Toast is a King Charles puppymill rescue. She has no teeth like a cute hobo. Puppy PR by @the12ishstyle ORDER MY BOOK🕶TOASTHAMPTON👙

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PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING This #FrenchBullDog needs help. If she is not purchased by rescuers at puppymill auction, she will go back into the breeding cycle. @truenorthrescuemission has been pulling dogs from auction and freeing them from the puppymill cycle. The Italian greyhound on slide two wasn’t sold at the last auction and was put in the dumpster by the breeder...this rescue needs our help. 💥Please donate in the link in the bio. 💥ALL OF THESE DOGS NEED HOMES. Please consider donating or fostering. The dogs can be adopted ANYWHERE in the US as long as you pick them up! They are in Florida and NY. EMAIL #adoptdontshop


It’s SHOCKING that NYC is still allowing pet stores to sell puppies! Pet store puppies are ALL FROM PUPPYMILLS no matter what the shop keeper says. We are one of the LAST major cities in the US to allow it. It’s embarrassing!! Congrats on your win Mr. @nycmayor Now please get us on the right side of history here. Close #citipupsnyc REPOST AND TAG @nycmayor IF YOU FEEL THE SAME WAY (or make your own post and spread the word) !! Let’s get this done in 2018!!! #adoptdontshop #endpuppymills


On fridays we wear stripes. @muppetsrevenge @underpantsthedog



Face it I’m stunning 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 pic by @eliawada


Just in time for Thanksgiving feasting, link in bio to use code 15farm for $$$ off @canidaepetfood 😜 #petsofcanidae


No thanks.



Models don’t fart, but DO YOU THINK THEY HEARD ME??


Karlie drinks green juice, Gigi like pizza, and I chow down on @canidaepetfood (every model has their own secret, right?) for 15% off #CANIDAE, use code 15farm with the link in my bio and you can eat like a model, too. Beach waves not included with purchase #petsofcanidae


When you’re trying to act cool but your friend can’t not be weird. @underpantsthedog



This Sweet Girl is waiting for a name...and a home...and a comfy bed to call her own. She was recently rescued from the PuppyMills In Missouri through @truenorthrescuemission Please DM them if you are interested. More details on my post from over the weekend. This sweet sweet girl needs to find her person. 💔💔


PUPPYMILL GIRL IS CRASHING WITH US BUT NEEDS A HOME🏡 This little 4 yr old Pomeranian girl was just pulled from the puppymill auction in Missouri and is experiencing love, cuddles and freedom for the first time. Today we took off her number “7” off and she awaits a new name and home. She is sweet as pie and just testing out the big new world in front of her. She loves to cuddle. Mill dogs are not named, loved or cared for. They produce puppies for pet stores and online puppy shops until their bodies cannot produce any more and they are usually killed. Me, pants and muppet are all former mill dogs so we are showing her the ropes. NATIONAL ADOPTION IS OK IF YOU PICK HER UP IN NYC. If you are interested in her please fill out an app @truenorthrescuemission When you buy a puppy from a pet store you support the demand for puppymill puppies and continue the horrific. treatment of their parent


Who are we please? (And do you think we nailed it?) @underpantsthedog @muppetsrevenge @socktheblinddog



Waiting for it to get cold like.. #tbt


It's cuffing season and winter's gunna be lonely on the couch, am I right?? Get a snuggle buddy who isn't gunna break your heart. These pups are ready to adopt and foster 💕🏡 swipe through to see them all + more on Stories


🌮Belle, get it??! I let @muppetsrevenge dress up as Belle in hopes she'll land a bf, or at least a date 👻 #HappyHalloween b's, and congrats to @projectrunway's @itsjoshuamckinley for designing this year's winning costumes 🎃



Toast Army! HELP! I’m giving away these limited edition patches to the first 25 to donate to @truenorthrescuemission in the link in my bio. They are heading to a puppymill auction on Saturday to buy as many “scrapped” breeding dogs as possible so they are not sold back into breeding or worse, drowned or shot😫 the pups will all be brought up north to be adopted!
send me a screen shot of your donation receipt and your address and I’ll send you the patch! PS: these patches are from my Mom’s @eloquii line and can be found on the matching dog/human bombers!


#swalking the yellow brick road


Good, Bad and Famous. Which Witch are you? (Look at Stories for more cute Soup)



I taught her everything she knows about modeling


Thursday cuddle puddle


You were the most beautiful bridesmaid a girl could ask for #ChloeTheMini and your infectious smile will be missed dearly. Sending all of my love to @lonidee and @philtoronto. @chloetheminifrenchie, you will forever be in our hearts 💘💕💘


Hottest teddy 🐻 ever. Period. You coming to @industrycity tomorrow night for the Howl-o-ween Dog Costume Contest?? 5:30pm. Be there or miss all this cuteness. @underpantsthedog and @muppetsrevenge will be there, too. #sponsored


It’s called Fashion, ever heard of it? I starred in @projectrunway’s Halloween special judged by my mom @the12ishstyle and Swatch, the @moodfabrics pup. Which costume do you like best? 🍦🌮 Or 👗? Full ep in my bio


FINALLY! The humans got smart. Everyone knows I hate walking and now I’ve got a driver. 🚲🚎🏍️🚙🛵🚗🏎️🚜🚙🚛🚌🚍🛴🏍️🚛🚙🚒🚎🚐🚲🛵🚜


Did you get your tickets for #PetCon yet?? Use my code TOAST for 20% off, good for today ONLY 😜 Oh, @underpantsthedog and @muppetsrevenge will be there, too. Link in bio. ( clothes by @eloquii with matching human ones avail too)


Saturday Morning #Swalking PS lots of cutie pups for adoption from @animalhaven on my IG Stories!


Looking like a hot af party monster in this week's issue of @people


Ying and Yang


California with the W 🥇🥇🥇! ❌ Pet stores in CA are only able to sell rescue pups which means NO MORE PUPPIES FROM PUPPYMILLS. @thepincause allows you to be a #puptivist, too for just $5 in the @humanesociety's fight to end puppy mills once and for all. 🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩 Think your home state will be next to ban?? Comment your state below!