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One of the great things about @sjanaelise 's BAM (Body and Mind) program is being able to do them anywhere. Many of the flows in BAM don't require any equipment other than a yoga mat, so you can do them in your hotel room, living room or even on the beach! Try it out for yourself: www.sweat.com/app


Sweat trainer @kelseywells showing us all a few PWR moves using dumbbells to work your shoulders and arms! If you haven't tried a workout from PWR, this is a great one to try — but be warned, it's not easy!
Here's what you do:
💧 Single-arm Row
💧 Arnold Press
💧 Bent-over Reverse Fly
💧 Side to Front Raise
💧 Bent-over Row
Aim for 10-12 reps of each exercise and repeat twice! For more workouts like this one, download the SWEAT app. Try it for 7 days, for free! Head to: www.sweat.com/app


We're all for making healthy alternatives to sweet treats, and this has certainly caught our eye! Made with a pecan and coconut flour base, a date and coconut 'caramel' centre and a cacao chocolate outer, this looks like a delicious treat! What are some of your favourite healthy-and-sweet snacks to enjoy during the 12-Week Challenge? www.sweat.com/app
Pic: @panaceas_pantry



That awkward moment when you realise your off-duty style is the same as your on-duty gym style 😆 But let's be real, it's not actually awkward at all, right?? www.sweat.com/app
Pic: @moveathletica


Ladies — we are almost half-way complete! You’ve absolutely whipped Week 5’s butt! Take a look at some of these numbers — YOU did this! You have jumped, lifted and squatted your way through another week of the 12-Week Challenge and along the way, you have inspired other women to do the same. How are you feeling? Use the hashtag #sweat12wc to keep us in the loop. Next up: Week 6 💥💥💥 the half way mark!! www.sweat.com/app


Oh avocado, how we love you! There are so many ways to enjoy avocado, and it's fun coming up with new ideas! You can add chickpeas and some ghee, like @cultivatewithkruti, you can top it with a poached egg and some greens, or add some tuna. OR you can check out our new blog post to see even more avocado toast ideas: www.sweat.com/avocado-toast



Shoutout to all of the ladies who woke up today and had these thoughts! Don't let that little voice creep in to try and convince you that your bed is too comfy to get out of, or you can definitely miss a whole week of workouts. Show up, train hard, pat yourself on the back. #sweat12wc


As we end Week 5 of SWEAT's 12-Week Challenge, take a moment to reflect on how you're feeling! Are you feeling energised and excited for the next week, like @lucywatson? Are you feeling sore from your workouts and need some extra recovery time? Stop for a minute and check-in with yourself. Need some encouragement or advice about your journey? Check out the forum: www.sweat.com/forum


Turkey meatballs, udon noodles, grated carrot, cucumber ribbons, sliced red capsicum (red bell pepper) and spring onions, topped with a tamari dressing! Yes, we'll take a plate of this for lunch please @madeleine_shaw_! What's on your plate today?



These are so pretty, it's a shame they're going to be drenched in sweat in a little while 😁 What are some of your favourite colours for workout clothes?
Pic: @stylerunner


We already know that a well-balanced diet is really important for health and for helping you to reach your fitness goals. That's why the Sweat app has a range of meal plans available! It can be used to plan your meals and healthy snacks each day, allowing you to fuel your body while enjoying lots of flavour and variety!
This is what one day of the STANDARD meal plan from the Sweat app looks like, swipe across:
💧 Breakfast: Blueberry Smoothie 💧 Mid-morning snack: Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding 💧 Lunch: Tuna and Rice Salad
💧 Afternoon snack: Tomato and Avocado Crispbreads
💧 Dinner: Chicken, Pumpkin and Quinoa Salad.
You can also find meal plans to suit vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian, lacto-vegetarian and ovo-vegetarian diets. Simply select your preference in the Sweat app and you'll see an array of delicious, healthy meals. It's not too late to join our 12 Week Challenge and try these recipes for yourself by visiting: www.sweat.com/app


Seeing these happy, sweaty faces brings us so much joy 😀 A big round of applause for every single incredible woman who is currently killing it in Week 5 of SWEAT's 12-Week Challenge! Be proud of yourselves, because you are doing an amazing job. Don't forget to snap your selfie once you've finished a workout in the SWEAT app — share it with the community by using the hashtag #sweat12wc



Can we have a moment of celebration for this smoothie bowl? How perfect is it?! 🙌
Created by @thebirdfeednyc, this is easy to make at home and serves two!
Blend together: 💧 3 frozen bananas
💧 2 Tbsp chocolate protein powder
💧 1/8 tsp vanilla extract
💧 1/4 cup plant milk.
Transfer to a bowl and top with sliced banana, cacao nibs, granola, blueberries or your favourite toppings. www.sweat.com/app


self-love 😉💕 is well and truly in the air and we're celebrating with 30% off all of our pink products for Valentine's Day! Be quick — this is for a limited time only! Head to the website to shop: www.sweat.com/sweatproducts


