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Everyone has the friend who tries to get out of the bill💸😅 tag yours! 💳 Pay Back a Friend Day is today so get your phones ready! #FriendsAgain #ad
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babies and gentlemen! i'm here and i'm ok! sorry if you were all worried but everything was/is fine. no need to stress :) but hey all my accounts are back and twitter is being restored rn, so if you unfollowed my twitters (@thegabbieshow and @gabriellejhanna) or my snapchat (thegabbieshow) make sure to follow them back 🤗 IN MORE EXCITING NEWS! OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO IS COMING THIS WEDNESDAY!!! GAHHHH!!!




HOOLLLYYYY SMOKES!! WE HIT 5M TODAY!? i wonder what you'd all look like in a room together?! i'd prob have a panic attack that's a lot of people!! i'd type thank you 5 mill room times but i already did cardio today! (i lied. i didn't.) anyway, THANK U x 5 MILLION


snapchat saw it furst: thegabbieshow 👃


cute couple.
•• new video where my friends react to my song for the FIRST TIME- and i didn't tell them it was me 😱 in the bio, of course!


i'm trying the get my snapchat verification emoji changed hahaha. comment below which emoji i should ask for! 🖤👃🏼💔📺🍽🍩👻
don't forget to snag your copy of adultolescence at target, barnes and noble, amazon, and independent book stores!


it's national poetry day, and my poetry book is currently #3 on the NY Time Bestsellers List, so it would make sense that i post something related to the book. but id much rather post a pic of me eating this taco. 🌮
thank you all SO much for how much you supported me and for literally making this dream come true. one more life goal completed 🖤📖


i wonder how many people didn't realize the cover is my face


this is my new tinder pic! i've been getting a lot of matches! i don't ever message them but it validates me! i need to go back to therapy! anyway! love u!


at my stop in tampa and the owner, stef, made a REAL LIFE VERSION of one of my illustrations 😭😭 this is to the poem HOME. they got every detail, down to the dead flowers 🌹thanks for the extra love, Inkwood Books! this really made my night! i love(d) you!!


the older man next to me on the plane watched me post this and it created my nightmare situation of talking about what i do for a living to strangers who don't know what twitter is


people often ask me where i got the inspiration for my poems & illustrations. the simple answer is i just draw from real life experiences 🖍


mmm! my hair is nice and salty! sweat is my favorite hair product!


people ask me how i lost so much weight recently and the truth is i just eat much smaller portions.


this photo is the exact opposite of how i'm feeling rn ☔️ i am so HAPPY! if you haven't yet, go download OUT LOUD on iTunes and stream on spotify!!!


Out Loud is NUMBER THREE on iTunes right now, and it's not even been up a full day. thank you all SO MUCH for doing this for me!! 🖤💭🎶 if you haven't downloaded yet, the link is in my bio!! let's see what else we can do/hold down the fort!! THIS IS UNREAL. im SO SHOOK and by shook i mean grateful. ily all SO. MUCH. •• if u haven't seen the lyric video yet, its up on my channel! official video COMING SOON!


WOAH WOAH WOAH! "Out Loud" IS AVAILABLE FOR STREAM AND DOWNLOAD NOW!! here's a teaser for the lyric video that will be up at noon PST!! 😍 MAKE SURE TO DOWNLOAD AND LEAVE 5 STARS IM SHRIEKING AHHH!
• •
side note, i didn't even realize it would be out when i landed! some lovely ladies were waiting outside my terminal and said WE LOVE UR SONG and i was like BISH WHET?! what a CRAZY FEELING!! CANT BELIEVE IM SINGING THIS LIVE IN A COUPLE DAYS!!


look how big it is! my hotel room!


fun fact: both of these were his 🍹


joining the food truck industry


download and stream now 🖤💭🎶


i am the most unnatural poser on earth 🙃 ••
styled by my new queen @jazminwhitley


who's yours? 😎


exciting news! you're looking at A PROUD NEW MEMBER OF THE MTV FAMILY!! that's right, this girl RIGHT HERE will be hosting @TRL starting october (DOUBLE TAP FOR A GREAT THROWBACK) along with a lot of other fun MTV projects and shows (STARTING THIS WEEKEND AT THE VMAs!) i've been saying for YEARS that my dream was to be an MTV on air host and my strangely specific dreams has somehow fallen into my little-suffocated-by-ripped-jeans-begging-for-air lap!! IM HYPE. ARE YOU HYPE? here's to hard work and impatiently waiting! 🖤🖤


hashtag not spon


MY BOOK. COMES OUT. ONE MONTH. FROM TODAY. so to celebrate i'm posting one of my very first illustrations! it's crazy how fast this all went but how long ago it feels that i started!! this book is the MOST important thing i've ever done and the thing i'm absolutely most proud of. i am SO excited and honored and blessed to share this piece of my he[ART] with you. i'm SO close to my preorder goal that will ensure a spot on the NY Times best seller list 😭😭 this is my absolute dream, so if you're able, i would be so incredibly grateful if you could help me out by preordering 🖤🖤 my book makes a very lovely gift for parents, siblings, teachers... and it would mean the world to me. of course, link in my bio 🖤🖤 regardless, thank you forever for all the continued support and love that i receive every day, you are my everything #adultolescence #gabbiehannabook


*caption this*


we both turned to kiss each other on the cheek at the same and kissed on the lips and it was the most magical moment. 💋


scratching my scalp bc i haven't washed my hair since i dyed it 🖤
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