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Life story of a little girl and her 8 huskies. ❤ brand ambassador.

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“WAIT?? So I GOTTA BEHAVE before santa gives me any present???? ... shoot hooman! You shouldve told me!! “ 🤣🤣 Sooo wanna know how long i have been keeping this for? Lol.. did christmas photoshoot with shadow back when he was first arrived. Thought it might be cute.. got some more. Should i start posting em? 😛


Abis ditinggal pergi belanja.. eh ada yang kelaperan nihh ❤️ makan nya manaaa.. Jangan lupa kasih makan peliharaan kalian dengan yang bernutrisi untuk menjaga kesehatannya.
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Cek untuk S&K nya.


Sorry for MIA. Recent “social network drama” makes me reluctant to open this account for some time. 🙃
Anyway, it is confirmed that these two will become pawrents. To 4 puppies, due date in between 1-5th of january 2018. So i believe its a good way to start a new year ❤️
Luna is doing great. And shadow is still shadow 👌🏽😂



"Is luna pregnant?"
We still need to wait another week to do the tests.


The one who sits on the throne 👸🏻. #got #gotseason8 #ironthrone


Yo! Thanks for watching our live earlier. As u guys can see im back to my normal self 😈. For those who missed it, you can still watch it in the next 24 hours ❤️



Keenai.. listen listen listen.. 😔 u need to start listening to me.. 😔
Keenai: okay little hooman 🤕 if only you could use proper language already... all u say is “mamamama and papapapa” 🤕


Boo-yaah!! 67K!! Thank u for all the account that reposted us this week ❤️❤️ much love!!


Looks like oakley is ready for weekends to come 😝



I dont think most of you knew that luna has freckles.. its just, to see it, you need to wet her snout 😁😁. I have been getting DM’ed about whether or not luna is pregnant due to “shadow having fun with her without my consent”.
We checked shadows sperm with the vet the next day (hoping that it would be bad — so no more puppies) however, the vet told us the opposite. His sperm are of TOP CONDITION. So now we wait for a month to see luna’s pregnancy. Our vet will be able to tell her pregnancy after 22 days. So we will know for sure around 11 of dec.


Need. To. Go. Swimming. Rainy season has arrived. Pups get less outdoor time. Shadow is recovering well. He still sleeps most of the day due to his medication ❤️


Dont be too happy shadow.. when they said about balls, they are not talking about playing balls. Its about ur.. um.. balls.. ps. Shadow is undergoing a surgery to ✂️his 🎈.. keep him in your prayer 🖤🖤



Trying to fool 10 huskies.. 😂 guess whos the smart ones?


*plays with feet* ohh @danicaraquel was supposed to Check shadow's teeth out. 😁

Ps. Do not attempt to do this with your baby and dogs unless you are 100% sure about your pups personality.


Nothing beats the calmness of being inside a pack.. #throwback when hima is here ❤️



Worlds may tumble down, but one look from her will makes all worries go away ❤️


Chill keenai. I got this. Lemme handle it. 💪🏽😌


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Best friend is whoever that will pat your head when u're down, cold nose kisses you, hold your hand with theirs (paws), and comfort you when you needed it the most.. 😚

Ps. Want to get a polaroid or mirrorless camera?? Wait for our next post!!! Tag ur buddy!!


Crashed. And. BOOM 🤣


Busy life lately. Just wanna go home and cuddle em..


Lots have been asking how hima is doing. This is a peek of her life now ❤️❤️


She got simba kiss on her face everyday. She must be very special ❤️ Simba never kisses people on face except me, like 3 times a year lol


"Banyak yang tanya ke saya gimana caranya bulu simba bisa bagus? Pakai vitamin apa? Buat saya kuncinya adalah konsumsi makanan anjing yang memenuhi kebutuhan gizi mereka secara menyeluruh. @proplanid merupakan alasan di balik kesehatan husky - husky saya. #proplanstory
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• sound ON •
Just doggy talking with shadow 🎤


Keenai was like 😒 "whats with this butt sniffin..?"


Black Vs Red. Youngest Vs Second in command. 23kgs Vs 18kgs. Who won..? 😛


Recognize me? #waybackwednesday


When ure ready to go but ur best friend keeps snoozing. Simba wake up!! Thank you @carababyessentials ❤️ for danica’s cute denim romper ❤️


Face when ur hair is on point. All. The. Time.