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Tuna got his teeth cleaned over the weekend and this is him showing you how amazing they look, whilst napping and drooling 😂 I take him in annually to get a dental cleaning where he’s usually put under for it, but this time I wanted to try something non-invasive. I relied on trusty google, and @greendogdental came up with rave reviews (5 stars of 210 on Yelp!) Toons did excellent and his teeth look great! The cost is super affordable, the staff was beyond professional, and the environment they created to alleviate stress and anxiety for him was so intentional and thoughtful. They are AMAZING! HIGHLY recommended! Ps: Not an ad. Just excited and wanted to share. Go there if in LA. #teethcleaningfordogsissuperimportant!


We went to the beach today...in a one piece turtleneck fleece. It was that freezing. 😂 Dignified in @dogdentons #sweaterweather


Any weekend plans, Toons? Response: 👆



Looks like Tuna found his Valentine and homeboy in the back seems to disapprove of it. 😝😝😝


If anyone is looking for a Valentine, he’s single. Any takers? ❤️ #happyvalenTUNAtinesday


We stopped to appreciate some organic rock formations in the middle of the desert.



At Project Women’s Show in Vegas with @bbdakota. Stop by their Love Lounge if you’re here to get a photo with Tuna!! 😘


Road tripping with his cousin, his #shrivelneck, and his snacks (which is what is holding his attention for this photo)


I like to call the first four photos of this compilation “The Sweet Potato Fry Waltz” and the last photo is called “Dang it” because it he didn’t end up obtaining the said sweet potato fry in the end because he lost his balance. 😭 ps: the last photo is my personal favourite. We gave him one, don’t worry.



Valentines Day is a week away, the 2018 Colindars will now be $10 instead of $12 because we love how much you love Tuna! All Colindars will come pawdographed with his official print! Visit tunameltsmyheart.com/products/colindar or the link in his bio. Ps: This is February’s photo and a personal fav :)


Out of sight but not out of mind. Jacket from @leadthewalk Collar & lead by @yark


Literal Mood. This photo is the perfect representation of how schlompy we’ve both been all day. #mondaze



Tuna is ready to win the MVP award for the big game this year, but don’t forget about the other “big game” happening today. Tune into the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet at 3 p.m. EST, sponsored by @BISSELLclean. BISSELL donated over a million dollars last year to BISSELL Pet Foundation to help pets in shelters and rescue groups, and for every pet product sold, they donate to @bissellpets to help every pet find a home. Visit Bissell.com/pets to learn more about BISSELL’s commitment to pets, and make sure to watch the Puppy Bowl today! #ad


If you can’t get enough of these two #toodlebrains (plus the nine other Colins), you can keep tab on them all year because there are more 2018 Tuna Colindars available at tunameltsmyheart.com/shop. #thetunacolindar #itsaplayonwords


When you know it’s the weekend but you don’t know what to do, so you just slap on a silly grin hoping that someone will invite you out. 🤪



You know the expression “basking in the sun”? I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure that’s what he’s doing here. ☀️ It was still a little chilly though so he wore his new @chewsy.shop shirt for warmth.


I realise that you can’t see Toons’ face, but what you can see is how much he loves his Uncle Dennis, which to me is just as sweet. 😍


We brought Toons to Florida, but didn’t tell him why until we were pulling up to the house. That’s when I told him that we were here to see his Uncle Dennis, and he freaked out! This was the photo I got of him freaking. I suppose that a video would have been better. Ps: For those of you who don’t know, Uncle Dennis is my mom’s dog who now lives with my aunt after my mom’s passing.



I honestly don’t know what’s cuter...Tuna dressed up as a muscular super hero, or the schlompy, licky sound he makes with his mouth. What do you think? Haha. Vol ⬆️


Dreaming of Elvis (apparently)


You answered about the 2018 Tuna Colindars and we heard, so we are having a pre-sale from now until Weds Jan 24th (11.59pm EST). All pre-sale orders will include Tuna’s official pawdograph, and will ship by Feb 3rd. Link in his bio or tunameltsmyheart.com/shop. Ps: 87% is my fav number and one that I see everyday, so that was confirmation for me :)


Our last box of Tuna Colindars went quickly yesterday, and we’ve gotten inquiries asking if there will be more. Wasn’t planning on it but let me know in a comment if you’d be interested if we did another print run :) Thank you! #thetunacolindar


Competitive snoring 😴. Listen closely. Ps: my husband gave me permission to share this. In his defense, he is sick with a sinus infection so snoring was inevitable. Tuna has no excuse. 🙉


The love of my life, my darling husband/Tuna’s beloved dad, shares a birthday with one of the greatest men to have ever lived, Martin Luther King, Jr. I think that’s pretty amazing, and Tuna thinks his dad is pretty amazing too. Here’s proof of that in my favourite photo of them. #paw 😍


If you have snow on your face, lick it off, unless of course you peed on it first. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case. Check out his stories for a play by play of his snowy potty time. Step 4 is my personal favourite. 😂 Turn up the 🔈


When your actual neck manages to upstage your aggressively large turtleneck. 😬😬 #Shrivelneck by Tuna. Turtleneck by @dogdentons.


Trying out a new modelling pose during our photo shoot in our AMAZING room at @townhallhotel. It’s called “The Meerkat.” Google it.


Somebody was definitely throwing major shade at that lone ranger moose for stealing his thunder for wearing red, but then he got over it and fell asleep. Problem solved. 😴 Swipe ⬅️


The perfect #tunainterpretations for the new year’s first #tunartuesdays. Thank you @blinkingbulb 😘 #happynewyear 🎉🎉🎉


This handsome young man and I wanted to say thank you all for tooning in with us for another year! Here’s to 2018! We love you all, and we’re so grateful for our IG family! #HappyNewYear