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we both turned to kiss each other on the cheek at the same and kissed on the lips and it was the most magical moment. 💋


scratching my scalp bc i haven't washed my hair since i dyed it 🖤
📸: @ughitsjoe


she tryna take a bite uh dah 🍑


not much just getting motorboated by a gummy bear what's up witchu?


goldilocks and her bear 🐻


new hair who dis?
got transformed by @guy_tang! told him to dye my hair WHATEVER COLOR HE WANTS and he truly SHOCKED ME with blonde! i never ever would have thought to do it but ill tell ya what... i'm FEELING MUHSELF. and i recorded the whole thing, surprise reveal and all!! LINK IN BIO!


yesterday i got pulled over without a license and the cop should have impounded my car but instead he told me a friend could pick me up so i called liza and she came and rescued me thanks liza i'm changing this account to a fan page for you!


i'm having a bad day!
edit: my day turned around!


i will never let you fall. unless you expect me to hold you longer that 3 seconds bc i have no upper body strength.




the best compliment i've been getting so much of lately is about me seeming genuinely happy lately. it seems that way because it is. life is good, my friends 🖤 thanks for helping make it that way 🤗




ok so talk about psychic i drove past flamingo ave with liza as i was posting a picture of flamingos with liza HERE'S TO VEGAS FOR THE WEEKEND ♠️♥️♣️♦️🎰


i'd overcome any obstacle for a @Wendys chocolate Frosty. Post a @Wendys Frosty selfie and tag #50CentFrostyFilms + #sweepstakes to try to win movie tickets! rules: wendysfrostyfilms.com #ad


escape the night more like escape the weird colored hanging ribbons am i right no ok preorder my book link in bio


the other day, my childhood friend @tay.k.photography (who i don’t see enough despite her living right down the street) came by to swim and chat. she asked me if she could bring her camera and practice with some new lenses. i told her i wasn’t wearing any makeup and they wouldnt be cute enough to post, but she could def shoot around and practice. we floated around for a couple hours talking comfortably, picking up where we left off as always, and she finally pulled out her camera and started snapping pics. i didn’t expect to like them because a) i don’t ever let people photograph my body and b) i wasn’t camera ready at all. but when i looked back at the pictures i realized… wow, i’m so genuinely happy with myself, my life, and everyone and everything in it, and you can see it radiating through these photos. i told her “i feel really pretty in these” and without skipping a beat, she replied “you’re starting to see what many of us have always seen.” thank you for always empowering me, bringing me up, listening to me, and making me feel beautiful in my own skin. you have always had the ability to see in people what they can’t see for themselves, and i love that about your soul. thank you for capturing me in a time of happiness, i’m so happy to have these photos to remember this time in my life, and i’m so happy to have you.

more pics from this day to come. tay is also posting some so keep up with her if you want to see more <3


this pic reminds me of myspace.


i've been posting too many selfies lately to snapchat lately, i apologize. but if you like that sort of thing go find me there! my username is "thegabbieshow" and imma be openin ya snaps all nyTeEe 🖤




sometimes life has me feelin like i'm stuck in a loop 🌀🐹


july the fourth be with you 🇺🇸 did i do that right?


*rides mechanical bull at the bar once* 🐂


i'm so embarrassing. first, anna kendrick said "how are you?!" and i responded by avoiding eye contact and saying "where do i stand?" then anna camp said "i like your hair" and i said "i wash it once a month."
i shouldn't be allowed to meet people.




hey! pick on someone your own size 💚


what a cool, cool feeling to have the cover of my book featured in the convention center of #vidcon. i am so incredibly proud of this book and so overwhelmed and excited to share this piece of my soul with you. preorders help SO so much, and i would be forever grateful to anyone who's able to preorder. my dream is to be a new york times best selling author, and each preorder helps exponentially. you can click the link in my bio, or go to gabbiehannabook.com ❤️📖 im so humbled to be able to share my feelings of love, loss, pain, joy, darkness, confusion, loneliness, happiness, and silliness with you all 😌😭


my vine career is over but my youtuber career isn't... yet! help keep the dream alive by clicking the link in my bio! ps HI VIDCON HOW R YA IM GREAT THANKS FOR HAVING ME!


i toasted a marshmallow at shane's house and without 👏🏼 skipping 👏🏼 a 👏🏼 beat he said "OH LET'S PUT IT BETWEEN POP TARTS! POP TARTS S'MORE!" i just wanna live in that kid's head for like 4 seconds. i think after that i'd gain 700 pounds and go insane.
ps i'm wearing this shirt in my last pic but it was the same day so step off 👟


do urself a favor and zoom in on my second toe on my right foot hanging on for dear life


haven't hit ya with a good ol fashioned selfie in a while. 📱i took this while waiting for my uber to take me to the dmv from my car that i parked from down the street bc i was worried that they'd see that i drove there with an expired license and arrest me. anyway this is what i look like in my new license pic!