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Looking down at unbelievably blue lakes and networks of streams and rivers while flying into the heart of the Muskwa Kechika. One of few remaining wild places left on earth.


Cerro Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre y la Luna 🌝


@hayoui and I have been extremely fortunate to have travelled to so many different places together. One of our favourite trips yet has been our journey down to Patagonia to assist in some climate and forestry research. It was type 2 fun at its best but something we want to do more of, include a positive purpose behind our travels.
If you want to read about the trip we put together a blog post on it, link in bio. ✌🏻


The mighty Fitz Roy range. Reminiscing on my time spent living under this mountain.


hey, good lookin' - what ya got cookin'?


A beam of light hitting a waterfall on the cliff of a freshwater fjord on Canada's east coast. I'm not sure how often this happens but I'm thankful to have witnessed it.


From day 1 of the Long Range Traverse: Once we had climbed to the top of the gulch the rain and fog joined us, we took shelter in our tents in hopes it wouldn't last long. A couple of hours later I woke up from a nap and literally opened up the tent door to this view. I was a little groggy and unsure if I was still dreaming..


This photo best represents our time spent hiking the long range traverse in Newfoundland. Moody, inconsistent weather, rocky terrain, vast wilderness and time spent in good company admiring the massive landscapes (when they weren't hidden from the fog).


This rugged stretch of coast along the Atlantic surprisingly felt a lot like home on the west coast.
Nova Scotia is easily one of the most underrated provinces!


One of the best sunrises I've seen in awhile here on the east coast of Nova Scotia. Check out my IG story to see the jellyfish I was trying avoid while taking this video. #iphone7 #nofilterneeded


I used to have this notion that when you camped you had to eat poorly and be uncomfortable. Whether you’re car camping or in the backcountry you can still easily bring the comforts of home with you to truly enjoy your time spent outdoors. My gear from @WoodsCanada allowed us to do just that along the Juan De Fuca trail!#WoodsExplorer #Partner
**This photo was taken before the current BC fire ban was set in place. Please be respectful of the current provincial fire restrictions, thank you.**


The full moon illuminated the landscape creating an illusion that it was daytime but if you look closely you'll see a sky full of stars.


Up close and personal with Cerro Torre during a bush flight in Patagonia.


We spent the whole day looking at this rock from every angle we could, inside and out. Who knew a giant rock could be so entertaining! πŸ—Ώ


Breaking through the ice on an unnamed glacier lake in the coast mountain alpine.
It was a great way to beat the heat on a hot summer day!


Blue hour along the Ottawa River in our nation's capital πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦.
@ottawatourism #myottawa


It was a pleasure to meet up with talented Ottawa local, @szetoszeto during my trip to the capital of Canada. He was kind enough to show me some of his favourite natural spots just outside the city.

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Ontario legend Paul Mason showing me how it's done, paddling down the white waters of the Mississippi River.
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As much as I love mountains there's such a beautiful simplicity to the prairies that can't be found elsewhere. Could do without all the mosquitoes tho..


By pushing yourself to try a little harder, the results can be enormous. If you need an example just take a look at this tree.
Break the boundaries and try something new. Backpacking through old growth forests with @WoodsCanada is highly recommended. #WoodsExplorer #sp


A calm and misty sunrise on the outskirts of Ottawa, Ontario. When I think about Canada this is what comes to mind.
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Some places leave you with more questions than answers, this was one of them.


Laying in our tent we thought we were listening to a thunderstorm, turned out to be the glacier calving into the lake.


Last nights fireworks over the peace tower in Ottawa. The capital city knows how to put on a show, definitely one for the books! #Canada150
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I'm fortunate to have been born and raised in such a diverse, vast and beautiful country. Today I'm reflecting on what this day means to the indigenous people on the land we are living on that has given us so much.
Happy Canada Day!


Too many stars to count over the Fitz Roy range.


Aimlessly walking around the sand dunes, soaking up the last bit of sun before a cold night under the stars.


Narrow channels of melt water formed along the edge of a glacier lake = the perfect racetrack for kayaks.
Thanks for making it happen @compass_heli_tours!


Above the clouds, far from crowds.


Flying over imposing snow covered peaks, we were able to get up to this frozen theme park at the perfect timeβ€”the day was hot, the ice below still thick, the water like paddling in a blue slurpee.
To read more about the trip check out the write up by @hayoui on the @orukayak blog!