Don't be afraid to make a tough climb, because that feeling you get when you reach the top is unlike any other. When you're in the middle of your journey, motivation can drop. Keep up your routine, because finishing these 12 weeks is SO worth it. #sweat12wc www.sweat.com/app



Check out our SWEAT 12-Week Challenge Week 4 recap! Our community has done an absolutely incredible job these past 4 weeks, we are SO proud of each and every one of you. Around the fourth week, you might be starting to see physical progress. That’s why we recommend everyone takes a 4-week progress picture! You then take a follow-up picture in Week 8 and Week 12 — because sometimes it can be hard to see all of the changes your body goes through, because you look at it daily.
Let’s get ready to tackle Week 5 strong! #sweat12wc


What a sweet way to wake up! @jldmuchowski snapped a pic of her breakfast bowl, and it looks SO GOOD! This Berry Yoghurt and Muesli recipe can be found in the SWEAT app, and it's just one of the super simple recipes that are packed with nutrients and flavour. Check them out for yourself: www.sweat.com/app


FOCUS! The great thing about @sjanaelise's yoga program, BAM, is that it gives you the option to do the flow at your own pace. If you love to breathe deeply and focus on holding each pose for a little longer, you can. It's all about finding what works for you. Try BAM, Body And Mind now in the SWEAT app www.sweat.com/app



Lunch tip for the week: sneak in some extra protein with your salad by adding a soft-boiled egg! www.sweat.com/app
Pic: @kalejunkie


Thanks for the reminder about incorporating stretching into your 12-Week Challenge workouts @madi_edwards! Even if you struggle to find time to workout, those extra few minutes to stretch and cool down are super important! As well as giving your body some time to slow down, it's a great time to think about what you achieved during the workout! Share your progress with us via the hashtag #sweat12wc www.sweat.com/app


Reminder: it's not the end of the world if you miss a workout. Give yourself a break and remember that every step you take to improve your health, no matter how small, is progress. Shake it off and come back strong!


Small but mighty! SWEAT blog contributor, the gorgeous @notummymommy (Trisha) gets her daughter involved in her workouts, teaching her an important lesson about making health and fitness a part of daily life! See how Trisha brings Harper into her workouts by checking out: www.sweat.com/mamas-arm-workout


This is what you call love at first sight 😍 Take 30% off all of our pink products for Valentine's Day! That includes our gorgeous Active Sets! Be quick and head to the shop to grab yours: www.sweat.com/sweatproducts


In case you need an excuse to eat pizza 😆 🍕🍕February 9th is World Pizza Day! To celebrate, we created a healthy and super tasty Roasted Vegetable Pizza recipe that you can make in less than an hour! And trust us, it doesn't just LOOK amazing, it tastes even better! Grab the recipe: www.sweat.com/pizza-day


You've probably heard the buzz about kimchi, but are you feeling a bit confused about what it actually IS, or HOW you should be using it? Head to our blog for all of the answers, and simple recipe so you have a go at making it for yourself!


Something to keep in mind as you get further into your 12-Week Challenge journey! Learning how to care for your body, to nourish it and to keep it active, is one of the best things you will ever learn. Once you experience how good your body can feel, you will probably find it hard to turn back.


Those post-workout feels! 👏 A few more ladies absolutely killing it in SWEAT's 12-Week Challenge this week! You are all so amazing and we love seeing the progress you've been making each week. Capture your SWEAT-y selfie and tag us or use the hashtag #sweat12wc next time you tick off a workout! You're no match for us Week 4 💪


Are you all set for week 4 of SWEAT's 12-Week Challenge? Laying out your workout clothes means you'll be ready to throw them on and sweat along with the rest of us this week! We've shared some tips to help you reorganise your routine and make the most of this journey — check it out sweat.com/reorganising-your-routine. Let's do this week 4! HASHTAG #sweat12wc so we can keep up with your progress!
Pic: @stylerunner


A bowl full of colour certainly makes eating healthy even more exciting! Try something like this for lunch — it is super simple to make! In this bowl: black beans, corn, capsicum, lettuce, purple cabbage and delicious avocado. YUM! www.sweat.com/app
Pic: @thebirdfeednyc


Take a look at all of the work we did last week, ladies! Week 3 of SWEAT’s 12-Week Challenge was a massive one! Give yourself a pat on the back, because that hard work is going to pay off! You’re probably already starting to notice some positive changes, whether it’s feeling more energised, being able to get through more reps, weight loss, muscle growth or even feeling more confident before a workout. We want to celebrate it ALL! We are starting Week 4, which means it’s time to snap your progress photo! Set yourself a reminder, or go off and do it right this second if you can’t wait! You can even share your transformation with us, simply by uploading and using the hashtag #sweat12WC Look out Week 4, we’re coming for you 💪 www.sweat.com/app