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Gotta keep your paws warm while the chains go on 😊


This particular dog comes fully equipped with a built in glove warmer


My resolution this year is to let go of the past, connect with myself, wake up, and be present. Glad I got this good dog with me for a reminder along the way ✨



Always love seeing this coast


Portland has the best photo booths ✨


2018 feels good already 😊



Neat how we always seem to end the year real different from the place we started ✨ Happy New Years y’all!


Pointing towards Oregon ✨


Made it to the coast last night! Blessed I got to celebrate this holiday with old friends, new sobriety, and good dogz 😊



Trying to make it to Big Sur for sunset


My heart this mornin’ is thinking about my moms southern cooking and waking up way too early with my sister to run downstairs towards the tree. We’d always have biscuits and gravy, salty ham, and watch a Christmas Story 😊🎄it’s those little memories, right? That’s gotta be one of the best parts about starting a family is making your own traditions.
My Christmas this year is a bit different than most years but it feels right. I’m out in the wilderness exploring some country I love deeply. So here’s to another year of counting stars ✨ 2017 wasn’t always easy but I wouldn’t change a thing


For years I’ve come to places like this to create images, to tell the story about how we love to be in the wilderness. But a few days ago I realized I wanted to be here to meditate. To walk in this field and see the mountains for themselves, not for what beauty I could extract out of them.
Taking 10 minutes out of my day to mediate has been a part of changing my life trajectory 2 degrees. A small amount right? But that little shift will land me somewhere so different when time is compounded. I find comfort in knowing it’s not about the huge drastic changes, it’s not about flipping everything on its head and doing something totally new, most of the time we just need those little 2 degrees shift in direction.
Mediating is becoming a way to put out the fires in my mind before they even start. To reframe how it see it all. To continue daily on my 2 degree shift.
What I ask myself now is how many photographs does the world need of my lovely dog? So today let’s try to not see her as a dog in a field, but instead see a photograph I created of my feeling of being. Of being in a place where the light and air fills your body from the tips of your toes and overflowing out the top of your head. Just a little reframing ✨



Neat how a crotchet blanket can take ya right back to your childhood 🎄


Being from a small Southern town I didn’t think you’d ever catch me saying this but I really love it here. It’s truly a lovely place in the world y’all. And if I had more than two nickels to rub together I’d own home right near this sand.
There’s a whole bunch of good folks out here, a lot of them I love personally. The weather is amazing. The quality of light is like no other place. Being a photographer this land makes my heart sing every sunset.
But dang it doesn’t come cheap y’all! Forever out of my budget and honestly I’m alright with that. I don’t believe a man like me is cut out for LA for too long. So I’m back to dreaming about little mountain towns, cheaper land, and open space 😊


Oh just living our best life! Editing photos off our @WDcreators My Cloud Home device, nice to be able to drop our files on it and access 'em when we are on the road. #ad #MyCloudMyRules



Raise a little cain, fall in love whenever you can, let your ears blow in the wind, drive real slow


Don’t run from a good story ✨


That warm winter light brought us here, it called us to sit and enjoy the last rays of the sun.
Thanks for the #storytag @bdorts. You’re up next @hannahacarpenter! Shot on the #EOSM5 @CanonUSA



Always hamming it up for a camera 🌵


My granddaddy had this saying he’d always tell me, I’ve actually never heard another soul say the same words. Maybe you have? Anyhow, we’d be walking across his land in Pollocksville, NC, pointing towards his tobacco barn and he’d look at me squarely and say “Boy. An axe ain’t no good without a temper.” Difficult words coming from a man who was quick to raise his fist in anger.
Those sort of words shaped me. For a real long time I was out to kick the worlds butt and I sure wasn’t gonna let another man step on my toes. But now 34 years into this dance I can squarely say I ain’t ever gonna say those sort of words to my son if I’m blessed with one. I wanna teach my son that life is sweetest when your hands are open.
That sweet life is for me is running down a dirt road with a hound hot on your tail, smiling all the while. Leave the axes in the barn y’all. You can’t keep your heart soft and open if it’s always on your shoulder.


The desert is full of magic and I really love it 🌵✨ good day to be alive


Morning rituals I love...watching the sunrise out the back of the truck, cold brew coffee, and being still enough for 10 minutes for meditate. (I love the Headspace app if you don’t have one already)
I’m feeling really good about today, hope y’all are too ✨


I wanna live everyday right by the water
feat. the surf duo @camsaintclair and Zephyr


Had an amazing time shooting this project for @WhistleLabs. We traveled down from Glacier National Park to Alabama Hills in just a few days, camping along the way. This country is beautiful and worth seeing.
It’s been lovely integrating their GPS pet tracker into my daily life with Maddie. I do like having a little extra security knowing exactly where Maddie is + getting to track how active she’s been on days when we have long drives. #ad
Video created in collab with my dear friend @reallykindofamazing + music by @calebgroh


Warms your heart right up, ya know?


A walk on one of the most amazing coast lines I've ever seen with these two. It's rare to be part of a story that feels like fireworks, but when ya are, it's such a gift to just let that story unfold.
This is the ending to @canonusa’s #storytag love story (2 of 3) and my second image in the project, where previous image makers have been weaving stories together with their photos. #EOSM5 #ad
Think the story shouldn’t stop here? Keep it going by posting a pic with #canon and #storytag


She likes my beat up truck and the windows down


What a lovely place


We pulled over here to stretch our legs on the drive towards SF last night. At first it was just another quiet road with some mountains in the background. Not the most epic spot, and certainly no where famous or even known. But then the sun light started to fade, and the fog rolled in, and suddenly it was the most magical place I’ve ever stood.
I like to think about life like that now too. Sometimes it seems like you’re standing in a basic place, or painful place, but if you can reframe it and wait you’ll find out it’s exactly where you need to be. ✨


A thirst to see the world kept me going for 6+ years of travel, most often alone. But now my heart yearns to be known. And to know. I’m over the superficial high of chasing internet likes and numbing myself with a long list of unhealthy things.
These days when I’m burning diesel it’s cause my compass is pointed towards someone my heart is fond of. Someone I want to know. Someone who I want to see me.
I should write a long book for all y’all of the mistakes I’ve made. Of all the pain I ran into. Of the lost love. But honestly, you shouldn’t avoid mistakes. Ya just reframe them. They strangely are necessary for growth. And for that I give thanks.
Glad all y’all are here 😊☕️🌵