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Can humans live to be 700 Years Old? Or is this mad science?
Should we be injecting ourselves with the blood of younger people when we get older? What about stem cells? Do hormone levels REALLY matter?
Today I have another very special guest: Dr. Kim. He is a real MD, not somebody who took an online class on first aid and calls himself a doctor. He specializes in this whole new world of aging, and slowing the aging process. Watch and find out the secrets to anti-aging and what can we expect in the future.
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Adolf Hitler Visited my grandmother’s school in Germany, 1938. She refused to salute and get betrayed by her German people so she fled. -
She arrived in America, this was the first place she saw someone eat more than one egg. During WWII Her brother was forced into the German army and was
Shot in the stomach and died on the eastern front. -
I was inspired by her resilience and she remains one of the reasons why I’m inspired to self educate, and learn from history. WATCH THE FULL VIDEO @ 🎥 TAILOPEZ.COM/GrandmaWW2


If you master what’s in this video, you will always have money. If you don’t, you’ll probably be broke...
These 4 traits are NOT optional:
1. Organization
2. Perfectionism
3. Diligence
4. Prudence
Everyone reading this has hopes and dreams. If you aren’t conscientious you have a 1% chance of achieving your hopes and dreams. It's easy to see when people aren't gonna succeed. Low conscientious people you can just bet against them.



Iota, Verge, Siacoin...which is 👍🏼 or 👎🏼 - I asked Jai, a 16 year old whiz kid who mined his first bitcoin in 2015, all while in high school. Here are his calls:
👍🏼THUMBS UP: Batcoin for its alternative to AdSense, Siacoin for its alternative to Amazon Web Services
👎🏼THUMBS DOWN: Verge for its lack of privacy. Ripple for it’s centralization. IOTA for the lack of security. -
WATCH full video at tailopez.com/speedminute


Here's an important lesson to learn: don't let other people manage your stuff. Especially with marketing your business... You've got to supervise.
When I was traveling around the world, I ran out of money in New Zealand. I got a job shearing sheep and my boss told us, "Don't ever lend out your shearing equipment." Someone asked why and he replied:
“What happens if you lend out your girlfriend for a year? You’ll probably get cheated on.”
So keep what's important close to you. Why would you let something important to you be controlled by someone else? You can apply this to business or personal life.
Watch full video at 🎥 tailopez.com/supervise


Common sense is at an all time low in the world. Awareness is plummeting. We have Google and more information than ever. But we still are lost.
We have become 'ghosts' - detached from reality. Amazon will instantly ship whatever you need, Netflix will broadcast whatever you want to watch, and Facebook will provide the virtual social interaction you think suffices.
Across the board, the mental and physical requirement to be aware and present is the lowest it’s ever been. The effect of this is that we have become disembodied ghosts floating through our day-to-day.
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Most people can’t keep up faith when things look dark. Stay the course in 2018. Follow @tailopez for more motivation...


I hope you spent New Years with people you love 🎉#happynewyear


For some reason this one made me laugh so hard. So much anger hahaha... 😂



My grandma’s a savage 😂🔥. When you’re 99 years old your perspective changes haha.


Laziness will destroy your future. Never think about the pain of something. Just do what you have to do.
So go out and practice your skill until you’re too good to ignore.
And why post a pic of my fancy sports cars?
Simple, parents and schools have to stop forcing things. You can’t teach by force, people learn by being inspired.


Who you learn from matters...
If you’re out of shape get a mentor with a six pack. Next thing you know you’ll start to get in shape.
If you’re broke find mentors who know how to make money. Next thing you know your bank account will start to go up.
Who you hang out with matters...



Throwback. Zack makes me laugh haha 😂


How he changes accents kills me hahaha...


My dad was bullied when he was young in Harlem. Then a big kid who was the NY boxing Golden Gloves stepped in and knocked out the 3 bullies at once. He then told everyone in school that if they bullied my dad they would get knocked out next. My dads family adopted that big kid named Adrian (He didn’t have a dad). My middle name is Adrian, named after that kid who stood up to injustice.



Keeping up with the Kardashian’s... haha #kendalljenner


I’ll be opening my home if needed and getting 2 people, 2 nights in a hotel. If this is you and you’re truly in need leave a comment below or if a friend needs help tag them. Or direct message me.


I'll give you one guess haha...



I bet you that was the last time they picked on him...


(I wasn't paid by Dolce to post this lmao)... Branding is power. People don't trust easily so you have to convince them to buy into your "brand story" BEFORE your try to sell them something.
Dolce has created so strong an image in people's heads that they are willing to spend $1000 or more extra.
This is called a brand "premium." How do you create a brand premium? It's easier than ever now.
Social media allows you to tell stories for cheap. Hell, Instagram and Snapchat literally call their posting feature "stories."


I'm going to start randomly yelling this when I walk down the street. This has been out for awhile but I couldn't resist posting it again haha. I think she is a professor and was teaching a class on psychology and parenting or something like that. #nopomegranates


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Maybe this kid didn't do it perfectly but it's hard to argue with his logic. A teacher with passion changes the game. Bill Gates says scientific evidence shows that top-quality teachers:
“Would completely close the income inequity of learning in the entire country” if they were in place for three years nationwide.
Now that's easier said than done. You have to change the structure. We have to be willing to pay teachers more and put way more money into education.
People say they want that but few actually want to pay for it. People forget that you get what you pay for…


Being overly judgmental is a nasty habit of mine that I need to fix 😔. How does that verse go in the book of Matthew?
"Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.
Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?"


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From my family and 99 yr old grandma: Be thankful for what you have because it can be taken away at any moment. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving with your family and friends. #thanksgiving


Turn sound on...


Post Malone should have won best new artist at AMA's. You feel me? Who thinks something's wrong with the voting for the Grammys and the AMAs?
There is a saying I believe in, "When things don't make sense, follow the money."
@PostMalone @h3h3productions


Honestly this may be my favorite video I've posted this year. I laughed harder that anything when he scooted by on his head. But then I thought about it and I was like, "Damn I need to be more committed like this guy." Go all in or nothing. But don't get a mat burn on your face hahah🔥


What about the slow "turtle and the hare" fable they used to tell us??? Lies haha


Some people say it's showing off. Maybe. But I'd rather live in a world where people competed to do good than the current world where people go to war over nothing. #payitforward