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Which pearly brooch would you rather have in your jewellery box? Celebrate the Month of the Pearl in June by joining us for a weekend course exploring the history of this timeless jewel. Link in bio. #LearningAcademy


In 1768, horse trainer and savvy businessman Philip Astley staged a show in the world's first “circus ring”. Roll up roll up and spend a day exploring 250 spectacular years of modern circus. Link in bio.


Alexander McQueen was born on this day in 1969. Since the 1990s, his close friend Ann Ray captured some 30,000 photographs of McQueen’s work, which he described as "My life in pictures". This image by Ray from McQueen's The Horn of Plenty autumn/winter 2009 show is now available to buy online - link in bio.

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"You've got to know the rules to break them. That's what I'm here for, to demolish the rules but to keep the tradition."
Alexander McQueen, born on this day in 1969, was one of the most celebrated fashion designers of his generation, known for his highly original designs that married artistry with exceptional technical ability.
McQueen’s last collection combined his interest in history and fascination with the natural world. The dress in the first photo is digitally printed with a pattern taken from a German altarpiece, while the underskirt is made from painted gold feathers.
Explore Alexander McQueen online 👉link in bio 👈
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Photo 2. Suit, black rayon wool trousers and woven teal cotton coat, Alexander McQueen, designed in Britain, made in Italy, 1997. See it in our Fashion gallery
Photo 3. Evening gown, full length and one shouldered, in a printed red and black silk, designed by Alexander McQueen in 2009.


This week’s #MyVAM is by @ditafidiyani as a tribute to Hubert de Givenchy who sadly passed away this week.

@ditafidiyani captured these two dresses by Givenchy at our recent #Balenciaga exhibition. “Balenciaga was Givenchy’s mentor. Their aesthetic affinity was such that he referred his most valued clients to his protégé when he closed his house in 1968.”
We hope to see you soon @ditafidiyani !
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The Queen Elizabeth was launched in 1938 which is the same year as the HMS Belfast. However, it didn’t go into passenger service until after WW2. During the war it was used as a troopship transporting thousands of soldiers.

Visit #OceanLiners Speed and Style to see a 5-m long model of The Queen Elizabeth, one of the largest liner models ever made.
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Did you always want to take amazing photos of architecture but didn't know how? Join photographer Jim Stephenson on a workshop that will cover all elements of documenting architecture, interiors and the built environment in both photographs and video. 📷 💥
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Photos by @clickclickjim


This pendant has gold marks which show that it was made in the south of Italy in the first half of the 19th century. .
The traditional jewellery of the south of Italy is quite different from that of the north. This pendant is a typical example, made of fine yellow gold filigree, with a pierced red gold applique partly covering the front, and a central motif of blue enamel. .
This pendant has stylised rays of the sun, but other motifs, such as stars, hearts and crescent moons, are also common.
Find it in our #Jewellery gallery
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Throughout the 19th century, Berlin wool work kits were all the rage with bourgeois Victorian women. Join our upcoming weekend course and explore the history of #needlework and #sewing tools with exclusive access to V&A collections. Link in bio.



Would you have imagined that this sequin was invented by Leonardo da Vinci in the 1400s?

Explore the origin of our Fashion Collection at the next CreateTour. Link in bio (c) Evening trouser suit and blouse by Coco Chanel, deigned 1937-1938.


Happy Mother's Day! "The Lesson" or "Just as the twig is bent, the tree's inclined", is the title of this painting by William Mulready RA, emphasising the nurturing role of a mother in a composition that echoes the traditional theme of the Madonna and Child.
What was the greatest "lesson" from your mother?

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The indigenous Adivasi communities of mainland South Asia practice rich jewellery traditions like this waist ornament to symbolise age and status. Discover the fascinating history of Indian textiles, dress and jewellery by joining our upcoming part-time course. Link in bio.



Today’s #MyVAM is by @hannahemilyglennon who captured the glamour of our #OceanLiners exhibitions and added a sprinkle of cheekiness. We hope to see you again soon Hannah!
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Did you know that Eileen Gray's iconic lounge chair, 'Fauteuil Transatlantique', was inspired by the practical reclining chairs used on the decks of ocean liners? Find out more about the history of deck chair design. Link in bio
Inspired by our #OceanLiners Speed and Style exhibition – now on!


