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Calling my dad for a ride home from the skatepark (DMSR), 1982. He probably wasn't home from the look on my face. This generation will never know the struggle of payphones; "you have a collect call from 'pick me up!' will you accept the charge?"
📷: @jgrantbrittain


🇮🇪🖤🍀 (2015)
📷: @camera_jesus


Playing the fast money round of Family Feud with a very nervous @keeganhawk, who was instrumental to us winning 25k for @tonyhawkfoundation. Thanks to @johnedale @lenorehawk & @emilyderemo for getting us there!



Hey now, wooo looky there...
Thomas Middleditch of @siliconhbo will be on Demolition Radio this Sat at Noon ET / 9am Pacific
on @siriusxm ch 103 (Faction Talk)


Clips from "Five Summer Stories" (1972). Before the Ollie was invented, skaters would "Gorilla Grip" the board using their toes... which makes this frontside 360 extra gnarly. Thanks @encyclopedia_of_surfing for resurrecting this footage. #wallows


Lien air, Palmdale, 1981
Pretty sure I was trying to make eye contact with @nblender but the face was probably unintentional. Fun fact: this was a centerfold of the first @transworldskate magazine even though I had a @thrashermag sticker on my helmet.
📷: Neil Blender



A few clips I've seen scroll by lately that defy logic and/or gravity: @internetfamous (by @codyasada) @ronygomes (by @dyoueda) @megaultratech (by @metroskateboarding) @huntermannering (by @chadshetler1) & @claykreiner (by @tweestopher)


Catch @lizziearmanto ripping at Women's Combi today on her live Instagram at 3:45pm PST. Make sure to cheer loudly at your phone so she can hear you. 📷: @zoraholivia


The Slow-Mo Guys came to my ramp to shoot a trick and @danielgruchy demonstrated what NOT to do while dropping in on vert. Go to their YouTube page to see this in glorious 4K slow mo.



To my friends in The D (and beyond): please support the Mancuso family if you have the means. They are going through an impossibly difficult time and could use some help beyond thoughts and prayers. Fundraiser is tomorrow at World Of Beer or donate through my link in bio. #fuckcancer


Thank you #x4summit18 for inviting me to speak and providing this venue for our vert antics. Check my story for skate shots. #cocktailhourdemo
📷: @stevenperelman


International Women's Day would not be complete without appreciating that Patti McGee graced the cover of Life Magazine - on a skateboard - in 1965. This hangs in our house, btw.



I came to #X4Summit18 in hopes of getting a pic with Lin Manuel Miranda.. and I was not throwing away my shot.


Congrats to Monica Acedo from Mexico City, winner of the @AdobeStudents #board4better contest! Thanks for visiting @BirdhouseSkateboards HQ and sharing your design with us.


The credits section of @birdhouseskateboards “Untitled” video (1993). This is where I would include random footage and late additions (since we edited to SVHS tape).
In order: @condorbmx me, Ocean Howell, @andrewreynolds @everybodyskates aka @alphonzorawls
🎶: CCR



This was taken last week or 30 years ago; I can’t remember any more. Anybody know where/when? I’m guessing 1988. Thanks @marcopallotta & @adamalz for digging it up.
Of note: Stubbies, Nose Bone, Smith Gloves, @lesterkasai sticker, reverse mall & NO LAPPER


Seeing @lizziearmanto & @rattyatty teaching girls to skate in India is what it’s all about.


Congrats to @nyjah on his latest video of revolutionary skating. Out of all the ridiculous stunts, this effortless pirouette on the rail was my fav.
🎥: @tyevans



Hear my interview with the talented & prolific Alison Mosshart of @TheKills on Demolition Radio this Saturday at Noon ET/9am Pacific on @SiriusXM 103 (Faction Talk)
Fun fact: she's been skating longer than most of you


Great Falls MT '06 (Secret Skatepark Tour) --> Hollywood, CA 2018 (Adaptation x Maxfield)
photos: @jodymorrisphoto; I see a pattern here.


Happy Devo NYC anniversary to the girl who sits in the top of the greenest tree. 🖤


Fronty blunty during a sneak peek of the new Chico park today.
📷: @mikivuckovich


Intel commercial from 2005 with John Cleese and @seal. If you think it's weird that we're all sitting in laps, it was even more awkward after the 20th or 30th take.


When things get hot, cool is all you got... 1985 Mountain Dew ad feat. #rayunderhill and me doing it Country Cool. I'm hoping that above all else, this will be our legacy. #notforair #urbanstruggle


I know the feeling
📷: @dr.methusalem via @asphaltposerclub


Back when Nathan Lazarus helped win $175k for @tonyhawkfoundation on Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? So we named a park after him in Nederland, CO.


My stint as Lionel @damustacheman in the Loiter Squad Brigade
(feat. @feliciathegoat @chrispontius @yungtaco @nastyboyjasper @rileyhawk)


Special meter full: @plronchetti


The skateboard I used at Bondi #bowlarama last weekend is now on eBay if anyone is interested. Warning: the trucks are tight if you're planning to ride it. Bonus: grip signed by @aaronjawshomoki. Portion of proceeds goes to @tonyhawkfoundation (link in bio)
📷: @deantirkot & @lealitybites


I don’t want accolades; I just want to join this crew if they'll accept me.
🎥: @lewis.khan via @timeoutlondon