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Took a bit of a gamble on conditions this morning and managed to get above these clouds of fog in time for sunrise.


You wake up to the gentle crackling of a wood stove and adjust your eyes to the soft morning sunlight shining into the cabin. On the shore is the floatplane that brought you here, patiently waiting for today’s adventure. Flying is the only way into this natural oasis, as there are no roads or trails— not even any other connecting waterways. Just you, your cabin, and the wilderness.
This is how days start at Tesla Lake Lodge.


The abundant runs of chum salmon in the Squamish, Cheakamus, and Mamquam rivers attract bald eagles from all over the Pacific Northwest through the winter months. It was entertaining watching these two take turns at the washed up salmon carcass.



A vibrant, fiery sunset at Western Brook Pond.
We had this whole place to ourselves. Well, us and about a million bugs.


Organizing and packing up after our very first multi-pitch climb in arguably one of the most scenic places @hayoui and I have been to! I’ll admit it was a bit intimidating transitioning from indoor climbing to outdoor. We didn’t know much about knots, how to set up an anchor or rappel. I can’t thank @chrisbrinleejr enough for his knowledge and guidance getting us up there and showing us the ropes (no pun intended). This trip sparked a new (and expensive) love for climbing, looking forward to some upcoming trips!


I have always been fascinated by planes, especially float planes. Having the opportunity to shoot this Dehavilland Beaver flying through the mountain valleys, over glaciers and landing in alpine lakes from another plane earlier this year was a dream come true.
Can’t thank @travelnorthernbc enough for the experience!



@hayoui’s eyes always light up when we are out in the mountains and you’d be hard pressed to wipe the cheeky smile off her face. Her passion and enthusiasm towards nature and wildlife is contagious.
She kicks butt and is always motivating me to go further and push the limits. Always thankful to have this beautiful, badass girl keen to go on any type of adventure, whenever and wherever!


After an unforgettable boat ride through this freshwater fjord a rugged trail brought us up to this view point. After awhile the rain stopped and the clouds broke just as the sun was setting. It felt like there was so much to take in. The landscape was a strange mix of Hawaii, Yosemite and Norway all put together.
Out of all the places I have been fortunate enough to visit, this national park right here in Canada is one of my favourites.


If you zoom in you’ll find @hayoui standing out on a rock, really helps to give scale to this mountain range. Felt pretty lucky to have such great conditions while we were there, not very often you get to see the top of Fitz Roy let alone a reflection of it!



Red sky in the morning, sailors warning. The age old tale was true, a storm came on rolling through later on that afternoon. Apparently fiery red skies indicate that there is high water content in the atmosphere, thus the rain.


I’ve had a lot of people ask about this photo series, thinking that the body of water we kayaked on was a river. It looks like a frigid flowing tributary, when in reality, it was the stagnant meltwater around the perimeter of a glacial lake. In the spring, just the surface of the lake’s edges begin to thaw, creating these unique waterways perfect for paddling.


These domes were the perfect retreat for a cold and damp fall day in Patagonia. If you ever get the chance to stay in one I would highly recommend it!



The Alps are a place of immense beauty and incredible scale. Pictured here are two climbers making their way across the Vallée Blanche into Italy as a storm front rolls in. We weren't too far behind them and eventually lost all visibility, thankfully it cleared up the next day for our climb along the Entréves!


Rainy walks through the west coast temperate rainforest. Here life is abundant and sometimes strange, you can find fish in the trees and birds swimming in the rivers. You never know what you're gonna stumble upon.


Taking in the views, while they lasted. A rewarding end of the day in Gros Morne National Park, NFLD.



We took the night bus into El Chaltén so @hayoui and I never actually got to see the Fitz Roy Range from this perspective until we left town a month later. It didn't make saying goodbye any easier.


Throwback to simulclimbing exposed, knife-edge ridglelines in Italy with @chrisbrinleejr, @hayoui & @chadofutah. The views did not disappoint! 📸: @chrisbrinleejr


Reminiscing on this trip to Vancouver island with @hayoui. A full day of hiking, swimming and eating wild salmon berries under the sun.



