The Red Huskies

Life story of a little girl and her 8 huskies. ❀ brand ambassador.

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Letsgo ! Ill race u dad! Im gonna beat u!! πŸ–€


Daaaaadddddd cmooonnnn... In frame drogon shadow keenai nymeria
For those who asked difference between drogon and midnight see his front right leg and eye 😊


Who would want to see coby's puppy pic? Should i share it on story? Maybe i should make a hightlight for all puppy picture. So you can compare the adults with the pups. Coby puppy color is the same as nymeria little spot.. well obviously with different face mask 😊 but nymeria will grow up to have coby's color..



Their resemblance πŸ–€


For those of u who wonder who is this girl? This is LUNA πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…


Wait.. why is she sniffin my armpit? πŸ˜–



Im fast. Im super fast. U guys wont catch me 🐺


Hey pups..
Why are u inside? Here lemme try to open this cage *crieks.. ok. Dont bit on my hand.. im working on it.. β€œKay while waiting.. ur toe thumb looks delicious..”
Aw that hurts.. A decades later..
β€œDanicaa what took you so long? We are getting impatient.. *bites, chew..” Ok. Well. Cant do it. Bye pups.. β€œAh..awoo”


M o o d a l l d a y
Its hard to get a clear eye shot of the ever moving OR ever sleepimg puppies ❀️



Our newest youtube video is up! Meet up between the smol puppers and big puppers ❀️
Link on our profile or you can also swipe up on our story ☺️


Why not a little sunday love ❀️


Dad. This is the look you needed to get a valentine date. ~ Drogon ( your son who is cooler than you 😎 oh, and dont envy my eyes ) #flipflop #heterochromia #huskyeyes



Happy valentine from these two. #throwbackthursday to 3 months ago πŸ–€


Puppy for valentine?
Dont give your loved ones puppy for valentine unless they are ready for the lifelong commitment that follows. πŸ–€
Happy valentines world.


Shadow. Best pose.
Shadow:'ere we go. Would you be my valentine..? Boy. I dont think they will fall for that expression πŸ–€



Coby wan kenobi.
Well his name is only coby.
I added the wan kenobi.
A true husky at heart. Once he starts running (escaping) Oh ure not gonna get him unless he wants you to. πŸ˜…
He is never to be trusted off leash. Told hubby that over and over. Him being a man, saying that nah, my dog could also do off leash. Ended up with him having to sprint after coby for a good 2 km (plus zigzaging in between)
Well. At least that gave us a good laugh haha!

Ps. The tone for this post is a bit cold, but i think it complement coby’s icy blue eyes


Guys.. thief, handle it.
The pride : "meh"
Guys.. treats..
The pride : "ok hooman. You got our fullest attention. Let us handle the treats. U dont fret." #itsahuskything


'Ere come the big guys. Ready or not.. here we come.. πŸ™„



Princess Leia.
I also like to call her nala from time to time.
Im awestruck by her beauty - her eyes are my fave 😘
She loves to be pet and loves to give kisses 😘 just like her momma
Im also yet to see her "dark side"
Loves the outdoor as well


Midnight Rhaegal
Loves sitting on ur lap.
Always comes first when u call em. Loves the outdoor. Loves to chew on drogon.
Yet to see his mischievious side lol
For me he ressembles shadows lots more from appeareance while drogon ressembles more personality wise.

Oh both midnight and drogon loves to chew on danica's ears (yep she cried) we are working on that issue πŸ€£πŸ˜‚


Drogon Dawn.
T H E B U L L Y Jr.
The most energetic one. All siblings fall asleep and he will still be "filling hoomans ears with his "beautiful" whines and cries. Making sure we have to take him out again for more play time.
Loves the outdoor.
Mommas boy. Literally. 😢


Nymeria Little Spot πŸ–€
Such a chubby sass.
Used to be big time talker and barker and growler.
She has quiet down now. Love to play pounce on her siblings. And love the outdoor.


Moana Kalèa
Somehow the target for Drogon's bully.
Hates the outdoor 😐
She always the first one to whine and cry to be let in.
Aircond puppy? πŸ˜‚


Puppy therapy. πŸ˜—πŸ˜™


Please do me a favor and dont spread news that they are up for adoption. Especially to strangers who never knew us and wont spend time to get to know us first. And just come here just for free puppy. That type of person is a definite no for us.


Miss me..?


Sometimes love doesnt need to be said out loud. It shows. ❀️ Good morning and happy weekend
In frame : oakley and danica
Perfectly timed capture by @carolinenatasya


Kiss me dad 😘


Luna do you think they have subscribe our youtube channel? Link its on our profile❀️❀️


So for the past two night, weirdly drogon has refused to sleep with his siblings. Despite being full and sleepy.. he will whined and howl (LOUDLY) until we let him out to be with luna and us. He wasnt hungry or anything. He just wants to be with luna (luna has been sleeping in our room since last week, she no longer wants to sleep with the pup.i think she is weaning them.) We tried not bending to his will πŸ˜‘ but oh dear our ears need rest. πŸ˜… (DISCLAIMER: just in case anyone is wondering. No drogon is not hurt in anyway. If he is, he wont stay there, he will move instead. lol. )