Trey and Trenton

Trey's a tripod & keeps up with his brother Trenton who has all four legs! Rescued/fostered by @venustwofacecat #adoptdontshop

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some little kitty has to wear the cone of shame!!! So do y’all remember in July 2016, (seems so long ago!) Trenton had a rectal prolapse and had to have a teensy little procedure to fix his little bum? Well poor guy is having some bum problems again and has to wear this cone for a whole week. He’s totally okay and it’s not a big deal, he just has to use preparation H and take a laxative (fun right) and he should be good in the next week or so! It seems to just be hemorrhoids and not a prolapse this time. We just wanted to share him in his cone because he is so hilarious! He’s taking it like a champ. He has been wearing it all of two hours and has already figured out how to move it around to eat in the cone which is good! He also is slinking around the house and just overall looks like a big grump 😹😹😹 Rosie keeps trying to play with him, I think she’s confused by the cone! Well try and get some good videos of him walking around this week! Expect lots of cone of shame pictures!!! ❤️❤️❤️ (also listen and see if you can guess what TV show we’re watching in the background! It’s one of our favorites!)


when your brother keeps sticking his butt in your face.... 😹😹😹


this little cutie is having a pretty lazy Sunday!



some little monkey was playing with the brown paper bags from Whole Foods and managed to get scared and run off with part of the bag stuck on him! 😹😹😹😹 Trenton is now free of the bag! What a way to start the week 😂💙 we hope everyone’s week is this fun! Also look who’s creepin in the background!


#tbt to when Trey was a little nugget! Swipe over to see him now! He’s gotten so big and has a big personality to match! In the second picture, Trey is hanging out on our couch which is actually a really big deal for him! He used to just stick to a few key pieces of furniture, chairs that he deemed “his” and we never sat in, but now he is always on the couch with us! He even gets in our bed ALL the time now! It’s been so amazing to watch this little guy come out of his shell. Even now we’re still amazed to see his personality continue to grow! •

**** disclaimer**** yes his collar has a bell and yes it’s going to stay on. he’s a sneaky little guy and every once in a while tries to get out when we take Rosie out, so he has to have the bell so we know where he is. he is not bothered by it - all of our cats have bells and they are perfectly healthy and happy and loved !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ also how adorable is his collar in the first picture, he is so tiny it doesn’t even fit him very well!!! 😩😻


sweet little Trey is having a relaxing Tuesday hanging out in his cat tree! 🖤



New year, same lazy Queen Callie ❤️


Lookin into 2018 like.... 😹😹😹 Trey and our family want to wish everyone a happy New Year! Stay safe! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Trenton’s having a lazy Friday to get ready for the New Year! 🎉🎉🎉



Queen Callie 🖤 we love our big boss lady so much!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Trey, Trenton, Callie and Rosie! 🎅🏼🎄⛄️ swipe over to see lots of videos of them playing with their new toys!! They absolutely love them all!


Merry Christmas Eve from Trenton! Our fur babies are so excited for Santa to come tonight! 🎅🏼



so Trenton may look annoyed in this first picture, but swipe over to see how happy he actually is! He absolutely LOVES Rosie and LOVES to cuddle with her! They play, cuddle and snuggle all the time! (And yes she has her little paws and arms over his 😍)


up close and personal with Trenton 🖤


snuggles and kisses with Trey! I’ve been sick for the past week (still am 😷🤧) but this little guy and his siblings have been taking such good care of me! Trey, Trenton, Callie and Rosie are all the best little doctors ❤️



look at those cute little twins tails ❤️


posting this from our my story yesterday because I think this picture of Trey is HILARIOUS! Give us your best caption ideas as to what this little grumpy cat is thinking!


the best days are ones spent sunbathing... according to Trenton! He found his sweet spot and has been laying here day long! 😻😻



early morning snuggles with our three legged little guy ❤️


a little glimpse into how everyone one in our family likes to sleep! Trenton usually comes and flexes his claws on my face in the morning to let me know it’s time to eat 😂 but all four of our babies love to sleep with us! ❤️


Queen Callie on her throne (aka one of our big pillows)


hi from Trey ❤️


so Rosie was a not a fan of the flash, but her and Trenton spent the whole day cuddling! He kept rubbing up against her and purring while she licked his ears for him! They cuddle and play all the time, it’s so cute to watch! 💕


Hi everyone!! Sorry we’ve been MIA for a little while! We had Jordan’s family down here for Thanksgiving so we’ve been super busy! It was my first Thanksgiving cooking everything by myself so I was a little overwhelmed and too busy to post, but everything went really well! And it was so much fun to have his family here! We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving week if you celebrate it and if not we still hope you had a great week!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Trenton’s all cuddled up with me! He is a huge cuddle bug. Jordan says he acts like a dog! 🐶🐱 from cats we’ve had, I feel like male black cats and male tuxedo cats tend to be very friendly and kind of act more like dogs than cats.... does anyone else have any fur babies that follow them around, cuddle constantly, and basically act like a dog? ❤️❤️❤️


a little #tbt to when the boys were little nuggets! How adorable were they?! (They’re still adorable now) happy Friday eve!


little wiggle worms are ready for food! They do this EVERY time we feed them! Trey always waits to eat until Trenton and Callie have started eating and he always rubs all over them! It’s so cute!! #catsofinstagram @cats_of_instagram


so my mom is the best person ever and gave us this AWESOME HOUSE WARMING GIFT!! Look how adorable our fur babies look!! She took their pictures and had them put on big canvases for our family room! They’re right next to our couch and you see them as soon as you walk in 😍 It’s easily my favorite part of our home. I’m just so excited and wanted to share it with y’all! Seriously how cool is this!? 😻😻😻🐶 swipe over to see close ups of each picture!! I️ am in love! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you mama! The fur babies all love their portraits and we all love you so much! @js_ferguson


our three munchkins waiting to be fed! Trey is normally the first one up here waiting for food and he gets so excited when Trenton and Callie join him! The second pic he is rubbing on Callie ❤️ how adorable are they!?


Queen Callie 👑 her bed is actually a dog bed but she absolutely loves it! 😹😹😹Callie spent most of her Monday sleeping and eating, life is good 😻