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Those magical nights in Iceland 😎 #iceland #aurora #northernlights


This desolate but incredibly beautiful valley in Iceland is called Thórsmörk, named after the Norse God Thor. Remember that scene in the last series of Game of Thrones where Jon Snow and the crew are surrounded by a ring of wildlings? Well that was filmed here. You can just about make out the super jeep tire tracks coming out of the river, follow that to the left and you’ll see a tiny red dot (you may need to zoom in), well that’s me! #iceland #gameofthrones #winteriscoming


Can you spot me flying the drone? I’ll give you a clue, I’m wearing an orange jacket. This was my fifth trip to Iceland but my first time I made it far enough east to reach this incredible spot - Stokksnes. And I’m so glad I did! #iceland #stokness #ocean



It seems the appropriate time of year to post this fella. I’m back home now and looking forward to a cosy Christmas in England. Is anyone away anywhere exciting this holidays? This was taken in a brisk -20 degrees last winter in Lapland. #christmas #rudolph #reindeer #snow


This village was named one of the top 10 most picturesque in the world by National Geographic a while back. You can see why, I’ve never seen anywhere that’s quite like it. This has become a classic viewpoint. The photo is taken from a bridge joining the islands in Lofoten, Norway. Coincidently this was the first time I saw the aurora and also my birthday. It’s one of my favourite images from Norway and always reminds me of Christmas for some reason! I can almost imagine Santa sitting in one of these huts, working away 😊 #norway #lofoten #hamnoy


Saturday night at Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland, one of the tour group came up to me and said ‘I’m going to propose to my girlfriend, do you mind taking a couple of photos?’. Now I’ve been shooting weddings for years but I’ve never once witnessed a proposal in real life. Kind of strange as you see it all the time on TV and the movies. It was a lovely moment though, everyone at the falls witnessed it and clapped and whooped. What a lovely experience 😊 on tour with @topdecktravel #topdecker #ultimate49 #ad



Nothing is quite as revitalising as winter morning walks up the mountains ❄️ 🚶🗻 #switzerland #zermatt


These incredible Icelandic rivers can be found all over the country. They snake down in vein like structures from glaciers. These ones were mostly frozen. The last 10 days have been absolutely amazing. The first week I spent exploring the south coast and then the last few days I have been shooting for @topdecktravel which has been a lot of fun. #ultimate49 #topdecker


I spent Sunday exploring ice caves with the awesome @hiddeniceland. It’s been on the bucket list for a while now and it was great to finally see them. #icecave #iceland #vatnajökull



One of my favourite days so far in Iceland, exploring in the super jeep in Thorsmork. We had great conditions for it and almost got stuck more than once, our guide was up to his waste in a frozen river fixing the tire for about 15 minutes. But he knew what he was doing and I can’t recommend it enough. Thanks a lot to @southcoast_adventure for the trip #Iceland #superjeep #winter #snow


Iceland has been amazing so far. We’ve had some great luck with the aurora the last couple of nights. It will never get old watching this magical display dance across the sky. Today we have been exploring glaciers and ice caves with Scott from @hiddeniceland , can’t wait to go through the shots but I’m well and truly exhausted, so we are putting our feet up tonight! #northernlights #aurora #iceland


Walking next to giants in Iceland at #Skogafoss



I’ve posted a few shots of this incredible and unique tree at night, under the stars. But it’s equally as beautiful at sunset. New Zealand really is full of surprises. #wanaka #newzealand #tree


#1 thing I would rather be doing right now, what’s yours? #italy


The incredible beautiful Yosemite National Park has to be up there with my favourite places I’ve visited. If it’s not on your bucket list already, put it on there now! #yosemite #waterfall #nationalpark



That day we spend exploring the Glow Worm caves of Waitomo , New Zealand 😍 There’s not many more magical and unique experiences than this. If you find yourself in the North Island of New Zealand, don’t miss it! Make sure you go black water tubing through the caves too 😊 #glowworms #newzealand #caves


This site was somewhere really original
and intriguing for me. It’s called An Grianan Aileach and is a hilltop fort
found in Donegal, Ireland. It is thought to date back to around the 6th century
where it would have been used as a defensive position, sitting on top of
the 244 metre high Greenan Mountain. #ireland #wildatlanticwest


The aurora is often better to photograph when its weaker. I get asked a lot how is best to photograph it. It’s really exactly the same as taking any night sky shot. I’m going to write a blog post about it soon, but i’m hoping to catch them again this month in Iceland and to film some behind the scenes to explain what I’m doing. I’ll be posting it on my new YouTube account. If you are interested, check the link in my bio. And happy Sunday people! 😊



Sunday morning strolls on the coast, followed by pastries and coffee 👌


Along the beautiful and rugged coastline of County Sligo, Classiebawn Castle sits facing the wild Atlantic, framed by the huge table mountain, Ben Bulben. #ireland #castle #coast


The incredible and surreal landscapes of New Zealand never fail to impress. It’s like another world. #newzealand #mountcook


I had to do a fair amount of work on this image. It was so dark that night, I could barely see my hand in front of my face. I was there alone at 1 am, it was eerie and it was beautiful. I can’t wait to get back out to Iceland in a couple of weeks and I’m hoping for some snow!
#iceland #aurora #northernlights


A little different to my normal editing but I though this shot deserved drama, we had four seasons of weather in the space of about 30 minutes around this shot in the Faroe Islands.
Is anyone around at WTM London this week? I’m heading there tomorrow and would love to do some socialising, so hit me up if you are around?
#faroeislands #visitfaroeislands


‘Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.’ -
Gustave Flaubert


You can’t beat those tranquil days out on the lake 👌 #italy #lagodibraies


The epic views of the Dolomites never fail to impress #Dolomites #hiking


We woke up at 5 am to head down to Glencar in Ireland last month. The best time of year to catch most over lakes like this is in Autumn, when the air is brisk but the water still holds some warmth. We got lucky with a stunning sunrise too. It feels like autumn is almost over already and I can’t wait for some winter exploring. First up is Iceland at the end of November. Anybody going to over there? #ireland #lake #sunrise


A tighter crop of one of my favourite images and one of my favourite views. The church of Santa Magdalena in the Dolomites, Italy. Where’s you favourite view? #italy #travelstoke


My favourite shot from a trip to Africa a few years back. I wasn’t so much a photographer back then. We currently have a trip back there planned for next year and I’m really excited to get to see and photograph the wildlife out there again. There’s nowhere quite like Africa! #africa #safari #giraffe


Memories of hours on those perfect New Zealand roads .... #newzealand