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1. I rarely ever see mentions. So I don’t follow them.
2. I follow tags directly to photos mostly when I can of people I follow and see the posts.
3. #vanlifeideas I check, but that’s over 50k hashtags now so hard to search through all completely.
4.I do check every profile I post for the most part. If you are not ACTUALLY into the vanlife/mobile life I don’t post it. WAY TO MANY fake vanlifers trying to get attention. I posted once about people being attention whores and got called out for being an ass😳😆 Oh well my skin is thick enough. Not my first social media rodeo🙄
5. I actively search out new and small vanlife profiles to help promote them and help their excitement grow.
6. FOLLOW THEN UNFOLLOW? Yeah biggest joke I’ve seen on IG just to get followers. I don’t do that. Never have. Unless someone ticks me off
7. Using creative hashtags. Best thing you can do to gain followers and not have to pay for it. Think outside the box and go back and look at the ones I’ve used over time. That’s why I’ve gained what I have all on my own and have paid a cent


#vlidiy I put this bench top mesh stuff under my cooler to stop it from sliding around. Works good so far


My son @mn_handcrafted has been taking a break from his craft and getting settled in with being a new dad of my beautiful granddaughter and getting his shop setup in his new home. Join up and Checkout his amazing deer antler and wood rings. These happen to be a wedding ring set he just made


@turbothecampervan Nice, clean and simple


@lucky__roland SWIPE—�-> too see what this is built in!


Just want to keep this real. I see a lot of big van pages that just share others stuff like me and no person behind it. I do keep it real and always will, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. Yeah this is me🙄


Let’s try again...The Dometic Question of the Week- Help new people interested in this mobile life know how you current vanlifers/dwellers/RVers planned for not being under a stationary roof


@wayneme75 Very cool and simple older #chevy G20 build


@freecamping is a great source of places camp all over the country. This summer I also found that if you search by counties in states, you’ll find hidden gems of camp sites in county parks and small towns. I’ve found several in Iowa that are $5-$10 a night that includes electric hookups


@allinthebedofatruck New remodel of this awesome #vintage truck camper


@chris.craghorn #ambulance if I remember correctly