Trey and Trenton (@trey_plus_trenton)

Trey and Trenton

Trey's a tripod & keeps up with his brother Trenton who has all four legs! Rescued/fostered by @venustwofacecat #adoptdontshop

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don't mind my toes πŸ™ˆbut look how cute Callie and Trey are giving each other some kisses!! Having the boys has been really great for Callie. She plays a lot more than she used to and just seems to be a younger cat now that she has them to play with. Callie is a little bit rougher and bossier when she's playing with Trenton versus when she's playing with Trey. We think she realizes that he's at a slight disadvantage considering his missing limb 😹 Happy Friday everyone!



Trenton loves cuddling with his daddy on the couch! Happy Sunday everyone 😻


This little love was cuddled up next to me the entire time we were in the car coming back from Easter! Trey is understandably more skittish and gets more upset about being outside. He rode in my lap the whole time and was so warm to cuddle up with 😻 Callie girl was also in my lap ( the big white blob to the right is her 😹) and Trenton was in Jordan's lap in the back seat 😻 all safe and sound on the way back home!


Happy Easter from fangs aka Trenton! His little teeth have grown and now his fangs stick out more 😹 we hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter/ restful Sunday with their families! πŸ£πŸŒΈπŸ’™πŸ₯πŸ’πŸŒˆ


On the way to visit grandma for Easter! My mom lives an hour away from us and we felt like we couldn't leave our fur babies at home since they had just been at the vet for so long with the wedding! They're so excited! They absolutely LOVE visiting grandma 😻


Hi everyone!! Sorry we disappeared for so long but Jordan and I got MARRIED (!!!) this past weekend, April 8th! β€’
We were so busy with wedding stuff and then actually getting married that we weren't able to post! While we were off being in love and saying our vows, the kitties were at the vet @amc_gulfgate (their fav place!) and while they were there, all our fur babies signed a wedding card to us! πŸ˜»πŸ’•πŸ’πŸ‘°πŸΌπŸ€΅πŸ½
The kitties are all very excited we're married but they say it's basically the same as before because I'm still the one who feeds them every morning and dad still cleans out the litter box. 😹
If you want to check out pictures from our wedding you can look under #LambkasinLove or look at my personal insta @mrs_lambka 😻 I haven't posted any pics yet but will be overloading insta with them very soon! πŸ’• so sorry we disappeared on y'all for a bit, but it was for a good reason because Jordan and I are MARRIED! 😻


Happy Sunday from the queen bee herself, Callie wishes a good week upon all of her loyal subjects πŸ˜½πŸ‘‘ (and yes Callie is such a princess diva that she has a cat bed in a chair for her to sit on)


Sweet little Trey looking out the window ❀ he's so playful and sweet!


bath time!! πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ˜½πŸ˜½


MEOWWW! such a big yawn from Trenton!! We're so sleepy and tired after spring break! Also sorry we haven't posted in a while, someone tried to hack into this account! Because of that it stopped working for a while on our end and I couldn't post anything and thought the page had been deleted. Thankfully Instagram didn't delete our page after someone tried to hack it. We're so happy they didn't so we can keep sharing cute pictures with you all! 😻


this little sweetheart! 😻Trey has definitely completely come out of his shell! He loves to cuddle, lick everyone and is always playing with Trenton and Callie! Callie and him actually have a very sweet relationship, they nuzzle up against each other a lot and she's always so nice to him! It's so amazing to watch the boys grow and to watch Trey become his own little kitty with a big personality after such a rough start!!!


when you're gone for less than 24 hours and you come home to complete anarchy. Our mischievous cats tore up ALL our paper towel rolls while we were gone!!! Our kitties are such stinkers. And Trenton over here is SO proud of his work. Their protests were noted and we'll be sure to spend less time away 😹😹😹


these handsome boys LOVE looking out the window! We have a couch right by the window in our family room. I'm pretty sure the boys (and Callie!) are convinced the couch was placed there specifically for them to look outside 😹we have curtains on the window that I actually like to keep closed but they always wiggle their way in there and open up the curtains to look out! This was a sweet moment where the boys were sharing their perch; normally it's a fight over who gets to sit and look out, typically ending in Trenton winning. He's definitely the more dominant , alpha male personality of the two and often tries to challenge Callie with alpha cat status. (She holds her ground though don't worry 😹)


hello from this beauty 😻😻😻


Trey LOVES to snuggle up close to me! (And throw some shade in the process) 😻😻


Happy International Women's Day from cousin Leo! ❀❀❀ we proudly support all women today and everyday! We are strong, smart, beautiful, amazing people! ❀❀❀❀❀#internationalwomensday


how we feel about Mondays.


My moms dog Bandy went to the vet this week and got to see @raising.raisin! Her mom works at the clinic! Follow her to keep up with her story and see all her cute clothes! We love Raisin!


"Mom it's a Monday, let's just get in bed early so it can be Tuesday already" 😹 these little love bugs get SO excited anytime I even walk in our bedroom because they think it means it's time to cuddle in bed 😻


Queen Callie getting comfy on her throne πŸ‘‘
This chair is designated as Callie's chair and the little porker gets so mad when anyone else sits in it!! The boys know not to mess with the big girl's chair or they will suffer the consequences πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ˜ΉπŸ˜Ή


"mom you're smothering me with your love when all I wanted was a chicken nugget" Treys not a huge fan of selfies 😹 he tends to freak out at seeing another cat so close to his face. Tag us in your #catselfie!


Trenton is busy making biscuits tonight! happy Monday! ❀😹😽


couch cuddles with Dad 😻 Trenton loves cuddling with his daddy! Trey is still a little timid around Jordan, I think just because he is so big, but Trenton just climbs up on him and flops over for some love. It's so sweet to watch the two of them together 😻 Callie is convinced she's his favorite and so is Trenton! Happy Sunday! We hope your day is full of fun!


these little loves!! Trey is cuddling with me on the couch as I type this! They were cuddling for a while in the chair but as soon as I sat down Trey decided he needed to come cuddle with me 😹 (look for pics on our story!) I've started working so I'm not home as often as I have been for the past couple of weeks. I think our kitties had gotten used to me being home and now I'm not home as much :( but all that means is I get extra love from them when I come home because they want a lot of attention! As soon as I sit down on the couch or chair or get in bed all three babies come RUNNING so they can be with me and get some loving ❀ we hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend!


love coming home to this sweet boy! Trey loves to give little love bites! He also will bite your hand and pull you back to him if you try and stop petting him, he's such a little love 😻


Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Trenton sends his love and kisses! (So do Callie and Trey but they were a little scared of the stuffed animal cat! And refused to pose for a picture) we hope everyone had a wonderful, love filled day!! Did anyone do anything especially fun or romantic for Valentine's Day!?! We love LOVE and want to know how everyone's day was! XOXOXO β€οΈπŸ’•πŸ’œπŸ’–πŸ’˜β€οΈ


what!?! Tomorrow is MONDAY!? Precious little Trey wishes it was still the weekend! What did y'all spend your weekend doing? I've actually been in Texas visiting my grandparents! We planted apricot, peach, and apple trees this weekend! Along with some blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries! (They live on a farm) Jordan spent the weekend hanging out with the kitties! ❀
Also if you look close enough you can see one of treys little fangs sticking out of his mouth!