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Everyone stay tuned, we will be presenting our latest race car tomorrow - just in time for the 2017 24-hour race at Spa-Francorchamps this weekend! The Mercedes-AMG GT4 marks the latest addition to the AMG Customer Racing program as well as the AMG GT Family. Who else can’t wait for the big reveal?

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Almost 2 decades ago this lion and his brother changed my life and opened my eyes to the less savory side of the lion breeding and cub petting industry. What's truly sad is that despite the awareness and information available at our finger tips, many tourists still fall into the trap and support facilities that offer it. The latest spin is that the cubs that are petted are all going to be kept and looked after for life and won't land up being hunted. Seriously? Are you meant to believe that a business is going to keep building more & more enclosures to house lions that ultimately will just become a liability, looking after their psychological, physical & welfare needs for the duration of their 20 year + life span? Soon these places (if what they say is to be believed) will run out of space & be sitting with hundreds upon hundreds of lion. And what would happen to those hundreds of lions if the business was sold? Honestly I find it increasingly difficult to look after just 30 lions properly. #pulltheotherleg #dontbeafool #doyourhomework #cannedlionhunting #cannedhunting #cubpetting #dothemath #savehabitat #savelions


When surfers have a so called 'tunnel vision'. 🌊
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Babelline 😍 @monolidmua 🇨🇦 creates a seamless, perfect for summer finish using fit me! matte + poreless foundation in 'sun beige'. #mnyitlook #fitmefoundation


Meet gentlecat Cheese @cheeseandolive! Please visit our FB Page or to see more super handsome gentlecats!


And we're live: 'Pedro's Bay' -- @visslasurf's newest cinematic romp -- is playing exclusively on Surfline right now.
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Happy bday Me,
You are blessed in so many ways. Great family, great friends, great heart to understand to forgive. Blessed with a strong power of perception of life. Never unhappy or disturbed when things don't pan out the way you hoped. Blessed to have the foresight and understanding that everything happens for a reason. Once you get the "why" you get the lesson which is the blessing. Happiness... got that. We just getting happier. Long climb ahead of you... lucky you. So blessed to be on this journey. The vast hills of greatness ahead of you. Strap on your boots, Tighten those laces we about to take this hike. Let's see how far we can get. Trust God, listen to his whispers, fear nothing. There's. I wrong everything is right. In purpose it's all written


Pool day💦😄
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🖤 "He found the colors to paint her where the world had left her grey" Atticus


What's your area code ?? I wanna pick a city


Scoreboard! @kschwarb12 put a charge into this baseball.




We heard a noise outside. This is what we found.


@stylesprinter mixes and masks with our NEW tight & bright clay multi-mask!✨ Available NOW on and @sephora! Show us how you #clayyourway! #slaywithclay #tarteskin #rethinknatural #naturalartistry #multimasking #vegan


Let's Stream 🔥 #WinsandLosses
Tell me your favorite tracks on what I believe is @meekmill best body of Work!!
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Little Rebel...
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Tsunami damage in Greenland PC: @danielkordan


One year ago today I took a 10 mile hike with Butters. It was bittersweet because I knew it was one of our last hikes together, but he had no clue and was just so happy to be with me in the wilderness. I was having an internal dialogue with myself about giving him a better life, all while trying to figure out how to give myself one. Turns out I made the best decision for both of us. I didn't lose anything, I actually gained something just as amazing as him - his mama @kendalllovelly 💖 It feels so amazing to have such a supportive, understanding, compassionate soul that's giving Butters the absolute best life 🌿🐶👸🏼 WE ARE SO LUCKY!!


⚽️ great @andresiniesta8 of @fcbarcelona stopped by the @nbastore in NYC for some 🏀shopping!


Qué tal una Torta de Cookies and Cream para cerrar el fin de semana como se debe? Aquí les dejo la receta.

Espero que compartan conmigo sus creaciones usando #SoyCocinero 🔥

2 tazas de Galletas Oreo de chocolate
½ taza de Mantequilla derretida para la
1 lata de Leche Condensada
1 lata de Leche Evaporada
1 cdta. de Vainilla
3 sobres de Grenetina Hidratada
1 ½ tazas de Crema para Batir
10 piezas de Galletas de Oreo en trozos

-Separa el relleno de las galletas y reserva.
-Coloca las galletas sin relleno en una
bolsa de plástico y tritura golpeando con
una cuchara hasta obtener un polvo muy
-Reserva dos cucharadas del polvo para
-En un bowl, mezcla el polvo de la galleta
con la mantequilla derretida.
-Vierte sobre un molde para pastel y
compacta la mezcla para formar una costra esparciéndola con una cuchara. Refrigera
por 10 minutos.
-Mientras tanto, licúa la leche condensada,
la leche evaporada, la vainilla, el relleno de
las galletas y la grenetina. Reserva.
-Bate la crema para batir en la batidora
hasta formar picos suaves. Reserva un
poco de la crema para decorar.
-Mezcla de preparación de la leche con la
crema para batir de forma envolvente.
-Agrega las galletas troceadas.
-Vierte la preparación en el molde con la
base y refrigera por lo menos 1 hora 30
-Desmolda el pastel, decora con la crema
para batir que reservaste, galletas en trozos
y en polvo.

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sista sista @noahcyrus 💙🎀💙🎀 slayin since '02 lol


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So comfy❤️💖