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Roadie, Beagle/Miniature Pinscher mix (7 y/o), 3rd & Broadway, Nashville, TN • “She follows me everywhere I go. We’ve been to most states. We had a car but it died. Luckily we still have our music.”


Mellow, Labrador Retriever/Shepherd mix (2 y/o), 4th Ave. S. & Broadway, Nashville, TN • “He’s homeland security.”


Prissy, Teacup Poodle (13.5 y/o), Barktoberfest with Parnassus Books, Whites Creek, TN • “She’s been blind since she was six-months-old. We tried then to reattach her retinas but it didn’t work out.”


Skylie, Heeler/Terrier mix (15 y/o), Barktoberfest with Parnassus Books, Whites Creek, TN • “She’s forgotten to be ornery in her old age. She’s gotten very friendly. I’ve never seen her wag her tail until today. I counted nine times. Today was a big day. She’s not wanted to leave.”


Bailey, Louise, & Payton, Golden Retrievers (12, 1 & 12 y/o), Barktoberfest with Parnassus Books, Whites Creek, TN • “Bailey and Payton are littermates. After the Virginia Tech shooting we took them to the campus to help bring joy to a place that needed it most. They were on the CBS evening news. Louise is a hermaphrodite. Externally she looks female, but internally she had both reproductive systems. The doctors were shocked.” @theblanckgoldens


Aysia, Maltese (2 y/o), Barktoberfest with @ParnassusBooks, Whites Creek, TN • “We have three and she steals her sisters’ treats. Her older sister Bailey is slow. If you toss a treat to Bailey, Aysia will take hers and run as fast as she can to get Bailey’s.” @aysiaadventures


Mac, Cavapoo (11 w/o), 8th & Macdougal St., New York, NY • “He's got moxie. When we walk him in the park it's like walking with The Beatles – everyone comes up to him.”


Lily, Smooth Collie (2 y/o), 21st & 10th Ave., New York, NY • “She’s a rescue and a stability service dog.”


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Toast, Pants, & Muppet, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels & Japanese Chin (12 & 10 y/o), Chelsea, New York, NY • “Toast is gearing up for Halloween. Muppet is looking for a boyfriend. Pants is looking for a job – an internship preferably. She’s looking to learn.” @toastmeetsworld


Hobbes, Dachshund/Beagle Mix (8 y/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • “He’s always starving, and he’s got the bark of a dog five times his size.” – “I always liked dogs, but when my fiancée and I moved in together, I moved in with Hobbes as well. I now love dogs almost as much as she does. We are getting married today, and The Dogist is her favorite Instagram account to follow – I wanted to surprise her by having Hobbes on The Dogist on our wedding day. I love you Rach!”


Mary Todd Lincoln, Bear, Meriwether Lewis, Opie, Francis, & Belle – Dachshund, mix, Cockapoo, Hound mix, & "Tennessee Brown dogs", Parnassus Books, Nashville, TN @parnassusbooks @marytoddlincolncoffman
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Murray, Golden Retriever (4 m/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • "He’s going to be a very big boy. His brother from another litter was 75 pounds." @murrayinthecity


Argo, German Shepherd (2 y/o), Union Square, New York, NY • “He has an older brother Chihuahua that’s 14. Argo wants to play with him but the Chihuahua is an old man who doesn't want anything to do with him.”


Koda, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (5 m/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • “He knows he’s cute.”


Teddy, Chihuahua (11 m/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • “He’s having his first birthday party next month with all of his dog friends.” @tinytedddybear


Cody, Cocker Spaniel (11 w/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • "He is the great-great-great-great-great grand-dog of our first black Cocker Spaniel. Five greats."


Penny, Labrador Retriever mix (5 m/o), Bloomfield & 3rd St., Hoboken, NJ • "She takes a good fifteen minutes to come out of her crate every morning because she's afraid of peeing on the ground."


Lily, German Shorthaired Pointer (2 y/o), Bloomfield & 3rd St., Hoboken, NJ • "You met and photographed her at 3 months old in Acadia National Park in Maine. She's on page 8 in your new puppy book."


Max, Bernese Mountain Dog (9 w/o), Bloomfield & 3rd St., Hoboken, NJ • "He already weighs 15 pounds. He's a handful.”


Clover, Dachshund (11 w/o), Church Square, Hoboken, NJ • "She has absolutely no concept of how small she is." @clovertheminihotdog


Josie & Hojie, Shetland Sheepdogs (9 & 4 y/o), Church Square, Hoboken, NJ • "She loves to dance and he destroys shoes regularly."


Teddy, Norfolk Terrier (3 y/o), Fishs Eddy, New York, NY • "We call him ‘Fishs Teddy’. He works here – he's good for office morale." • NYC: Join me at @fishseddynyc this Wednesday, 10/18 from 6:30-8:30pm. I'll be signing books and petting puppies – hope to see you there!


Harper, Goldendoodle (2 y/o), Church Square, Hoboken, NJ • "She's part of a pack of dogs in Hoboken. She's a socialite."


Wylie, Great Pyrenees/Australian Shepherd mix (3 y/o), Church Square, Hoboken, NJ • "He pees on everything – he probably peed on 20 trees on our way here."


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Emmy & Willa, Labrador Retrievers (2 & 3 y/o), Boston Common, Boston, MA • “Emmy is the nice one. Willa is the mischievous one.”


Everett, Pit Bull/Rhodesian Ridgeback/Boxer mix (6 y/o), Boston Common, Boston, MA • “He came from Tennessee. I fostered him and decided to keep him after a week. He was 30 pounds at best – now he’s 70.”


Sheldon, Boston Terrier (4 y/o), Boston Common, Boston, MA • “He’s basically insane. A nutter butter. He was doing pretty well at my parents’ house and then we came back and there was fluff everywhere. He got a pillow. We’re still finding it. Otherwise he’s great.”


Penny, Golden Retriever (6 m/o), Boston Common, Boston, MA • “She sometimes bites us.”


Shadow, Labrador Retriever (12 y/o), Arlington & Newbury St., Boston, MA • “She dreams. She puts her legs in the air and dreams of playing with other dogs.”