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“She’s the only person he trusts. He doesn’t trust any men and never has.”

This week in @nymag: What Hope Hicks knows – the departure of the Trump whisperer has left the White House in even deeper chaos, by @olivianuzzix, on stands now.

“The tabloid cover was the nice handiwork of design director Tom Alberty,” says New York editor-in-chief Adam Moss. “A custom blend of Enquirer and Us Weekly styling.” The idea to let a tabloid cannibalize the cover of the issue came about in discussions of the Hope Hicks story. Hicks is a key character in this administration’s soap opera, and her affair with Rob Porter was initially uncovered by a tabloid newspaper. “If the likes of Us Weekly covered government figures the way they cover reality television stars Hicks would be a tabloid superstar,” Moss says. “The scary thing was how many of this issue’s stories lent themselves to this treatment. Headlines have rarely been so fun to write.”


✨⚡️✨👑👑✨ Wearing an extravagant gold gown and wig, Blue Ivy bid tens of thousands of dollars on art at her grandmother’s gala last night. And she looked GREAT doing it. 👑✨✨👑✨


“I’m extremely into both primary colors and soft pastels for spring. I also love a soft oval nail shape. It elongates your fingers which is extremely flattering! Negative space and subtly tying in your nail design to part of your outfit is something I’ll be having fun with all the way into summer.” Tap the link in bio to see what @stephstonenails and more experts had to say about this season’s top trends for nails. 💅



Here’s something heavenly that you didn’t know you needed: a @juniorscheesecake wedding cake. Whether you’re getting married or just realllllly like cheesecake, it’s good to know these things exist. Follow @nymagweddings for more cake content. 🍰


Tag someone who will be celebrating the weekend with you tonight. 🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾 RG @cuteemergency


What do you eat for breakfast? “It depends. I usually tell the guy at my local deli to surprise me. We’re on a first-name basis. I say “surprise me” and he asks me, “spicy or not?” So, maybe an egg and cheese with avocado or maybe with jalepeño.”

This week for #theyseemcool, we spoke to @jessifrederick about pineapple popsicles, Phoebe Philo, and her dog. Tap the link in bio to see what she has to say. Photos by @luquense, styled by @chupsterette, interview by @sarahjanespellings, edited by @bielparklee.



Exercise bragging, nature, some family photos with Eric? You’ve got to wonder. Trump Jr. is about to be single — and with singledom comes thirst and with thirst comes the possibility of dating apps. Will Trump Jr. one day make it off the Raya waitlist? He’s definitely more of a League guy, right? And can you imagine the abject horror of coming across his Tinder? Tap the link in bio to see our predictions of what you could expect on his dating profile.


Praise be! Selena Gomez was spotted strolling around Malibu with this season’s must-have accessory: a holy Bible. Chic! Photo: Backgrid


Benny Harlem’s (@bennyharlem) 20.5-inch-tall top fade has busted world records. The model and Instagram star talks family, past addictions, and, of course, big hair, with the Cut. Tap the link in bio to watch the full video.



Summer begins in 77 days, but until then, let’s take a look at some of the best coats from the streets of #parisfashionweek. Photos by @youngjunkoo.


Some might say they’re elf shoes; others would say they call to mind a trip to a Moroccan bazaar. Ultimately, one would have just as much fun sporting these to brunch in the city or on holiday. So it's time to talk about these @loewe sneakers.

They come in quilted nylon and smooth suede, and they range in color from deep mossy green to a bold regal purple, but more importantly, they all have a braided, upward-curling toe that cannot be ignored. Were they made for Instagram? Quite possibly. But they’d be fun for a moment of IRL fashion adventure, too. Evocative of another world, they’re just the sort of escapism we crave right now, but with a rubber sole that’s built for reality. Choose your own adventure. Photo by #bobbydoherty.


Do you ever see someone on Instagram and think "Why is your skin so good?" We do all the time. For our series #whyisyourskinsogood we ask just that!

“Sleep is one of the most important elements for good health and amplifies your glow,” Latham Thomas (@glowmaven) told the Cut. “I eat a plant-based vegan diet and that means a lot of vegetables, fruits, green juices, and water with lemon." For her full skincare product routine, tap the link in bio.

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Nobody does a #SS18 merch drop like @badgalriri. Thanks for the speedy delivery to @thecut’s office! 🏍️🏍️🏍️


“How did Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric survive New York’s weirdest family?” #tbt @nymag’s December 2004 cover.


Some signs from #nationalwalkoutday brought memes and gun control together. See some of the most inspiring ones from the nationwide demonstration on the Cut.



