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Life story of a little girl and her 8 huskies. ❤ brand ambassador.

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When ure ready to go but ur best friend keeps snoozing. Simba wake up!! Thank you @carababyessentials ❤️ for danica’s cute denim romper ❤️


Face when ur hair is on point. All. The. Time.


Floof train.


Yoga 101 by instructor @danicaraquel
1. Get a partner
2. Hold your partner hand (or paw it doesnt matter)
3.wiggle your but
4. Make a perfect triangle
5. And roll over and pet your partner 😁


This is what you call “persistence”
She tried soo hard to reach simba 😂


Dont mess with me or they gonna...lick you..? 😂
Worst bodyguards ever ❤️ I still think Hima belongs here. Boo hubby. 🙄


So i have 2 news. A good one and a bad one. Good one is that hima is in the family, bad one is that she wont be staying with us, but instead with my dad. She will be carlo's new pack member. If you ask WHY? Lemme tell you why. I wanted her so bad but hubby doesnt think adding one more is a good idea. He said its too many. And i was like.. no.. but he wont take what i said. So,for those of you who knew him just head to his ig account and boo'ed him. Lol 😒😒 im still 💔 with this decision.


Just my big lap dog and my baby. So simba was feelig needy. So he sat on my lap. While danica keeps holding his front paw ❤️


Here reporting for your daily dose of puppy ❤️


Can you name them from left to right? ❤️


Still sunday.. keep snuggling people. ❤️❤️❤️


Snuggle sunday ❤️


Best cuddle partner ❤️


Regarding keenai’s and kiara’s fight. These two has the exact opposite personalities. While kayla jumps in to support whoever is winning, simba assess the fight and retreated to a safe corner. Afraid of getting in the middle of it 🙈. I have the video of how we re introduce em the next morning. And how to stop em from doing it again. I will post it later today.


The S in “Sunday” is for Snuggle right? ❤️
Kayla loves to cuddle with either simba or keenai. Another interesting point of her is that she is super smart, but she loves to test our limit.. haha as in how deep she could go before she gets in trouble. However, during my pregnancy, she was the one who always sits in front of me while i play with em, and if any of em plays rough near me, she will protects me (and danica in my belly) from the others. Same thing happens now, when danica sits on her car seat and watches em play, kayla will sit by her and she will protect her a lil bit too extreme as in no other dogs are allowed to get to danica. I didnt expect tat from my little trouble maker girlpup ❤️


Bullying shadow ❤️ ps. Dont worry he's not harmed in anyway and he loves all the attention. Looks like we got few concerned people. This rough playing is totally normal in huskies. And this happens everyday. It used to be oakleys whom in shadow position, now since shadow is the smallest (or i should say youngest, coz he is big) he got tease like this by the others.


• S H A D O W H U N T E R •
He’s the latest addition in the family. I was 6 months pregnant when we saw his ad.
I wasnt planning on getting another since 7 is plenty. I was only showing his pic ad to my hubby. Worst (or best?) decision ever? Coz hubby fell in love instantly and no matter what i said to prevent him getting shadow was not working. So that was that. 6 months old, and getting a puppy. 😛
I was ready for all the chaos a husky puppy usually make, thank goodness, shadow was a mellow one, at least he was pretty laid back with us, and easy to train, he somehow gotten the “wanting to please” traits thats not common in huskies. But he is part samoyed ( his mom is a samo, i dont know how his father looked like as a husky) so? - that makes him bark-y. He barks, a lot, and lot. 🙄 thats why i teach him to whisper. Oh. Whats funny is, when luna let say, got his toy, and he wanted his toy from luna, he will sit, and whisper to luna, as if showing here, i know tricks, so gimme my toy ❤️


Tongue off! 😤
Kayla and Kiara.
Kayla is very smart, she like to tease danny. Whenever he tries to tell em to their room, she will start running around jumping couch and does all kinds of spiderman tricks to avoid getting into their room. With me? I never had that problem lol she goes in just fine. Kiara keeps wanting to be the alpha, she and luna kinda pass that position back and forth. She likes to manage the “calm” situation inside the pack, and she usually the one who tells kayla to behave, just like in this pic. Which is not fair coz kayla was only trying to guard danica. Pack lyfe ❤️ gotta love all personalities 😏


Simba. The angel of the pack. He is the most laid back husky of the pack. 100% obedience level. Full offleash capability. 🤣. Lots of people are questioning whether he is 100% husky. The answer is yes, its just he is long haired one. If you have alpha, beta, and omega within a pack. Simba is an omega, meaning even with other dominant dogs that dont get along well with other dogs. Simba will tackle em with no problem. He will blend right in. *proven with few dominant huskies that our friends have, they cant blend with luna but simba is accepted with no problem. He is also very good with puppies, and ofcouse baby D ❤️


“Why u so smoll ma..? I love u anyway 😘
Hi to all new followers, this is luna on the left and keenai on the right. Luna is the mother of our three girls, keenai, kiara, and kayla. As well as the alpha of the pack (my second in command) lol Keenai here used to be the smallest of the litter, being the firstborn and only weighted 400grams.
Now she is a big chunk of 26 kgs, 8 kgs heavier than her two sisters. Her unique personality is that she is the peace lover, meaning if kiara gets too upset with anyone and started a brawl, keenai is the one who’ll put a stop to it and calm kiara down. She will stick by kiara until she is calm. ❤️


Baby D: shadow.. wut u doin with my head?
Shadow: oh sorry smoll hooman, ure too tiny i forgot ure there.. here some kisses..
Baby D:.... 😲 ure gotten so big..😲😲
Shadow: urrraww.. 😳

Based on last night vote, lots are asking for danica and shadow


Well well well.. think you should be ashamed instead of putting a smug face on kayla!! 🙊🙈 #guilty #guiltynotguilty


Focus on the outcome, not the obstacle. ❤️ gotta do puzzle face shot by some of the packs 🙂


With his goofy smile everyday, one could never knew that he used to be abused in the past. One of the best characteristic of dogs that i adore, they dont hold grudges. ❤️ #adopt #proudparentsofarescueddog


Sunday is for sleep... no..? 👀 #iphoneography


Lights out. Nitey nite world. 💡


• D E J A V U •
Some things will never change. No matter how big shadow gets, (he is bigger than most of em now), he will always be the baby of the pack. Or in other words, forever bullied 🤣


Be gentle with one another. The point that i emphasize on both sides, the pups and danica.




FINAL UPDATE: ADOPTED. CASE CLOSED. UPDATE : the owner contacted me, saying someone already interested in adopting her. Will try to monitor whats happening. (Got report in about this husky. Adopter or foster needed ASAP. For those who DM'ed me asking about husky for adoption, kindly message me for info regarding this pup. She is 2 years old. Havent seen her in person. Location : INDONESIA)