINES, IA: Charlie is a 10 year old puppy who acts nothing like a "geriatric" fella! He thrives with affection and attention and was surrendered over by his former person because his needs weren't getting fulfilled and Charlie was suffering. He is currently in foster care and LOVES to play with his foster puppy sibling. And will also bring a toy in his mouth when greeting you at the door to - you guessed it - play! So if you're looking for a mature dog with good habits and loads of energy, Charlie is the perfect match for you. Or, PLEASE SHARE to help spread the word! 🐭

@foreverhomedogs rescue foster wrote, "Charlie is 10 year old very playful Min Pin/Chihuahua. He was surrendered to us due to messy divorce. His previous owner was desperate to find Charlie a better home as he wasn't getting the attention he deserved.
Charlie can take awhile to warm up to other dogs. He's a strong 'alpha' dog and it took him close to a week to accept/acclimate to my canine trio. My 10 month old Chihuahua plays with him nonstop. (He does best with smaller dogs.) He will play fetch and when we get home each day greets us at door with a toy because he wants to play immediately. He’s well mannered - sits and stays on command, and even tells you when he wants to go outside by either pawing you or the door! And he loves his daily walks.
Charlie just wants love and attention. He’s pretty laid back pup. The love and energy he has is just amazing. So if you want a dog who just wants love, playing fetch, going for walks, and getting ear scratches and cuddles, please give Charlie a forever home. We typically adopt inside the state of Iowa but are definitely willing to look at neighboring states if potential adopters are okay with traveling for meets/adoption!" Tp adopt Charlie, please email Forever Home Dog Rescue adoption coordinator, Kayla, at with any questions and to apply. ❤️ #seniordog #adoptme #oldpuppy #adoptdontshop


Hip, hip hooray!! 10 year old full-of-love Red got ADOPTED!!! 😘😘😘 Red is now named Rusty. It took two posts on SSD, and he was in foster for a long time, before finding his amazing forever family. Mike and Susan drove 5 hours round trip - from Cincinnati to Louisville - to adopt the oh-so-deserving Rusty! He joined two resident dogs and is already smitten with everyone. 😍 Rusty was so lucky to have such a devoted foster home (under @goldensrescue of Kentucky) that took care of him for so long during his adoption search. And now that Rusty has found his permanent love nest with Mike and Susan, his former fosters are able to continue fostering and help even more dogs. So much win!!! Mike wrote, "Attached is a pic of Rusty and I taken by my wife Susan. He was a moving target and this is the only one we could get that was workable. As you can see, Rusty has taken a liking to his new Daddy. 😁

He loves his bed and his cushion on the living room floor too. We're beginning to understand each other's 'talking' and Rusty has a lot to say. He has a big greeting for Susan and I when we get home from work. Rusty is getting along great with our other dogs, Toby and Charlie. It's been just a week but we can tell he'll be a happy guy here for a long time." ❤️ #seniordog #adopted #thegoodlife


DENVER, CO: 8 year old Tommy may have some aches as an elderly dog but that doesn't stop him from fully enjoying life! He was originally found wandering the streets of Denver alone, with an out-of-state microchip and no owner to be found. Tommy is now looking for a forever home that can provide him with a balance of leisure activities and rest, as needed. He is very friendly and would enjoy a calm, quiet home with the company of humans and canines who are mild mannered like himself. Tommy has already been featured on SSD and still hasn't found his match. PLEASE SHARE again! 🎾

@maxfund wrote, "Tommy had a microchip from another state that showed he was born in 2009, but efforts to find an owner were unsuccessful. He is very energetic (despite a bad ankle and senior status) and loves to go on walks and to play with balls and toys – especially squeaky toys. Doctors who diagnosed his fractured right hind ankle and the arthritis prescribed anti-inflammatory medication along with daily, moderate exercise. They also suggested joint supplements, which he is getting at his foster home. (It was originally thought that he had hip problems, but he does not). He can walk up and down stairs in moderation. But since he is a large dog with a bad leg that could give out with excessive activity, or if he turns around quickly, it would be best if he goes to a home without small children.
Tommy loves to be petted and will roll over if he knows a belly rub is coming. He gets along great with the small rescue dog at his foster home, despite their size difference. He is a nest animal who loves to be indoors, unless he is playing or on a walk. He does not like crates and would not do well in a tight space due to his injured leg. He is house trained and knows basic commands, but is eager to learn more.
A family who is familiar with the #GermanShepherd breed would be a plus, given his high intelligence, protective instincts and hyper-vigilence. And a fenced yard is a must." Tommy must be adopted in-person. In-state adoption only.
To adopt Tommy, please email his foster at with questions and to apply. ❤️ #seniordog #denver #colorado #adoptme



