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Been taking an unintentional break from posting (and all the insta adulation/agitation/engagement it supplies). Then I saw this (because I’ve been creeping 👀) and realized why and what for. Words: @falling_n_laughing Via @femalecollective


In awe. Thank you for all the birthday love yesterday. Incredibly grateful to be alive. Also: 5 is my favorite number.


Actual Angel. Thank you
@saintrecords for curating a night of such incredible depth of feeling, a feast of fly black people on stage soaring, a sold out sea of us celebrating with you. A space to cry, sing, dance, remember and forget. To take a knee, to take a step back. To take a seat at the table : there is such an abundance of purpose there. Thank you.



Evan On Earth - and other assorted puns to express what a magic time it was to celebrate your 30 trips around the Sun. @evanrachelwood !




@woodshockmovie is in theaters this weekend. Go see it. @kateandlauramulleavy made such a stunning & arresting film. ITS SO BEAUTIFUL. Like everything they do. @cwoodhair payed denim floral homage to my favorite artist Frida Kahlo. And @kirinstagram gave me a glow. @waymanandmicah brought me this stunning @rodarte number for its LA Premiere.



EMMYS . 2017. Bifrost Couture. Lisa Frank Fiend. (Scroll for a look at my inspiration) Thank you @rosie_assoulin for the frock. @waymanandmicah on styling. @kirinstagram on face @cwoodhair on hair • What a day to be proud of. My heart felt so full when @lenawaithe won! 🌈


Poet @jsuskin and artist @sarahlesher collaborated on this poster. Link in bio to buy. All proceeds go to the SPLC @splcenter . I'm going to hang mine someplace as a reminder to live with intention. Because otherwise, What's The Point ? Also: I share two tattoos with Ms. Suskin. One a 'yes' and another a 'NO'


Mike Brown today. tomorrow. always.



pretending i'm Carrie Bradshaw okkkkkkk 🤳🏾 👽


Been steeped in Baldwin lately, and life is better for it! Thank you for your insight, for making me sigh deep with recognition, and for making me feel less alone. Art by @broobs.psd via @jasoncampbellstudio


I'm proud of you little brother. So I'm going to embarrass you. You graduated high school this year. You made a cool song and music video (link in my profile) You take out the trash .. after being asked a few times. And you are a really good human being. Happy Birthday @jody_rome_thompson. I love you.



The Trans community is fearless everyday. And those 15,000 Trans members that have been serving this country (this country, that too often forgets them) should be regarded with nothing but honor and gratitude. Shame on this administration. We must all fight. Trans Rights Are Human Rights.


Sorry To Bother You with this picture of us creeps. Yes .


Preview of Valkyrie as a Hot Toy. (OMG!) See you in the flesh on Saturday at Comic-Con!



Happy Born Day @nicoledisson. 💄I love you, Nip.


Hey! @westworld_hbo got some Emmy love! So happy for the well deserved nods of my cohorts. Here is a little video of when I made Simon Quarterman put on a red lip while we were shooting the season one finale. 💄


whisper party 2017 || all stolen from @steveyeun



Halfway through this day, I called the first half of it yesterday. 🌹 Epic fourth with my fam. 📷 @mofusteefus


I Don't Look Like This Anymore.


I'm Mad As Hell * Your Mother said it like only she could.


what a beaut. Gaea.




"It happened again,.." is the opening sentence to an article in the @newyorktimes about the murder of this 15 boy named Jordan Edwards. It happened again. Per MappingPoliceViolence.org, 105 black people have been killed by police in 2017. Black people are the most likely to be killed by police, 3 times more likely than white people. Fewer than 1 in 3 black people killed by police this year were suspected of a violent crime and allegedly armed. Levels of violent crime in U.S cities don't make it any more or less likely for police to kill people. So the question is not if it will continue to happen, it's when will it happen next. This effects is all. Police are killing citizens at alarming rates, just some of us are more likely than others... Link in my bio to read more and join campaign for change.


Got this 5 from a painting that Kerry James Marshall calls COULD THIS BE LOVE inked on me today, close to my heart. Thank You @totalnothing / @alchemytattoo


Me Today Looking At You, KJM.


Went to see the astonishing work of Kerry James Marshall's MASTRY today at @mocalosangeles. No words can begin to express how magnificent and moving this work is. Or if words can do it justice, surely someone has written them. I can't. I will go again so I can see it all with dry eyes. Best Museum date/photo sneaker: @shelbyduncan. I'm basking in front of his Untitled painting of two lovers.. The man holding a ring box, slyly. I think she says YES.


🔮hand me my tissues and my watercolor set.


my beloved @DVF 4/20 dress. a day late. photo by @shelbyduncan