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Tale, Ibizan Hound, LIC Dog Park, Long Island City, NY β€’ "She was born during a solar eclipse and was actually born dead. Ten minutes later she came back to life. Her mother was wire-haired and her father was short haired. She's very mellow, very contemplative. There are only seven Ibizan Hounds in New York City – she's the only female that I know of."



Duke, Cocker Spaniel (5 y/o), Hunters Point South Park, Long Island City, NY β€’ "People say we look alike. I think it's the hair."


Sophie, French bulldog (5 y/o), Hunters Point South Park, Long Island City, NY β€’ "She's a total diva – she'll do anything for a treat, but other than that she's extremely stubborn." @sophie_frenchie_nyc


Jax, mix (10 w/o), Gantry Plaza State Park, Long Island City, NY β€’ "He always wants to be carried. I have to remind him that he's a big boy that can walk on his own. But then he gets on the grass and smells stuff and forgets that he's tired."


Alfie, Tibetan Terrier (3 y/o), Union Square, New York, NY β€’ "He's my 5th Tibetan and this one... this one is the love of my life."


Togo, Afghan Hound (4 m/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY β€’ "It was really funny watching him learn to use his long legs – he would fall over everywhere. Our other Afghan, Sudan, is much more reserved." @sudan_togo_theafghanhounds


Pablo, German Shepherd (7 m/o), 13th & 4th Ave., New York, NY β€’ "He's going to his first day of daycare today. We'll see how he does."


Maggie, Chesapeake Bay Retriever (7 y/o) β€’ NYC – I'll be at the @bissellclean Carpeted Dog Park Challenge from now until 5pm in Washington Square Park. Come by to see how big of a mess your dog can make! #PetHappens #sponsored


Kila, Miniature Schnauzer, Union Square, New York, NY β€’ "He's a very stubborn dog."


Tigran (& Tolec, RIP), Great Dane (6 m/o), McCarren Park, Brooklyn, NY β€’ "He's my 5th Great Dane. My last dog, Tolec, passed away – those pictures you took of him are priceless because he's not here. The pain went away when I got Tigran."


Pinky, Shar Pei (9 m/o), Columbus Circle, New York, NY β€’ "She was on Puppy Bowl this year, and my other guy, Wrinkles, was on Puppy Bowl the year before."


Pepper, Cardigan Welsh Corgi (9 m/o), Thompson & Bleecker St., New York, NY β€’ "He hasn't quite grasped 'sit' yet. He definitely likes chasing dogs and little kids on the street."


Joyce, Yorkshire Terrier (7 y/o), L Train, New York, NY β€’ "I'm fostering her for @socialteesnyc (she's available). She loves to be in your arms 24/7."


Licorice, Standard Poodle ("Middle-aged"), Willow & Pierrepont St., Brooklyn, NY β€’ "He had a tumor in his mouth and got it removed. That's why his tongue sticks out."


Chance, mix (7 y/o), Central Park, New York, NY β€’ "They said he had behavioral issues, but his smile won me over. He has never once had behavioral problems. He's getting used to being the only child – we had two other dogs much older than him that passed away. He gets all of the attention now. Also, his eyeliner is better than mine."


Doc, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (4 y/o), Willow & Pierrepont St., Brooklyn, NY β€’ "He's a water dog. He'll swim in any body of water."


Flash, Boston Terrier (4 y/o), Cranberry & Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, NY β€’ "He's ripped up really expensive rugs. He's a refined dog with expensive taste."


Ginger, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever mix (6 y/o), Central Park, New York, NY β€’ "She likes the squirrels."


Rocky, Bernese Mountain Dog (7 y/o), Columbus Circle, New York, NY β€’ "He's very charming and a little bit sore in the hips as they all get. He's been a great companion to my brother-in-law who's had a lot of chronic health issues."


Santa's Little Helper, Greyhound (10 y/o), Cadman Plaza, Brooklyn, NY β€’ "She's timid and lazy. She has energy for about one minute per day. She's a retired racer from Alabama."


Huey, Dachshund (8 y/o), Willow & Pierrepont St., Brooklyn, NY β€’ "He's a maniac for playing with a tennis ball. He'll play for hours and then collapse."


Savannah, Golden Retriever (8 y/o), Hillside Park, Brooklyn, NY β€’ "She's a rescue. When we got her she was starved and wouldn't make eye contact. She's come a long way."


Spaniel mix (9 w/o) – ADOPTED from @animalleague mobile adoption event, Columbus Circle, New York, NY


Buster, French Bulldog (7 y/o), Main Street Park, Brooklyn, NY β€’ "He's never barked in his life. He's bark-less. He farts and snores and cries but never barks."


Sasha, Siberian Husky (5 y/o), Henry & Pierrepont St., Brooklyn, NY β€’ "I've never seen her growl at anyone."


Moxie, Pit Bull mix (5 y/o), Astor Place, New York, NY β€’ "She was found tied to a tree in Central Park."


Gus, Cavapoo (5 m/o), Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn, NY β€’ "I can't really control him around people, but as far as 5-month old puppies go, he's pretty perfect."