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How does the world’s trillest podcast team prepare for #thetrilltalkpodcast you ask? Pilates! We OGs wit that too lol! Kinda....


Put your hands together!


Y’all not ready for Episode 3 Of #thetrilltalkpodcast at all. Frfr! Coming soon! @gladiator_truck63 Queen and myself!



When it’s only 2 ppl living under one roof, u wake up after falling asleep at 9p. You check for leftovers knowing it was enough to feed 4 more servings but it’s only 1 slice left🤔 Beeeeeernard who came over or what happened🤷🏽‍♀️ it has to be ppl living in the attic


New #trillmealz alert! Seafood Pot Pie! But you gotta go to #therealtrillionaires @youtube page to see the full video! Link in bio! Make sure you subscribe so you get the full meal first!


Get down with the winning team! #Repost @legendarymfgco
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Damn that’s a good idea. Perfect place and time to get people registered to vote. Oh yeah and it’s gonna break box records. #blackpanther


What a movie. Couldn’t have had a better group to watch it with. Do NOT miss this! Thanks for the invite @aeye0606 #BlackPanther #Goodlivin #Spendyourlifeliving #Northwesternmutual #NMHouston #Ten35

This is the kickoff for a bigger platform


What better to wear to the Black Panther screening than @puma X @fubuthecollection collaboration! #fubuxpuma #puma #fubu25 #fubu



Can’t wait to see this tonight! And watch a new platform debut! Stay tuned! #Goodlivin #Spendyourlifeliving #Northwesternmutual #NMHouston #Ten35


When you ask you homie for one thing and he sends you everything! Thanks @peter_sns and @erikfagerlind for leaving me with more @sneakersnstuff than i have room for lol!


The homie @g_eazy tour starts tonight in Houston! You don’t wanna miss this!



Hey guys! Check out our new advice column on @culturemap we are giving up game you might need! No relationship is perfect, but the better you prepare the better off you are! Link in bio! Photo by Queenie!


🎥 New Video “Lately” by @doughbeezy! Link in his bio. #KingBeezy


I’ll take all the kisses she dishing out! I try to make everyday Valentine’s day for her. Because she earned and deserves it. So happy V Day/Wednesday to the Queen Of The Trill! 📸 @the_anointed_lens



New segment alert! Didn’t wann make politics a part of the whole show so i gave it its own segment. We call it #Trillitics Politics from a trill perspective! First guest is @bigangrylaw it’ll be sporadic at best. Not every podcast episode of #thetrilltalkpodcast but when it’s necessary! Coming with Episode 3! #Repost @bigangrylaw
Honored to be asked to sit in to discuss #Trillitics with @therealtrillionaires tonight on the #thetrilltalk #podcast. #Murica @themediablock


Recording Episode 3! Gonna be another “classic” of #thetrilltalkpodcast tonight! Shot a promo video also. We getting it in! Be looking for it next Monday on schedule on #therealtrillionaires @youtube page!


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@sneaker summit



Queen is making herself a spring wreath. If you want a how-to video leave #TeachMe in the comments. If she get enough comments she’ll do it! #wontbeonmyporch #nicetrythough


Known this brother @alisiddiq for over 20 years. When he said he was gonna be a comedian i thought he was tripping. Caught a case and came home. Got right back on it using his time for material. Now he’s on his 3rd special, this time from behind the bars for those that don’t get entertainment. With billboards in Houston, NYC and Hollywood to promote. Proud of you for chasing your dreams. Next time let me know if you need an opener!


Thanks for the heads up @mendroza #Repost @mendroza
Hey, pass the shit along. Could go a long way for some. Bout time they started up something like this.. @therealmikedean @therealtrillionaires @paulwallbaby @slimthug


When you hear the government talk about entitlement reform, this is what they mean. Cutting things that every American should be entitled to. Don’t say the last administration didn’t warn you..you see what doing with health care!


Good word.


We are live! Episode 2 of #thetrilltalkpodacst is now available on #therealtrillionaires @youtube page! Link in bio! Don’t forget to subscribe!


Trill luv forever homie! @richforever always showed loved! #Repost @richforever
One of the greatest the game ever seen..the legend Pimp C #UGK rep #TEXAS ..Boss a #FLORIDABOY ..comment yours #?


Be like PAAS. Number one egg painting company. Know who number 2 is? Exactly.


Now that’s trill @lala thanks for always keeping it 💯 #Repost @lala
Ridin’ Dirty 🚨 R.I.P. PIMP C...legend 🙏🏽


Episode 2 is almost ready to drop. R U Ready? Here’s another snippet to get you pumped up! With your hosts me Queen and Truck Buck! Link will be up later today!


#Repost @jprincerespect
In spite of law enforcement threatening me to not release the intro of myself and Larry Hoover on the Geto Boys "Resurrection" album. I refused to be punked by there intimidation and threats, and released the message for the world to hear, because that's what gangstas do. -
If you got some gangsta in you and can related to the message from Hoover. Comment #Respect and I will release a snip-it from my audiobook about Larry Hoover.


Have you seen Episode 1 of #thetrilltalkpodcast yet! If not you better get with it! Cuz Episode 2 is on the way! Here’s a snippet of what’s next up! You can still see Episode 1 on our @youtube page! Link in bio!