There is less than one month to the end of #WinniethePooh! Discover the story behind the most adored literary character of all time. Explore the creative partnership of A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard and the factors contributing to the books’ success. With around 240 works from the 1920s to the present day, including original illustrations, manuscripts, proofs, letters, photographs, cartoons, ceramics and fashion.
Due to popular demand, we have made available some additional early morning and extended evening time slots. Book now - link in bio
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Image: Do you think it's a woozle' from Winnie-the-Pooh, chapter 3, pencil drawing by E. H. Shepard
©️ The Shepard Trust, reproduced with permission from Curtis Brown.
©️ Disney. Based on the ‘Winnie the Pooh’ works by A. A. Milne and E. H. Shepard.



Woman. Artist. Icon. #FridaKahlo continues to inspire women around the world. To celebrate #IWD2018 & the #FridaKahlo exhibition, we want you to share your top inspiring women and post using #InspiredByFrida. Who do you nominate?
Image Credit: Frida Kahlo with magenta rebozo ©️ Nickolas Muray Photo Archives


Tickets for #FridaKahlo Making Her Self Up are now on sale! This June, explore how Frida Kahlo, one of the most recognised and significant artists and women of the 20th century, fashioned her identity. #InspiredbyFrida #InternationalWomensDay
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1 DAY TO GO! To celebrate International Women's Day, tickets for 'Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up' will go on sale tomorrow.
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Frida Kahlo with Olmec figurine, 1939 ©️ Nickolas Muray Photo Archives



Renaissance artist Michelangelo was born #OTD in 1475. Our plaster cast of his celebrated David has been on display since 1873.

Although there are many copies of Michelangelo’s David, our full-size-replica should be considered as ‘unique’. The cast was made by the plaster cast maker Clemente Papi in 1856 in Florence, and was cast from the pieces that he had used to create the first copy of Michelangelo’s masterpiece in 1847. It was the first copy to cross the Florentine borders, and arrived in England in 1857!

Explore the history of this amazing cast with our blog series - link in bio


From 1500 to 1700 Spanish jewellers often made lavish use of emeralds. This resulted in luxurious jewels unlike anything produced elsewhere in Europe! The reverse of this pendant, however, is engraved with the swirling botanical motifs that were popular elsewhere.


Today’s #MyVAM is by @jamieadamward who captured our ceramic staircase ceiling, depicting Ceres, Mercury and Vulcan. They represent Agriculture, Commerce and Manufactures. At you next visit look up, you never know what you might discover! 👀
We hope to see you again soon Jamie! ☺️
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The Beast from the East has visited us! ❄️ Here are some photos of our building covered by snow, but open as usual, so do visit us! ☺️ #beastfromtheeast #snow


🔥It may be cold outside but things are about to heat up.🔥
One week to go until the much anticipated 'Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up' tickets go on sale - 8 March. Save the date!
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Drawing inspiration from religious art, mythology, and fairy tales of all cultures, Carolein Smit uses her sublime modelling skills to create highly seductive works. Join Carolein for an afternoon workshop exploring and trying your hand at her techniques. Link in bio.


In News From Nowhere, William Morris created a novel that matched the craftsmanship he admired in medieval manuscripts. Our facsimile edition, which is based on the 1892 original, embodies Morris’s belief that art and beauty should be accessible to all (and especially so today with our 10% discount code: WORLDBOOKDAY10) - link in bio


For many passengers on board an Ocean Liner, the highlight of each day at sea was the theatrical descent from the upper decks into the dining room, known as the 'grande descente'. Passengers could see and be seen in their most elegant evening wear. Find out how we recreated the experience for Ocean Liners: Speed and Style exhibition.



❄️❄️❄️The ‘Beast from the East’ is making our garden look magical this afternoon #winterweather #beastfromtheeast ❄️❄️❄️


Does an artist need formal training? 🤔
Even though Anna Maria Garthwaite (1690-1763) was not formally trained, she was one of the leading pattern drawers in the English silk industry and produced as many as 80 commissioned designs a year.
Find this in our Prints & Drawings Study Room.


Today’s #MyVAM is by @ran.huo who captured a variety of his favourite moments from our #OperaPassion exhibition. Don’t forget that this exhibition closes on Sunday, follow the link in bio to book your ticket.
We hope to see you again soon @ran.huo! 😄


Aubrey Beardsley rocketed to fame at the age of 21, when he produced drawings for Oscar Wilde's 1893 play Salome. Beardsley's risqué subject and graceful drawings marked the beginning of the British Art Nouveau style. Now, drape yourself in one of Beardsley's most iconic works with our exclusive scarf - link in bio