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I still remember borrowing a book of his from my father when I was just a small child. The way the universe was described it made me remembered this quote from him and it brought back memories. Rest now professor, we will all return to the stardust one day. Just praying for a little more time for all of us... #stephenhawking #space #time #immortaltechnique #abriefhistoryoftime


Rest in Power Craig Mack. Wow. 46 years old is too young to pass. The news said it was of heart failure. I’m very saddened he was a down to earth cool brother. A cultural icon. A legend. Wow. The impact he had was huge. This is also a warning to the people who are not eating well, smoking too much... there is still time. I love you all. Rest easy Mack. Peace & Respect #craigmack #immortaltechnique #trueschool #flavainyaear


Big shout out to women of the world. Those that sacrifice all for their children. Those Queens that go unrecognized and under appreciated for all they have done for us. I love you Mommy. I know some people didn’t have Moms growing up, a couple of my friends didn’t. Their Moms were on drugs or locked up, but when she got clean or came home. I was glad to see them make amends. I was really proud of them, to see them come back from that. It’s hard to forgive your folks when they do wrong. However the circumstances that the women of the word have lived under... over the years. I salute you. Happy International Woman’s Day! #lioness #immortaltechnique #Mom #internationalwomensday



I’d like to introduce you to a special group of people, these are my friends from an organization called @angelsinthenight they are dedicated to helping homeless people around NYC with emergency rations, clothes and basic needs. They have been very active this winter in that task, and also been working with domestic violence shelters with the kids and women who have no homes and although are not destitute because some have jobs but are escaping their abusers. I recently helped to co-sponsor an event for the kids with them earlier this month. If there are any organizations for children in need, please feel free to DM me. These friends of mine do miraculous work in the different communities in NYC. I am proud to say that I have not only donated to this organization monetarily but also more than just money, I have donated my time, and that’s what they are looking for, not just $ and new or like new clothes, but people willing to come donate their time, their art and creative skills with the kids or a night out helping people who are almost freezing to death. It was a blessing for me along with my brother @chinamacmusic & @bigd_ceo_bgfent to support this cause. My brother Mac was recently demonized in the media however he has always been very proud to work with me supporting these causes. He knows when Tuxedo Man calls, it’s the real thing! lol It’s crazy that not enough of the positive things we do get exposed to the public. If you would like to help please contact them on their page! Thank you @liza_m_galletti @ladyd96 and @zigga537 Thank you #angelsinthenight #NYC #immortaltechnique


Thank you for all the well wishes. I wasn’t supposed to make it this far, however since I have... I might as well go all the way. I started in a Military hospital in Peru, and I ended up in NYC. lol This was me a little while back in Cali with my dudes @poisonpenbk who’s about to join the 40/40 club and my brother Happy born day! @spmusik (whose birthday it is too.) They helped me lock down a very big collab for #TheMiddlePassage Saw Black Panther in #Harlem for my born day. Got swarmed in the theater for interviews after. Great movie. Some tidbits to break down, light critiques. Great movie. “Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors who jumped from ships...” I love you all. I know I’ve been just grinding beneath the surface but I appreciate the patience and support. Much Respect. I told you all I was writing a book. But I have so many left over short stories so I’m going to try & do at least one story a week. Be alert out there in these fucked up times. Be alert, and get home safe to your families. Love - #immortaltechnique


I just touched down in Cali. Gorgeous out here. Working on some music with super producer @spmusik and eating at the finest dining establishments with my food connoisseur friend @poisonpenbk (BTW if you have a restaurant to recommend to us or if you want to invite us to your place please DM us. lol Seriously) Now that this had been spoken. Let it be known that on Feb.7th I'm returning for a small show to celebrate the birthday of my old friend @bigd_ceo_bgfent from the Classic Hip Hop Group Ultramagnetic. There will be a lot of very talent people rocking that night. If you're in the NYC area come through we'll burn it down and then burn it down with you. Love and respect more good news about the book, album and the positive work we do in the community coming soon! #immortaltechnique #bigd #bday #ultramagnetic #hiphop #teamhomi #NYC #LA



