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The Burden of 100% Completion 🎮 (Was almost done with this one when I realized @prozd did something similar, so this is my love letter to him cause he’s one of my favorite creators and inspirations. PLEASE check his stuff out, he’s amazing and hilarious!!)


Once again, an absolutely INCREDIBLE #SuperArtSaturday!!!! You guys are wonderfully talented, making art for Valentine’s Day, all sorts of Sanders Sides drama, and art of my friends!! Thank you for sharing your talents with the world! Be sure to swipe thru to see all the art and artists!! 👉👉👉


NEW VIDEO: "Black History: Awesome Facts, Part TWO!" In celebration of Black History Month, my friends have returned to bring to you all some amazing facts about some amazing people and events!! Hope you all enjoy and learn something new! Link to the video is up in my bio! ☝️☝️☝️



I was blessed to be able to see Black Panther last night with some of the dearest people in my life. Honestly, one of the most memorable moments of my life. I loved this movie SO MUCH and I love my friends with all my heart. 💜


#PokemonPranks with Friends: “Heart Stamp” Edition!! 💗 (Sending love today to my amazing friends, @thejoanglebook, @tallykat3, @_msft9, @kyle.tapley, @rosievtr, @xaviercrawford12, @dahlia_nicole_, @domgoldofficial, and @thatkennyguy1, because they mean the world to me!!) #valentinesday


Rainy & overcast days do indeed call for green tea and hoodies, to be enjoyed on my kitchen counter. This is living the high life. 🍵💚



NEW SANDERS SHORTS COMPILATION for JANUARY 2018!! 💥 Please enjoy all the mini skits my friends and I created for the first month of the year, complete with bloopers and outtakes!! Link to the video is up in my bio! ☝️☝️☝️


I Tend to Get a Bit Jealous 🤝 (W/ @domgoldofficial)


This week’s #ShoutoutSunday goes out to every amazing “Jeremy” that exists in the world!! Hope you all had a wonderful week! 🎶



And here is part 2 of this week’s jam-packed #SupremeArtSunday!! Absolutely love all the creativity and inspiration you derived from the videos!!! I’m in awe of all your talents!!! Be sure to swipe thru to see all art and artists!! 👉👉👉


So this week was HUGE in terms of artwork from you guys!! So this week is a two-part #SupremeArtSunday!!! You guys were so creative with all the characters and my friends as well! Thank you for sharing all your art with the world!! Be sure to swipe thru to see all the art and artists!! 👉👉👉 (The piece that does not have an artist tagged was unable to be tagged but the artist’s Insta handle is prinxilogicality)


NEW VID: "BLOOPER REEL!! The Bloop Strikes Back!" 💥 Enjoy a jam-packed compilation of all mistakes, outtakes, and just plain going off-scripts in this second edition of bloopers!! Oh, the embarrassing memories!! Link to the vid is up in the bio! ☝️☝️☝️



That Time of Day... You Know What I’m Talking About 🌚 (FX: @thejoanglebook)


Just a very flawed goofball who’s very thankful for his life and those who have chosen to reside within it ❤️


The Strange World of Car Commercials 🚗



Trouble in Bed 🛏️


This week’s #ShoutoutSunday is going out to all of the magnificent “M(a/i)(c/k)(h)a(e/y)la(h)”s out there!! You guys have many ways to spell your name!! 🎼


NEW VIDEO: “Can LYING Be Good??” 🎭 Thomas and the Sides need to figure out if Lying could be used and how to do it with one of Thomas’ dear friends! This one is indeed a DOOZY of a vid, enjoy!! Link to the vid is up in the bio!! ☝️☝️☝️



This is to show I’m now wearing a SECOND new shirt (doubling my New Year’s Resolution) and how long it’s been since I’ve been exposed to sunlight. ☀️


The Sound of Happiness 👌


When you’re stuck in traffic and your anxiety starts acting up... 🚗🚚🚌👿🚙🚕🚛


#ShoutoutSunday being brought to you from the comfort of my own house (cause it’s raining outside!) and it’s going to all the “R(a/o)(u)r(ie/y)”s out there!! 🎼


I Speak Fluid References 💬 (W/ @thatkennyguy1)


Boy, I may have been on a break but you guys CERTAINLY haven’t!! What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL #SuperArtSaturday!!! I just continue to marvel at all of your talents!! Be sure to swipe thru to see all the amazing art and artists!! 👉👉👉


NEW SPOTIFY PLAYLIST for JANUARY 2018!! Hope you all enjoy this little selection of tunes for the first playlist of the year! A combo of mellow and upbeat jams! Link to the playlist is up in my bio!! ☝️☝️☝️


Don’t Forget on Valentine’s Day! 💝 (w/ @brittneykelly, Jamahl Rawls, @rikkibaynard, & @justderionna) @KayJewelers #DisplayMyKay #ad


Singing with Jamahl on the keys... can’t wait for this finished product. 🎹


Trying Not to Talk Spoilers 🎥 (W/ @tallykat3 & @thejoanglebook)


Yes, this IS a new shirt. New Year’s resolution fulfilled. ✔️


A rare look at the other side of my head when my hair starts getting too long and hairspray won’t do anything to help it. I am a sheep in desperate need of some shearing. 🐑