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If you're in NYC on Nov 18 and 19, and want to meet Tuna, along with some of his buddies like @harlowandsage & @toastmeetsworld, attend some informative panels, and adopt some adorable dogs in need of a loving home, come to #PetCon! Visit petinsider.com/petcon for details, and to get your tickets (link in bio) 😘


I started following @apurposefulrescue just last week, and I have already fallen in love with what they do for the rescue community, which is giving dogs second chances by pulling them from high kill shelters in LA. Please check out their page, and if you feel led to, you can donate to them directly in the link in their bio. 😘 More shelters to come! #adoptashelterdogmonth #sweaterweather


Since October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month, I am going to be posting about some amazing rescue groups, organisations, and shelters that are doing awesome work to re-home dogs (and cats.) Starting tomorrow, and for the rest of this month, I will periodically be posting about one, accompanied by a cute photo of Tuna, since he is a rescue :) I will also include a link in Tuna's bio to donate to that particular one if you feel led to donate. Also, recommendations are welcome, so in a comment, please tag a no-kill shelter, organisation, or private rescue group that could use the exposure and monetary support. Thank you! 😘😘😘


Sorry for the lack of posts. Truthfully, there could be more "lack" in the coming week(s), so please bear with me, but I will do my best! For now, please enjoy his incredibly {adorable} concerned face. #shrivelneck


He wished, but it didn't come true. At least he came prepared with a bib and his tongue, just in case he got lucky! Haha. #fbf from our time in RI this summer, when we stayed at the newly remodeled @gurneysnewport resort. For more on Tuna's travels, head over to @thetravelingtuna!


Colin thinks they're just hugging. Little does he know. #tunaisanabsolutesavage


I'm committed to use this account to bring you all joy and laughter through Tuna's photos, especially on a day like today when the news is yet again hard to watch. "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." 1 Corinthians 13.13 #upsidedowntie ❤️


If you had a long weekend and need to turn in early tonight, say, "Hey!" 🙋🙋‍♂️🐕 Since he can't raise his arm, his yawn means "Hey!"


When your dog has a nicer grill than you do. 😬🧀#cheese #teefs #jealous


King of the carpeted stairs! 👑 Since Tuna and Uncle Dennis LOVE playing and running around like maniacs, we recently replaced my mom's stairs, and upper room with PetProof carpet by LifeProof, which comes with 0% absorption to reduce odors, and a built-in soil shield for easy clean up! It's awesome, and it's perfect for their doggy antics! Available at @homedepot. #petproof #expecttheunexpected #ad Check out stories 😂


I told him that it's late, and I'm just now posting. I also told him it's past his bedtime. #thelookofdisappointmentwrittenalloverhiscuteface


My favourite video of Toons went viral over the weekend on @facebook (this isn't it, but this is an extended version of me creeping on him as he slept) and I cannot express the gratitude and respect that I have for the platforms that asked for permission to use it, AND credited his account. THANK YOU, and thank you to @studentproblems for starting the domino effect 😘 PS: turn up the volume to hear him snore. 😂😂😂 #SHRIVELNECK!!!!


I've been trying to wake this little one up so that we can go to @campbowwow's #GiveAFetch event but he isn't budging, and neither is his tiny paw behind his head. Haha. 😴


Reminder Cleveland friends! Tuna will be at @campbowwow's #GiveAFetch weekend, today and tomorrow. Stop by Lincoln Park (in Cleveland, near Tremont) with your pup from 10am-4pm each day, and for pictures with Toons from 12-2pm both days! In addition, there will be adoptable dogs, local vendors and food for dogs and humans. Learn more at giveafetch.com or the link in Tuna's bio. Hope to see you there! #ad


This was my first day back with my sweetheart, and this is pretty much what we did all day. #huggedandlovedandcuddled 😍😍😍❤️


When it's been a month since you've seen your kid, and he goes absolutely MENTAL the moment he sees you! He doesn't know what to do with himself. He was freaking out! Haha. #myheart #wemissedhimsomuch #squeaks #vol⬆️


Attention Cleveland friends! We've teamed up with @campbowwow to celebrate dogs during their #GiveAFetch weekend, Sept 23-24! #ad Stop by Lincoln Park (in Cleveland) with your pup from 10am-4pm each day, and Tuna will be there for pictures from 12-2pm both days! In addition, there will be adoptable dogs, local vendors and food for dogs and humans. Learn more at giveafetch.com or the link in Tuna's bio. Hope to see you there!