Last night after the gym, I was blessed to be able to attend an event with my brother @crazylegsbx (he was smiling in the other picture but my eyes were at @camaradas115 We donated the money we raised a couple of months back when we did the show for the #vivapuertorico in downtown #NYC To all who participated thank you so much @cf201 @chinoxl @dragonsandrivers @labrujanyc @djdpone @djstatic222 @djgijoe @powermalu @robmarkman @eddiebswift @griseldarecords & many more. My bro @poisonpenbk & I gave all the money we raised for the purposes of buying portable water filters so people can access clean drinking water in places where there is none and no power... The initial Death toll numbers were very deceptive because they didn't factor in all of the elderly people who died within. A few days after the hurricane passed. You see if you're reading this and you're in your teens, 20's or your 30's like me then you can go a couple of days without food and or water. Granted your system will be hurt, you'll suffer, but with the proper care you can heal. This isn't the case with most people who are in there 80's and up who aren't decathlon runners. Many elderly people such as my friends mother, God rest her soul passed at a result of the shock to their system. They aren't able to "bounce back" the way you reading this could. Many fell ill and passed away as a result of unclean water and lack of food & medicine. God rest their souls & I pray for all of the people still living in crisis out there. Today during the blizzard, (last pic) trains were slow, my flight was cancelled, and people were stranded places. Although it was cold, I was very grateful for having a roof over my head so instead of just words we organized as a unit so we could support Puerto Rico. We have another action coming up to support the homeless in these freezing conditions. #Armsup #immortaltechnique Ps. I did my drills @mrhyde666777 lol


I took my Abuelita for a walk through the park today & reflected on what is most important in life. Believe me when you're about to turn 104 (that's right) you're not gonna look this good. LOL It felt great to be away from it all. Instead of being flooded with stress & commercialism it was liberating to get off line and be immersed in family. Especially those who I haven't seen in years. We took my cousin to the hospital because he was sick, and now he's getting better. My other cousin is battling lung cancer as we speak right and that's a much more complicated matter so I wanted to stop by and show my support in any way possible to him and his family. We are often caught up in our drama we forget how much people we love need us and depend on us. This holiday can be debated, debunked and even mocked. However the extra time you take to spend with them shouldn't end when the lights are unplugged and tree is in the garbage. Being a technologically superior nation doesn't necessarily reflect a more advanced sense of morality. For example Grandma will never live in a nursing home. She always stays with family, because she paved the way for us long ago before anyone reading this was alive. I'm about to go through the corner of the Andes tomorrow and then I'll be coming back through the jungle. A purification process of sorts, something to fill my life and the lives of those close to me with success and positivity. I probably won't be back until the New Year. I wanted to wish you all reading this the best in life, no matter who you are, if we know each other or we don't. I wish you and your children and your elders and long happy and healthy life. Remember those with less or nothing, the homeless, the orphaned and remember that "holding onto to anger is like drinking poisoning an expecting the other person to die." Eat healthier so you can grow old with your family. And remember that forgiveness is important, without it we cannot forgive ourselves. This isn't just a message from #ImmortalTechnique this is Felipe Coronel wishing you all reading this the absolute best! Cooked food! I'm doing this for us! Haha #feliznavidad #Peru


This week my old friend @sickjacken and I traveled to #MexicoCity al el Distrito Federal to disperse the 1st half of the funds that we raised through these benefits shows. One of the organizations we chose was @paisajesocial who is running 3 workshops/shelters for the elderly and little children in Mexico City. I only included one picture of a building that fell slowly that people escaped, the others were not open to take pictures of because family members had posted signs to respect the dead and we respected their wishes. In the coming weeks I will be giving away the other half of what we did by vetting these organizations closely. These grassroots organizations are the best to support in my mind because the funds are going right to the people. Besides this #PaisajeSocial will also receive a donation to a house rebuilding project in #Oaxaca that was affect by a bad earthquake roughly a week before the major one in #CiudadMexico We both felt it was important to support these indigenous communities that often and deliberately overlooked for government assistance. We will support them. We also had one afternoon off and passed by La Piramide del Sol in #Teotihuacan with my friend @mclukaog who was our guide and connected us with a lot of people. Thank you @yonerone for the love. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came to the shows and the artists who donated their time. Much respect to @chinoxl @kinglilg @big_traydeee @bobbyboutit @therealmrchoc @ogeverlast @divinestyler_1 @warpornindustries @poisonpenbk God bless you and your families. Life is too short... Rest in Power #combatjack Thank you to all the supporters who donated and came to the shows. We felt that we would do better flying out there on our own dime, meeting these orgs on the ground and making the donations in person. I'm going back off the grid again. I'm on my way to #Peru to meet family I have never met, visit fam I haven't seen in years celebrate grandmas 104th bday & be there for my cousin who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. While I'm off the grid, remember "You Never Really Know What You Got Until its Gone." #immortaltechnique #Mexico #psychorealm #VivaMexico