I am thankful for the hard relentless work that is done by The Ocean Legacy Foundation, all of the volunteers and other organizations involved in tackling our oceans plastic problem.
Everytime I go to grab a straw, bottle, utensil or any other unnecessary single use plastic or styrofoam product I am reminded of the devastation that I encountered on Lasqueti Island and ask myself do I really need it? Is there an eco friendly option to replace that item? Of course there are times where it may not be practical but it's important to be aware and question our actions.
Earlier this summer a group of us spent 4 days scouring beaches and coves on the island and in that short period of time we came back with numerous super sacs filled with styrofoam and plastic of all shapes and sizes.
It was very emotional seeing the horrendous state of these places we care about. I never fully understood how bad the problem was until it affected me personally. Our consequences have lasting effects that you don't see once it is no longer your problem.
If you're asking yourself how can you help and be a part of the solution I put a link in my bio with more detailed information. If you happen to be in Vancouver swing by the warehouse this week and join some incredible people to help sort all of the collected marine debris where it can then be repurposed and recycled!

For more information on the Ocean Legacy Foundation: They focus on transforming marine debris into a valuable resource. Their long term vision is to assist local and international communities in developing tools such as long term education, shoreline clean-up efforts and plastic-to-fuel technologies. Legends.
Thank you for taking the time to read all of this.


The Aiguille d’Entréves is a classic ridge traverse on the Mont Blanc massif that pushed me out of my comfort zone, in the best way possible. I have always wanted to get into technical alpine climbing to explore hard to reach places, but I’m only a beginner climber and had never before done anything that involved a rope or harness on top of a mountain at high elevation. I am so glad that @chrisbrinleejr had confidence in me and is a patient teacher, because it was one of the best days I have ever had outdoors. I am also grateful that @hayoui was right there with us, thankful that my girlfriend/adventure partner shares the same interests and we can push each other in life.
Whether outdoors or not, I feel it's always important to constantly challenge yourself and try new things. You never know where it will take you.

My @backcountry #GOATworthy moment.


Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.


I met @chrisbrinleejr at a sushi restaurant when he was passing through Vancouver the other month. We were talking about future travel plans and discovered that we were both going to be in Europe at the same time. He eagerly invited @hayoui and I to join him in Chamonix to do some climbing. We didn't hesitate to say yes but warned him that it would be our first time doing anything to that extreme but he happily offered to show us the ropes (no pun intended).
Super grateful for the opportunity, weather windows and his patience showing us some of his favourite places on the Mont Blanc Massif!


Last nights sunset in the French Alps with friends, new and old.
By far one of the most incredible sights I've ever seen. Chamonix has been constantly delivering. Super grateful for all of the opportunities and good weather. Looking forward to sharing more soon!


I recently spent a week in the incredible Italian Dolomites and French Alps shooting for @duvine. Although I was not cycling myself (but still ate as much food as everyone who pedalled up massive mountains) I was really impressed with the professionalism of the guides and the locations in which the company operates. I made some new friends and left inspired by these passionate cyclists pushing their limits up steep mountain passes with endless switchbacks all for the love of the sport.


Watching the day slowly fade into night with a couple good friends who came up to the great white north for a visit the other week. @gregbalkin @stephwrighttt


If you drive the famous Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island, and then keep driving north on a windy dirt road until you hit the ocean, you will find the tiny, isolated community of Meat Cove. Giant cliffs and rock faces jet out of the Atlantic creating the ultimate ocean playground. @orukayak


In July @hayoui and I spent just over a month roadtripping from Ontario through to Newfoundland. For the both of us, this trip would be our first time paddling the Atlantic. From rugged, moody cliffs and otherworldly sea stacks to crystal clear white sand beaches, we would soon learn that Eastern Canada boasts some of the most impressive coastline out there. We put together a list of some of our favourite spots to kayak on the @orukayak blog.


I was only in Tweedsmuir Provincial Park for a few days but that's all I needed to convince me that a second trip back is necessary.
@travelnorthernbc #travelnorthernbc


There's a reason why it's called fishing, not catching. 😉

Sunrise on Tesla Lake in @travelnorthernbc.


Once we settled into Tesla Lake Lodge our pilot Nick was eager to show us some of his favourite places in the area. Our first stop was the unnamed glacier lake under butler peak.
Shot on assignment for @travelnorthernbc. #travelnorthernbc