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Mum and Dad are on their way home. Not only did we clean up but we redecorated. Do u like what we've done with the place? If u want to make your home look dis pretty u can buy exploding pillows at Target 2 for $12 how good is dat? #whenmumcomeshomeshesgonnaloveit


Ended up having a party last night! Philly drank wayyy too much silly soda he was dancing around like a fool! I had red bull with my silly soda so I still haven't slept LOL. I'm still looking pretty fresh if u ask me! Time to clean the house it's a little messayyyy
#somanyswiperights #werepopularontinder #pawty


Taking each others Tinder profile photos. Darren I said try not to look creepy damn it! #whenmumsawaytheblueboyswillplay



Just found Dads car keys. He hides stuff in the same spot all the time. Gonna go get me a cheeseburger. Suckaaaaaaaa #whenmumsawaytheblueboyswillplay


Well it really happened friends. Mum and Dad were out of here early hours in the morning. I can't believe they've up and left us. I'm so sad that I won't be going out for a run dis morning NOT and I will really miss my kale smoothie NOT I promised them we would be really good though and take care of the place and act like responsible adults whilst being home alone NOT
So long Mum and Dad. We will try our best to survive the conditions whilst you're gone. NOT ITS GONNA BE EASY. 😏😏😏 #whenmumsawaytheblueboyswillplay


Me and teddy we got a good thing going on. I gotta say relationships with teddies don't usually last dis long (I get through teddies real quick usually) But dis one is different. Dis is the kind of teddy I could take out to dinner. 😉😉 Friends Mum AND Dad are leaving us AGAIN dis weekend to go allllll the way to Chicago!! And guess what it's for!? To hang out with OTHER dogs! Pitbulls of all dogs 😠Mum LOVES Pitbulls so who knows if she's ever gonna come home! 🙄
We're getting left home alone again so ofc we iz gonna be v v good boys do our work eat good food and keep the house clean 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 To be fair to Mum she is going to Chicago for the most wonderful reason, she is going to the @playersforpits A Pittie Affair gala and she's gonna be doing a speech about us and all doggies like us!! If you would like to go and meet her and have a beautiful night supporting a wonderful rescue celebrating an amazing breed please buy a ticket or two and go along to the event. Mum really wants to meet as many of our fans as she can. So if u can make it please go! Ticket sales are being donated to Players for Pits and the night is being hosted by some amazing sponsors to make it all happen. The link is in @playersforpits Bio to get your tickets ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Not much will be happening on the gram whilst she's away, you know, cos we will be being VERY GOOD BOYS 😉😉😉😉 #SYKE #PARTAY #whenmumsawaytheblueboyswillplay



Dis photo was taken this morning. On a summer morning. Look at the sky behind me. STILL DARK. I got woken up abruptly at an hour too criminal to even mention. What the heck kind of a start to the week does she call dis!?? #fuming


When u get out of the shower and have every intention of getting dressed and doing stuff but all of a sudden it's time to put ur jammies back on? #X2


Mums playing Mariah Carey All I want for Christmas early November. Someone save me.



A better view of our Blueboys Christmas card for 2017 😍😍🐶🎄🎅🏻🐶 Beautifully illustrated by @papadore 😍😍
If you purchase your #2018blueboyscalendar now you will automatically receive this gorgeous card as a gift from us, to help you spread Staffy cheer with a loved one this Christmas 🎄🎄🎄
Link is in our bio. These are only being given out until we have none left so be quick. Link in bio 🎄


Guys take no notice of dis Christmas card we really iz Angels swear 😇🙏🏼😂🎄✨
Mum asked our fans a few weeks ago if they knew of any super duper talented artists to work on a super special project with us. We had lots of amazing suggestions and in the end we found a very talented Brisbane artist @papadore who drew this beautiful Christmas card for us 😍😍😍 🐶🎅🏻🐶 How lovely is it!! Dats us on the front explaining allllll our mischievousness to Santa so we still get treats come Christmas. 😉
To welcome in the festive season we are giving away dis beautiful Christmas Card to every single person that orders a Blueboys Calendar from now until they are all gone! So if you order yours now u will automatically receive it ❤️
We will not have packs of cards on sale this year due to our leashes and collars taking up all of our time and budget but Mum still wanted to gift something special to you for the Christmas season to go with your calendar order. Link is in our bio to order your Calendar ✨✨✨ (the site does not mention this card but you will automatically receive it from now on until all cards are gone)
P.S zoom in on the card and check out the amazing detail in our faces, @papadore even drew the pink little discolouration on my lip 😍 Darren xx


Dis my brother. U can touch him, u can cuddle him but u have to give him back.