8 year old Dutch had been sitting at the public shelter for months with no interest. It took just one post and he found the family of his dreams. He got ADOPTED!!! 🙌🏽🕺🏼😍🙌🏽 Dutch is now named Jake. Over the holidays, SSD took a visit to DeKalb County Animal Services in Atlanta, GA. As usual, we had asked to meet with whoever was having the hardest time getting adopted. Jake had been at the shelter since August and, apparently due to his size and age, nobody was interested....despite his angelic temperament! The public shelters in Atlanta are so overcrowded that most cages at the shelter hold multiple dogs at a time. Jake had to be in his own cage because the other dogs kept picking on him. On top of that, he was scared of the shelter floors. Going in and out of his cage on a daily basis was traumatizing in itself. Poor Jake!! Thankfully, Cheryl and her family immediately stepped into action to adopt Jake when they saw his post on SSD. Just a few short days after Christmas, Jake has finally landed in a home where he has been promised only goodness and love from here on out. Congratulations, sweet Jakey boy!!! 😍😍😍 @chaysroll wrote, "SSD is the reason/way/avenue I found Jake, formerly Dutch, at Dekalb ACC!! He is fitting in with my three dogs like a dream. We love him!! Jake is a sweetheart. He LOVES his meals and had become quite the piglet, he sleeps well and everyone is being very respectful of each other. The dogs are crating need! And they all have the downstairs den when we aren't home.
All in all, he has been very easy to acclimate, he has settled into the good life quite well. He tolerates his dog coat, it's COLD! And his ear drops although he does not like them. His biggest issue appears to be allergies, but we are working on it!

He has an aggressive mast cell tumor on his left front paw. We will do WHATEVER it takes to get him the best outcome. We started chemo yesterday and he is a trooper, sleeping a little more. Thank God he is not sitting in the shelter with it growing unchecked! The first night he came home and I promised him The Good Life from here on out!" ❤️ #seniordog #adopted #thegoodlife #thankful #adoptdontshop


Still livin' that hotel life...and we won't be moving back into our home for a long time. But seriously, how much worse off would we all be without dog-buddies during stressful times? We know you know! 💜#pickmeuppers #lifesavers #dogsforlife #adoptdontshop


(near) OMAHA, NE: Poor Buddy has been hanging out at the shelter for a long, long time. One year and counting. And while he is a really good sport about it, it's time he finds a real home. This is Buddy's third post on SSD, and after his last post he received zero adoption inquiries. Buddy is 9 years old and he is quite the cuddle-buddy! He loves playing with toys, snoozing in the sunshine, and snuggling up to anyone who will give him some love. His freedom is way past due! PLEASE SHARE! 🌳

Central Nebraska Humane Society wrote, "This is Buddy! He’s a 9 year old Staffordshire terrier who’s been with us for a year. He was a surrender because his owner couldn’t afford to take care of him anymore. He didn't have the best life before coming to the shelter, but now he's looking forward to his happily-ever-after. If you need some loveable-ness in your life, please, please, please come meet Buddy!

Buddy is an adorable guy who is bound and determined to wiggle his way into your heart. When he's not busy playing with toys, you'll find him stretched out in a sunny spot, napping the afternoon away. He has the most adorable frog-butt ever! He is just a sweet lover and a cuddler.

