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Love your elders...


Working on our golf swing today... a lot of business is done on the course. Get your game up...



#kendrick #behumble


The more you learn, the more you earn...


Haha Zack's outfit 😜 To enter to win the next 9 MacBook air laptops are you have to do is be following my verified @tailopez Instagram


A good combo non traditional drill Ricky Funes taught me. When you miss the knuckles bleed... @tengooseboxing_gym


It's a fake prank. Don't worry, he's not hurt hahahaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @9gag


No idea if this is true (I don't think the picture matches the text) but even if it isn't, it makes you think... #dontneglectwhatyouhave


Haha should I hire Zeke to get me in shape?


This isn't about race. The point is the media doesn't glorify getting smart anymore - it glorifies getting cosmetic surgery... #moreyoulearnmoreyouearn


Happy Mother's Day to mom who despite being a single mom for many years, always made me feel loved & taught me to be unconventional ❀️ (and to my grandma who was my 2nd mom) #happymothersday


Haha haters will say she's a paid actor... Time to start roasting fools...


Haha people think they are so smart in my last Insta post because it's a customer copy. Hahah block out the dumbasses who find fault in you when you do good.


Always be generous with what you have and you will receive more back over time… #randomactsofkindness


(Watch the full version at TaiLopez.com/Amish)... My 2 day visit to the Amish was amazing. I snuck in a few videos with my phone haha. When I was younger I lived there for 2 years with no electricity or cars. Being away from the city a few times a year is a great way to boost your creativity. Now I just got to Miami.


This isn't just about getting rich. This is about how to find the good life. #seekouttheteachers


Comment if you think he is doing the right thing?✊️... Well in my experience no one really cares about your dreams. You have to make them happen yourself. Never forget that.


Comment with your best investment tip..⭐️πŸ”₯(Check the full video with all 7 tips at tailopez.com/billion or click link in my bio). I was just at the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting learning from billionaires Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, and Bill Gates about the newest trends in investing. You have to know how to make your money work for you or you'll always just be working for money like a salary slave… Comment with your best investment tip..


Once you're successful never be cheap... #generosity


I didn't plan at first to give him $200... but have to respect his hustle. This is the stuff government programs are always trying to do but f#ck up... Just pay it forward with what you can and it will trigger a revolution. #payitforward



Zack & I were just talking about the biggest Google trends today and whatsapp was trending. Checkout my YouTube.com/tailopez for the full video. It's funny haha.


I just gave away my 10th free car in the last 12 months. Rayna @raynaxoxo chose a Jeep! What would you have chose? Stay tuned to win cash or cars and other good stuff.


Just had an interesting talk with Tom from Myspace… The original godfather of social media... @myspacetom


The full quote from the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer is: "Hence the uselessness of logic: no one ever convinced anybody by logic... To convince a man, you must appeal to his self-interest, his desires, his will.” #learntoreadpeople


Kendrick killing the game... Who you calling the top? #damn