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Thank you guys for all the love on the new @IAMX music video for “Stardust”! Such a privilege to have sung on that song, and been in the video of one of my all-time fave bands! 🖤 [watch the full video - link in bio]


All hail Saint Nietzsche.


Official music video for “Stardust” by @IAMX is up! [click link in bio to watch full video!] 🖤



@VonDshoes 🖤🗡️


Too excited for @VonDshoes to launch this year! 🖤 #vondshoes #vegan #crueltyfree #comingsoon


One of my favourite shots of the newly formulated @katvondbeauty Studded Kiss Lipstick in “White Out.” 🖤
This is a highly pigmented pure white that I like to use by itself for more editorial/avant garde lip looks, or as a mixing medium with other shades. #studdedkiss #katvondbeauty #crueltyfree #vegan



For those asking from the video I just posted: •sunglasses by: @valleyeyewear •vegan-leather “halo” hat by: @majestyblack •nylon gloves by: @dstm_ •lipstick: everlasting liquid lipstick in “witches” black by: @katvondbeauty


For those asking from the video I just posted: the shoe-concealing leggings I’m wearing are by: @davidsroad • black nylon gloves are by: @dstm_


Happy Sabbath. 🖤 [song: “pentagram medallion” by @prayers]



Sorry for being so quiet as of late! Been up to my neck in: •finishing up my album •wedding planning
•prepping for the 10 Year Anniversary launch for @katvondbeauty •getting ready to launch @VonDshoes •prepping to go back on tour with @IAMX •plus tattooing, drawing, and garden upkeep amongst many other exciting things!
In the meantime here’s a behind-the-scenes corset shot from the filming of the @IAMX music video for “Stardust!” 🖤
[latex bullet bra +corset by: @atsukokudolatex]


Late night sketching with @prayers for our wedding invitations. 🖤🗡️


For the past 4 months, I’ve been working so hard on this video for @katvondbeauty’s 10 Year Anniversary collection launch and it’s almost done being edited. I wanted to tell the story of @katvondbeauty through 10 of my modern-day muses. Some whom you may already know and others that you should! These 10 muses have blessed me with so much inspiration, not just for their surface beauty but with what they contribute to the world through their art. AND I CANT WAIT FOR YOU GUYS TO MEET THESE MUSES AND SEE THE FULL VIDEO SOON! 🖤 [this campaign + makeup collection is launching on @katvondbeauty this May!]



From my black garden: BLACK “CHOCOLATE SOLDIER” COLUMBINE [aquilegia viridiflora] 🖤 Columbines belong in the buttercup family, and sadly are not particularly long-lived. Most of them die within two years, but fortunately grow easily from seed. 🖤 #gothgardening #blackgarden #blackflower #blackthumb #casavond


From my black garden: PANDA-FACE “LING LING” GINGER FLOWER [asarum maximum] 🖤 Zoom in on this photo and note the velvety texture of the petals! This flower is not culinary ginger, but referred to as “ginger” for its scent when crushed. #gothgardening #blackgarden #blackflower #blackthumb #casavond


From my black garden: BLACK “DARK DIMENSION” HYACINTH 🖤 Last time I posted a garden update this baby was just starting to show herself, so I thought I’d share her progress with you! #gothgardening #blackgarden #blackflower #blackthumb #casavond



From my black garden: BLACK PANSY [viola x wittrockiana] 🖤 I know I’ve posted my black pansies before but man! after the recent rain, these ladies are popping up like crazy and partyin’! #gothgardening #blackflower #blackgarden #blackthumb #casavond


From my black garden: BLACK ADDER “SOOTY” FLOWER [dianthus barbatus nigrescens] 🖤 These black beauties are super easy to grow from seed. They come from the Carnation family, but in miniature form. As you can see, mine is just now starting to blossom, but soon the entire cluster will be exploding with these little black blooms! #gothgardening #blackflower #blackgarden #blackthumb #casavond


Who would like to see an update from my black garden? 🖤
[song: “long long way” by damien rice]



View from the bathroom of the castle facing the natural pool and acres of protected forest. #castlevond


About 4 years ago or so, the noise of modern day life felt all too overwhelming.
At that time I had been celibate for a couple of years, and was consumed by the singular purpose of creating - through my drawing, writing, music, design, gardening, and passion for architecture.
I decided I wanted to disappear.
The idea of disappearing wasn’t reactive to anything other than a selfish/profound need to consistently create without interruption or distraction.
I discovered this isolated castle in Spain. Originally built in the 1500’s, it was in complete ruins when I first found it, and since then have been rebuilding it in a self-sustaining fashion [solar, wind, geothermal powered]. Over the years of rebuilding this beautiful castle, I learned about the urgency of fighting for animal rights [and in turn our environment] and resolved to stay here in the US to try and make the most impact as possible through my activism. None the less, this castle will be a lovely safe-haven to eventually create in and retire to when the time is right. 🖤 #castlevond


It is a lucky honour to have been born on #InternationalWomensDay.
FUN FACT: My entire @katvondbeauty team is made up of 98% women - all of which I’ve learned so much from over this last decade. So, having surrounded myself with some of the most intelligent, talented, and creatively motivated women in my work life, March 8 is a day to consciously celebrate them [alongside all the other inspiring women + feminists out there]. 🙋🏻‍♀️🙆🏼‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️🙋🏿‍♀️
*I won’t be able to tag all 61 women currently working behind @katvondbeauty in this post - but ladies - please know I love you!


Spending time with Bruno and all the beautiful animals at @farmsanctuary makes me even more grateful for being #vegan and standing up for #animalrights.
[a huge THANK YOU to @farmsanctuary for making yet another birthday so memorable.] #animalliberationishumanliberation #someonenotsomething


While I was away on tour, @prayers got my full name tattooed on his face for my birthday. As if i needed another reason to love him...🖤🗡️
[Aside from when Lemmy was alive, the only other person I like calling me “Katherine” is my husband, @prayers.] #andthebesthusbandawardgoesto #bestbirthdayever


I can already tell this will be the best birthday yet! Woke up to @prayers, the 3 baby bats, and this epic #vegan peanut butter + jelly birthday cake from @rhiangittins! ❤️🗡️ Now, off to @farmsanctuary to volunteer with the animals for my birthday tradition!


Finally home to my sweet husband, @prayers and baby bats! ❤️ #homesweethome #thegreetingcommittee


QUERIDO MADRID! Tengo que agradecerlos a todos los que vinieron al @IAMX show esta noche... Me hicieron sentir como si estuviera mirando un mar de belleza - tu amor+apoyo me toco en el fondo de mi corazón! Un million de besos! 💋


Pre-show dance off with @IAMX! 🙅🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♀️👩🏻🚀🙆🏻‍♂️👨🏻🎤Such an epic night singing with @IAMX here in Madrid! Gotta fly back home now, but I’ll be sending my love to everyone coming to the rest of @IAMX’s Europe dates! Can’t wait to meet back up with @iamx @madamegezang @sammidoll @jonsiren for the US + Mexico tour dates! #iamx #AliveInNewLight #AINL


Been drawing this portrait of @prayers during airplane flights, and in between soundcheck and performances on this tour.


My Dearest Paris,
Thank you [from the bottom of my heart] for all the love tonight with @IAMX. I truly adore you! ❤️🗡️ Next stop....MADRID! #iamx #AliveInNewLight #AINL