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Stomped this adams bomb. Wait for it. @redbull @profile_racing @tiger_balm_us @lifeproof @decobmx @etniesbmx @ttmlifestyle @raisingcanes @fadeddayssunglasses


Yes @tiger_balm_us has patches! It's also true they work really well! #tigerbalm #workswhereithurts 🎥 @indepthmedia @mickey__g


My homie @franklukas teamed up with @neulandfilms to create something epic. Can't wait to see the final product. Frank has been in the game so many years and brings something so dope to #bmx #flatland ! There are riders that follow trends and riders that do their own thing not caring about the outside noise. Frank is an individual that embraces what flatland is all about. Being different. #lookout


I was definitely stoked to pull this backwards whip to pedals this past weekend in the Semi Finals at @fiseworld in Edmonton, Canada. #agroface #flatland #bmx @redbull @lifeproof @tiger_balm_us @raisingcanes @profile_racing @decobmx @danscompinstagram @fadeddayssunglasses @etniesbmx @ttmlifestyle


Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife. You make everyday worth waking up for, you give me the confidence I sometimes do not have, and more than anything you are my life and will be forever. I am living for you. Thank you for being the raddest person I've ever met. Together we can accomplish anything and as our future unfolds we will continue to keep proving to ourselves that it's true. You are my world and thank you for being my love. Happy Birthday @vanessavadams


So stoked on my new @lifeproof NEXT case! It's clean, sleek, and dope! #GoForUnbroke #LifeproofNEXT #livelifeproof


Thanks to @matthiasdandois for pushing me to finally get this hop bar in Canada. It's needs some work but I'll get there. #bmx #hopbarspin @redbull @lifeproof @raisingcanes @tiger_balm_us @decobmx @danscompinstagram @profile_racing @etniesbmx @ttmlifestyle @fadeddayssunglasses


So stoked to be in the semi finals yesterday here at @fiseworld in #edmonton #Canada . One spot away from making the finals so I could not be more stoked. So thankful to come support this great event and everything they are doing for #bmx ! Tune in today at 3pm CST on Fise.tv to watch these guys kill it! Thanks @alexjumelin for inviting me out. @redbull @lifeproof @raisingcanes @tiger_balm_us @decobmx @danscompinstagram @etniesbmx @fadeddayssunglasses @profile_racing @ttmlifestyle


Just watched @alexjumelin tear a hole into my garage with this madness. #bmx #flatland #homies


Can not be more thankful to have been in the finals at #voodoojam this past weekend. The event was created to present #flatland in a way that shows how rad it is. Thanks to @scottobmx @redbull and everyone involved that helps make this event so special! Of-course all my other sponsors that pitched in as well! @profile_racing @danscompinstagram @raisingcanes @decobmx @fadeddayssunglasses @lifeproof @tiger_balm_us @ttmlifestyle @etniesbmx 📸 @fattonybmx


Throw a #flatland event in the USA. Make it look dope! Thanks to @scottobmx @redbull and every single rider that supports this contest. We love you. #voodoojam #bmx @toonflat


Yesterday was so rad getting to ride with my @redbull teammates through the streets of the #frenchquarter for the FLAT RHYTHMS event. Mixing #bmx and Jazz music was so sick. Thanks to the @newcreations504 band for creating such an epic experience with us! @matthiasdandois @uchinoyohei @hudsonflat @vikigomezbmx #nola #neworleans #flatland #voodoojam #brassmusic #jazzmusic This is just a Teaser! More coming 😎


The homie @uchinoyohei once again showing my garage who's boss today. #bmx #flatland


Come check this out if you live in NOLA. Mixing #bmx and Brass is gonna be sick!
Flat Rythms New Orleans 9/7/17
BMX & Brass
@vikigomezbmx 🇪🇸 @terryadamsbmx 🇺🇸 @matthiasdandois 🇫🇷 @hudsonflat 🇨🇱 @uchinoyohei 🇯🇵 @newcreations504 @redbull #flatland #bmx #neworleans #nola #ridebmx #brassband


More Voodoo Jam Practice with the boys today: @redbull @lifeproof @tiger_balm_us @raisingcanes @decobmx @danscompinstagram @profile_racing @danscompinstagram @etniesbmx @fadeddayssunglasses @ttmlifestyle


The homie @uchinoyohei murdering my garage this morning with brand new trick. Getting ready for #VoodooJam #bmx #flatland


Just watched @yu_katagiri_bmx take slam to the face. #japanese #superkid #bmx #flatland


Another dope @tiger_balm_us clip! #tigerbalm #workswhereithurts 🎥 @indepthmedia @mickey__g


Eating @raisingcanes on the daily. Could not be more excited to be partnered with these guys for over 10 years. Comment below if you have ever eaten CANES #raisingcanes #onelove


Session today was lit. @redbull @profile_racing @lifeproof @raisingcanes @danscompinstagram @tiger_balm_us @decobmx @fadeddayssunglasses @etniesbmx @ttmlifestyle #bmx #flatland #hammondla


First session at @scottobmx new crib. @redbull @profile_racing @tiger_balm_us @lifeproof @raisingcanes @danscompinstagram @decobmx @fadeddayssunglasses @etniesbmx @ttmlifestyle


Still working on that long jump. Inspired by @taylored2jump. #bmx #bmxlife @redbull @profile_racing @tiger_balm_us @raisingcanes @danscompinstagram @decobmx @lifeproof @fadeddayssunglasses @ttmlifestyle @etniesbmx


The mullet stare down in front the cribs today. #bmx


Wait for it..... @redbull @profile_racing @lifeproof @raisingcanes @tiger_balm_us @danscompinstagram @etniesbmx @decobmx @fadeddayssunglasses @ttmlifestyle


It's that time again guys!! I'm doing a @lifeproof GIVEAWAY!! IN THE COMMENTS BELOW TELL ME HOW YOU WOULD USE YOUR #LIFEPROOFCASE in a funny or ORIGINAL WAY! I Will be picking 6 WINNERS on August 17th!! Get crazy, Get Wild, START COMMENTING!!


Slip in slide to wet whip today. #bmx @redbull @lifeproof @tiger_balm_us @profile_racing @raisingcanes @decobmx @danscompinstagram @fadeddayssunglasses @etniesbmx @ttmlifestyle


ENTER TO WIN * I'm celebrating my birthday this month and wanted to do something extra special for those with birthdays in August! Comment with your August birthday below for a chance to win some of my favorite @tiger_balm_us Products! I'll be picking 5 winners on August 11. #HappyBirthday #TigerBalm #Giveaway U.S. Residents only. 🎥 @indepthmedia


Happy Birthday @theaaronross ! Thanks for always being there for me homie. One of my best friends in the world.


Still so pumped this little guy showed up at my crib this past weekend. @minato.sato came from Japan and tore my garage up! #bmx #bmxkids


Using @tiger_balm_us everyday of summer. This stuff truly works! #tigerbalm #workswhereithurts 🎥 @indepthmedia @mickey__g