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Before the Instameet on Saturday I decided to have a quick jaunt up to Ribblehead viaduct and one the way back down I spotted a composition that I wanted to check out which was only possible from the air.


The team, well, not all of the @yorkshireinstameet team. I lead this brazen bunch to Stainforth Force in the morning and then Attermire Scar and Victoria cave in the afternoon. The weather was, let’s say, dramatic and bloody freezing. We had a couple of falls, an adventure and a right good day out. I think this shot sums it all up. Well done @bobmickspix for leading the other group, I hope to meet you all next time soon.


A million thanks to all those who attended yesterday’s @yorkshireinstameet myself and @bobmickspix are very grateful, I hope we did an ok job on a day which caused lots of hassle for many.
Sorry, I’ve not had chance to develop any photos from yesterday’s Instameet so here’s one from last week at Ogden Reservoir. Love it when there’s blue skies and snow amazing 😉



I love those ‘out in the middle of nowhere’ rivers. No walls, no human crap, grass ban kings and clear, fresh water who’s foam is like stardust. I’ll lay of the source before I write the next post. 😀👋


Ogden Reservoir. I was trying to find an inlet I’d seen from the air, it curled and swerved but couldn’t find it. I had to take note of the water level and realise that it has more shape when it’s dryer. Anyway, that’s a really boring story, I promise I won’t do it again. Jees 😉


This was a scary flight, the Mavic was not fast enough to beat the wind at the height I was at and so it kept drifting away, had to bring it down to get some forward thrust working, meanwhile the controller power was very low and started beeping at me, meanwhile the live view on my phone screen went off. Shit myself and finally opted to use the return home function which has never failed me. I think it was worth the ordeal as the sun came out on the return home journey.



A Dry stone wall taking a beating in the Siberian onslaught last Thursday, boy did that thing have a serious bite.


The surviving chimneys of Halifax, there used to be hundreds of chimneys in the area, many of which have since been toppled. Maybe Fred Dibnah had something to do with their demise.


I felt this guys pain, shoulders shrugged up to minimise the draft, the wind whipping up the powdery snow, making the normally pleasant walk across the common, a struggle. ❄️



Halifax during the cold snap and snow showers we’re currently having. This is just the middle section of a massive 8 stitch panorama stretching from Skircoat Green to Boothtown, Halifax

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The quiet 🤫 of a powdered landscape. I love the stillness that some wintery days bring, voices deadened by the absorbing surface of everything that the snow touches.


Saltwick Bay on the Yorkshire Coast. A gem of a place which has been on my radar for years but only ever been 4 times. Need another visit.



My first flight in the Lakes before heading up Helvellyn with the lads, we were greeted with a fine morning for a photograph, never mind one from the air.


The wonderfully vibrant colours of #thepiecehall during a downpour of rain. Halifax is being recognised as a place of culture which is great for us #shoreditchofthenorth


Hello, This is my most recent travel poster depicting a wonderful stadium set against a great landscape, This is Huddersfield Town #htafc Thanks to all those who helped me reach fans on Facebook 👍🏻🙏 Poster available on Etsy at TivFoto or on my website TivFoto.co.uk link above in bio




The Corniche D’Or near St Raphael in the South of France, this photo is going to be on the front cover of the St Raphael tourism brochure in 2018, thanks to @straphaeltourism for getting in touch


It amazes me to see the landscape turn from one thing to another in a matter of hours, minutes or even, seconds.


Gnarly, unforgiving, Cribb Goch is a right bitch of a walk. One a few walks where the concentration levels have gone through the roof. If I’d been able to see the bottom of the valley I probably would have gotten into trouble up there. Would I do it again, hmmm.



Coniston Water after sunset, good to see it on ‘the Grand Tour’ last week, I was there watching the Coniston speed week but I didn’t see the ‘clan’ breaking the national record in their amphibious car.


Half way up to Stickle Tarn before the snow line at Stickle Tarn, never posted this because of the flare but I’m over it now. 👍🏻


January in Hebden Bridge. Normally, these steps are covered with duck excrement and ruin the composition with foulness. I’ve discovered that only in winter or shortly after a really heavy downpour, can these steps be photographed. Yay


The area where I live is prone to all kinds of weather but with Calderdale being many valleys converging along its path we see a lot of inversions and fog set in the lower ground. This is Cragg Vale.


Hey! One from a while back when I could actually drive to the coast at 4am and getaway with it.


If in doubt, turn to artificial lighting when it’s dark and gloomy. Always lifts the senses. 👍🏻😁


One of the prettiest cities to photograph when it’s snowing. ********************************* I’m hosting an Instameet in Yorkshire in March 17th with @bobmickspix for more info and what to do if you’d like to join us go to @yorkshireinstameet


A winters morning on Derwent Water, blessed with beautiful sub zero sunlight. 🖐🏻Myself and @bobmickspix are hosting an Instameet in the Yorkshire Dales on the 17th March at Settle. Please visit our new page @yorkshireinstameet for more info and how to join. Thank you


Hello again! 🙌🏻
Happy New Year to you all, you’ve been missed 🍻 I spent new year in Anglesey and it was 50mph winds for 4 days constant. This photo was one from an hour on the beach one New Year’s Day. Hope you’ve had a nice holiday.


Winter in the Lake District, Coppermines Valley in snow.


What’s that coming over the hill is it a monst . . . NO! It’s just a car Tiv, it’s just a car! With its headlights on 😁


Getting your mates to kick snow in your face is not something I intend to do all the time when it snows. But never mind, on this occasion It was OK 👌🏻