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One of the most unusual, yet stunning landscapes that I saw in the Cariboo-Chilcotin. Massive hoodoos and BC’s largest sand dune line the shores of the vibrant Chilcotin river in Farwell Canyon. It would be worth a trip back in the summer to see it in its prime! #explorebc #ccclives


The warm spring weather we have been experiencing lately has me dreaming of the long summer days ahead.


While flying around the summit of Tantalus Mountain recently our pilot told us the story of how it got its name. Legend has it a local mountain climber was "tantalized" by the sight of the range's impressive and rugged spires from across the chaotic waters of the Squamish River.
Totally makes sense to me.

Shot using the @getolympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III kit while scouting the area for summer travels. (30mm, 1/3200 sec, f/5.6, ISO 200)



A good place to look to make your problems seem small and insignificant.


The Aiguille d’Entréves, a classic ridge traverse. Looking back on the scenic approaches and endless views we had during our time in Chamonix.


Love those clear days when you can see Mount Baker towering over the city. Can’t wait to look out over Vancouver from the summit one day.



This recent trip to the @carchicoa I quickly realized that it’s the people that really make any sort of travel truly memorable. I met a handful of the locals who inhabit these open stretches of land and they were some of the most genuine and kind hearted people willing to do anything to help you out. It’s something that you don’t find as often in bigger cities. The slow paced lifestyle out there is refreshing and highly addictive. #exploreBC #CCCLives


The Canim River snaking its way east through the Cariboo Plateau into Wells Gray Provincial Park. There’s so much to see out here, already looking to come explore more of this region in the summer. #exploreBC #CCCLives


This photo pretty well sums up my time in the Cariboo Plateau so far. Tons of quality time spent with animals and local characters on ranches in @hellobc's interior. The slow paced lifestyle and genuine friendliness received here is refreshing and highly addictive, it's been awhile since I've felt so relaxed and at home while traveling.
#exploreBC #CCCLives #Partner



Great day to fly a kite.


After reaching the summit of Mount Olive while dealing with subzero temperatures, nasty winds and whiteouts, we agreed that conditions were going to be too dangerous to continue on to finish the Wapta Traverse. Not an easy choice to make after months of planning and excitement but you have to respect the mountains and conditions. At the end of the day we still had a blast and made it out safely, and that’s all that matters!


Battling winds as we made our way up onto the Wapta Icefield. A harsh landscape that can instantly humble you.



Violent winds made for a scenic trek across Bow Lake up to Bow Hut for our first night of the Wapta Traverse.


Fleeting moments of light.


@Hayoui on her second ever lead climb, I believe it was a 5.10a which is pretty impressive in my opinion since we are both still fairly new to climbing. She was crushing it, proud of her!💪🏼



@sterlingptaylor making his way up the spire.
Looking forward to the next adventure with him, @andrewfitts and @wheretowillie as we attempt a High Sierra Ski traverse tomorrow. Hoping for good conditions!


With the intention of gaining new perspectives, exploring unfamiliar places and escaping the winter weather at home, some friends and I decided to book a last minute flight to El Potrero Chico, a sport-climbing paradise in Mexico. Unfortunately we didn’t have the best weather conditions for the majority of our trip but we made the most of every moment. On the plus side, the taco truck was always open and we took full advantage!
Prepping for the trip, I wanted to be as minimal as possible with gear and was in the market for a new mirrorless camera. An opportunity to partner with Olympus came up and timing couldn't have been better. I ended up bringing the @getolympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III kit along as my only camera because of its lightweight and compact size. I was really happy with the results and look forward to bringing it with me on some upcoming trips where every ounce of weight counts. If you are interested in seeing some more images from this trip I published a new journal entry on my website! #OlympusPartner (42mm, f/5.6, 1/6000 sec, ISO 400)


First “view” of Fitz Roy from the west crossing back into Argentina from Chile.



Too many stars to count over the Fitz Roy range.


Wicked day at @ferniealpineresort today, nothing could wipe the smiles off our faces!
The Kootenays are a special place. These little mountain communities are filled with genuine people and remarkable landscapes. Thankful to have spent the weekend back in this region with some great people. @tourismfernie


Finally got to break in my new skis and boots this morning on an early morning skin up @kimberleyalpineresort to catch sunrise and first tracks. Such an awesome little community here in Kimberley, can’t believe I’ve over looked it for so long. Sadly we don’t have much time to explore more but I will definitely be back. #agoodplacetobe @tourismkimberley


The perfect place to get lost and clear the mind.


A clear night over the bugaboo glacier.
For those interested in learning more about night/astro photography and curious about settings this was shot at 24mm (on a 24-70), f/2.8, ISO 3200 for 20 seconds and edited in Lightroom. If you have any questions feel free to ask below!


Why are they looking at me like I was the one who farted... 🤔

Memories from traversing Glacier National Park a couple years ago. It was a tough few days but couldn’t have asked for a better crew to suffer with!
If you’re curious about the trek I have a journal entry on it on my website including an awesome video shot by Greg.
@andrewfitts @gregbalkin @ajwells @mountainsmaddy




The Southern Patagonian Ice Field. The third largest ice mass in the world next to Antarctica and Greenland.


“Just 5 more minutes” 😴.
Memories from a windy morning in Patagonia with @hayoui.


You know it’s cold outside when you go outside and it’s cold.


When winter rolls around I have a tendency to avoid it. However this year I want to become more confident in my abilities to enjoy the season to the fullest and become more active in the sports that coincide with it.
First step was an AST-1 course for backcountry skiing, would highly recommend it!
Of course rule #1 is look good but safety is pretty important too.


As sad as I was dropping my adventure partner and beautiful girlfriend @hayoui off at the airport last night I am proud and excited for her. For the next 6 weeks she will be working with an organization to help reach the United Nations sustainable development goals on a climate action project in Costa Rica.
She also just bought her first camera! If you’re keen on learning more about what she will be doing, she will be giving some updates whenever she has access to the internet.
Going to miss ya tons Hay!
*This photo is from one of my favourite trips with her, wandering around the white sands under a bright moon.