Buddy is easy going with humans but would need to be the only fur baby in the house (no other pets). He loves to have his back scratched and go for walks. He’s not much for running or jumping anymore, and he’s not a real active guy for playing. He’s just looking for a nice warm doggie bed next to someone’s couch to be his forever place to live out his years!" To adopt Buddy, please email Chrissy at with any questions and to submit an application.
Central Nebraska Humane Society is located at 1312 Sky Park Road, Grand Island, NE. ❤️ #seniordog #nebraska #loveme #holdme #adoptme #adoptdontshop



"Dear Susie’s Senior Dogs,

When we were in grad school we finally decided we were ready for a dog. We lived in a small apartment so we knew we needed a small dog. We never considered anything other than adoption. There were so many dogs that needed homes. Why would we spend thousands of dollars having another dog born into this world??? We looked at rescues online and found an adorable, cuddly Chihuahua who sounded sweet. We immediately met him and fell in love. He had been picked up in a ditch in the country, had mange, and was covered in burnt motor oil. The shelter was about to put him down when a Chihuahua rescue took him in. He had a heart murmur, but so many little dogs do. We monitored it and he took meds to help it.
Our Mardi went everywhere with us. He visited family, he went on vacations, and he was the light of our life. We had him for 8.5 years and he probably lived to about 13 or 14 years of age. But in the end congestive heart failure set in and the day we said goodbye was the end of the world.

It took 1.5 years but soon our broken hearts decided it was time for another dog, and in Mardi’s legacy it had to be a Chihuahua. So one night we went to a Yappy Hour that our favorite rescue was having. Within a few minutes two ladies came and sat down next to us with a Chihuahua. It was Honey. She was shy, but we knew to see past that! We got to talking and knew it was perfect.
Honey came home to be with us a few days later. Someone had used her for backyard breeding and she had supposedly lived all of her life in a cage outside. She only has 15 teeth left and her bottom jaw is in two pieces because of decay. The first time she had any dental care was with us. But she loves to eat and the only thing that gives it away is her tongue that hangs out sometimes. (It’s so cute!) Honey is perfect and we will spend the rest of her life making up for what she had to endure. Could have I ever guessed that we’d be Chihuahua parents? Nah. But it is the best thing in the world.

Jessica and Michael" ❤️ #seniordog


When you wake up in a hotel room and remember it's because your apartment flooded and was ruined due to a major pipe bursting. 😵😣 Oh the adventures begin... 😏 #byebyehomesweethome #winter #troopers #alwayscouldbeworse


"Dear SSD,

Our first dog adoption, back in 2003, was a stray who we estimated to have been about 8 years old--his name was Blackjack and we were fortunate to have him for about five years until he died from heart failure. Our other dogs have been rescues and strays who we adopted at younger ages, but our latest addition is a real ambassador for the 'adopt, don't shop' movement.

Frankie is nine. His family split up last month due to divorce, and he and his canine and feline housemates were all surrendered when the mom and kids of the family became homeless. Friends of the family were worried for the animals, and they all worked tirelessly to help them find homes. My husband saw Frankie on Petfinder with an urgent notice for placement, as he'd soon be relocated to a shelter, and we met him five days later when the foster parent brought him to the park near our house. He sniffed our other two dogs (both female and senior), and then got into my Prius to ride home with us!
Frankie is quite possibly the most laid-back dog of all time. He has settled in with us like he was meant to be in our family. He plays fetch with our kids, snuggles with them at bedtime, loves belly rubs, is great on walks, and has never had a single accident. He was clearly loved by his previous family and just wants to be with us and love us. He gets along great with our other dogs--our younger female spars and wrestles with him, and our very elderly female lets him lick her ears. He is even sweet and loving to the vet!
Frankie might have been overlooked at a shelter due to his age, and he would have certainly been confused and depressed by being in that environment. But he is such a loving dog and still has so much life and spunk in him! I wish I could somehow thank his former family for the good life they gave him and for the joy we have now with him in our lives. You never really know the story of a dog before he or she comes into your life, but he has been such a wonderful gift to us.

Amy and family,
Albuquerque, New Mexico" ❤️ #seniordog #adoptdontshop



OAKLAND, CA: Miss Maddy is back for her second feature on SSD. She's had no local takers and is still waiting to be adopted! Maddy is mostly blind but she is a smart cookie and can quickly learn the lay of her land. She is very affectionate and loves to give kisses and to cuddle. If you've been looking for 'just the right' senior to cross your path, look no further than Maddy. She is big love in a tiny package! PLEASE SHARE!! 🍄🍄 @GratefulDogsRescue wrote, "Maddy is about 10-12 years old and weighs 6lbs. She was found all alone in a parking lot, emaciated and scared. At the shelter, she had a hard time gaining weight and was just terrified. Today, Maddy has blossomed in her foster home and she has become a confident and affectionate little lady.