I'm sorry for my lack of posting. This weekend we took an "us" trip to (amazing) Stockholm, and I stayed away purposefully from social media in order to be intentionally present with my husband. We left London the same morning of the tragic bombing at Parsons Green station, and I've been processing it ever since. When we found out, we were shocked because Parsons Green is the tube stop that we frequent often whilst in London, and it's the station directly across the street from the place where I met my husband 2.5 years ago, where he worked. It's also the place where we had our engagement drinks and where we celebrated our marriage (9 months later) with our London friends just a few weeks ago. It's very familiar, and hits close to home. The realisation that something like this could happen in quiet Parsons Green- can happen anywhere for that matter- just breaks my heart at how unpredictable life is. That's why I've been processing the importance of being present and not always distracted by my iPhone. I just needed a little break. Ps: I love you Londontown! You're my, and Tuna's second home. ❤️🇬🇧🙏 Pps: Can't wait to be back with my sweet baby Toons in 4 days!


In one week from today, I will be smooching this face so hard... & his #shrivelneck! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


As you know, I'm currently out of the country visiting family and friends in the U.K. while Tuna is back home being babysat by my mom. I miss him terribly but today by heart was filled with so much joy because my father-in-law owns loads of adorable alpacas and llamas and I got to hang out with them for the first time!!! I realise they are not Tuna, but they were so good for my sad heart today so I wanted to share them with you! #iminlove 😍 #thegreatestdayofmylifebesidesmyweddingday #andobvithedayiadoptedtoons #hisnewcousins!


Thinking of the people and families who were affected and devastated by our nation's tragic events 16 years ago today, as well as the countries, people, families and pets who have been affected and devastated by Hurricane Irma over the last few days. Also, all those affected by the floods in South Asia and the horrific earthquake in Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico. Prayers for quick aid, restoration and healing are coming your way. 🙏❤️


Today is National Grandparents Day in the States, and while I'm in Europe visiting my husband's family, Tuna is back in Cleveland being babysat by his grandma, aka grandmerms, whom he just adores! This is him a few months ago when I caught him snuggled up to her back. He would sleep with her every night if I would let him but I can't stand to be away from him, so you can just imagine how miserable I am while I'm out of town but how happy he must be! 😍😍😍 #grandmermsishisfavourite!


If anyone thinks it's weird that I FaceTime my dog while I'm out of the country, they must not have a dog. It's not weird if you have a dog. What may be weird, though, is that I'm convinced that he understands me when I talk to him via FaceTime. Hahaha #attentiveness


I'm just removing my last post because I posted it hastily before take-off, and I've been on an airplane the last 2 hours so I couldn't delete it. I decided that I didn't like it in my feed so I'm posting it tomorrow instead (again). I wanted a photo of Tuna on a white background, so here you go! Plus I haven't posted one of him cutely sleeping in a while. #feedcurationisimportantfolks #andivebeenslackinglikewhoa! #realtalk


I'm missing this dynamic duo so much today! 😥😥😥 #toodlebrains #tunaandcolin


As mentioned in my post yesterday, my husband and I are currently in London visiting family while Tuna stayed back home with his grandmerms. Here he is though, in #London via the 2017 @thetravelingtuna calendar. Ps: while traveling, I will be posting older photos and videos of Toons, and it may be periodic. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 🇬🇧 @s.dykert @barbagelott


Sorry for the lack of posting, and probably more lacks in the coming weeks. I'm back in the UK, with my husband, where he's from, visiting our family and friends after being away for 9 months. Sadly, Tuna wasn't able to join us this trip but he is SUPER happy and well loved back home because he is staying with his grandma, aka grandmerms. This is proof of how much they love each other from a video I took a few months back. 😍 #heisingreathands #imisshimsomuchthough #mypoorbabyheart 😩


All I said was "do you wanna go bye-byes on a walkies?" and I took that as a YES!!! It's the simple things in life, folks. Take it from this guy. 👆


There are some AMAZING organisations that are helping to raise financial support/collect supplies, as well as rescue to find their homes/new homes for animals that have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. Here are just a few that are doing incredible work for our furry friends in need. Please visit their socials/links in their bios to support them in any way you can whether it be financial, with supplies, or by volunteering/adopting/fostering. Thank you! @houstonpetsalive @austinpetsalive @bestfriendsanimalsociety @humanesociety @friends4lifeorg All photos, with respected credits, from buzzfeed.com article.


This is a little too cute for my baby heart to handle. It's making me uncomfortable, it's that cute :) #tunartuesdays Thank you for this adorable #tunainterpretations, @reinekke.eps 😘