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'Owning a modified rotary and not giving it the absolute hiding of its life every once in awhile, is a particularly un-Kiwi thing to do it seems.' Photo by: @snoozinrichy

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Project GT-R: KW-Equipped & Ready For The Touge - Now Live On Speedhunters.com

Photo by: @speedhunters_dino

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“We didn’t simply want to put a RWB body kit on a Porsche,” he reflected one last time, “We build complete cars.” Ichiban Boshi, The Highest Star, now the highest paragon for RWB builders out there by building a car he drives without fear.

Photo by: @lusciousy

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'This wide-body S15 Nissan Silvia and Australian-built Holden Torana SL/R (packed with close to 1000hp) couldn’t be more different in heritage, style or application. Under usual circumstances, the owners of these two machines would probably never have crossed paths.' Photo by: @matthew_everingham

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'That cage and the stitch welding of the chassis was done by the legendary Howard Watanabe from Technosquare.' Photo by: @lusciousy

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Retro Rotary Defined By A Capella - Now Live On Speedhunters.com

Photo by: @snoozinrichy

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#SHxAirLift: @trdlghtknc super-smooth VW Beetle sits on 19x8.5in BBS LMs with ride height adjustment provided @Air_Lift_Performance management. Lift open that unmistakable bonnet and a 2.0 TSI lump complete with HF intake, remap & exhaust system provides all the go to match the show!

Photo by: @mark_scenemedia

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'With only a hundred-odd examples built before Gumpert went into administration in 2013, hopefully there’s something in the Audi Motorsport parts bin that fits!' Photo by: @blaketjones

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'Long gone is the Ford motor, and in its place a (rumoured) 400+hp Honda F20C from an S2000, complete with a considerably sized turbocharger mounted low on its side.' Photo by: @pmcgphotos

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'The long 901-like hood conversion and ’70s IROC-inspired bumper with a hint of a square air dam is a look that really does it for me. Here, it’s been spiced up further with a functional carbon fiber splitter.' Photo by: @speedhunters_dino

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The Thoroughbred: A DC5 RSX Racer - Now Live On Speedhunters.com

Photo by: @lusicousy

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'Of course the venue itself – Tsukuba Circuit – is basically holy ground for fans of JDM car culture. For those of us that grew up on a diet of Hot Version battles, the 14 corners are forever etched in our minds.' Photo by: @blaketjones

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'The owner was only spectating the day’s event so I didn’t get to hear the engine sing or see the car in action, but just being able to check out a Final Evolution-kitted Supra up close really made my day.' Photo by: @celestinephotography

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'The original engine from Porsche was a CIS injection affair, but this car was converted to EFI with an AEM Infinity engine management system. '

Photo by: @lusciousy

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This Escort Might Look Familiar - Now Live On Speedhunters.com

Photo by: @pmcgphotos

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'Colorful reflections formed on the wet asphalt and pools of color created the illusion of cars and roads merging as one. Rain and mist mixed the headlamps and spotlights, creating brightly colored halos everywhere you looked. The best way I can describe it is only to say it was beautiful.' Car owner: @beauyates86
Photo by: @matthew_everingham
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'What struck me most when speaking to anyone involved with this C6 project, is how reserved and quite humble they were about things. There was no outlandish claims, no smack talk of their rivals, or anything along those lines. They were just very much focused on what they were doing and how they could improve upon it.' Photo by: @pmcgphotos

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“Working it out all, creating the car this way, as much as it’s been a massive headache, it will owe me less than what you can pick up an absolutely rotten late series E-Type for,” Pipey tells me. “Even with the ludicrous engine.” Photo by: @jordanbutters

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FIA Introduces The Intercontinental Drifting Cup - Now Live On Speedhunters.com

Photo by: @larry_chen_foto

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'Aero needs are also addressed with a custom front splitter, a Spoon Sports rear diffuser and a high-mount Bros GT wing.' Photo by: Hyeonjune Park

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'It’s very hard to argue with the looks of a classic, five-spoke multi-piece wheel on a car like this. The bronze red centers also a do a nice job of contrasting the white body without overpowering the exterior.' Photo by: @larry_chen_foto

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'What started just a few years ago as something that could’ve been considered the secondary event on the Players calendar, has quickly escalated to becoming the event of not just their year, but for any car enthusiast who attends.' Photo by: @pmcgphotos

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Fusing Iconic Lines: A Unique RWB Creation - Now Live On Speedhunters.com

Photo by: @speedhunters_dino

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'The first piece of the puzzle is IE’s K04 turbocharger kit. Typically found in the Mk6 platform on the Golf R (AWD 2.0-litre TFSI) and the limited run ED35 GTI (FWD 2.0-litre TFSI), the turbocharger is an OEM BorgWarner unit which is modified in-house by @Integrated_Engineering.' Photo by: @pmcgphotos

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'The idea of a super-low car has evolved, much like Kyle’s S14; from ragged and horrible to drive in to tidied up and clean to what you now see before you. A stance car isn’t what it started as and that’s for the better.' Photo by: @larry_chen_foto

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'The aero treatment continues at the rear, again with wide fender flares bolted onto cut stock arches. The factory rear bumper has been cut up and the removed portion replaced by a moulded FRP diffuser in which the transmission oil cooler is housed.' Photo by: @speedhunters_dino

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Why Players Classic Is The World’s Best Car Show - Now Live On Speedhunters.com

Photo by: @pmcgphotos

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