Maddy climbs into laps to give kisses whenever she can. And one of her favorite activities is burrowing under blankets to take naps. Her foster family, including her canine foster brother, have learned to check any and all blankets for a tiny Chihuahua before sitting down. Maddy is great with her canine foster brother. He wants nothing to do with her and she’s very respectful of that. Every now and then she tries snuggling up next to him and he’ll tolerate it. She would love a dog friend to cuddle with, but she’d be fine as an only dog as well. She’s met a few of the neighborhood dogs and seems to get along with everyone. She's also met a neighborhood cat and was friendly and respectful.

Maddy loves short walks- when the leash comes out she runs around excitedly and it’s the only time we’ve heard her bark! After a couple blocks she’s ready for a ride, but she loves checking out the smells while she’s walking. She hasn’t quite figured out stairs; she has some visual impairment and she sometimes runs into things and can get startled. She handles it well, but it does mean that she takes her time.
The suggested adoption donation for Maddy is $150. She is already spayed, microchipped and has her rabies vaccination. Adoptions are local to the #SanFrancisco #BayArea." To adopt Maddy, please email with any specific questions. (Photo by @oakocalyptic.) ❤️ #seniordog #california #adoptdontshop


(near) ATLANTA, GA: It's always sad, confusing and frustrating when adoptable dogs don't receive the attention they deserve - more important, that they so desperately need. This is 10 year old Scruffy's second post on SSD. He has been up for adoption for several months now without interest. One of Scruffy's homeless buddies just found her forever home (which, of course, Scruffy is happy about for her!) but that means he'll be without a friend again. Scruffy is in need of companionship, love, and all the good things that being adopted is about. PLEASE SHARE! 💘

Animal Aid Foundation of Dawsonville, GA wrote, "Scruffy has been in foster care since he was dumped three months ago. He looked like a large hairless Chihuahua and he could barely walk from scratching his flea bites. He had no microchip and there was no response to lost and found sites.
Scruffy has hip dysplasia and intervertebral disc deterioration, which have caused the hitch in his giddy-up. But that hitch doesn't stop this dog from chasing a ball until your arm wears out! He's also missing most of his lower teeth but that doesn't slow his eating or treat consumption down one iota. The boy is an eatin' fool. 😄
Our vet puts Scruffy's age at around 10 to 12 years. And he weighs about 30 pounds. If you didn't know that Scruffy was an elder boy you'd peg his age as a young adult. Chasing a thrown object a full speed is his passion, dropping it at your feet for more. He's been wearing doggie diapers (no big deal, especially for male dogs), we don't know whether he has a little pee problems because of his back or whether he needs training, but he prances like he's in an Easter parade with his doggie diaper and sweater on!

Scruffy is good with other non-aggressive dogs and people. He has been eyeballing the cat, but hasn't gone after her. His eyes are clear, his smile is wide and he's happy to be alive. We imagine that Scruffy has got many got years left to go!" To adopt Scruffy, please email Winde at with any questions and to being the adoption process.
Scruffy is currently in foster care in Dawsonville, GA. Out of state adopters are welcome to apply. ❤️ #seniordog #georgia


"I just wanna give you a little update on Otis and my cat Noah. In the beginning, I was a little concerned about how they would get along. But I got some very good advice from some very good people and followed it to a T. It has not even been a month yet, but Otis is doing so well with Noah. In fact, Noah in the last few days has gotten on the bed and slept while Otis has been on it. I still give Noah ways to escape if he feels it necessary but he has been staying where we are more and more. It amazes me how Otis gives both Noah and Zummie (our other dog) space and does not get all up in their face.

Otis amazes me every day. He has been taking so many pills everyday for double ear infections, skin conditions, and an infection on his backside. And now pills for his heartworm to prepare him for his treatment shots. But Otis doesn’t bark at anything - he takes his pills and acts like it’s ice cream. He is so grateful and shows it every day.
Otis is the perfect fit for our little family and I’m so glad you showed him on your Instagram page.

