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Loved spending time meeting each of you! Selena unites us all... 💜


My Inspiring Women❤️❤️


❤️ vibes for Sel today #mommaQ



Wanted to show Love before the end of the day to this epic concert! Can’t believe it’s been 23 yeeaarrrssss!!! I don’t know about you guys, but every time I’m watching it, it seems so fresh and current! It’s insane right!! 🙌🏼#23 #queenofcumbia @selenaqofficial



Thank you Madam Tussaud for this amazing work of art to be shown in Orlando for a short period of time from Feb 13- April 8th!! I know Florida will show her so so much love! Florida was always a state we toured for many years back in our touring days! ❤️❤️#loveselenaorlando


April 13 & 14th! Excited to celebrate yet another year! See y’all there April 13 & 14th 💜!!! #fiestadelaflor



The best thing I’ve ever done in my entire life it to be a mom to my pride and joy JOVAN. ❤️


Really exciting to be able to be apart of the beginning stages of having a Latino family drama series created for TV. Proud to be a part of this project. Also please make sure you look up this article and read it before you assume this drama series is about my is not. This series main character will be INSPIRED by my sister and looks up to her... like we all already do. 💗 let’s see where this journey takes us.


A lil something specially made for my Great Niece Princess YVIE 👑@principe_q



Last Friday of 2017 and to be honest I just can’t believe we are here. So So many amazing memories happened this year with not just Sel but with life it’s self. Turning 50 was one of them and was something I swore I would embrace and make mine and not let it define who I am! Well only in the mornings when I gotta get up and everything goes snap, crack and pop! 😂 I’m super super grateful for my familia! They are my LIFE!! Before I go just want to thank each of you for the love you shower me with on a daily and also to those who love to try and label me ... IM JUST ME!!! I send all of you love Love LOVE 💗#filterliferules


Vibes for 2018



Lunch with Mom and Brother are always never ending stories of our shenanigans growing up! I need this in my life today ❤️❤️


@lanieart13 MAD LOVEEEE to you for this sweet heartfelt gift you created and gave to me. 🙏🏼❤️❤️


Best big bro and lil sis I could ever have!!Looking back on old pictures today with my heart full. I’m truly blessed to have had this bond growing up. No matter what... FAMILIA is Life!! ❤️



One more selfie!! My trip is complete 🌹


Here in LA and had to come visit 🙌🏼❤️


This beautiful woman who I have been blessed with as a mom is my Best friend who has always been there for me and I for her during every part of my life and even those very dark days missing our Sel. I love this woman to the moon and back 100 times !!! #mylfe #mymomma


This is LIFE right now! #BRRR


Just when you get that Hair vibe just right 😉 #lettherebelight #50 #gotvibes


Good times always in my second home of SAN ANTONIO with momma Q and my Girl @blissfuljen 💗


Friday vibes ! Hope everyone has a Great wknd! Be safe 🙏🏼❤️


Mine and Lola’s Sunday morning vibes...


I’ve kept this picture in my office to never forget the struggles and sacrifices we had when we started many many years ago with my family. This trailer was homemade by my dad. That’s him in this picture changing the tire. Mannn, we thought we were big time with this Trailer!! LOL 😂 Any musician reading this knows the true struggle of what it really takes to even be heard or to even be hired for a gig!! To all my fellow musicians out there, NEVER GIVE UP! Keep doing what you love ❤️


Woke up missing this lil Queen! I’m a great Aunt and couldn’t be happier! Been wanting to post but so much has been going on .. ❤️Life is a blessing!! Meet Yvie Quintanilla 👑🌸🌸


The newest queen to join our family...Yvie Q.👑 #officiallynowagreatgrandma #mommaQ #queens