Tomorrow night I'm back in NYC with some of my friends doing a short set at Harlem's Raw Space. 2013 Adam Clayton Powell, between 121st & 122nd. Myself and @poisonpenbk will be in Harlem where Poison Pen actually lives now more than he lives in Brooklyn. Haha! Much respect to all the other artists and panelists who will be discussing grassroots prison reform and of course the Move #Philly family which will be there in numbers and in strength #FreeMumia Later on this week we are delivering the #vivapuertorico $ to @crazylegsbx thank you brother! And then after that I will be traveling myself along with @sickjacken to #ciudaddemexico #mexicocity to deliver the funds we raised from #VivaMexico to the grassroots orgs helping people rebuild their lives. I'll be sure to update you from Mexico when I arrive. Thank you everyone for supporting these efforts. And if you are in NYC I will see you tomorrow in #Harlem One Love! #immortaltechnique


Back in the studio yesterday. Planning to release one or two new songs early in 2018. Being back in the lab and rebuilding the studio reminds me of early days of making Vol.2. My brothers @poisonpenbk And @ph_teamhomi arguing over pizza slices. Lol I know I look sleepy. Haha! Pulling all nighter the day before getting stuff ready for my big move. Special shout out to my brother @spmusik follow him! You people who don't know him, you know his work. He produced #peruviancocaine #crimesoftheheart #obnoxious #thepointofnoreturn #youneverknow #themartyr #civilwar #harlemstreets #povertyofphilosophy etc... Please wish him well, he's finishing the last leg of the tour with @xxxibgdrgn as part of their band. These dudes know they have a really good engineer and musician but they need to know they have one of the best producers in the underground on their squad until Dec. Then we back #TheMiddlePassage in full swing. They might kill me for this one. I don't know if it's the last album, but it might be so don't miss out my brothers and sisters. #NYC #immortaltechnique #Harlem #tomaxandxamot


"Do you even read bro?" (I fixed it.) Great week. We killed the #VivaMexico #vivapuertorico benefit show series and now we are heading back to NY. Let me know what your favorite book to read is, this is one I'm re-reading. Posted up in Minneapolis tonight. #immortaltechnique #Harlem #minneapolis !!!



NYC - LA @sickjacken @kinglilg Pull up to #santaana tomorrow at @observatoryoc Doors open at 11PM. Then Join us the next day on Sat at the @elreytheatre Doors for that show are at 8pm. Insane line up!!! Let's go!


Tomorrow!!! It's going down the first show of the #VivaMexico series in Santa Ana. This is a reminder that this is a LATE SHOW! Doors open at 11PM. Everyone is going to do a tight set and show their love. LA is an earlier show. But tomorrow we are starting late around 11PM. I love you all for making this happen. Much respect to all the artists and the people involved this is the final line up for the show tomorrow. I'm about to go live in 5min. Leave a like for a people of Mexico City. Te queremos mucho! Love #immortaltechnique


Nov.12th on Sunday after all the other shows I will be doing a short set at this event. I appreciate the love I have always gotten from these amazing acrobats. I can't even call these people just dancers, they do art with their body. If you're in #LA please come by. I heard that my big bro @crazylegsbx is one of the judges too. Thank you to all the people who came through that cold night after Halloween for the PR benefit. We raised almost 5K extra for #vivapuertorico and I appreciate you all. Thanks for showing me so much love #WestCoast I'm out here right now... Every time I come out here I don't want to leave. #immortaltechnique Gotta go grandma is making Lomo... Haha!



