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Wow, there’s 100,000 of you! Blows my mind. Thanks so much everyone for following my journey 😊 I’m going to do a Q&A, so any questions at all, ask away, and I’ll do my best to answer 🙏🏻


Moody, dramatic light - my favourite kind #faroeislands


A throwback to the idyllic peaceful villages of the Faroe Islands. There’s no where quite like them #faroeislands



This one has been high on my bucket list for a long time now. I was super excited for my flight with @serengetiballoonsafaris last week and it didn’t disappoint! We flew over a lion, dozens of hippos and a giraffe. It was a surreal and magical experience and one I’m sure I will never forget. #serengetiballoonsafaris


I just got back from the most amazing week in the Serengeti staying at the Four Seasons (@fsserengeti). We had safaris every day and were so lucky with the abundance of wildlife we saw. I also ticked a really big activity off the bucket list - hot air ballooning. I was really impressed by the level of luxury that can be found in a hotel that far from civilisation. #MyFSSafari


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Watching the sunset with the Masai last night over the Serengeti was out of this world 😍 this was taken from the back of the Four Seasons. @fsserengeti #MyFSSafari


I’m so stoked to be heading back to Africa tomorrow with the very talented @nikon_photography_ . Last time I was there I was in Rwanda and photographed this mother and baby. We hiked through thick rainforest for a couple of hours to find this family of Gorillas. I was covered in stings from nettles on the journey. It was one of the most awe inspiring moments in my life to be able to witness these beautiful creatures in the wild and so close up. #africa #rwanda #gorillas


I posted a similar image of this incredible landscape recently. I got such an amazing response that I decided to make a video all about how I edited it and how I create these magical night shots in. The link is in my bio 😊 Happy Sunday everyone!



Amazing patterns of frozen rivers in Iceland #glacier #iceland


So most of you know I have recently started a YouTube channel. Today I’ve posted a video all about how I grew my Instagram account. If you are interested in learning, the link is in my bio 😊 Happy Monday!


They filmed some of the latest Star Wars on Malin Head here in Ireland. This is maybe one of my favourite beaches. Partly because it’s a place of incredible beauty, but a big part was that we were the only ones there! That doesn’t happen often with places like this, I have no doubt it will be discovered soon. #ireland #wildatlanticway



Here’s something a little different. This photo was taken a few years back at Lake Towerrinning in Western Australia (it was before I was a pro and my gear wasn’t top notch so excuse the quality). These are dead trees in the lake and I shone my torch on them to light them up. The sky reflected perfectly on the still lake. It was absolute and complete pitch black. Quite an eerie but beautiful scene, I remember sitting there for an hour, drinking a beer and taking photos, completely in awe of the landscape. #westernaustralia #laketowerrinning #outback


Exploring Icelandic Glaciers at night under a magical green sky #Iceland #aurora #northernlights


Walking among giants in Milford Sound ⛰️



The most picturesque church in the world, what do you think? I can’t think of many places that feel more spiritual than this.


Giant icebergs that have broken off a nearby glacier float around Jokulsarlon lagoon in Iceland at sunrise. You can hear thunderous cracks as they split apart whilst young seals dart around underwater playing games. There’s no where quite like Iceland 🇮🇸 #iceland #glacier


Happy Valentine’s Day to this awesome one! Thanks for putting up with me dragging you all over the place, standing out in the cold and posing for me. Thank you for being awesome and for looking so damn good 😘 @jooliepea #ValentinesDay



Exploring the crazily dramatic Faroe Islands with @juusohd


I met these guys in the Faroe Islands, they were just about to drop their first album 😂


My birthday 3 years ago and the first time I saw the Northern Lights. One I won’t forget 😊


One of my favourite places and memories from New Zealand was Wanaka, from the friendly and relaxed town, to the hiking and some of the best views out there. You can’t beat it 👌 #wanaka #newzealand


Milford Sound, New Zealand, a paradise straight out of a movie set. 😍 #newzealand #milfordsound


Jules and I just spend the weekend exploring the area around Neuschwanstein in Germany, the site of this amazingly surreal castle. It mostly snowed and we didn’t see any sun until yesterday when we were leaving for the airport. The sun broke through the mist, snow and clouds and created this ethereal scene. I’m so glad I got to witness this and shoot it before flying home. I’ve also got some great video footage that I’m looking forward to sharing in the next vlog #neuschwansteincastle #TheWeekOnInstagram


Kayaking in New Zealand, not for the faint hearted 🌴 #kayak #newzealand


There’s nothing quite like seeing the aurora when it’s at its best, it’s just something else #northernlights


Our camping view at Neist Point on the Isle of Skye last autumn. I’m currently out in Bavaria exploring the mountains but not succeeding in getting any great shots. I’m making a vlog though and the area is beautiful so I’ll share that next week. #neistpoint #isleofskye #scotland


Don’t you just love those days when everything comes together? #iceland #skogafoss


Can you think of a more perfect swimming hole? I can’t! Read all about this one in Samoa in the link in my bio or story #Samoa #swimminghole #paradise


Dreaming of those beautiful spring mornings in Italy 👌 #italy #dolomites