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The Red Huskies brand ambassador. 7 huskies and 1 Samosky. We lives in Surabaya, Indonesia. We ocassionally do dog rescues and fosters.

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Gimme back shadoowww.....


This is 30 minutes after shadow is gone and hes still at it 😰


Hubby took shadow to the vet to get shots and this is how heartbroken simba is. πŸ˜… im gonna upload next video prepare ur heart 😭


Freak out! Coz its monday again?! *Why is it monday so far from friday yet sunday so close to monday..? #anjingdijualcom_mydog #huskypuppy #samosky #samoyed #husky #features4huskies



Yuck! Tomorrow is mon πŸ˜›


'Scuse us butler, but please serve the papaya to us now.. we have been *patiently* waiting


Happy faces after weekend treats! Fresh papaya! Thanks to those who watched our live earlier 😘😘



Tips on how to be a perfect maternity photoshoot model by shadow.
Rule no 1. Be you.
Rule no 2. Make the focus on you.
Rule no 3. Rollover and look at the camera.
Rule no 4. Ignore the hoomans


Yay for #fridayfriyay 😜#latepost


I really think his name suits him best. ❀️


*behind the scene*
This is what happened if you tried to do photoshoot while all the energy level and excitement are on 100% πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ they were all too excited and wanted to go to swim right away, (while the hoomom wanted to take a group picture) πŸ™ˆ



GIMMEEE BACCKKM MYY TOOOFFF 😭 No no no no hoomom, please put that tooth back in my mouth. 😢 dont take it away pleasee pleasee.. πŸ™ˆ *shadow.. ure gonna grow a new one.. dont panic..


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Im not sure i like this much water hooman 😢.. that was oakley's first time swimming.. and we think he wasnt really a fan, eventhou he still swims 😜 no one wanted to be left behind


Hayate: "Shadow..? I think u missed the ball there.. πŸ˜’"
How monday is treating me so far *drowned*



When u realized weekend is over and monday is just round the corner. πŸ˜’


Psst.. this is how we wanted to spend the weekend. ❀ #happymothersday to all dogmoms, hooman moms, and any other type of moms out there lol 😁😁


When u saw weekend is coming 😍 ps. This is also a size comparison between luna's size and oakley's size. And yes, as u all know.. she is the boss 😜


Ive posted a pic of these two swims together side by side just like this when kiara was still 4 months old. And yesterday i accidentally got similar shot. Its those little memories that warms my heart. I wonder if some of my older followers remembers those post as well πŸ™ˆ (a teaser of shadow's swimming on the background. I got loads of his cute swimming photos but im saving it! Lol stay tuned!)



When you tried to swim cool like huskies but then.. you're still a tiny floofs whose ears gone *flop flop flop* 😜 (watch till the end and ull get it) 😁😁 Ps. The background choir comes from the others that was being bathe lol


When u pretend to be bad ass while in reality all of u are actually a bunch of goofs ✌🏽️😍


Shadow... i think to make this pic look perfect all u gotta do is look forward.. but ofcoz... u wont do that.. a husky like u are.. πŸ˜πŸ™„ Harnesses by ❀️❀️


Look whos back full swing 😍
The convo goes like hoomom im hungry.. and im replying keep wooing i love it lol πŸ˜‚



Little floof wasnt feeling too well this morning. He got upset stomach. Wont eat his food 😢
He is feeling better, and ate boiled egg this afternoon. πŸ˜₯ #anjingkitacom_mydog #anjingdijualcom_mydog #huskyindonesia #huskysurabaya #siberianhuskyindonesia #siberianhuskysurabaya #siberianhuskyjkt #huskylovers #itsahuskything #bjwt #allthingshusky #huskiesreq #features4huskies #dogscorner #dogsofinstagrams #siberianhuskiesofinstagram #famousdogsofinstagram


We cant wait for thursday! πŸ™ˆ hooman said they gonna take us all to go swimming ❀❀


Im officially a K9 dog. πŸ™ˆ
nope shadow, ure a chunky puppy.. πŸ˜›

Oh? You like my navy seal harness? Head to to order yours now! Ps. You can also customized the patches!! 😍