Warm regards,

Judy" ❤️ #seniordog #pitbull #greatdog #lovingdog #shelterdog #adoptdontshop


(near) MEMPHIS, TN: 8 year old Highway was found after being hit by a car. At the vet, it was discovered he was also filled with many metal pellets, clearly someone had been shooting at him. 😡 Highway has been through a lot but remains to be the sweetest of souls. The spirit of a dog can be truly amazing, especially when it comes to human cruelty. Highway is fully healed and has been on the search for his forever family since July. He truly deserves the best of the best! PLEASE SHARE! 🌹

@fayettefcar wrote, "Highway was found by firefighters after he had been hit by a car. In addition, his x-ray showed that he was riddled with buckshot and had a broken hip previously that had not healed properly. He had also been shot in one eye. We took him to an eye specialist who recommended that his eye be removed. And to keep adding on to Highway's story, he is also hard of hearing. But the great news is that none of these problems seem to bother him in the least bit!
He is such a sweet and gentle boy, everyone loves him! He knows that life is only going to get better now and he is embracing it. He gets along wonderfully with the other dogs. He has been with many dogs at the shelter, as well as in his foster home, and he is very easy to get along with. However, he is better without a super rambunctious playmate.

Highway is perfectly housetrained! He does fine in a bedroom or a laundry room with a furry friend but he is not a fan of being in very small areas by himself as he gets anxious. He has been kept in a laundry room with a furry friend when foster parents leave the house, and has also been loose in the house and has done very well. He is really a ‘velcro’ dog, just absolutely loves to be with you always. He loves to be petted and brushed. Because of his various injuries he would do best in a quiet household.
Highway weighs about 55 lbs. He has been neutered, is microchipped, up to date on vaccines, and has been on heartworm and flea/tick prevention. He is on daily Rimadyl. Fenced-in yard required." To adopt Highway, please email Laurie at with questions.

@fayettefcar shelter is located at 555 Clement Drive, #Rossville, #TN. ❤️ #seniordog


After three months in foster care, two posts on SSD, and one adoption rejection because he was "too old" ....11 year old Rusty finally found his lucky break! Rusty got ADOPTED! 🎂🎂 When Rusty's story was sent to SSD by Mending Spirits Animal Rescue in Minnesota, it was very surprising to hear about this wonderful senior who not only was overlooked, but who was also outright rejected based off age alone. Sadly, this happens many times for many wonderful, adoptable dogs. Thankfully, Rusty has now found a fabulous family who adores him! When his new mom Theresa first saw his photo she knew right away that Rusty was her boy. Thanks to Theresa's decision to love Rusty, age and all, his rescue can now go on to help more homeless dogs who need good homes. The work never ends and we are so thankful to Theresa and her family for choosing to adopt senior dog Rusty! 😍

Theresa wrote, "I love this little guy! I knew the minute I saw his picture that he was my boy. He's doing great here. He settled in very quickly and has taken over my home. He rarely barks (only when someone comes to the door), is house trained and, as I am learning, knows some tricks such as sit, sit up and shake. Although, his shake is more like offering his paw very briefly then putting it down because he doesn't like his feet touched.

Rusty loves laying next to me in my chair (like right now...and he's snoring), follows me around the house and sleeping next to me at night under his blanket. He enjoys tormenting the cats but he's getting better about that, is good with my older, larger dog and is great with my kids. I couldn't ask for a better fit!
I'm amazed too that he wasn't adopted much sooner. He's very handsome and sweet and doesn't look or act his age. He's still gets around like a younger dog and enjoys his toys but is well past the hyper puppy stage and enjoys curling up and napping. I'm looking forward to a few more years with this sweet boy." ❤️ #seniordog #foundlove #thegoodlife #adoptersalwaysneeded #adoptdontshop


You know it's too cold when nobody gets up when you get home. 😆 #winter #seniordogs #shelterdogs #adoptdontshop


"My name is Stu and I ended up in the Riverside County shelter system in Oregon.
I am a blind and deaf senior gentleman who is super sweet. I get along really well even tho I can't hear or see.
I was pulled from the shelter where I had little chance for adoption by a rescue/transport group who networked me. My Way Home Dog Rescue took me in!
I was having some problems with my mouth - I needed a fistula fixed and a couple more teeth pulled. Susie helped me out by getting my medical done. My fistula is fixed, my loose teeth out and I was even well enough for a neuter. Now I go to a foster home (maybe adopt) on Sunday. Thank you Susie (SSD donators!) for helping me! I will let you know when I find a home!