It's always a blessing to catch up with my OGs and listen to their stories or just talk shit about what's going on in the world. Those that came before you are a wealth of knowledge. As we sat there backstage just meeting fans and burning it down a reporter took a picture of myself @rakimgodmc & @therealgrandmastercaz and before he left he said this picture is gonna be in a museum someday! We all laughed and I said "It'll be called The Student & The Masters." Rakim laughed and then said "No brother, it'll be called the StudentS and the Master!" and pointed to Caz whose speaker he probably kicked a hole in when they had the park jams back in the 70's & 80's. That show of respect impacted me a lot and made me think about all the people I ever learned from. Those like @chinoxl @breezevahflowin and @mcsupernatural to name a few, shout to my big bro @bigd_ceo_bgfent from Ultramagnetic. The one show I'm at in #Brooklyn and @poisonpenbk was sick that day. I'm flying out West today. #NYC to #LA for the #VivaMexico shows in Santa Ana (11/10) @observatoryoc & LA (11/11) @elreytheatre ... Always remember to show respect to those that paved the way for you and remember that if even the Gods are humble then you should be humble too. That was my lesson for the day. Peace. #immortaltechnique #artofrap PS. The Last picture is for @spmusik to show you how NY we keep it! Haha


NYC Downtown. I haven't posted a picture in a while. This is my proof of life picture. I'm alive I've been in the lab and working on the album and the book. Just dug in. Thank you to all who came through the other night for the #vivapuertorico event. Coming up next #VivaMexico series. Back to Harlem. Good things coming. #immortaltechnique


Happy Fuckin' Halloween. #warcriminal #tonyblair #immortaltechnique put this man in the black cells...



Tomorrow night we are doing a show in NYC at the @boweryballroom on Delancey Street. Doors open at 8pm if you fuck with me please come by all the money we raise will go to PR and we have a person that will match the donations... this is gonna be a great show. @chinoxl @robmarkman @cf201 @dragonsandrivers @labrujanyc @djdpone @djgijoe @eddiebswift and many more see you all tomorrow downtown #NYC please REPOST!


I went live earlier and announce that we would be adding people to the upcoming show. Nov.10 Santa Ana (@observatoryoc ) & Nov.11 LA ( @elreytheatre ) I want to give a big shout out to my young brother @kinglilg who is joining the #VivaMexico benefit show along with @sickjacken @warpornindustries @chinoxl and hopefully some surprise guests! DJ @therealmrchoc and Host @poisonpenbk in the building. Salute to @big_traydeee much respect for helping us out and performing in Santa Ana. We appreciate the solidarity OG. Thank you to the @thamexakinz for joining us in LA! I also want to take this special opportunity to announce that the legendary @ogkidfrost1 will be in the building that evening as our special honored guest. I have always been a student of those who came before me. I respect those that paved the way and this concert is about unity. Like I said before. Not just unity to feel good. But unity to survive and prosper. #VivaMexico #immortaltechnique See you in Nov. #WestCoast #SantaAna #LosAngeles


I'm going to tell you a story. I met @jeanniegrigio at a show on 16th street. A bunch of us were performing and some dudes from uptown wanted to battle my old friend @ph_teamhomi (rip) instead they got to battle a 22 year old Immortal Technique fresh off parole. It was a crazy battle but afterwards I met my sister from another mister who actually produced 2 songs on #RevolutionaryVol1 this was back when I first met @poisonpenbk for real not just in passing and I was at every open mic in the city. Recently I went on her show in #Brooklyn a real live show with an audience that isn't scripted and it was amazing. Thank you Jean for being one of the only people that can make me act like a fool without being self conscious. Lol There is actually one slot left for #TheMiddlePassage I've just been tracking stuff lately. It would be great if we could get Jean on there in any capacity. Remember the good thing about having friends for a long time they have a powerful perspective to share. Not just about life, about you... New flyers for #VivaMexico #VivaPuertoRico coming later today! #immortaltechnique #Harlem I would love to be on the Jean and Johnnie show again!!! I laughed my ass off!


