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“Hey hey mama”


“Tongue-tied and twisted just an earth-bound misfit, I”
Thanks for the flight lessson @woodwardrivieramaya


Behind the scenes footage (shot with the worst camera available) of my loop attempts for Tarzan-to-video commercial (2000)


Taking @rileyhawk snowboarding for his first time in 1996 (age 4). I had to stuff foam in the backs of his bindings so his feet would stay in.


Happy Birthday @peraltastacy! Thank you for unwittingly saving so many lives through your passion for skateboarding. (Charlie’s Angels, 1979)


Death from above 2017
📷: @jodymorrisphoto


FOUND by @jeaninedeliz (for @jimmyyson)


‪Just left my skateboard near Houston & Forsyth in NYC. Go now or forever hold your peace‬
‪UPDATE: FOUND by @jimmyyson


Thanks for the slidey session @supremenewyork & @jeffersonpang
📹: @bennett_jonas


Too close for comfort with @choadped
📹: @brenteyestone & @mpitone


Legend: @mikemcgill today in NJ


Thanks to everyone that came out for our @tonyhawkfoundation “Super Session” fundraiser tonight, and to @miniusa @houseofvans @ghettogastro for all the support.
Skaters: @shawnhaleyeah @sebowalker @bradmcclain @catherine_o @aaronjawshomoki


Just hid a #birdhousesaturdays DVD in NYC. Finders keepers, others... can buy it online.


Our pool came with the house when I bought it, so we drained it recently even though it was never intended for skating. It’s super rough, the transition is terrible, my heel might be forever bruised but @axelcrusher made it look easy.
📷: @jgrantbrittain


Here’s hoping that @brookeshields is still goofy-footed, and still has her radio station on for #RodneyOnTheRoq (cue Agent Orange Bloodstains)
(via @muckmouth) This is 1978, btw


If you haven't seen #birdhousesaturdays (featuring @lizziearmanto) yet, I recommend doing so. Now available on all platforms... except VHS-C
🎶: @hannielkhatib - “Save Me”


I’ve taken over @menwithclass Instagram stories today. Enjoy it while it lasts... or until they realize I have no class.
📷: @jgrantbrittain


I stalked Jane Goodall on the red carpet of her documentary premiere just to get this photo. She had no idea who I was but I was honored that she stopped for a few seconds to say hello. And then we sat next to @pamelaadlon during the screening, making our night extra special. Watch #Jane when it’s released in theaters and #betterthings NOW on @betterthingsfx for a more complete life experience.


I had a blast “hosting” @etn’s Face Melters with @davidloy yesterday. Here are pics I shot of him in Stoka (Czech Republic) from our 2015 tour. Download #birdhousesaturdays to see how he pulled this off; so much drop, so little time.


360 [stick] flip by @vasu_sojitra
🎥: @mikesassdv for a new @benduffypresents film
(via @skatecrunchmag)


This ramp setup has been in storage since the last BBHJ tour (over 10 years ago).
Thanks @elliotsloan for resurrecting my old friend.
📹: @andymac720


“If you want to get laid, go to college.
If you want an education, go to the library”
- Frank Zappa
(via @drunkpeopledoingthings)


Happy 50th (!) to the legend @christianhosoi, the style king of our generation. Seeing this picture in 1980 made me realize that kids my age could actually look cool while skating. I immediately went out and learned “ollie to hangups” in Oasis snakerun but never got close to his level of flow or grace... nor could anybody else.
📷: @madtbone


I almost forgot that I was in a “movie” with a most legendary cast: Frezno Smooth (1999) might have been ahead of it’s time. Good luck finding it online... with sound.


Getting loopy on Jackass with @condorbmx, a very small @rileyhawk, @bam__margera @johnnyknoxville & #ryandunn


Goodbye Tom Petty. In the wake of so many tragic events, I’d like to thank Tom for embracing skateboarding at a time when it wasn’t considered cool, “extreme” or marketable. And for his legendary sounds.
Feat. @joe.johnson43 Eric Nash & Kele Rosecrans


My strange coping-go-round thing from #birdhousesaturdays credits segment. I didn’t put it in my part because it wasn’t the trick I had originally planned, but thought it was scary / weird enough in include somewhere. 🎶: Ratt - “Round and Round”


As much as you might enjoy skateboarding, know that @choadped is having primo-slide-to-50-50-roll-in levels of fun.


Congratulations @shawnhaleyeah for joining the pro ranks! Go watch #birdhousesaturdays to see why. And to @aaronjawshomoki for being the first to “ride” Shawn’s signature deck.


For your consideration: we proudly present #birdhousesaturdays, a project 3 years in the making, born of passion, pain and perseverance. I sincerely hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it. Thanks to anyone that has supported @birdhouseskateboards over the last 25 years. As @clivejdixon says: “I love you all”
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