When it comes to your something blue for a spring or summer wedding, think out of the box and surprise your guests with this "cheese cake" by @murrayscheese. 🧀🧀❤️🧀✨🌹 See this one (and taste it!) along with many others at our New York Weddings event next Wednesday, 3/21 from 6-9PM. There are only a few tickets left, so get them for you and your friends via link in bio. #NYMWedEvent #NYMagWeddings


Daniel Mallory Ortberg (@daniel_mallory_ellis) on coming out as trans: The beloved internet writer talks to Heather Havrilesky about his new identity. Full story linked in bio.


“Mom, can you pick me up?” in The Road from Vetheuil by Claude Monet (1880) ✨

We spoke to the creator of @cmbynmonet, an account that combines @cmbynfilm scenes with Monet paintings. They told us their favorite museum is the National Museum of the Philippines, and if they could tell the cast of #callmebyyourname one thing, “I'd thank them for perfectly portraying the characters. Without them the film would not be as beautiful and as brilliant!”



We spoke to the creator of @cmbynmonet, an account that combines #callmebyyourname scenes with Monet paintings. #cutconvo
“My favorite scene is when Elio subtly confessed his love to Oliver in front of the World War 1 monument. I loved how casual it was but at the same time it evoked so many feelings.”


Have you discovered the Instagram account @cmbynmonet yet? We spoke to the creator about their day job, and how they thought of the concept. See what they told the Cut below. #cutconvo

"I'm a graduate student majoring in Clinical Psychology. I am currently doing my internship at a local hospital and a foundation that shelters street children. The project started as a way of expressing my love for the novel and the film. This whole idea of merging Monet paintings and call me by your name film stills stemmed from the novel, the part where elio brought oliver to Monet's berm. Then one day, after seeing the film, my friend and I were talking about Monet paintings and realized how similar it was from the setting and the overall vibe of the film. So I browsed more of Monet's paintings and I would be reminded of certain scenes and from there I decided to merge the two masterpieces."


“September 30, 1985 / Remember when "I don't talk to answering machines" was a thing?” @oldnymag


HAPPY PI DAY! HOPE YOU HAVE AT LEAST 3.14 SLICES! 🥧 @barackobama in Chicago, 2008.


One of the first Facebook photos Anya Taylor-Joy (@anyataylorjoy) was tagged in was a picture of a fish. “I must have been about 10 or 11,” she told @vulture. “I was so confused. I went to my parents like, ‘Why? I don’t understand.’ My sister sort of piped up, ‘It’s because your eyes are really far apart. You look like a fish.’ It was the most horrifying feeling – I’m now suddenly aware of something that I can’t ever be unaware of.” Some stars spend years searching for the thing that will become their trademark. Taylor-Joy got hers from genetics: a pair of large, expressive eyes that have proven incredibly useful for the films in which the 21-year-old actress has made her name.

Tap the link in bio to read about the @thoroughbreds star who has quickly become one of the most recognizable faces in horror. Photo by @benedict_evans.


On the one-month anniversary of the horrific shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, thousands of students will be walking out of their schools on Wednesday, March 14, as part of a nationwide protest against gun violence. RG @marykatehughes


Stephen Hawking explained the mysteries of the cosmos to fellow scientists and the public. He died on Wednesday at the age of 76. 🌎


Arielle Bobb-Willis (@relbw) developed an abstract, dissociative style while struggling with anxiety and depression, using photography as a form of therapy. “I felt like my body was something I was renting more so than something that was given to me,” she says. “When I’m shooting, I’m focusing on what’s in front of me and nothing else.” Edited by @rebeccarams and @bielparklee.


For this fashion shoot, @relbw went to New Orleans, where her mother is from, with a box of our fashion editors’ favorite looks from the spring 2018 runways. She photographed women who live in the city wearing colorful dresses, accordion pants, and plastic knee-high boots, all while contorting on sidewalks and in abandoned fields. “The colors and the composition of the city have always inspired me,” she says. “There’s just this heaviness to it. It’s so vibrant, but there’s a spooky undertone that runs through.” Edited by @rebeccarams and @bielparklee.


The 23-year-old photographer Arielle Bobb-Willis (@relbw) rarely shows a model’s face. “I want their egos to be taken away,” she says. Her fashion photographs are kinetic, snapped as models twist and manipulate the bright color-block clothing that contains them. Without a face, she says, every element in a photograph’s composition has equal play: the clothes, the setting, and the model tell a single story. See her full #outofthebox portfolio on the Cut. Edited by @rebeccarams and @bielparklee.


Tag someone who makes eating cereal for dinner look this good. RG @martytheverygoodboy


This year, @nymag's list of all the best new things to eat in New York includes a hippie-grandma pizza, peanut butter tacos, and an inexplicably delicious whole head of cauliflower. Of course, if it’s just chicken wings, burgers, and the best new Brooklyn brunch you’re interested in, we’ve got those too. Tap the link in bio to see them all. Photo by #bobbydoherty.