*** if you get a msg saying you need a promo code remember these tickets go on sale tomorrow!*** I want to thank all of the people who came to the first concert series in Houston to support the those in dire need after Hurricane Harvey. Since that horror we have had more catastrophes rip apart our global communities. First in Puerto Rico where a series of horrible Hurricanes tore the island apart. Then in Mexico where Ciudad de Mexico suffered from a horrible Earthquake. When these things happened we promised to do a concert series to provide aid to smaller community based organizations. That is exactly what we did in Houston and what we plan to do here. I know that much like the recent Somalia bombing that the media at times pays less attention to these issues but we cannot wipe them from our memory and move on as if nothing has happened. The initial numbers for PR & Mex are deceptive because they don’t factor in all of the elderly and infirmed that are affected by the conditions crated such as the lack or water and scarcity of food & medicine. I have spoken and met with several people just returning from the island & in Mexico.

In Mexico City, entire neighborhoods were broken as the Earthquake leveled homes and office buildings, they were collapsing left and right. Now people are trying to rebuild their lives. They are suffering and we take for granted what people are in dire need of. By working with grassroots organizations we have the ability to get these funds/resources rot the people who will utilize them immediately and not sit idle earning interest. Please come by and show some support. We really need your help.

West Coast, we are doing two shows since we couldn’t get a matching sponsor out there. Which was unfortunate but we press forward. These are last minute shows, yes. But I am as we speak in the studio working on the album and the book which adds a new dimension of difficulty but I won’t be touring really until 2018. So if you want to see me before I die... #VivaMexico #immortaltechnique


Wednesday, Nov.1st at @boweryballroom we will be holding a benefit show for Puerto Rico entitled #vivapuertorico and the proceeds will be going directly to the people affected by the conditions there. This isn't going to a giant aid organization that promises money 'someday'. I want to thank @crazylegsbx for sitting down with me, along with others who shared their experiences in Puerto Rico. Also want to shout out @blackpuertoricanphd for all her work. We artists want to get this support directly into the hands of the people and that's why I have always worked best with grassroots organizations who give all of themselves. Tomorrow we will announce more shows that we will do for the #VivaMexico campaign. This is all part of a Relief concert series that started here and is now going international. These natural disasters will continue to happen. Our unity isn't just based on a feeling, it's not about holding hands and singing. It's about survival. We have an opportunity to help people who lost everything and just as I was active here in #Houston we will also be active about helping #PuertoRico and #Mexico I don't see them as the media often portrays them as "distant foreigners" they are part of us, like we are all part of each other. My brothers and sisters... My people, we love you. So we will show up for you. If you have 20 bucks to throw to la causa and have a couple of hours out of your day please come by Nov.1. We have received word that a sponsor will match the donations we raise. Thank you so much. Ticket link is in the profile. @chinoxl @robmarkman @cf201 @dragonsandrivers @djdpone @eddiebswift @djstatic222 and many more coming through!!! Hosted by the Mayor of Brooklyn @poisonpenbk !!! Tickets on sale now, click the link in the profile!


Recently we had a benefit show in San Antonio, TX for the people who lost everything in the midst of Hurricane Harvey. Here we are in Houston beginning to distribute the funds/resources that we raised. It was an honor to meet up with @traeabn who spoke to us very candidly about what was actually going on in Houston and educating us to the back story. I always emphasize speaking to people on the the ground to get the real. From #Harlem to #Houston from #RebelArms to #ReliefGang we are honored to show solidarity with the people who are really sacrificing out here doing the work. Thank you #Texas Love from #LA #NYC and all over!


Is this how we plan on going out as a species? In a pile of our own garbage surrounded by millions of other dead animals that we killed off?!? I hope not. This is a Great ART PIECE by the way. (So sad that I literally had to put that in caps even though it was written plainly and people were saying it was fake. Yes it's a fake whale. Made out of real garbage in ocean that kills whales and will kills us too, thank you to the majority of you who still actually read. lol Speaks volumes. #whale #immortaltechnique PS. Thank to everyone that came out tonight to Harvey Benefit show in San Antonio. The show is totally sold out and the doors just opened. I love you guys...


