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Very excited to announce this partnership. @cubicminiwoodstoves will be a supporter of Vanlifeideas for 2018. Please follow them and show your support .
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NEW SPONSOR ANNOUNCEMENT TOMORROW:) You know I don’t add much content normally. So read close.
These are goals I’m striving for this year for Vanlifeideas. I’ll start at the bottom.
-“New Build Watch” will be back as soon as I confirm a new sponsor. That was more or less why I started this page, so back to the basics of why I’m here .
-Midwest Gathering...seems most van/travel gatherings are out west, so am going to attempt to put something together more centrally located for late summer/early fall
-Modular Build Furniture... I’ve been working on low cost designs for new vanlifers to simply build their vans that I’m hoping will be made available in the near future for purchase.
-How To Vids... I started a channel a long time ago that only has a few of my past travel vids on it, but originally started it to help give people some direction with building, cooking ideas, etc. (See below post). I know there are tons out there. But I do things my way, with a little humor thrown in. Link is in my profile .
-Bus Build...I’ve been wanting to build out a bus for a long time, and finally have made the commitment for spring when it warms up here in Minnesota. My plan is to video the process for others to learn from


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It’s always been hard to tell how many different countries follow on here... So, what country are you from?


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