Love, STU" ❤️ #seniordog #vetcare #happyandhealthy #adoptdontshop


NEW YORK, NY: Adoptable Betty White is looking for her very own tight-knit group of family and friends! She prefers to be around other dogs and wants to find a forever home where she can have a furry friend (or a few!). 🐶🐶 Betty White is quite social with other canines and feels much more confident in their company. She also adores snuggling with humans and is an all around catch! Her lucky family is out there somewhere...she just needs someone to write her script! PLEASE SHARE! 🐾🎬🐾 @muddypawsrescuenyc wrote, "Miss Betty White is looking for a pal and a confidante. Do not try and tell this Golden Girl that she is a senior- she will prove you wrong by pouncing like a puppy chasing toys and keeping up with younger dogs on endless walks through the park. A perfect lady on a leash and good with dogs of all sizes. And she would really do best in a home WITH another dog - seems to help with some general anxiety she has.

We don't know much about Betty's 9ish years prior to pulling her from the ACC, but we have learned plenty in the few weeks we have had the pleasure of having her with us! Though on the medium to large size, she insists she is a lap dog. She is a world class snuggler and has even attained snuggling status with her very picky foster sister. Betty is currently living with a cat, and though she is never aggressive towards him she sometimes goes into spells of barking at him. (So, she may prefer a cat free home.) Miss Betty White is located in New York City. There is no radius for adoption, but adopter would need to come to NYC to meet her and provide their own transportation." To adopt Betty White, please email @muddypawsrescuenyc at with any questions and to submit your adoption application. ❤️ #seniordog #newyork #nyc #fosterdog #adoptme #adoptdontshop


"In my short 23 years, I’ve had the distinct honor of living my life beside two of the most perfect senior dogs on the planet. The first was my sweet Little Britches, who sadly passed in August after a horrible accident. I wasn’t sure if I would ever recover from that loss because a part of my heart died that day too. But two weeks later, my boyfriend, Alex, and I were on our way to meet our second little life changer- Johnny Karate.

Jonzo Bean came from the Breckinridge County Animal Shelter in Kentucky after he was abandoned in a Wal-Mart parking lot. I won’t lie and say that things were easy in the beginning of our journey together. I was trying to navigate life without Britches and have a fresh start with JK, while Johnny was trying to adjust to my apartment, a life without balls for the first time in 10 years (LOL), and the fact he lived with a couple mid-20’s train wrecks But, we held onto each other, even when it was hard, and fell in love.
Now, we are two (three if you count Alex 😉) peas in a pod and I couldn’t imagine my life without my Lil John. He keeps me on my toes CONSTANTLY, but he makes me laugh like no one has before. Johnny snores like a 75 year-old man, runs on three legs, and is constantly plotting ways to kill the squirrels around us. He’s LOATHES snuggles, but he shows his love in small ways that melt your heart, so much so my 'not an animal person' mother is head over heels for him. We’ve seen solar eclipses, marched in Homecoming Parades, and are one year out from our graduate degree!
As always, I encourage everyone I meet to bring home a senior dog when the time is right. I’ve survived the worst of the worst when it comes to senior dogs, but the pain you feel when they pass is nothing compared to the days, months, or years of joy they bring to your life. Follow his adventures @mrjohnnykarate. -McKenzie" ❤️ #seniordog #ohsoloved #adopted #rescued #adoptdontshop


(near) OMAHA, NE: 9 year old Buddy is in search of a cuddle-buddy. He was first posted on SSD on December 1st, when we learned he has been at his shelter for one year already. Another month has gone by and he is still there!! He loves playing with toys, snoozing in the sunshine, and snuggling up to anyone who will give him some love. Buddy deserves more than what life has doled out for him so far. Can't we make his dreams come true? PLEASE SHARE! 🐻🍀🌟 Central Nebraska Humane Society wrote, "This is Buddy! He’s a 9 year old #Staffordshire terrier who’s been with us for almost a year. He was a surrender because his owner couldn’t afford to take care of him anymore. He didn't have the best life before coming to the shelter, but now he's looking forward to his happily-ever-after. If you need some loveable-ness in your life, please, please, please come meet Buddy!

Buddy is an adorable guy who is bound and determined to wiggle his way into your heart. When he's not busy playing with toys, you'll find him stretched out in a sunny spot, napping the afternoon away. He has the most adorable frog-butt ever! He is just a sweet lover and a #cuddler.