Mexico City is reeling from the effects of an earthquake that has leveled many building including schools. Hundreds of people have died and the city is moving as I post this to mobilize and rescue/recover. In Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria has left the entire island without power, the nation has been flooded, torn and battered from the storm. We sometimes don't see the full brunt of disasters and tragedies from South/Central America, Asia & Africa. Some people take exception to that imbalance and call out the media for it. But Myanmar matters to me. Flooding and mudslides in Colombia and Peru matter to me. So even if it's not on the front page of the newspaper. You're on my front page. I just wanted to tell my Puerto Rican and Mexican family that we love you and not only will we pray for you. We will do more than that. I'm going to send my support to local organization on the ground there that are helping and making a difference. I know that people on my page have bashed the Red Cross before but this post isn't to do that. It's to establish not only solidarity but the desire to help on the local level which in many cases is the most effective way. Think about it. No power. Blackout. Houses and schools collapsing. Makes you thankful for the things you have that you take for granted everyday. I love you #Mexico I love you #PuertoRico not only putting it in the air for you. I will put it down for for you too. Estan en mi corazon.


Today you will most likely be inundated with these images. Along with the official government version, accusations of Saudi involvement, false flag comparisons, arguments about jet fuel and about the indefensible building 7 and whether or not a plane hit the pentagon. Sadness in general is what you'll hear though from people who lost their loved ones, not just here in this country but also the hundreds of thousands of lives lost overseas in the senseless "war on terror." This war has proven to have done nothing but fill the coffers at weapons companies and strip us of our freedoms under the guise of protection... You gained a paranoid populous willing to believe that immigrants and refugees are their biggest danger when companies have been selling them poison as food for years and they are just waking up to it. I guess it hard to see the bullet if it takes 10 years to hit you. You have the "9/11 effect" a shifting to right of all politics which allowed the racist crazies to even be included in the conversation. It gave kooks credibility. However I can be honest, I always had a hard time believing he governments version of this. And though I have never created a fictional version of my own, I have expressed my doubts in music and in print. Because to be honest they lied about the air, they lied to the first responders telling them the air was safe and gave them those little free paper masks that come free with a can of Rustoleum. Meaning how many people died of respiratory illness? How many people then died as a result of a war on false premise. To this day you will still find idiots that claim Iraq was involved in 9/11. All that aside, I wanted to say Rest In Peace to the people here and around the world who lost everything because of this day and the never ending war that followed. #911 #immortaltechnique #causeofdeath


First and foremost I was to say to all my family and friends in the Caribbean and Mexico we love you and we are praying for you. More than that though, we will also support you in whatever way necessary the way we support our other peoples affected by these natural disasters. What a morning to wake up to... possible Tsunami waves off the coast of Mexico, a Hurricane bashing through the Caribbean islands, and this piece of human garbage that people had the audacity to defend to me the other day. Professional bigot Jeff Sessions locking people up for years for smoking a plant and a morally bankrupt Betsy Devos, in a leaked memo discussing rolling back legislation to make a woman who has been raped have to disclose her sexual history?!? I'm sorry Trumpkins this ISN'T #fake news or me manipulating words this is the failure of what you placed your fragile belief in. Some of these fake woke pages are ridiculous tried to defend Sessions to me. Watch out. Back to Irma. Dominicans, Haitian, Cubans, Puerto Rican's and all my fam from the islands and my people from Florida... hold tight! And migente de Mexico standing strong we all have survived so much we will repair and rebuild! I haven't even had coffee yet and this is popping off. Back to work on the music and the war for our people! #mexico #florida #betsydevos #hurricaneirma #jeffsessionsisabitch


This was at a Chicago festival a couple of days ago. I caught up with the homies and had a chance to build on some great upcoming things. Much respect to these independent legends. @therealtechn9ne @chinoxl #immortaltechnique #techn9ne #chinoxl #Chicago #kansascity #NYC #Harlem #LA


I know it's all a puppet show but the mere fact that such uncouth, morally bankrupt shill like this has any power in our joke a Republic, is a new level of embarrassing. We will continue to fight for children, for the voiceless, for human rights. The #DACA issue is part of a much larger issue of #Immigration in this country which I have addressed before in music and in writing but that I'm going to address more in detail soon. But for now I wanted to sit down and eat some delicious #Peruvian food and leave you with the observation that this bigot depicted here has a nasty habit of honoring himself for locking people up for life for smoking a plant. However that is going to come to an end with his downfall. #FuckJeffSession #deporttheracists #immortaltechnique #fucktrump