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Leo, Vizsla (2 y/o), Rosie's Dog Beach, Long Beach, CA β€’ "He's a Velcro dog – cuddly as hell. We're here on the beach 365 days a year." @leo_the_vizsla


Winnie, Shih Tzu mix (3 y/o), Mateo & Willow St., Los Angeles, CA β€’ "She trips on her ears sometimes."


Tulip, Bedlington Terrier (13 y/o), Vine & Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA β€’ "She's more like a cat than a dog. She broke her leg once by jumping off a chair. She still has a plate in there."


Theo, mix (6 m/o), N Gower & Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA β€’ "He won't eat his food unless it's mixed with something real tasty. That's my fault." @nottheordinarypup


Baby, "A Dingo." (6 y/o), W 5th & S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA β€’ "We're going to the beach right now."


Cooper, Australian Shepherd (7 y/o), N Fuller & Franklin Ave., Los Angeles, CA β€’ "He knows that he is not my pet. I am his human."


Phoebe, Chihuahua (2 y/o), Runyon Canyon Park, Los Angeles, CA β€’ "She's a little brat – well behaved but barks at people."


Nala, mix (2 y/o), Runyon Canyon Park, Los Angeles, CA β€’ "She's my boyfriend's roommate's dog and she was a stray. They shaved her the other day to cool her off – a little too short."


Joy, Doberman Pinscher (1 y/o), Runyon Canyon Park, Los Angeles, CA β€’ "We got her at the pound – someone just dropped her off. She's a beautiful soul. Sweet and calm. Never barks."


Charles, Husky/Labrador Retriever mix (4 m/o), Runyon Canyon Park, Los Angeles, CA β€’ "He's really calm except for today. I think it's all the other dogs."


Koda, Redbone Coonhound (3 y/o), Runyon Canyon Park, Los Angeles, CA β€’ "He loves to chase lasers and moths. He won't eat them – he'll nip them and let them go so he can chase them again."


Max, Pointer/Border Collie mix (6 y/o), Grand Central Market, Los Angeles, CA β€’ "He's mischievous. He just pretended to give me a hug and then stole food off the counter."


Nuki, Siberian Husky (4 m/o), Grand Central Market, Los Angeles, CA β€’ "She gives kisses to each of us first thing in the morning." @nukiinthecity


Frankie, Pomeranian (15 y/o), LAX, Los Angeles, CA β€’ "He makes everyone smile." @frankiethefox β€’ LA: Come join me for the grand opening of a new community space focused on pet adoptions, the @AnnenbergPetSpace – 12005 Bluff Creek Dr, Playa Vista, CA – this Saturday (6/24) from 12-4pm. Free and open to the public (please leave your pets at home for safety reasons). #AnnenbergPetSpace #WherePeopleAndPetsConnect #PlayAdoptLearnGrow #sponsored


Nick, Dachshund (6 y/o), Waverly & Greene St., New York, NY β€’ "He's the old man of the group."


King Bentley, English Bulldog (2 y/o), Bryant Park, New York, NY β€’ "We just moved to Miami and I always get nervous that he's too hot, especially because his breed is prone to overheating. Sometimes he'll be panting and I don't know if it's normal bulldog behavior or something to be worried about. To have the @LinkAKC collar that alerts me when it's too hot takes away a lot of the worry." #DogSpeak #LinkAKC #ad


Red, Boxer (7 y/o), Lucky Dog – Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY β€’ "I found him and his sister drinking melted snow out of a pothole in Ohio. When we first brought him here we had to muzzle him. He's come a long way but he's definitely got some screws loose. His sister found a home, too."


Tinker Bell, Bull Terrier (16 m/o), Lucky Dog – Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY β€’ "Her family's last Bull Terrier passed away. They have a toddler, and most of the breeders they went to said no because of the toddler. Then one of the breeders called back and said they had one that was really maternal. Tinker Bell loves kids and is rowdy and dumb like the rest of them."


Pebbles, Labrador Retriever mix (9 y/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY β€’ "She wants the ball now. She's like, 'This is not cool. Give me the ball.'"


Belle, German Shepherd (7 m/o), Central Park, New York, NY β€’ "She'll fake getting hurt. She'll say, 'Look at my paw!'"


Arnost, Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd mix (6 y/o), Central Park, New York, NY β€’ "We're an explosives detection team – we're both in the Navy. He's a big ol' baby – he looks super mean with a muzzle on but he's a cuddler." @usnavy


Rilo, Portuguese Water Dog/Labrador Retriever mix (7 y/o), Amherst Town Common, Amherst, MA β€’ "There's always the underwear eating story... my wife was so pissed, he never did it again."


Lucy, mix (6 y/o), Sunset Hill – Hay Reservation, Newbury, NH β€’ "She was our first baby, for me and my wife. Then we had real babies and she's never forgiven us for it."


Caterpillar, Boxer (6 y/o), Newbury Beach, Newbury, NH β€’ "She's named after heavy equipment. My significant other worked heavy equipment and always wanted a girl Boxer named Caterpillar. She leaps in the air, bites mosquitoes and spits them out before they bite her."


Paris, Golden Retriever (10 m/o), Agawam Dog Park, Agawam, MA β€’ "She's a ball girl. She stole that ball from another dog."


Josey, Golden Retriever/Schnauzer mix (2 y/o), Agawam Dog Park, Agawam, MA β€’ "She's the park ranger. She watches over everyone."


Quint, Labrador Retriever (2 y/o), Agawam Dog Park, Agawam, MA β€’ "He loves to ride in my car with the sunroof open with his paws up and his mouth full of air."