Here we are looking all smooshy in our new @darrenandphillip collars! If u haven't seen the news, check our previous post.
Dis photo was taken by a very special friend of ours, the mum of @the_cheeky_staffys Meaghan, she visited last night and came bearing chocolates for Mum and smooches for us. We really like her. Mum also really likes her. She was laughing at Philly drooling and I didn't let her not be touching me at any given point in the night. #needyboyproblems
Thank you for the wonderful visit @the_cheeky_staffys and thanks for showing up Mums photog skills completely 😂😂❤️❤️❤️


SWIPE---> You guessed it folks!!! Our most beautiful addition to @darrenandphillip yet, our leads and collars! 😍😍😍😍 These have been something we have been working on for SO long! Keeping this a secret from you all has been so tough! .
I first drew our lead and collar design long before our clothing brand was released. I had a very clear image in my mind of exactly how I wanted them to look and very little has changed through the entire process of making the sketches into a real product. I'm so proud of that, that even though it's been a long 18 months since my first sketch, my vision has remained exactly the same and the style has not changed one bit. I only love it more and more every time I see it. It's so classic and timeless. 😍 The only change we've made since then was changing the buckle into a clip and making the collar adjustable, and when playing around with colours I loved the red so much more than the green in the original sketch.
Please have a swipe through to see a little into the background of bringing these to life ❤️ It's taken so long between the first sketch over 18 months ago and it's been super interesting trying to source quality products but I'm happy it took so long and that I didn't compromise on what I wanted because we now have a beautiful quality product that I'm so proud of. ❤️❤️❤️ I'm a terrible drawer/graphic designer by the way so excuse the drawings that look like a 5th grader did them!
P.S there is one incredibly special feature that I haven't told you about which we will announce sooner to the release! It's a GAME CHANGER! 😍
I'd love to hear what you think, let me know in the comments if you love them too ❤️❤️❤️


Excuse me ma'am, I seem to be a little lost, I can't find the ocean or my other seal friends. Also, do u has any fish to eat?



We are overjoyed to be able to share this news with you!
Announcing how much we've already raised for our rescues this year with two months left to go!
We're so proud of our little brand that has been able to do such big things for rescue dogs.
Without @darrenandphillip , our Blueboys calendar and you guys supporting us and backing our brand none of this could ever happen!
This amount of money will do absolutely amazing things for dogs in need of desperate medical attention, and it will also help our rescues save dogs they otherwise wouldn't be able to without the money. That's extra dogs that would have otherwise be euthanised given a chance thanks to this money!
We are still pinching ourselves that we have a built a brand based off our two babes that can have this much of a positive impact on so many lives.
Thank you to each person that's ever shown us support in any way. Whether it be from purchasing a Blueboys calendar, wanting some cute clothing for your dog, donating directly to our rescues or even just being here on our page each day posting beautiful comments, it means the world to us.
We have so many more projects for the rest of the year that should increase this years donation amount. We still have calendars available if you'd like to get yourself a copy and we still have some brand new releases in our clothing company.
We have grown a real passion for designing fun items for you and your pet to enjoy. Our future goal is to be the worlds top dog clothing and accessory company (the Nike of the dog world) which has the worlds dogs dressed in the most amazingly stylish attire BUT with the massive extra benefit of having such a huge impact on rescue dogs lives year upon year.
With your support we know we will do it one day. ❤️❤️❤️ On behalf of @alamocitypitbull @projectunderdogrescue @sbtrescue and us, THANK YOU!!!


HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT COMING ..... next week! Something big is coming to @darrenandphillip and it's going to be the crown jewel of our collection! Can you guess what it is? 😍😍😍😍 #darrenandphillip


Dressed up as scary Staffies for Halloween. Apparently people are terrified of scary Staffies! Pretty believable costume don't u reckon? Gonna get those kids a good'n tonight when they knock on our door! #BOO #LOL #wesoscary #staffyhalloween #thesmilegivesitaway #weisnotvscaryatall #endbsl



Just spent $289 on dog toys online. All totally necessary purchases. If Mum didn't use my name as a password on all her accounts none of dis would have happened. #soznotsoz #dogtoyscomeatme


Philly stole Mums half eaten yoghurt tub off the coffee table and didn't let me in on it. To make matters worse he didn't take sole blame when questioned. I'm not angry just disappointed. #loverstiff


I've really grown a bond with dis teddy. I take him everywhere now and I only v v gently nibble his ears whilst cuddling him like dis. 😍🐻 Just a reminder we will be drawing a winner for a set of our Pj's at 8pm tonight all u have to do to enter is purchase your #2018blueboyscalendar before tonight! ❤️❤️❤️ We will automatically put you in the draw to win as well as anybody who has already purchased up to now. A massive thank u to everyone that has already supported us! We can't wait to share how much we've raised for our rescues from the sale of our clothing and calendars! We will be sharing on Wednesday! ❤️❤️❤️


My absolute favourite photo from our 2018 Blueboys calendar! 😂😂😂 There's 11 more photos where my amazingly funny humour comes from (Darren) and they are all in our calendar! So if you haven't bought it yet, you should probably do that now! We will be picking one lucky winner for all orders taken in the next 24 hours to win a pair of our brand new PJs! 😍😍 Link in bio, free worldwide shipping. I've also written you a v v lovely story which is featured in the calendar which tells you all about mine and Phillys life. I hope you love it. ❤️


A recap of our holiday. Things that we learnt during this holiday:
1) Philly overcame his fear of water. He started out by chasing me to the edge to get the ball, but got dunked by a wave and then was like I LOVE WATER NOW!
2) We drove a boat. Philly was once again a scaredy cat of the engine sound but after 5 minutes he was climbing up to the top to see what he could see see see!
3) I learnt that I do have a limit on how much exercise I can do in one day. That limit is about 5 hours of non stop running. (Darren) Phillys limit is still surprisingly high at 2.5 hours, who would have thought!
4) Local people in Brunswick Heads are much more open to being attacked (with kisses) than the locals in Brisbane.
5) Hotels that allow pets are amazing and we now realise that Mum and Dad never have an excuse to holiday without us ever again!
Pls enjoy our video of our holiday :) also pls pls watch to the end when we drag mum down the sand bank and make her crash to the ground 😀😀😂😂😂


No running for me today, just chillin like a phill'n 😎 #seewhatididthere
P.S I'm so hippie now been burning incense at the hotel and see my tie dye I'm basically connected with the earth on so many levels peace everybody peace ✌🏼☮️


Dis place is paradise. Mum fetch me a freshly squeezed juice will ya. And then take us back to the beach later for more play!


Dis hotel bed is fit for a King and dat King is me 👑


Who run dis boat? Staffies! Crack open a cold one Mum boating isn't easy work!


Family photo @ the beach ft 2 crumbed sun pig sausages who spent 3 solid hours running and digging and running and digging. So much fun! X


Comin at ya with a derp face and some super important news on your Monday morning! We almost have SINGLE DIGITS left of our Match your Dog Pj's!! Single digits friends! This is the last Pj style that will be arriving before Christmas so if you'd like to have a matching pj Christmas party u need to order now or u will miss out! New style pjs will not be arriving until mid next year! We are still giving away the free gift with purchase which is our 2018 Blueboys calendar! Free shipping worldwide and AfterPay is available for our Aussie friends! Link in our bio 🐶🐶🐶 #matchyourdog


Supermannnn! Guys it's time for the cutest pillow fights ever our brand new Match your Dog is NOW LIVE! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Every single order placed today will automatically come with a free gift with purchase which is our 2018 Blueboys calendar! We will be shipping these mid December to arrive to most countries before Christmas! Get in quick as these will sell out! Free worldwide shipping and afterpay is available for our Aussie friends! link is in our bio! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #matchyourdog
PLEASE NOTE: any items placed in the same order will not be posted until Pj's are ready to be shipped. Regardless of if the other item is in stock now, they will be posted at the same time xxxxx