Buddy is easy going with humans but would need to be the only dog in the house. He loves to have his back scratched and go for walks. He’s not much for running or jumping anymore, and he’s not a real active guy for playing. He’s just looking for a nice warm doggie bed next to someone’s couch to be his forever place to live out his years!" To adopt Buddy, please email Chrissy at with any questions and to submit an application.
Central Nebraska Humane Society is located at 1312 Sky Park Road, #GrandIsland, NE. ❤️ #seniordog #cuddlebuddy #Nebraska #animalshelter #adoptme #lookingforlove #adoptdontshop


**EDIT: ADOPTED!!** LOS ANGELES, CA: Meet Piggly Wiggly! (And swipe over for videos!) 10 year old Piggly has been at the public LA shelter since last May. And she attended the big SSD adoption event in early November. Week after week, month after month Piggly waits for love. She is very, very friendly and very wiggly with love! She has shown very good behavior around other dogs and the shelter volunteers are baffled as to why they haven't been able to find an adopter for Piggly. It's time we get her story out there! PLEASE SHARE! 🚂
A volunteer wrote, "Soulful Piggly is 10 years old, and volunteers are heartbroken to be watching this sweet lady's days whiled away in a kennel. She came in having a possible owner, who the shelter contacted but no one came to claim her. And she has now been at the shelter since May 21, 2017!! Piggly is a smiley girl who lights up when anyone stops by to see her. Everyone Piggly meets is a friend! Nothing, not even the 'lumps and bumps' of senior life, get this girl down. Sure, her teeth show wear, her back legs aren't as strong as they used to be, but she greets each day happy and excited. She was affectionately named because she loves treats almost as much as she loves people. She knows basic commands and will plop her wiggly bum into a 'sit' as soon as she sees the treat!
Piggly likes being around other dogs- happy and lots of tail wags. She has been friendly with every dog she has encountered and was great at the event. (She even licked my foster dog through the fence the day I was taking him home at the shelter too.) She has not had any 'dropped leash meets' because of concerns of other dogs' energy level to hers - Piggly is playful and energetic, but she does have the weakness in hind legs, so volunteers are cautious around other dogs.
Piggly weighs 60 pounds and spayed to go home today! Please come meet and adopt this sweetheart- be her #hero!" To adopt Piggly, please email shelter volunteer Lara at to set up a meet and greet. Please include animal ID #A1701669.

@northcentralshelter is located at 3201 Lacy St, #LosAngeles, CA. ❤️ #seniordog


🌈 Sadly we share that on December 21st, 12 year old Sanford passed away. Wrapped in his warmest, snuggliest blanket, he said goodbye in the arms of his mom and dad. 💔😔 Sanford is truly missed. And there is no avoiding the truth that it is so very hard to say goodbye. But Sanford found himself some of the two most special parents, Meredith and Larry. Sanford had spent 15 months in a concrete shelter. And after nine posts on SSD's Facebook page and nine posts on Instagram, it was with Meredith and Larry where Sanford's story finally landed. On October 16th, 2015 they stepped in to adopt, love, cherish, and nurture Sanford for all the rest of his days to come. They quickly fell in love with each other and became a family of three! 👪

Through personal email exchanges with Meredith and Larry (and as you all can see on @sanford_the_dog), it is clear that Sanford lived no ordinary retirement life. He truly lived an extraordinary life! Meredith and Larry are not strangers to devastating loss, and their generosity in opening up their hearts and loving senior dog Sanford without abandon is incredibly inspiring. Sanford gained so much from their love, and we can only hope that Meredith and Larry know what a gift they were to him. 💝

Rest peacefully and run freely, sweet Sanford. You are forever loved. 💞💞💞💞 Meredith and Larry share, "He was our everything.... our love, our light and our joy! Our world revolved around him and now that he is gone, we feel so very empty and alone. There are days where Larry and I still expect to see him laying in his bed in front of the fire with his spotted belly hanging out and him snoring away. Or when home from work I still expect to see him running across the yard with his stuffed flamingo in his mouth coming to greet me and give me slobbery kisses. And that smile! Oh how we miss that toothless grin! Even in our darkest times, Sanford’s smile could always make us feel better.
Sanford saved us in many ways, more than most people know. He was the happiest, funniest, laziest and most wonderful dog we could have ever dreamed of, and we are so honored to have been rescued by him." @sanford_the_dog 🌻 #seniordog #rainbowbridge