Toast was the worlds first dog supermodel and a fierce anti-puppymill advocate.#RIP Her sisters Muppet, Pants and Cheese continue on her legacy here❤️

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Hai from Cheese! 🧀
I’m new here so tell me your favorite kind. #GoudaGirl #MeetCheese #Cheesethedog


With so much love in the air today we are so excited to announce the newest member of our family: Cheese🧀 🧀🧀Our superstar Toast can never be replaced and we miss her everyday, but Cheese has been so helpful in the healing process. Cheese was rescued in November by @truefaithfulpetrescuemission from a puppymill in Missouri. She is the youngest lady in the house at age 3. Swipe through for her story. We’ll be posting more on stories so you can get to know her like we have. We will be posting pics of her here along with Mup+Pants and lots of good rescue stuff to keep the #adoptdontshop message alive! Please tag someone who needs some love today and welcome to your forever home baby Cheese!!!!!! #meetcheese xoxo @muppetsrevenge @underpantsthedog @the12ishstyle


Sunday Morning Toast throwback 😴💕 Which one is your fave? Solo or sleepover party? #sundaymorningtoast #toastmeetsheaven



We got out of bed just to say Happy New Year and thank you again for all of your love, posts and messages about Toast. We miss her so much, but we don’t miss her snoring. 💤 Seriously. One of our goals for 2018 is to help NYC ban pet stores! Do you still have pet stores in your city too? Xo Pants and Mup


CHRISTMAS TOAST TRIBUTE: Merry Xmas! 🎅🏽🎅🏾🎅🏻🎅🏾🎅🏿🎅🏽🎅🏼🎅🏻🎅🏿🎅🏽🎅


Toast was a total jet setter and @the12ishstyle just got to tag along...head to stories to see my favorite spots 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 #toastmeetsheaven



Tribute: Celeb life🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 who is your fave? #toastmeetsheaven (PS: we’re at almost 9k dollars for dog rescue! Thank you so much to all those who have donated...Link in the bio💓)


Toast’s Wedding👰🏽 Did you see me get married on RHONY? I wore custom Marchesa and over 100k in we raised money for @nationalmilldogrescue 🐶🐶🐶🐶


Toast Tribute: These are a few of my favorite costumes looks on Baby T. Can you tell who she is in all of them? Answers are in stories. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
We can’t thank you enough for all of your love and support. We have raised almost 8k so far for rescue in Toasts honor. (Link in the bio) #toastmeetsheaven



Heaven has a new star tonight. We’re heartbroken to share the news that Toast has passed. This puppymill rescue had an exceptional life. She wrote a book, had a televised wedding, appears on billboards across the country promoting rescue and modeled for an international eyewear campaign. But above all, she was a best friend, a world champion little spoon...but she was far from being an angel. Toast was often a little devil. Grabbing rolls of toilet paper off and dragging them into the living room for a snack. Peeing whenever/wherever she wanted to. Pretending not to be able to jump on the couch because she just wanted a ride. And snoring like a 400lb trucker.
In the next few weeks we will be doing tributes for her. If Toast has inspired you or taught you about rescue please consider donating to the link in the bio. 100% off the donations will go to her three favorite charities.
If you would like to show your love for Toast and the tongue that will never be forgotten, please post a photo using #ToastMeetsHeaven so we can see. Toast loved meeting fans at meet ups and on the streets. She knew she was loved and adored by people around the globe and we are so grateful to have known her. Our hearts will eventually heal knowing that she will live on forever in people’s hearts ❤️ her account will live on as a place to watch her siblings @muppetsrevenge and @underpantsthedog as well as to support rescue efforts near and dear to Toast’s heart #toastmeetsheaven



Happy #SantaCon b’s, good luck out there. I’ll be inside eating cookies bye.


Break the rules this weekend 💥


Please don’t buy a puppy for Christmas😢 All of these dogs need home and the rescue that is taking so many pups from Miami animal shelter and from puppymills needs help with food and supplies! To donate to their Amazon Wish List, Head to the bio. To rescue one of these pups or sign up to a foster contact @truenorthrescuemission 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶



Sunday Morning Toast.


For Christmas this year, I hope these two learn how to pose properly #amateurhour


Everyday’s a runway



I’m Reaadddddyyyyyyy!!!!


Me pretending to care


Further proof that this holiday is all about me #nationalfrenchtoastday


Red, white, and blue is my color #nationalfrenchtoastday


French Toast with extra syrup, plz #nationalfrenchtoastday


Happy #nationalfrenchtoastday 🇫🇷🍞❤️ Celebrate in style today, b’s #frenchtoast


Happy Monday


Just delivering some groceries to some of my friends in need at the @aspca! Wanna help, too? Cool new app PetYen connects you to the best of the best for everything 🐶 in NYC, and I don’t do less than the best. Tag a friend in the comments and make sure you’re following moi + @petyen4pets to be entered to win a 3 month Bark Box gift card. But what about those groceries? 1 cup of food will be donated to the ASPCA 💗#waglikealocal


The pilgrims were never this hot. Happy TG!


this year I am thankful for being ageless and also for hot male models on set


PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING This #FrenchBullDog needs help. If she is not purchased by rescuers at puppymill auction, she will go back into the breeding cycle. @truenorthrescuemission has been pulling dogs from auction and freeing them from the puppymill cycle. The Italian greyhound on slide two wasn’t sold at the last auction and was put in the dumpster by the breeder...this rescue needs our help. 💥Please donate in the link in the bio. 💥ALL OF THESE DOGS NEED HOMES. Please consider donating or fostering. The dogs can be adopted ANYWHERE in the US as long as you pick them up! They are in Florida and NY. EMAIL #adoptdontshop


It’s SHOCKING that NYC is still allowing pet stores to sell puppies! Pet store puppies are ALL FROM PUPPYMILLS no matter what the shop keeper says. We are one of the LAST major cities in the US to allow it. It’s embarrassing!! Congrats on your win Mr. @nycmayor Now please get us on the right side of history here. Close #citipupsnyc REPOST AND TAG @nycmayor IF YOU FEEL THE SAME WAY (or make your own post and spread the word) !! Let’s get this done in 2018!!! #adoptdontshop #endpuppymills