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Be weird and be well. šŸ–¤šŸ‘¼ #LostAngels ///// I produce my own music don't ask to produce for me unless you're Flood.

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It's true. You can now relive the naked emotion of Worst Habit live from my show at the Mercury Lounge. Head to TroiIronsVevo or y'know Bio Link


1000 miles from nowhere. Isn't it crazy how you can hear a song someone else wrote and it's like they read your mind? Music is so rad. #dwightyoakam


excuses. I am living my best life and no one or thing can get in my way. Yes, this is a zoomed in pic of my Butternut Squash soup from Trader Joe's. Signs r everywhere. Hope u r all out there living ur best lives šŸ’œšŸ–¤šŸ’™


This goes out to survivors of sexual assault/battery/rape. (Aka 1 in 3 women)


V cool thing happening on Sun, Oct 29. Iā€™m busting out some acoustic tunes at the 25th anniversary of #MODELSofPRIDE. If u were unaware, it's the largest free conference for #LGBTQ youth and allies & is presented by the @lalgbtcenterā€™s @lifeworksla program. There will be workshops, lunch & dinner, a resource fair, entertainment hour, and dance ā€“ all free! Learn more/register at


Can you kinda tell I'm from Hell-A? šŸ’€šŸŒŠ #la #timetomove


"A good book can make an almost impossible existence liveable for the reader and the writer" - Charles Bukowski. #NationalPoetryDay


Recording a new song about you. šŸŽµ#studio


"iPhone user attempts to take photo with Android"


Have you seen "Call Me" šŸŽ„ yet? No? Hit my YouTube. Yes? U da best. Tag someone who needs to see it. šŸ–¤


Out and about enjoying life on the weekend. Hope you're doing the same āœŒļø


šŸŽ„ "Call Me" video out now on @vevo !! B&W noir goodness 4 u. Watch it, share it, enjoy. (Link in bio) šŸ‘€ Directed by @ryanennhughes produced by @sarathecamel. Styling, makeup, art direction by yours truly.


something with blues and greens to break up my feed before I post the B&W clip for Call Me at 9AM


You know the world needs more love and you know you're just the person for the job. šŸ’—


Happy Birthday to the Queen. Freddie Mercury 4ever šŸ‘‘ #freddiemercury


šŸ–¤šŸƒ King of hearts... // "Call Me" 09.14 šŸŽ„


"Call Me" 09.14 šŸŽ„ u ready?


y'all know what tf going on #virus


šŸ‘‘ I'm a lady, everything I do is "ladylike" (hangin out at #girlcult )


Living in color, no inhibitions, no prejudice, no preconceptions - just truth and love // šŸ–¤see you @ Spaceland Block Party, Sep. 16


who do you run to in the middle of the city of Lost Angels


I don't think purpose is as mystical as people make it seem. I think you just do what makes you happy and share love with the people around you. Just my 2 cents. ā˜®ļø


LA peeps - Catch my set at the @spacelandla party on Sep 16! Gonna be pretty rad. šŸ¤™Tickets are on sale AT šŸŒŸ @spacelandblockparty


wrapped šŸŽ„


My parents literally spent 20 seconds in the 80's getting the look I spend 20 minutes trying to recreate with a filter. I'm mad. šŸ˜©šŸ˜©šŸ˜© #filmovermegapixels


2017 mood (fashionably clothed, springing past the haters, not tolerating BS)


goth pup šŸ¶šŸ–¤


Hey hello just popping in to say "sup!" I'm out here living life - highly recommend it. I can't wait to share this album u r gonna shit. Ok back to it toodloo šŸ’•